23 April 2009

1 down and 3.6 tomorrow and i'm out of here

golf last night was ok. normally, i wouldn't be super excited about a 50 but it is only my second round of the year and i was establishing my handicap. i'd like to be able to say i was trying to golf like junk but it just happened that way. my putting is improving, i just had some trouble off the tee on a few holes and ended up hanging a snowman and a 7 on 2 of the par 4s. it'll get better...especially with some game improvment irons for graduation.

speaking of school, it's time to close the deal. i woke up feeling more motivated than i have in a while. after saturday and sunday i should be where i need to be to wrap it all up...hopefully. this last month of school has reminded me of the ben fold's lyric:

People tell me; 'Ben just make up junk and turn it in.'
But I never was alright with turning in a bunch of shit.
I don't like wasting time on music that won't make me proud.
But now I've found a reason to sit right down and shit some out.

and i'm out of here.

happy thursday.

22 April 2009

it's what i've got.

why does the body fight off a cold only sort of? i got through the early stuff alright but i'm still conjested and tired...9 days out. oh well, it's not like i'd be riding anyway...

i have perfected the art of investing a lot of time into something without much to show for it. last night i was going to make slides for my presentation...and while i have slides, they aren't in any presentable form. i play league golf tonight and then i'll have to put more time into that. i cannot wait until this is done. one more 'big push' weekend.

happy wednesday.

21 April 2009

another day.

i wrapped up my project management work last night...1 down 2 to go.

i'm pretty sure that i will have a fortnight of no riding when all is said and done...oh well, the end is near. it's been crap weather anyway so at least it doesn't look like i should be out riding.

crappy post.

happy tuesday.

20 April 2009

still sick.

the congestion is lingering. due to this cold and some other mitagating circumstances, i still haven't touched a bike since the hater. boy, there goes using that race as a spring board for getting 'fast' again.

i have maintained a calendar at my desk with all the sessions for grad school listed. i just crossed #27 off the list...1 more to go. ONE MORE TO GO!!!!!

i golfed with my dad over the weekend at princeton in eau claire. the fairways are in really bad shape...to the point that it was better to be in the first cut. i was striking the ball ok, had 2 birdie putts in fact, but managed to not even get a par for nine holes. rusty is an understatement...specifically in the short game. i'm a sub in a league this summer and i play my first round on wednesday. playing bad isn't all bad because i'll be establishing my handicap. hopefully i don't 3 putt every hole...

and with that, it's back to work.

happy monday.

16 April 2009

anybody get the license plate...

...of the truck that hit me? i'm feeling a little better today but still sub-optimal. funny, the h8ter was supposed to be my training spring board...and now i haven't ridden once since.

class tonight/tomorrow. then i'm down to 1 session...damn.

happy thursday.

15 April 2009

feeling lousy

i'm home today because i feel like shit. seems all i ever use my pto for is homework or being sick. bummer. today i'm going to try for both seeing that sleeping on couch hasn't worked thus far. at least it isn't clear, sunny and 65 degrees today or something.

happy wednesday.

14 April 2009

too much

well, i finally did it. i've come down with some sort of cold...one more thing to push through i guess.

stupid virus.

happy tuesday.

12 April 2009


i wanted to go out with high intensity early and just hang on so, mission accomplished. i'm still working on getting my butt in shape to race...the bike interface was especially sore. it was all capped off with a flat just a few miles from home.

so what i'm saying it, i felt the h8.

post race festivities were fun as well. good to see the team after a long cold winter. and ben's beer is delicious.

happy easter.

11 April 2009

race morning.

man, i'm ill prepared for a race this morning. yesterday's dethatching activities have rendered my muscles 'tweaky' but not really that sore. i wouldn't have done yard work the day before fat tire but the h8tr is about suffering and logging tough miles that will help me later...

anyway, perfect april day. wish me luck!

happy saturday.

08 April 2009


trail is fast. i just rode the 'unfinished' portion but it will be great compared to last year. i think someone moved the skunk...which is wrong on several levels. i bunny hopped the skunk.

ps. i love our new forester.

happy wednesday.


so, a few years back i earned points through racing to upgrade the stereo in our civic. this is now my car. anyway, when the power was recently cut from said stereo, the main security feature kicked in. eclipse was clever and had owners designate a 'security cd' that was required to make it work the first time after power had been lost to the deck. well, we don't remember our security cd.

damn it! so, anyone have any strategies to circumvent this (short of trying each of our hundreds of cds)? maybe i'll be driving in silence for the next 5-8 years.



day off today. morning = writing. afternoon = riding. hopefully. but you can't have one (riding) without the other. it's time to get this stuff done, because i have plenty of other things to worry about...good and bad.

happy wednesday.

06 April 2009

screw this crap i've had it.

friday afternoon: broke down, purchased subaru forester
sunday afternoon: car we are not trading in breaks down north of portage. wife stuck on interstate. said car remains in portage.
monday afternoon: delivery of new car (still pending repair bill for car that will remain in the family)

that's life.

saturday was good. pat rocked the madcity 50km and came away with the win. the rest of the day saw much earned basketball, burritos, bw3 wings, and some mad bowling. well, much earned for pat...i was just along for the ride.

besides the unplanned road trip, i managed to get some work done yesterday. but not as much as i'd hoped.

oh well.

happy monday.

02 April 2009

sick of the weather.

cold. wet. snow on sunday...i saw one place calling for 3-7 inches. man.

i'm almost done with my big paper. one more big push on sunday and my rough draft will look mostly like a final draft. hopefully my advisor feels the same way...

i'm riding bikes tonight. i don't care if it is cold, windy, dark...

happy thursday.