31 March 2008


wow, this one is hitting me like a load of bricks. maybe it's the envelope of the grey gloom outside, maybe it's that i had a very nice weekend, maybe it's the work-work and school-work hanging over my head, but something is making the start of this day rough.

we're all in it together (mondays that is) i guess so maybe i should just put my head down and suffer through...hey, just like yesterday's ride.

happy monday.

30 March 2008

another day...

...another 30 miles. this time, ron, mike and i hit the road for a little cool down. i tried to push a little on the hills but the spotted cow the night before made that a bit difficult. i'm glad to be back on the bike and back with friends. but, now it is time to get serious about school. 1 hellish month to finish!

here is mike on the biggest hill of the day:

happy sunday.

29 March 2008

great day.

the group:

the pace line down 78:

towards the end:

around 30 miles and 2000 vertical feet. perfect weather. good to see some of the guys again.

happy saturday.

28 March 2008

oh boy.

against my better judgment, i've signed up for the h8ter. let's call it succumbing to peer pressure

i'm doing it on a mountain bike....so what i'm trying to say is i'm screwed.

not to mention it is in the peak time of school work. but, sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.

tonight is day 1 of camp.

so far, i'm batting 1.000 on the elite 8 in my bracket.

happy friday.

27 March 2008

i'm a grown up.

last night, "budget" blinds came to our house to look at a few windows that were lacking in cover. now that the tree farm behind our house is gone, and houses are being built, it was finally time to get something in our living room windows (it's only been 2.5 years). also, our guest bedroom and office needed the wood blinds that the former owners had put in most of the rest of the windows. now, i put budget in quotes because the money we spent on blinds could have gotten me that lemond i've been drooling over. oh well, i already have 3 bikes.

between work and the blind guy, i was unable to get a workout in the great weather last night. since it didn't snow like they said it would, i may try to get out tonight for a pre-camp ride, you know, to prime the pumps a little.

and damn, the homework isn't getting done like i had hoped it would...

oh yea, the check hasn't cleared for fat tire yet. maybe we will end up doing ore2shore...

happy thursday.

25 March 2008


so, my race list for 2008:

for sure, 'a' races:
1) Levis/Trow 100 (50 mile race)- june 28
2) 24 Hours of 9-Mile- august 3
3) Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival- september 13*
* if we get in.

races i'd like to do if i'm free:
- alp blu'ez timetrial- may 24th
- wors big ring classic- june 1st
- wors firecracker- july 6th
- wors wolf river rendevous- sept 28
- wors wigwam/ultimax challenge- october 12
- wors subaru cup- june 14
- ore2shore- august 9th
- blockhouse
- beechwood

if i could hit 4 or 5 of the latter list i'd be happy.

i've listed these before, but this was to refresh my memory.

happy tuesday.

24 March 2008

the 1x1 has some teeth.

yesterday, it looked like this (madison is offcially over the 100" mark for the winter):

today on my ride, i saw my first robin (or should i say turdus migratorius?)-besides the one i'm married to that is:

it's in there somewhere, already mucking around for worms. anyway, it was a classic march day with the wind hitting me in the face regardless of which direction i was turned...and i didn't mind at all.

training setback.

so, after a nice 7.5 hours last week, the weather this weekend has rendered my training a little behind that pace this week. with days 1 and 3 of the big ring camp on the schedule, i should be able to have some hours i wouldn't normally get...but i'd like a little more saddle time going into friday.

i was reasonably productive homework wise this weekend, with only finishing touches required on my individual assignment for the week. the rest of the week will be focused on group projects, and because i won't have much time over the weekend to work, i will need to hit the books hard monday through thursday this week to make up for it.

i can't believe the 3 day weekend is in the books already. i will say, we had a very enjoyable day yesterday with church followed by brunch at the concourse followed by a walk down statestreet and a cup of free trade dark roast.

and with that, it's time to work.

happy monday.

22 March 2008

snow induced brain freeze

while i'm still clinging to what little hope there is left for hillary, i thought this poster was pretty neat:

it's finally time to get the bums out of washington. and by bums, i mean gwb. even if nothing changes, it will be nice to not hear that man speak.

i've been instructed to be very productive today at the library. so hear goes.

happy saturday.

21 March 2008

"the way i see it"

anyone every read the 'the way i see it' thoughts on the side of a starbucks cup? today i got #255 (i really am trying to quit...but it's snowing on my day off so i needed a little something). they really actually annoy me. this one is about ending poverty and stopping hiv/aids by using african principles. isn't that, like, ironic or something?

i wasn't going to ride last night...but an email from the ceo sending us home at 3 plus the weather plus the fact that it was going to snow 5-8" today (wtf?) meant....well:

time to gear up:

and do some riding:

here i am looking a little loose in the chin...give me a month or two and i'll be back in race shape:

i saw greg in verona...he might be joining the brr training camp for a ride or two. that is, if he can fit it in while getting ready to go (with bike) to hawaii.

this is how my day is going to look:

happy friday.

ps. lemond poprad.

20 March 2008

another reason to cross...

another reason to get into cross--eric, dan and the boys at planet bike have a little something brewing (taken from cyclingnews.com):

Page to Planet Bike
American cyclo-crosser Jonathan Page will be riding for Planet Bike of Madison, Wisconsin, next season. On his personal website, the rider announced the new-found deal with the cyclo-cross team, which will continue to race in the US, in addition to Page who will remain based in Belgium.

Page also announced the creation of the "Madcross presents Jonathan Page's Planet Bike Cup", which will be a premier UCI cyclo-cross race in Madison, Wisconsin on September 27 and 28. The rider "also plans a series of cyclo-cross clinics in conjunction with his extended US race calendar next season, which will include Tailwind Sports Michigan race weekend, Cross Vegas, Madcross, and hopefully an east coast stop," according to his homepage.

The official team launch will be held at Planet Bike in Wisconsin in April.

you lock it up.

well, it serves to reason that a day off would result in 4-7 inches of fresh snow. i guess i'll be doing more homework than i thought. not all bad, i have a lot to do and my days are filling up rapidly. but, you know, i thought maybe i could ride a little as part of a nice day off.

speaking of riding, during my ride yesterday i did some thinking about...you guessed it:

ok, i won't do that anymore...it's getting old. and you get the point. but i was thinking about cyclocross in general. i've been drawn to it for about as long as i've been associated with cycling, but i've never participated. something about the blend of road bike, mountain bike, and running skills all rolled into 1 sport. add in the fact that it's during my favorite time of year, and it seems like something i'd really like. if i only had a cross bike. see, there i go again...

anyway, 1:20 of riding last night. not bad, i'm close to 6 hours for the week which is a good feeling. i'm nowhere close to being 'in shape,' but then again, i don't really need to be for a few more months.

last work day for the week.

happy thursday.

19 March 2008

everyday should be a holiday.

on my ride last night i ran into sammy. he told me he and family were packing up and heading to tennessee for what sounds like a great professional opportunity. while it is sad to see him leave the circle, it is never a bad thing when you can positively affect your family.

plus, now training camp can be in tennessee instead of southern wi.

1.5 hours on the bike had me feeling pretty good. i have no top end to be sure, but it feels good to me moving again on a regular basis.

and to continue this week's trend:

happy wednesday.

18 March 2008

stimulate the economy.

we received our economic stimulus notice yesterday, $1200 dollars that we are to infuse into the economy. hmmm. you know, the prudent thing to do would be to start a college fund for a child we will (in theory) some day have. you know, because we're borrowing this money from the future anyway. and as if sending $600 per person isn't enough, they need to send a notice ahead of time? what's another $50M amoungst friends?

or, we could put it towards this:

wow, pictures of a poprad two consecutive days. i must really like that bike or something.

anyway, i think sending 130 million people a check is kind of funny. i'm not even quite sure why. i also think it's funny that the next 'subprime mortage crisis' could be the increasing number of people pulling money out of their 401k's because they can't refinance their house anymore. by the way, that is why privitizing social security wouldn't work.

happy tuesday.

17 March 2008

a big mistake.

i made a big mistake over the weekend. after robin and i enjoyed some mexican food at our favorite mexican place in madison, we walked over to erik's bikeshop. and i ran into this guy:

and i've always been a little infatuated with this steel beaut:

man, those are some sweet bikes. the problem is, robin ran into this guy:

Unfortunately for both of us, the bike budget we currently have in the hoenisch household would get us this (maybe):

stupid retirement saving.

back to where i was that other time.

monday. like a swift kick in the junk.

besides getting us off the original track, yesterday's ride was a good one. around 3 hours with more climbing than i had wanted, but the legs feel reasonably good and i'm ready for more.

i must have ate something that didn't comply with my body's rigorous requirements because i'm not feeling too hot this a.m. this gerd thing is stealing days away from me, because when it hits i spend the day looking forward to tomorrow. maybe i should break down and go see someone. i really don't like doctors. well, not so much doctors, but the other people that go to see doctors.

happy monday.

15 March 2008

almost done...

with session 4...then it's just 3 to go. we went to the melting pot last night for dinner with robin's little sister/future brother in law. it was fun, but for that much money my personal preference would be a nice, fat steak. at least they had guiness.

today i'm hoping to squeeze in an hour of riding or so to prime the pump. then ron and i are hitting the roads for a nice long early season spin around new glarus.

off to class. happy saturday.

13 March 2008

this weather...

...sure makes going to class more difficult.


the pentagon released its findings that there was no connection between al-qaida and saddam hussein which was the basis for the invasion of iraq. so, it's official that president bush (and his cronies) told a lie to incite what will end up being a 3 trillion dollar war, not to mention putting thousands of our young men and women in harms way, keeping them there long enough to cause mental problems, and then refusing to help them when they get home. i've said it before, but this seems a lot worse than lying about a blow job.

sorry, every once in awhile i have to vent about the current regime.

other than that...it's a school week.

happy thursday.

12 March 2008

into the wild.

i forgot to mention that we watched 'into the wild' over the weekend. now it's been a few years since i read the book, but (as is usually the case), i think the book was better. i guess i should qualify that with the fact that krakauer is one of my favorite authors. i thought it was good...just subtley different. i thought emile hirsch played the part well. it was a sad ending but i knew that already...i give it 6.5 our of 10 on the 'andy' scale.

there are a lot of movies i would still like to see from last year including 'there will be blood,' 'atonement,' 'micheal clayton,' 'the savages,' and 'before the devil knows your dead.'

i got out for 1.5 hours last night and didn't have to leave early from work and still finished before the sun set. life is looking up. of course, that cut into homework time but what am i, a student or something? while i'm comfortable with the fact that i can't ride everyday while school is in session, i do need to add some training every other day or i will go crazy. you know, just to take the edge off.

time to work. happy wednesday.

11 March 2008

like the smasing pumpkins say...

tonight, tonight...i'm going to ride my bicycle. ok, so they only said the first part and something about being a rat in a cage. actually, when we went and saw them at the minneapolis block party most all lyrics were changed to 'rat in a cage.' i guess billy corgan was really angry about being a millionaire.

last night i turned my homework in at 9:30 (it was due at 10) which is pretty early for me. and the struggle continues.

anyway, reading scott's and ben's recap of arizona riding is making me a little jealous.

oh well, it's going to be 43 degrees today.

happy tuesday.

10 March 2008

and the rift widens.

remember when daylight saving time was a source of major discontent? even if you didn't hate it (the whole losing an hour of sleep/hour in the bars thing that is), it was really hard to remember when you were in college. you know, you party all weekend...and you sleep all day sunday, so who cares what time it is. then, you roll into your 8am class on monday and everyone is leaving because it's 9. well, most people sitting around me at work are still dealing with these 'problems.'

of course, as someone who isn't necessarily a morning person but enjoys being active in the outdoors, i love it. and it coming early this year is like getting dessert before dinner. if i didn't have homework to do (due at 10pm tonight), i could go for a solid ride after work and not finish in the dark. could is the operative word. maybe tomorrow.

happy monday.

08 March 2008

rough day.

yesterday was a very difficult day. for legal reasons, i'm not going into detail...but let's just say it sucked. don't worry, nothing immediately personal is wrong with me or anyone close.

on a more positive (and less cryptic) note:

after class today i got out on the bike for awhile. the military ridge trail is in great shape...if you don't mind dodging the occasional snow mobiler. those things smell and sound like big lawnmowers.

happy saturday.

07 March 2008

i'm not cut out for this.

i've always prided myself on being able to keep my home life and work life seperate. you know, we spend too much of our life at work already, so why bring it home? well, i've been dealing with some personel issues of late and it is really starting to have an effect on my home life. last night, i spent 2 hours looking at my laptop computer screen trying to find words like "and" or "conversly" because i was too distracted.

on top of that...i'm 31. i know, it's just a number and you are only as old as you feel. the problem is, right now, i feel pretty old.

and why is it 3 degrees this morning?

enough complaining. time to break some rocks.

happy friday.

05 March 2008


a weird thing happened yesterday that frankly i wasn't expecting. hillary won texas and ohio. sweet.

oh, and brett favre retired (allegedly). he has been the qb since i was 16 years old. speaking of birthdays, today i turn 31. yeeeesh.

the old gray mare just ain't what he used to be. or should i say stallion?

i ran for 45 minutes last night and did some core work. baby steps.

happy wednesday.

04 March 2008


just saying the word conjures images that are unsettling. i have been thinking a lot about the images that were released in the press a few weeks ago, showing a small bulldozer pusing a live cow to be slaughtered in california (there goes that whole happier cows in california thing). it was the look of terror in the poor animal's eyes that keep bothering me the most. i know, you need to kill them to eat them...but it should be humane.

now, i'm not willing to give up meat. humans have evolved to eat meat, and who am i to argue with that? plus, it tastes really good. however, the idea of controlling where we get our meat is appealing to me. this year, i'm hoping to find someone local that we can purchase a 1/4 or 1/2 cow from. a cow that lived a happy life, up until it gave its life for my sustainence. heck, it may even taste better.

sorry, kind of heavy. back to the superficial.

i did nothing last night. actually, that is a lie. i finally got the ice at the end of the driveway cleared. i moved 15 or so 20lb blocks of ice that i had chipped away. that and i played tiger woods golf on the ps2. no homework. no workout.

my near 3 hours on sunday has me way ahead of schedule for the week anyway...how is that for rationalizing?

anyway, time to work.

happy tuesday.

03 March 2008

another cold kick in the junk.

woke up to more ice under an inch of snow. i've got nothing to say about that.

yesterday's ride was good for the soul. but it also played a little trick on me...i almost thought the weather was turning. silly me, march is the worst month weather wise...because you still get snow and cold but also sort of warm and ice and, the best part, wind.

it's like enduring a bad dinner to get to the desert and then being told you have to have seconds once the main dish has gone cold. or something.

happy monday.

02 March 2008

cross eyed.

not bad for march. my 'new' bike is nice...although a bit of a liability on the hills. i guess it'll improve my power.

happy sunday.

01 March 2008


...blew the doors off snl.

and jeff tweedy's suit. now that's style.

maiden voyage

first off, wilco is playing saturday night live tonight. watch it if you are able.

second, it was good to be out on my old bike again. the conditions...well, ice isn't the most ideal medium for a ride. but i managed an hour or so. here is to the old s-works.

beer goggles

why is it that, at the library, daddy doesn't flinch when his son is standing on the nice upholstered chair? i bet he doesn't allow it at home. maybe he does.

there is a 4 year old boy convention at the library today. i'm forging through, but barely. i'm having a hard time not thinking about jazz, guiness and bikes. i can't explain the guiness thoughts...i woke up yesterday craving a smooth draught poor of the stuff. i wish i could without feeling like a turd. oh well. the jazz...well, i found a herbie hancock tribute to coltrane and davis...live at massey hall. pretty cool stuff. and the bikes...well...that is the result of the never ending winter.

i just might take my swss (sworkssinglespeed) out for it's maiden outside voyage today. if i make it out of our neighborhood without a puncture it will be a result of divine intervention...whatever that means.

back to the books. happy saturday.