30 May 2009

and counting

badger trail to the tunnel out and back, then some military ridge time. a shade under 3 hours of pinning it and for the first time i feel like i was able to finish a hard ride rather than limping home. maybe i should race some time?

happy saturday.

29 May 2009

another good ride

1.5 hours last night looking for short, punchy hills. mission accomplished. i'm feeling different on the bike, not fast, just different. then i mowed the lawn and practiced chipping. i'm trying to take full advantage of my free time while i have it.

happy friday.

28 May 2009

i h8 xt disc brakes

f shimano. i'm tired of investing chunks of time to try and get those crappy brakes to work right.

happy thursday.

27 May 2009


i slowed ron down last night for 30 miles/1300 ft. our tuesday night worlds rides will hopefully start helping my speed/power because i have to try and hold that guy's wheel. i remember when we used to be similar in form...ah, the good old days.

tonight, i need to do some bike work. 1) figure out why my tire keeps going flat ont the cross bike (so it is up and running for our 80 mile epic on saturday). 2) try (again) to fix the brake rub problem on my epic. if i can't figure it out soon, i'm switching to avid mechanicals and putting my old trigger shifters on that bike.

then, we went on a mission to buy berries. costco for a huge tub of blueberries and then trader joe's to buy the store out of raspberries. my wife and her berry habit...

happy wednesday.

26 May 2009

i'm ready to play

man, i wish we could have 3 day weekends once a month.

we began the process of going through our closet in the office. we spent several hours purging papers and other things we've been hanging onto for too long...and after all that, we still have a lot of crap. a little disheartening but part of the process i guess. and now, instead of the closet being jammed full it is only 1/2 full right now.

i made it out for a ride, went shopping with robin and...well...enjoyed not being at work on a monday.

happy tuesday.

23 May 2009


36 miles, 1400 ft in just under 2 hours...and it felt a little better than some of my rides lately.

ollie ate a chocolate cookie today and now he is pissed that he doesn't feel well.

that is all i've got.

happy saturday.

21 May 2009

steve larsen

i've held steve larsen in high regard since i really started contemplating bike racing in the late 90's. his range always amazed me when i considered how good he was at mtb racing, road racing, and triathlon. and with five children, he really demonstrated that you really can balance a lot and still be competitive if you just get out and do it. i read in velonews that he died in the midst of a track workout with an elite running group in bend oregon.

i channeled my inner steve larsen last night by hitting the ice age trail for a run. i didn't feel like battling the wind for another night on the bike and it felt great to get the legs moving. at this point, anything i do will help my fitness (for biking or otherwise). but, it was proof that golf may be down at the ridge...i only found 3 balls. that or everyone is getting better. i did find a pro v1 along the trail at hole 1...meaning it was a brand new ball. sweet.

i found out last night that i cannot do wausau due to some prior engagement(s). damn, my favorite wors race scratched.

oh well, happy thursday.

20 May 2009


yesterday, my group at worked called a meeting to present me with a cake for graduating. cool, except i had a group ride planned for a couple hours later. well, the cake had it's way with my gut and i was the slow guy on the ride. i had to cut some of the hills out but still managed just under 40 miles for the day.

actually, the ride was eye opening. i'm in really bad shape (for me) and i need to figure out how to get out of it. first, i'm scratching this weekends race. for the way i'm riding, it would just be a waste of 30 bucks at this point. second, i may jump in the sport race at wausau. there is no way i can ride with the comp guys right now over the longer distance that is wausau.

we'll see. right now i'm pretty depressed about my fitness. i knew it was bad but maybe not this bad.

happy wednesday.

14 May 2009

let the commencement celebrations commence

no riding last night, i had more important things to do...namely, picking up my cap and gown. plus, the lightning and rain would have proven a formidable deterrant anyway.

today, i'm logging about a 2/3's day so i can get out and get 18 holes of golf in. tonight is operation clean up around the house. tomorrow, i'm off of work. open the day with some yard work, maybe get out for a ride, play 18 holes with my dad, head to our program's graduation ceremony and then off to smoky's for a steak. damn, that sounds like a pretty good day to me. saturday is the kohl center commencement ceremony...i hear bud selig is the speaker. many people hate him...i'm not one of them. he has done a lot for baseball in wisconsin (both as owner of the brewers but also as commissioner). anyway, back to our house for a grill out (and some fat tire) and then it's off to another party at capital brewery.

whew. i think i'm going to be 'tired' on sunday.

happy thursday.

13 May 2009

good night

hit one of my 30 mile loops last night but it felt more like 50 in the wind. i guess that is good within the context of training. i feel more sore/tired after last night's effort than i did after saturday...hmmm.

i am picking up my cap and gown tonight. i still can't believe i'm all done with school.

happy wednesday.

12 May 2009

wheels are turning

25 miles and 1300ft ascent. beautiful night for a ride. i felt fresh and also climbing felt better than it had last week. maybe my saturday effort helped? who knows, but it was fun.

put up a shelf in the garage to store some junk. we have a lot of junk. i'm trying to get us organized...maybe i'm nesting?

big day in the giro already.

happy tuesday.

11 May 2009

got what i wanted.

rode to blue mounds in the rain. got really cold so i kept riding up to race time. got my butt kicked in the tt. rode home. 4+ hours in the saddle with some high intensity in the middle. good workout, bad race.

got some stuff done around the house yesterday including the washing of windows. oh, and we went and picked up my graduation present.

happy monday.

08 May 2009

flats r us

got out on the cyclocross bike last night. the plan was to hit the military ridge trail by riley and ride to the mt. horeb, turn around and ride hope via verona. well, i executed the plan but i didn't make it out of verona.

i scored a rear flat on the trail from what was later identified as a wood sliver from one of the bridges. i fixed it thinking i had all the debris removed. i made it to verona but the tire went soft again...oh well, my lovely wife picked me up. 1:30 of ride time with a bunch of sit time as well.

i pulled a bunch of weeds, mowed the front, we walked the dog, and went to the store to buy some cards for sunday. you know, we did the things normal people do when they don't have to study every night.

today...well...i've been talked into 18 at the ridge. boom.

happy friday.

07 May 2009


i was called upon to sub for golf league last night. i hit some balls on the range prior to my tee time and i felt really good. i'm finally getting my hips through the ball and generating some power. anyway, we were playing the prairie course last night and that opens with a 500 yard par 5. i smoked my drive, pulling it left of the fairway but very long. i out drove the rest of the foursome by at least 30 yards which is rare for me this early. pin was in front and i was behind a tree so i decided to 'lay up' with a 7 iron to try and get over the trees. i crushed it, the ball grazed a branch and landed 15 yards short of the green. nice chip and putt for birdie. first one of the year.

then the lightning came. and the horns. that was the end of my night.

but the way i was hitting the ball was very encouraging. i'm excited to get back out on the course as riding allows. and, this weekend may yield my graduation present...a new set of irons! ping g5's i think...

if anyone asks 'how did you golf last night?' i'm going to tell the truth.

i shot one under par.

happy thursday.

06 May 2009

brakes suck

got out for another 1:40 last night-this time on the mountain bike. hit the military ridge to a few 'hot' laps at quarry ridge to home. not bad but i hate disc brakes...specifically, i hate the xt brakes on my epic. i've tried to fix them, i've taken them to a shop and i've had friends with much more bike knowledge than i possess try to fix them and this problem has persisted. loud rubbing in the back takes away from the experience of riding in the woods.

happy wednesday.

05 May 2009

it's a start

30 miles last night including observatory. felt good to get out but there is a long ways to go...

wings, trivia and brewers afterwards...it's good to be done with school.

during my ride i decided that i would ride to alp blhuez this saturday, do the tt, and ride back. it won't help my time but i need to ride as much as i can right now. that way i won't feel bad taking an off/easy day on sunday to do some projects around the house that i have been neglecting.

happy tuesday.

04 May 2009

time to add it up.

last week sucked. putting the wraps on my masters degree was impeded by the cycle of life. i managed to get everything done but with a very heavy heart. i presented on friday, beers with the boys on friday night, memorial service for grandpa in wausau on saturday, and back home on sunday for a quick ride and a church meeting. yes i said church.

with all of this behind me, i'm pointing the view finder forward and in the distant future i'm seeing my carrot: fat tire. i have some aspirations to race fast there and it all begins with a good month of may to lay some foundations. i'm way behind any type of schedule right now so i'm playing the racing by ear until i start feeling 'good' on a bike again. i am mixing a few road efforts in this month starting on saturday with the l'alp bl'huez time trial. 10 miles of agony to jumpstart my training. i hope to not die on the final pitch into the park (or get off the bike-i'm seriously in that bad of shape right now).

the last month has been challenging in terms of mental and emotional stress. i'm happy it is may.

happy monday.