27 May 2010


got out for a ride last night and actually felt pretty good considering how little i have been able to get out. i was highly motivated to beat the storm home and rode pretty hard the last hour of the ride. i still didn't beat the storm and almost got blow off the road between the wind and hydroplaning.

calvin had a fever yesterday at daycare which means he can't go back for 24 hours. turns out he has a ear and/or sinus infection so we have to force feed him antibiotics twice a day. besides being a little more tired than normal he is fine...so we've already been to the zoo to enjoy the gorgeous day.

happy thursday.

20 May 2010

fire doug melvin

i'm not one to call for the manager or gm every time the brewers lose a few games...i think that is dumb (just like booing your team). but in this case, it is time to move on.

what has doug melvin done? he had a great offensive talent assessor in jack zduriencik and he has reaped those rewards for many years (jack drafted all of the current home grown talent). jack is gone and that is worrisome in terms of drafting. doug traded matt laporta for cc sabathia which worked out ok (to say the least). and he gets lucky with really old veteran players (counsel, edmunds, kapler, etc). but besides that?

- traded carlos lee AND nelson cruz to the rangers for coco cordero, lance nix and kevin mench. then, he didn't re-sign cordero over a couple million dollars in contract dispute but went on to sign eric gagne and trevor hoffman for similar money. mench was servicable but didn't play everyday. and lance nix isn't here any more. meanwhile, nelson cruz is one of the best pure power hitters in baseball.

- grant balfour. electric stuff out of the bullpen and they traded him for seth mcclung. seth couldn't make the team and balfour is a stalwart coming out of the bullpen for the best team in baseball.

- jeff suppan. to be fair, this was attansio's big splash but holy shit he is bad.

- doug davis. nice guy. regressing pitcher.

- bill hall. looks good in a boston uni on milwaukee's dime.

- he has botched the development of matt gamel. he was the envy of most teams just 2 years ago. then he sat on the big league roster without playing. way to go doug.

- jorge de la rosa for tony graffanino. jorge has double digit wins for the rockies the past two years.

he makes too many mistakes for a small market team. hell, he makes too many mistakes for a big market team (how did the rangers do under his tenure?). with the first bullet point as the sole basis, i do not want him orchestrating the enivitable trade of prince fielder.

which, should go down like this:
prince fielder and cory hart to boston
lars anderson, clay bucholz and jacoby elsbury to milwaukee.

i'm just saying.

happy thursday.

15 May 2010

yeeeaaaa, i'm gonna need you to come in on saturday

i'm at work. i've done what i needed to do but need to hang around until the work is done in the lab. i really want to start my day...i'm going to trim and mow, rip out the garden that is dissolving before our eyes, plant grass where said garden once stood, finish my shelf project i started in the garage and play golf at 4. notice no riding again. maybe tomorrow?

robin and calvin are up north for the weekend. they have been gone just over 12 hours and i really miss them.

happy saturday.

12 May 2010

won't be seeing you

at any spring/summer races anyway.

i've been thinking about why i want to race: i want to compete and i want to be with friends.

it is becoming very clear that i cannot train enough to be competitive on any level. family comes first and work is becoming a bigger burden as well. i don't want to spend my life worrying about training while i should be enjoying my son and wife - i am not willing to make that sacrafice. if i cannot train consistantly, i cannot compete so racing would be a self fullfilling prophecy of unhappiness (so i cannot attain the first reason i want to race). on top of this, i cannot count on races actually happening. this weekend took a lot of energy in terms of planning/preparing in the end for nothing (and also made reason #2 i want to race unatainable).

i guess i thought i could make it all work. some people do (and they do it well), but i can't. our lives are already very busy and it will only get worse as calvin gets older. during the week, i only get to see him a few hours before he goes to bed. when i do ride after work i can't stand the thought that i'm missing that time with him...he is growing so fast.

i'll still ride on the weekends when i'm able. i'll still do fat tire (they can't cancel that one, can they?) and maybe hit some of the cross races that are reasonably close to home this fall. but i'm not a racer anymore and it is time i start thinking that way...i'll be happier for it.

happy wednesday.

11 May 2010


wake up. go to work. rush around all day. come home late. too little time with calvin. eat. go back to work. come home and go to bed. up with calvin from 2-something until 3-something with some surliness on several fronts. wake up. take calvin to daycare (which makes me late for a call with client). run around all day (ie. repeat as needed - hopefully it isn't needed too much more).

the past several weeks have been very challenging for me. work is killing me. my planned stress reducer was cancelled over the weekend...which in the process caused more stress. i don't really have time to even be upset about the fact that i've only ridden three times since the 120 miler two weeks ago. plus, we have tent worms in one of our trees that i had to cut out - those nests are nasty.

alright, i'm done venting - sorry about that.

happy tuesday.

08 May 2010


man, another race cancelled. for everyone's sake, maybe i should stop planning races.

07 May 2010


easy hour last night. after cal went to bed and we had our dinner, i spent a little time getting the bike ready for the weekend. for whatever reason, my shock pump won't deliver any air (it is 10 or so years old). in the process of trying, i managed to let most of the air out of my rear shock. par for the course i guess. i wish i didn't gravitate to biking because not only do you need a bike (or bikes), you need a bunch of stupid tools that are really only good for bikes.

but they are so much fun.

happy friday.

06 May 2010

i wouldn't be afraid to show my feminine side (if i had one)

my prep for this weekend's race has gone a little something like this:

s: 90 minutes off road
n: 0
m: 0
t: 80 minutes off road
w: 0

yikes. i guess as long as i go in with the expectation of it being a really hard long ride i will be ok. my training has been so sporadic lately. partly due to a busy schedule. partly due to motivation (i could have ridden last night but really wasn't feeling the 40mph gusts after the night before so i opted out and mowed the lawn). oh well i guess...i'm the only one that will pay for it i guess.

when i think about it though, my weekly volumes haven't been bad (relative to my historical training this time of year)...it is just that i am packing more volume into less rides (120 miles anyone?). overdistance followed by over-recovery.

happy thursday.

04 May 2010

out of our element

so, we were nominated to share our story on an upcoming radio fundraiser hosted by a local country music radio station (96.3) by some of the staff on the icu floor at the children's hospital. we hesitated for a moment but in the end decided to accept. we vowed to each other when we left that we would really try to give back to the hospital when the opportunity arose and so we are acting on that vow.

last night there was a kick off event where everyone can come and see the microphone set up and meet the hosts. it was inconvenient and i was a little miffed that i would be missing my workout. we got there late and the radio hosts were nowhere to be seen. we hung around, wondering if it was worth it to even be there.

then they showed up and explained that they had been on the 4th and 5th floors talking to sickest children and their families. then i looked around and realized that there was a kid there that needed to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, a one year old that was waiting for a kidney transplant, and a little girl without any hair due to her chemo. and i felt like a jerk for my impatience.

what really was apparent (besides me being a jerk) is that even though our son went through the ringer during the second half of february this year, we are really blessed and fortunate. calvin got better... a lot of these little kids won't.

if you are bored and want a laugh, we'll be on between 11 and noon on friday (they stream on the website 963starcountry.com). but please, if you were wanting to make a charitable donation sometime this year, give this one some consideration. there are plenty of really good organizations out there that need donations...but we have a bias towards this one.

our son wouldn't be here if not for this hospital.

happy tuesday.

03 May 2010

from all directions

man, since the big 120 mile day i've been on a bike twice...not exactly consistant training. rode the atb on saturday at quarry ridge...i figured i should get out on the epic at least once or twice before the 6 hour tilt on saturday.

had a good weekend otherwise...we made it out for a date night on friday (ate at the relatively new bonfyre and ran into barry alvarez) and saw the movie date night. date night on date night? had dinner with friends on saturday which turned into 18 holes of golf at the briges early sunday morning. also took the family to the dog park and decided that we need a more portable stroller for that type of terrain...our trek bike/running stroller works well but is huge and not a viable option if we are travelling to bike races, etc. we're looking at a bob revolution but are open to other recommendations...

happy monday.