31 October 2006

there comes a time...

as a rule, if you are low to mid management of a fairly small company and some weird things are happening at the corporate level, please don't call a meeting of your subordinates just to shrug your shoulders and say you have no idea what is happening here. this only makes things worse. just an fyi i guess.

last night i went for a 7 miler and by the end i was feeling pretty good. i decided to 'let the dogs out' a little to try to burn off some of this work angst i have and it worked, i felt pretty calm the rest of the night. it's amazing how dark it gets around here by 5pm, but one good thing is that (at least for a while) the visual cues keep causing you to think it's later than it is...which is a pleasant surprise.

i'm rambling and i've really got nothing to say.

30 October 2006

that's great it starts with an...

a three day weekend in the books and i feel rested and ready to go. well, not ready to go but rested for sure. i just got the memo saying that my employer has decided to cancel all corperate sponsored holiday parties this year because 'we have not consistently met our own high internal standards company wide.' hmmm, i'd say the writing is on the wall. i can't read it though.

on a good note, we did a lot of fun stuff over the weekend. our dinner at harvest downtown was superb, we opted for the 6 course tasting menu and it felt like we were eating for 2 and a half hours...oh wait, we were. it was really good, definately worth the wine hangover. after dinner we strolled to state street and had a drink at the rooftop resturaunt at the modern art museum. it was amazing to see all the costumes out already friday night...cheapskates that didn't want to pay the admission fee the next night.

saturday we entered the world of high definition television, but that is another blog entry altogether. i will say this, high definition tv is more vivid than real life...i may never leave the living room.

yesterday i was able to get most of the yard ready for the dark season, and i watched the packers play in hd. robin and i did a practice run with turkey and it was sooo good.

26 October 2006

that's just the way it is.

7 miles on the holy loop (pope farm county park) and i was feeling a little banged up. it's weird but trail running around here is tougher on the body because of the hills. it's not so much the up but the down is tearing me up....

enough whining. last night we went out for dinner and ice cream, a sort of appetizer for our main night out tomorrow. we're heading downtown to a restaraunt called harvest...i've heard good and bad things. you don't know until you try.

we went to trader joes last night...the purchase of the night (in my mind) was frozen, prechopped cubes of cilantro. i hate chopping cilantro...thanks trader joes.

so the world series...i'm a little annoyed. people talk about how they are sick of the yankees/red sox, they want parody in the major leagues. they want to see teams they don't normally see play for the title. and we've gotten it and the ratings are taking a nose dive. whatever.

25 October 2006

3 years.

the number 3 is going to be coming up a lot in the next year, and what a way to start it...robin and i have been married 3 years today and i have to say, it's been the best 3 years of my life. a lot has changed over the past 3 years: new jobs, new city, home ownership, devil dog, health problems, travel, bikingtriathlonrunning that robin is constantly putting up with (to name a few)...but through it all, there has been one aspect of life that i can always count on. robin. i really am lucky to have found her, and smart (if i do say so) for latching on and not letting her go. happy 3 years to us!

did a trail run last night and felt ok. finished with some strides in the park and called it a wrap.

oliver is in full on adolesence mode and is driving us crazy. he just walks around, looking to cause trouble. his big thing is bathroom garbage right now. and if that is not available, he'll take toilet paper right off the roll. and if that's not available there is the old standby: dirty laundry. anyway, the word of the week in the house is 'jerk' because we call him that a lot. the little jerk.

24 October 2006

i scare oliver.

last night i was playing with oliver. he had pulled his towel out of his crate and was pulling it around the basement. i grabbed it, put it over my mouth and starting making a growling noise. he freaked out. i immediately pulled the towel down and he came over and licked me. when i walked over to where he had been standing i noticed urine all over the carpet...poor guy had the piss scared out of him. poor guy. note to self, don't scare oliver anymore.

anyway, after making myself feel bad about ollie i went out for a run and felt really good. maybe my legs are starting to get the hang of this running thing (again).

23 October 2006

we all want to pass as cats.

snow accumulations in october. maybe this was a product of the mendota lake effect. that statement is probably almost offensive if you live in buffalo, ny.

i golfed 18 holes in the rainy slop on saturday. i'm not going to lie, i played like shit. the highlight was my chip in for birdie from off the green on a par 3, but that may have been the only shot of mine we used all day. i guess my pga card will have to wait.

the rest of the weekend was spent cleaning up the house, watching some football, and hanging out with my mom and jim who were in town last night.

good weekend. monday bloody monday.

20 October 2006

dipsy doo

7 miles after work last night out and back to pope farm park. did a loop around the park and, while there really isn't all that much in scenery the terrain is perfect. makes me almost hope for a typcial el nino winter... anyway, after the run i hit my work weight room for some dips and ab work.

the second new 'this old house' was last night. that has become my favorite show, i like richard the best. he loves what he does and he is happiest digging around in the sewage pipes. there is something to be said for loving your job (so i've heard). robin and i chuckled at the prospect of us ever tackling our own this old house project. i'm about as handy as illinois's open road tolling and robin wouldn't have the patience. but we'd gladly live in a rennovated old house if someone was offering...

speaking of open road tolling...it sucks. just thought i'd throw that out there.

i'm playing in a golf tournament tomorrow. 4 man scramble in dubuque. i'll be good for a shot or two but mostly i'm just there to watch other people play better than me and walk around in the rain. should be fun.

19 October 2006

everybody knows...

6 miles in the rain last night. felt good once i got my lazy butt out the door that is. motivation was low and i don't know why. maybe it is work, i'm still dealing with a work funk.

i think we found our range last night. it's a little more money than we thought we might spend, but it's also an upgrade. convection oven, 16,500 btu large burner, 5 total burners, and it looks pretty nice too. man...lawns, kitchen appliances, furniture; college feels like a hundred years ago. i'm not complaining, it's just amazing how things change.

it's thirsty thursday.

18 October 2006

future butterfly...

7ish miles last night felt good. well, not as much of a struggle as the night before. man it's nice to go out and get an ok workout in and have it only take a little over 50 minutes. i did 3 sets of situps, pushups and curls and called it a day.

the quest for a new range was continued last night. we went to the brothers main and talked to some guy about stoves. seems like the consensus is that large appliances don't last much more than 10-12 years anymore. then you throw them out and start over. bunk i say. also, the consensus is that whirlpool is the best you can get...which is what we have that is failing. great. and, gas ranges really aren't that cool. they are all pretty much the same. some have high btus for the range but a crappy oven, some have lower btus but the oven is good.

wow, that's more range talk than i had planned.

17 October 2006

the graduate.

oliver has passed his first intermediate dog training class. i say his first because, after taking the next session of classes off, he will be taking it again. not because he is a failure (on the contrary, he was the best dog in class) but because he is young and very excitable and needs more practice.

i did a nice 6 miler in the mist last night. my knee is sore from the weekend race and hours in the car. i had robin examine my knee and she said that i don't have meniscus problems (which is what i decided it might be) but that there is something going on with my knee cap. sounds good to me.

work was a wash for me yesterday, i was so tired from the weekend i could hardly concentrate. fortunately, there wasn't much going on so it didn't really matter.

16 October 2006

i have this idea.

i have this idea that one should exit a weekend feeling recharged and rested. but this is seldom the case, and today emphasizes that fact. i am beat from a packed weekend...but a fun one.

saturday morning started with my re-debut to running races with the run for the rivers 5k in verona. i really didn't know what to expect from my legs, and my goal was sub 20 minutes. it was a cold, clear morning...perfect running weather. the race started with a bunch of older guys sprinting out and then slowing down in the first 200m...just how i remember it. by 800m, the race had spread out and i nestled into the top 3 (which isn't that impressive when you consider the winner ran upper 17's...rather pedestrian but he still thought he was bad ass). i was just trying to stay steady and hold back a little until the last mile. i managed to run most of the race in 3rd place, but at the mile 2 marker got passed by a guy. my one mistake was not going with him, he only beat me by 5 or so seconds and i closed on him hard in the last 200m but oh well. my final time was 18:18 so even if the course was short i'm ahead of where i thought i might be. but i have a long way to go. with a little more experience at my current fitness i could be in the 17's which is encouraging.

the rest of the weekend was spent with robin's parents, which was nice. i think they had fun and i know i did. anyway, it's time to work.

13 October 2006

this piano....filled with soul.

i'm ready for a good weekend, which it is going to be. tomorrow is my first running race in a while, the run for the rivers 5km in verona. it's pretty cool, i'll leave my house at 7:30ish and be done racing by 8:30. not bad, not bad at all.

robin's parents will be in town. we're doing a bunch of things throughout the weekend culminating with a trip to the chicago field museum on sunday to see the king tut exhibit. i'm excited, i haven't been to the field museum for some time now and i hear the king tut stuff is really quite interesting.

happy friday.

12 October 2006

when it's cold...

...the coffee tastes better. and that isn't even quite right, it FEELS better. i just thought i would make that observation.

and lets be serious here, 27 degrees isn't exactly cold in the midwest. but, relative to the weather this past weekend it is.

long day at work left me feeling drained last night. almost the feeling i get before i get sick. so i opted out of my scheduled run. then we went range shopping...you see our stove broke and the repair cost rivals the replacement cost. apparently, you don't fix things like this anymore. you trash it and buy a new one. did i mention it's 5 years old? it's not totally broke, it's usable. it's just that the oven turns off after prolonged use...not exactly what you want when you are hosting thanksgiving.

it feels like it should be friday today. one of those weeks i guess.

11 October 2006

once a runner.

last night on my trail run (ice age trial from our house to the big park between madison and verona) i got to thinking about my little running race this weekend. i cannot remember the last running only race i've participated in...at least back to college, which is 5+ years ago. i can't even remember which race i did last...probably the buckshot run in eau claire. this led to thinking about my personal bests from long ago...i think my best 5k was 16.34 in high school...and of course my marathon pr is 3:01.51 (i look at my finishing card every morning at work). besides that, i have no clue. what i decided is that for everything but the marathon (that one hurt too damn much to forget about it) i'm wiping the slate clean. which means that i will be setting a personal best this weekend, regardless of the outcome.

there is a winter storm advisory for way up north. 1 to 2 FEET of snow. yikes...

10 October 2006

he won't let me go.

something that i haven't touched on that made me happy in the sports world...the yankees are out of the playoffs. unfortunately, they are still topping headlines because now there is an apparant managerial change impending. whatever, joe torre should be fired. and actually, he should want to be fired. yes, they have the best line-up assembled on paper, but they are aging roiders that just maybe don't have the intensity they once had. and the pitching...don't get me started. randy johnson was a nice pitcher, 4 years ago. jared wright? come on. if anyone should get fired it's brian cashman. i could put a winning team with that payroll. well, probably not but any gm in the big leagues could.

i ran last night for about 50 minutes. it felt good so i went home and did some core exercises. not bad.

09 October 2006

i was translating poorly.

another weekend in the books. and a good one at that.

saturday we woke up feeling like we missed out on the apple orchards this year. since the weather was grand, our dog needed to stay still (he was 'de-manned' on friday), and we were hungry for apples, we packed up the car and headed north. we ate at acoustic cafe (yum) and then headed to orchard row and did the orchard thing. i love it at those places and even though 5.5+ hrs of driving were required, it was worth it.

yesterday oliver let me sleep until 7:30. ran errands, did some fall yardwork, and did a long (for me) run. got in around 8 miles in about an hour...not bad.

pat's race was over the weekend. while i haven't found definitive results for him i can say that he wasn't in the top 26 but was the third american. nice work pat!

and now it's time for monday again. the cycle continues. seems the weather is about to rachet down another notch...time to pull out the sweaters.

04 October 2006

i couldn't tell when i started

my work assignments lately are such that i'm spiraling into a very bad funk. i normally pride myself in being able to 'escape' from work, leaving it in the non-discript building that is my employer between 3:30 and 4 when i usually go home. but lately, i've been carrying it home with me. i don't activly think about it, but it's there. like the ugly carpet you had in that rental house that smelled funny in college. you could ignore it, but when it boiled down to it...it was with you all the time. then again, in college funky carpet was nothing a little 'beer shampoo' couldn't take care of...i don't think that would help with work dissatisfaction.

running lately has been rekindling a lot of old memories. like a scrapbook of sorts, the sensations really bring me back to high school/college. the smell of the leaves and the angle of the sun while running through the woods on unseasonably warm afternoons. it has provided me a flood of memories, and thoughts back to what i would have done differently if i had known. we all have those...maybe we don't? hindsight is such a fickle beast...and it will eat you from within if you give it too much thought. and i fear i've been giving it too much thought lately...which could also explain my funk i guess.

well, that's a nice and positive way to start wednesday.

more happy new...hmmm. oh, pat should be in korea now (i think).

03 October 2006

better way?

punch the clock. break rocks. punch the clock. go home. repeat 5 times.

pat heads to korea today for the world cup 100km race. the scope of this race is such that i feel a little bad reporting on my run last night. so, he is doing 10-10km laps against world class competition (wearing the stars and stripes) i went out for a 10km scamper (1-10km) on the ice age trail. it felt good, and i found some new trails that seem really nice.

robin has had a set back with her back problems. it's frustrating to see her in such pain...and there is nothing i can do. you know, if someone has a cold you can tuck them in, feed them some soup, get some movies for them. with this, there is nothing.

dog class last night was a chore. same story, he does the skills on demand (mostly) but inbetween he freaks out. and he is getting strong. he is scheduled for neutering on friday. i'm torn about it...it's not that i want to breed him (although he is a handsome dog) but it seems really drastic to snip him...but on the other hand most dogs are and we take care of some of the weird aggression things that can happen. poor fellow. he has been looking at me like he knows what is coming...well, that's what i'm imagining anyway.

02 October 2006

something was going on around here.

why are there school shootings? through all the coverage that i saw the most disturbing were the pictures of the shooter's (allegedly) family leaving the house with their faces covered. i'm not quite sure why, but it bothered me. people with children, i'm begging you to raise your children right. because no matter how much this kid was bullied, picked on, etc. this wouldn't have happend had he been nurtured at home.

friday night was spent with the knutowskis, first hiking with the dogs at indian lake and then back to their place for some dinner. nice night, great start to the weekend. met back up with them briefly at the rei scratch and dent sale, where i bought a headlamp that doesn't work and a waist hydration pack thing for $5 (ie fanny pack). then it was home to clean the house up while robin volunteered at the walk for obesity. after lunch, i went for a run that went really well. my legs felt great and i pushed it a little towards the end. then it was time for the neighborhood party. i went out to get the mail and when i came back in i was seeing spots in the middle of my visual field. at the party, it took another 15 minutes or so before the head pain kicked in...and then i had my first migrane. so, i spent an hour or so in bed trying not to move before it let up. i felt weird the rest of the night but we managed to go to the other party we had committed to...although i was a little out of it. slept long and hard sat night, woke up feeling groggy but rested. we put a second coat of paint on our trim and i mowed the yard.

we thought we'd go to the apple orchards with visions of back home in our heads. well, here it is nothing like back home. it made us sad and ultimately, after going to two places, we gave up. took the boy to the dog park and then i tinkered on my mtb for a little while. dinner and whammo, monday is here...