29 July 2010


got out for 2+ hours of riding last night on some of my favorite roads including the observatory and old sauk pass climbs. these days, the non-triathlete can only ride these roads during the week unless you want to see countless aero-drones out crushing laps of the ironman course. i've really got nothing against them except there are so many jamming up the roads making people hate cyclists. anyway, i felt great considering how little riding i've done this summer. i'm going to try to hit similar rides leading up to fat tire in hopes of a respectable time come mid-september.

happy thursday.

27 July 2010

short and sweet

a little more trail running last night. ice age trail to the badger prairie dog park to meet up with robin and cal. only about 35 minutes of running which is ok since my legs were feeling pretty heavy after sunday.

happy tuesday.

26 July 2010

a very good weekend

i started my weekend watching alberto contador win the tour by the margin he gained during the chain incident. i had really hoped he could have won the tt in convincing fashion to erase all doubts and so the douche factor could be decreased but he is still off the charts. good for him, he can have his win....if i were him, i wouldn't plan on being able to flash that lame logo on the top of the podium next year. schleck will be another year stronger...but the real rider to watch is denny menchov. a little more speed in the mountains and he will be beating them both. plus, next will most likely feature two tt's like other years which is a major advantage for menchov.

i also got out for a run at the uw cross country course to try out the kilkenny spikes. i forgot how nice it is to run in spikes and boy is that course nice. 20 minutes of easy running in spikes (50 minutes total) and i ended up with a blister...to be expected it guess.

we spent the rest of the day hanging out, meeting up with a friend and his daughter at the middleton splash park (cal is not yet a fan of the splash park concept) and just having a nice day.

yesterday we got out for a nice long hike at blue mounds state park with cal in the backpack. that place really got damaged in the recent storms (erosion) including a giant culvert getting washed down the hill and big erosion ruts in just about every trail going up or down the hill. did some chores around the house and then i got out for a nice ride on the cross bike. it is like a switch got flipped and my brain is telling me it is time to get ready for cross! i'm not wishing away summer, but i want to be ready when the racing starts...

happy monday.

23 July 2010

remaining disciplined

so, i've been working my way back to fitness with some goals in mind for next year. it is probably no secret that these goals include running which is why i have been doing predominately that. i'm not ready to list said goals yet, but one of them involves (once again) trying to break an arbitrary time over a seemingly arbitrary distance.

the thing is, i'm starting to slowly develop some fitness which is good. as a result, i am also developing an itch to race. i don't think i'm ready to do that just yet but my heart is telling me to. this weekend is the waunafest 10 mile which is probably my favorite race i did leading up to the milwaukee marathon disaster. good rolling course that is tough but not too hard. my legs just aren't ready but it is tempting.

speaking of my legs, as i slowly build my way back to respectable volumes i'm trying something a little different this time around to try and avoid the knee issues i developed last time. i'm really focusing on mixing terrain, shoes, and workout types (along with core work and stretching) to try and develop all parts of my legs to try and avoid deficiencies that might develop over the long haul. and speaking of shoes, i just received a pair of saucony kilkenny xc shoes. bright lime green gives them a really cool look. i haven't run in this type of shoes in...15 years or so but i thought 'what the hell?' with the uw cross country course a 15 minute jog from my front door, it might be fun to do a few easy laps now in then. and, another type of shoe fits in with my current approach to training. did i mention they look pretty cool?

i'm procrastinating my work...can you tell?

happy friday.

22 July 2010

more same

got out for 8 miles on the midleton bike paths/pheasant branch conservancy. struggled a little but i think that is partly due with being sore from drills on monday. more reason to try and keep doing drills i guess.

that is all i have for today...well, except go andy schleck!

happy thursday.

20 July 2010

training group

ran with cal last night. 5 miles and some high knees, strides, etc. in the park. calvin got a kick out of the latter. was really tired last night (did nothing after the young one went to bed) which has carried over into this morning. good thing i brought a thermos of coffee!

good to see armstrong attacking (and vinokourov and hesjdal out of the second version of the break). i hope it can stick...

happy tuesday.

19 July 2010

second monday thought

contador is an a-hole.


i got out on the ice age trail yesterday for a nice 1hr8min run. the route was starting at my house and finishing at the big dog park where i met my lovely family. the only significance the random 68 minutes of running has is that i did the same run (only a bit shorter) in over 1:10 in june. i wasn't trying to run any faster so i guess i'm slowly improving.

we had a great weekend. we were able to do a lot outdoors including our first trip to the outdoor pool. it is a really nice pool at the jewish center just down the road from us. the pool is salinated and is situated in an idealic setting in the hills surounded by pine trees. much better than city swimming. we also did some hiking, walked around downtown and by the lake, watched the tour (weird tactics yesterday) and did our regular house chores. we even hired a babysitter friday night and went out to dinner with some of robin's coworkers. all in all, a classic summer weekend.

happy monday.

16 July 2010

not much

after parking in the driveway for the better part of the past 2 months, we were finally able to sell our old patio set that had been occupying my stall in the garage. craig's list is simultaneously a great thing and an annoying thing all at once. i'm learning that a 'first come first served' policy is not the best approach. and also, if the interested party sends you an email with a video attached, don't open it. why are there so many wierdos out there?

other than that, we just had a nice family night together. calvin is pretty much the coolest thing ever. that guy finds a new way to amaze me every single day.

happy friday.

15 July 2010

angry sharp talons

per the polar RS300, i got out for a 6.43 mile run with an average pace of 6:43/mi. the fact that it is listing the same number for both is dubious at best but i'm pretty sure the loop is around 6 miles so that is still not too bad an effort considering we were under a heat advisory and i didn't feel like i was pushing that hard.

this run was done in saucony ride 4's that i'm testing. so far so good although it feels to me like they have added more cushioning which i don't necessarily like. i have always been drawn to the rides because it was some but not too much cushioning. maybe it is just because they are brand new...it's a 6 week test. i like doing this for saucony because i get to wear down someone elses shoes.

calvin appears to be working towards walking. apparently, crawling just does not provide the mobility options that he is seeking. if he isn't standing in the next week and walking by the time he is 9 months old i will be surprised. he also spent some time last night trying to catapult himself out of his crib. time to lower the matress i guess. the rapidity of development babies experience is truly amazing.

happy thursday.

13 July 2010

morning runs

i need to start exercising in the morning. our nights are too short and busy. the problem, i don't like getting up at 5:15 after potentially getting up with the baby. for instance, calvin needed (check that: NEEDED) to eat at 4am this morning. it was too early to stay up (for me anyway), but going back to sleep at 4:25 means waking up at 5:15 hurts that much more. i guess i just need to get tough and make myself get up.

why do i want to run regularly? well, right now i feel like i need to run. last night i got out for 10 kilometers and for the first time in a long time felt really good. dare i say i felt fast. i even pushed a little (some intentionally and some due to being attacked by a red winged black bird). the bird made full contact with the back of my head/neck...and for awhile i thought i had been cut either by its beak or sharp talons. anyway, i feel like i'm starting to build some momentum and i don't want to lose that again.

happy tuesday.

09 July 2010

another day, another run

ditched work a little early and gave running another go yesterday. hit the trails at elver park and felt much better.

in other news, calvin is officially ambulatory. he is crawling all over the place...he especially locks in on dog toys. and the dog. poor oliver is in for it now. i am amazed at how far we have come since the middle of february when he was in the icu. i feel so fortunate for every milestone we get to experience along the way. anyway, not bad for 8 months old.

happy friday.

08 July 2010

head explosion

got out for a 10 kilometer run last night and by the end i thought that my head may explode. hyperbole aside, i got really light headed and weak in the last mile or so. maybe it was the heat/humidity...maybe it was that i still i'm fighting the remnants of a virus...maybe it was a bit of both.

at least i was able to get out.

happy thursday.

06 July 2010


the hoenisch family spent the long weekend sick. it all started last week with calvin having fevers overnight. we were able to manage it with ibruprophen/tylenol but he wasn't sleeping great and it finally took its toll on us. wednesday, i woke up feeling woosy and tired. throughout the day i began feeling achy but i chaulked it up to the great/moderately hard trail run the night before. by 4 i knew it was something much worse. i was committed to subbing in golf league so when the chills hit i dosed up on tylenol, went out to my car and took a nap (w/long sleeves, w/windows up, in full sun) and i got through it. played ok (had 4 pars) but the wheels came off and i could feel the fever hitting me. got home and the chills ramped up again. i had a measured temp of 103.5 which apparently is pretty high for an adult but i got through it. no work on thursday...fever broke mid day and i spent the rest of the time sleeping. friday i felt great but the rest of the weekend i had a pretty bad sore throat and felt run down. thursday was also when calvin began coughing. it got worse on friday and he began pawing at his ears...a trip to after hours clinic friday night (we know how to party) found a small ear infection. robin matched that trip to the urgent care on sunday with ear pain/pressure of her own - she had a sinus infection. man, daycare is a bitch.

so, we spent our long weekend trying to recover and keep each other comfortable. not exactly beer pong parties and blowing shit up but we wouldn't want to do that anymore anyway even if we felt good.

we did have some house guests last night...pat and charlotte spent the night on thier way charlotte's appointment. we love being able to see them and would like to make it more of a regular occurrance.

a sure sign of feeling better is that i'm beginning to miss training again...it has been a week since my last workout. maybe tonight.

and with that, i need to plow through the work i was supposed to do over the weekend in the next 3 hours.

happy tuesday.