29 October 2009

more time

we had another appointment yesterday and it's looking like the boy may not arrive for a bit. robin's blood pressure was high but that was due to the parking lot fender bender. once she had time to calm down her bp returned to normal. don't worry, nobody was hurt.

i spend a little time blowing leaves last night and they are all back again. should have gone riding i guess. i need to get my lights on the bike because even hour rides after work end in the dusky dark - especially when cloudy.

happy thursday.

28 October 2009

shorter loops

got out for a short 1 hr ride last night. my loops stray less and less from home as the due date approaches. i under estimated the temperature clothing wise and ended up chilled for the rest of the night. good practice for winter i suppose.

happy wednesday.

26 October 2009

making the most of it

with saturday's cross race cancelled, i had some free time on saturday that i filled with eating breakfast, drinking coffee, going to the rei scratch and dent sale, and cleaning up the bike room. i made it out for a 1.5 hour jaunt on the badger trail, blew the leaves from our back yard, and then took a trip to ski-hi orchard and devils lake.

yesterday robin and i spent the day doing nothing particularly special except relishing our company. the 25th of october marked our 6th year of wedded bliss and really was the only day we didn't want our little one to come. thanks buddy!

and now it is monday again.

23 October 2009

red light

from the wca site:

The Gibbs Lake cross race is canceled due to the park's dept decision that they were not willing to allow racing in the conditions that exist. Areas of the park have 6 inches of standing water. The race will be rescheduled (tentatively Nov 15).

The WCA and promoters regret this and would ask your help on getting the word out to racers

man that is a kick in the junk. see you all at the races next year.

green light.

i'm racing saturday! this is the equivalent to bonus time in soccer and i'm looking forward to trying to make the most of it. should be sloppy track...perfect for beating roadies.

i wonder when they might post the wca rankings?

boy, a couple of windy and raw days. i do love this weather!

happy friday.

22 October 2009


rain had been forecasted all afternoon yesterday. so, we decided to bag practice. then the sun came out. and the temp rose to 70 degrees. i kitted up and headed to badger prairie to relive my minor moment of fame. that was a very fun course and i was grinning the whole time i rode it last night. odd thing is that i saw nobody else out riding.

wash out today, maybe i'll do some bike work. maybe i won't.

happy thursday.

20 October 2009


in lieu of a ride last night, i decided to wrap up the winter yard preparations in anticipation of our new arrival. everything is cut back, the grass is cut nice and low, and all outdoor furniture is stored safely in the garage. all i need is a bag of winterizer and we're set. one more thing off the list.

i've got a tender hamstring that may require me taking another night off the bike. it's ok though...i may be done racing for the year. robin is weary of me leaving home for bike races with less than 2 weeks to go before our due date. i cannot blame her for that. i'll probably ask one more time about gibb's lake (between evansville and edgerton) but that is it.

by the way, i cannot believe it is less than 2 weeks until our due date. holy crap! (in a good way)

happy tuesday.

19 October 2009

wca #4

18 October 2009

2 races, 55 wca points

a great weekend of racing.

saturday at badger prairie: i managed to get into the front row and got a good start. badger prairie was a long course so 3 laps was it. lap 1, i managed to hang with a couple of the strong riders up front. i was second wheel through the start finish and the lead rider got a gap. about half way through the lap i was feeling good and he was tentative in the corners so a passed him and buried it. next thing i knew i had 30 seconds on #2 and a minute on #3. i guess i leveraged the fact that i've been riding there at least once a week since i got the motobecane. that is how it finished for my first cross w ever and only my second bike race win ever. there were cash payouts so i essentially raced for free...sweet.


sunday at camrock: 4 laps this time. another front row start. a planet bike guy got out fast and i settled in 4th or 5th wheel. a couple of uw milwaukee guys were jamming up the trail while he rode away so i went hard and tried to reel him in. i did, but i towed the eventual winner with me for all of lap 2. towards the end of lap 4 i was bring him back but i was cooked and settled for a nice 2nd. another payout means i raced twice for $10. double sweet.


happy sunday.

16 October 2009

some other feeling

i called callway last night regarding my broken driver and was pleasantly surprised. i described the problem and without any hesitation the nice lady in carlsbad california promptly sent me a return shipping label and said that they would get the hyper-x (a newer model) replacement in the mail as soon as they received the old one. sweet. i almost feel like ron with bikes...

spent a good amount of time trying to get my bike shifting properly. i mostly got it although i think i need to re-cable it next week with metal housing ferrules instead of the crappy plastic ones it has now.

why is a glorified piece of plastic (roof rack fairing) so expensive? it better quiet the subaru or i'm taking it back. i love rei for the 'no risk' aspect.

i'm hoping to preview the badger prairie course tonight. then it is game on.

good luck to everyone at beechwood this weekend. maybe i'll be able to get over there next year...

and with that, i better get ready for my call this morning with a new client. who schedules these things for a friday?

happy friday.

15 October 2009

two bad posts instead of a single good one

two thoughts.

1) i took my problematic rear wheel to the trek store and the mechanic thought there was nothing wrong. cool...i guess.
2) why is it starbucks policy to stop brewing decaf at noon? i mean, it seems to me that afternoon is when people would be buying the stuff. but what do i know?

half way done with work...

breathing problemo

our cross practices start next to a pavillion in garner park. there are big fireplaces in the pavillion and they must be getting used a lot because it smelled of campfire. typcially, i enjoy this smell but man it has been doing a number on my breathing. i had a rough practice because of it but still feel like it was a good workout.

and boy does it get dark early these days...especially when cloudy. we're setting up just one more practice...time sure flies.

depending on the weather tonight, i may just be doing some bike wrench work to get everything in order for this weekend's tilts in verona and cambridge. here is to moving up the points list a few notches!

happy thursday.

14 October 2009

so much for my plans

got kitted up and ready to ride last night. pulled the bike out and the free hub in the back was making a really bad noise. a little putzing and a wheel swap with my road bike and *poof* i lost my daylight. so, i managed to get some yard stuff done which is always good this time of year.

i probably could have ridden but 45 minutes wasn't worth it to me.

cross practice tonight.

happy wednesday.

13 October 2009


got out for an hour or so last night including some time at badger prairie. considering that there is a race there on saturday, not much action to speak of. not even any roller skiers.

besides that, not much to report. oh, our son's room is finished so i guess that is something.

happy tuesday.

12 October 2009

i had to axe myself...

great weekend of golf but the weather could have been better. well, saturday in particular...snow on the front nine was a little demoralizing. i was shivering so bad i limped in with the worst nine holes i've played in years...but came back to shoot ok on the back nine. it's always nice getting out on u-ridge though. sunday, our team scored a 14 under and were within inches of being -16. -15 won it so we were out of luck but it was a great team and really fun. this is probably it for golf this year, i love playing and will look forward to getting out again next spring. oh, and my driver broke on saturday so hopefully i can get that replaced by callaway...

got out for a ride on friday and got another flat. while sitting on the side of the road fixing it i saw a cut in the sidewall...hmmm. i guess i've had these for 2 years so i'm looking for a bomb proof replacement for winter riding...any suggestions?

double cross weekend assuming our son doesn't show up before then. verona/cambridge...yee haw.

happy monday.

08 October 2009

keep your head to the sky

well, it is probably a good thing that we only have another 2 or 3 weeks left of cross practice. each week's course seems to be getting progressively tougher which is good for training but at some point just might kill us. another great turn out for the event and we even did the last 3 laps after sunset.

i'm dealing with some ghost shifting on the bike which is a major buzzkill. i'm going to try and replace the shift cable and switch out the plastic housing caps for metal ones...hopefully that helps. i really don't want to replace a chain/cassette right now...

happy thursday.

07 October 2009

bring it

after a rotten day at work i went home with the intent of riding. but, the building winds and rain broke my spirit and i ended up doing nothing. probably ok since i raced sunday, rode monday, and practice tonight.

should be nice tonight...60 and sunny.

happy wednesday.

06 October 2009

are the roads you travel rough?

did some riding at badger prairie park last night. met this guy and he showed me where the barriers are kept so now i can practice with real barriers and everything. actually, as he was coming to introduce himself i took a dirt nap while running over invisible barriers. boy did i feel like a tool. oh well.

2 things that have been annoying me lately:
1) roller skiers. it's like in-line skaters but worse because most of those people have no body control to speak of. they jam up the road in badger prairie and give me dirty looks when i pass them.

2) 140.6 stickers on cars. i get it, you did an ironman. so happy for you. the only thing worse are the 13.1 stickers i've been seeing lately.

i know, i shouldn't care...but sometimes i cannot stop myself.

happy tuesday.

05 October 2009

wca #1: lapham peak

started a little further back than i wanted but was in a good position after the first set of barriers (really tall barriers). by the end of the first lap, i made the second selection and was trying to get the other two guys to work with me to bridge up to the first group...not happening. after that, it became a tactical race with my self and two others for 5th, 6th and 7th place. i did too much work on the last lap going into the hill 'run up' (i rode all but the first lap). then, i slipped turning into the hill and lost too much momentum and got gapped by the other two. i started reeling 1 of the two in but he was too far in front of me. so, unofficially 7th in the cat 4 race.

it was really fun but i've got some work to do.

happy monday.

01 October 2009

the kids are still cruel.

busted out the white fuel kit for some cross practicing last night. we brewed up a tough course and the cool air burned the lungs in a good way. every week i feel a little more confident in my barrier abilities and also my ability to hold the pace through the anaerobic pain that is cross. now i just need to get faster...

happy thursday.