28 February 2005

more snow.

this time of year is tough. i always start thinking that things are going to start improving weather wise this time of year....but it seems that we wake up to a 1/2" to 1" of snow every other morning. no biggie...not shovel worthy really, but a cyclist's nightmare. expecially one without a cross bike (not a hint robin...i DON'T need one). want is a whole different emotion though.

why do i feel nervousness in the the pit of my stomach? oh yea, now i remember.

4300 yards...and jack was back. no greg though...i wonder if he'll swim at middleton today? anyway, fast heidi was there so i didn't have to split with the slow lady. i felt sluggish but she was willing to lead so all was good. big run tomorrow...i'm a little nervous. it's been awhile since i was over an hour on the hoofs.

27 February 2005

house shopping.

i'm trying to not to get too excited, but we are making an offer on a house. it's a nice house with nice stuff...keep your fingers crossed (all you readers, you).

rest week is officially in the books. it's time to ramp it up. the objectives: well, more hours. but fewer workouts...you know, longer rides. more hills. very strict on the heartrates. lets see if we can get the legs to match the motor (or at least close).

4700 yds on friday. super jim complimented me on how i've progressed. of course it went right to my head. but i won't be moving up lanes anytime soon (i'm not even worthy of making those folks a sammy).

anyway, 11 hours of training and a busy week at work. i'll be pushed a bit but my reward is my b-day. 2.5 hours outside on sat (now that i've planned it, it will snow).

our neighbors bang alot next door.
i wonder what our jerseys will look like this year?

24 February 2005

poor josie....poor jim.

jims dog josie died tuesday night, hopefully in her sleep. she was at the vet for observation after getting in a few rough romps with a german shepherd. dogs are really cool and i would really like one, but there is this side that i wouldn't like. you can only do so much for a dog, medically speaking (and financially). poor jim cried all morning yesterday. i hope he doesn't blame himself, there really isn't much he could have done different. the worst part is that the poor dog died in a kennel by herself in a strange place. sad.

i'm in the guts of the rest week. as anticipated, i feel like shit. my body gets into the rythm of the ride/run/swim and when i take it away, it freaks out. it's easier for me to do a high volume week with 13 workouts than it is to do a 7 hour week with 5 or 6 workouts.

happy birthday mom.

22 February 2005

i'm off to where the sky meets the earth.

i think i'm alergic to tuesdays. so now whenever anyone asks me like during medical histories or whatever:
sir, do you have any alergies? ibruprophen, cats, and tuesdays. i don't know what it is, but i always feel like shit on tuesdays. interesting.

ron and i are now in charge of the team kit for 2005. i sent an email out to the team explaining this. everyone was too busy to step up and take this on but nobody has had trouble emailing me their preferences. funny how that works. ron and i are in charge now, so everyone just needs to double their dose of s.t.h.u.

other news: this is a hot one, ebay sucks. well, that is just plain old anger displacement. i suck at ebay is more accurate. oh well, at least i'm a nice person.

robin's job is keeping her...um....busy. hopefully today is better. so she can row and come home happy. although a perk of her being upset is pizza for dinner. pizza pizza pizza.

21 February 2005

where are you greg?

so, base 2 is in the books (besides the r+r week). i'm feeling really good about how training is going these days, the build up for base2 felt a lot better than base1 felt. so, i'm meeting objectives.

for base3 i need to start adding hill work on the bike(weather permitting) and longer, fewer runs (1.25to1.75 hrs). i'm thinking old sauk pass repeats staying in or below zone3. speaking of zones, i should test again. maybe thursday?? at least bike testing so i know where i'm at.

i'm watching aerobars on the bay and they are still at 45. i'll bid after work (remind me robin). if i can get the aero bars, i'll be tri shorts and a wet-suit hat away from being equipped. i wish ipod shuffles were free....

anyway, rest week. hopefully i don't feel too shitty by weeks end. and, the great house hunt is on saturday. i'm trying not to get too excited....too much excitment sometimes ends in disappointment.

18 February 2005


boy, another big swim day. 13,000 yards in 3 days isn't bad. holy moly.

now if only someone besides middle aged lady would show up so i wouldn't have to split the lane.

not much else to report. 1.5hrs tonight, and a total of 3.5hrs this weekend. 14 hrs or bust.


17 February 2005

general apathy and major boredom...

thursday already. sweet. i'm feeling beat down again...but i think it correlates to the m,w,f training routine. at least i don't have that 'hang over' feeling. maybe it's not bannanas?

anyway, i'm going to tilt more positive now so i can take this thing public (and not make some peeps mad at me).

15 February 2005

a mental health....week?

i gave robin a stink plant for valentine's day. i didn't mean to, but it stinks. it's a plant that you can plant in the ground...unfortunately, that won't be for another 2 or 3 MONTHS. i'm an idiot (with good intentions).

boy am i tired today. it's not even 8am yet. it can only get....better?

14 February 2005


the pool was fast this morning....or was it me...make me a sammy pool! 4400 yards...a personal high....and i finished with some time to spare. brandan/en was back in the pool and it felt good to work him over. another day, another swim session greg missed.

anyway, i'm in denial of being ill...i think that i've got a bit of a cold but it's not going to stop me. needless to say i'll be sucking the fart pills all day (it'll be a great valentines day for robin). i promise i won't hold the covers over her head....how romantic i am.

i like to punctuate with more than one period......

12 February 2005


still messing around with how i want this thing to look....

11 February 2005

almost the weekend....

so, greg missed swimming again this morny. 1 out of 3 ain't bad. oh wait, yea it is. he's got a lot on his mind though. what with all the stress related to buying a new house (not to mention me working him over at the auburn) he might want the type of release that swimming would offer. what do i know?

this weekend looks to be a good one. i'm not certain, but i think sleeping in a little is possible tomorrow. that in itself will make it a nice weekend.

10 February 2005


my team cracks me up. check it:

so i sent an email out with a picture of david clinger. this is the guy who got a facial tatoo (more like head tatoo) in brazil and when he came back, his proffessional bike team WEBCOR wouldn't honor his contract until he got it lasered off. ben replied that the guy was an idiot and that he didn't add to the public perception of cyclists. whatever, but this is where it gets weird

sam retorted:

"What perception is that? So the guy doesn't fit in your box...most time,things like this don't warrant passionate discourse. The underlyingphilosophies for postulating judgment - that can warrant vigorous discourse.In this case probably not considering the audience.
One of the best attributes anyone can have is to appreciate theindividuality inside all of us - especially when that expression is physicaland self-contained. Such appreciation is often the only thing that allowsus to tolerate each other. Like right now?"


David Clinger-Tatoo Man

08 February 2005

good news for people who love bad news...

monday, it was announced that WORS and MNSCS were going to co-sanction the Chippewa Valley Firecracker, with this opening future opportunities for a regional series. is bigger better in mountain bike racing? looks like we're about to find out...

on another note, i'm still contemplating my race schedule for the year. Xterra regionals are listed as july 23/24 in Milwaukee. could be interesting. too bad about its proximity to Superweek, WORS Cup and the 24 hours of 9-mile. so many races....so little time.

anyway, 12.5 hrs this week.

oh, and for Adam (even though he doesn't know this exists), my song for the day: St. Louis by Cub Country (www.cubcountry.com)

07 February 2005

deep thoughts....

so, the purpose of this site is to act as my personal documentary of my next couple of years focused on my athletic pursuits. you see, i'm beginning the pursuit of a lifelong goal of finishing an ironman triathlon. im wisconsin 2006 to be exact. now, training for a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run should offer some "good" stories and pictures and this seems like a forum to, if for no other reason, archive my experiences in a reasonable ordered fashion. if, for some reason i won't be able to comprehend, you become a regular reader of this mess...i apologize in advance.

so, the experiment begins.....

04 February 2005

great day....

sometimes it is nice to remind oneself of a really great day.
(see pic below)

1 year anniversary celebration, 2004.

if you've never been to millenium park....you should go. visit the art institute while you're there.

03 February 2005