27 April 2010

ain't no party like a...

still recovering from the weekend. we had a meeting last night so i couldn't have ridden even if i was ready. actually, i'm not sure when i will ride again...my nights are filling up fast this week. i guess i have a few miles in the bank after this weekend.

happy tuesday.

26 April 2010

grinding gravel

first off, congrats to josh and amy on the arrival of jj...way to go!

mike, sam, ron and i completed the balls ride on saturday comprised of 120 miles of southern wisconsin's best bike and atv trails. we started in barneveld, rode the military ridge to dodgeville, hit the road to mineral point, hit the cheese country atv trail to monroe and followed the badger trail back to sam's house in riley. what a day. i bonked two different times and swore that i'd never ride the cheese country trail again while doing it (but i'd probably go back again sometime like in a year or so). it was a great ride with great folks that like to ride bikes.

yesterday we took a day trip to mchenry to visit robin's aunt and uncle. it was good that all i did was sit around because i was pretty beat. and here it is monday again.

happy monday.

19 April 2010


friday morning i started feeling rumblings of something. something bad. it developed into a stomach virus the likes of which i haven't had in years and years. robin got it too...at pretty much the same time. fortunately, while we were rendered incapcitated, my mother was in town and took care of cal. there was something going around at daycare all week that seemed to be affecting the parents but not so much the kids. i really hope our little calvin doesn't come down with this bug.

i haven't eaten much since friday. i'm feeling weak but my drive to eat is very low. i need to build some strength back in time for the epic ride planned for this weekend. right now, a walk around the block sounds exhausting.

happy monday.

15 April 2010

a great day.

i decided to take yesterday off from work and spend it outside. after getting calvin and robin out the door, i finished up my coffee, kitted up and headed out on one of my favorite loops. i hit zwettler, bluemound and cty f climbs (descending down ryan road) and rode jg back into mt. horeb. a great ride in great spring weather. 62 miles in around 3.5 hours...so i wasn't jamming it but i also wasn't lolly gagging.

phase II of my day off included distributing mulch in all of our beds. white cedar mulch sure smells good. i loaded up this year so i don't have to do it again next year. it looks pretty good i must say but now i need to mow. close to 8 hours spent outside with the walk i took with calvin and oliver. i even have the tan (burn?) lines to prove it.

view from brigham park:

happy thursday.

13 April 2010


h8er in the books. this is my third year and it was the best weather yet. got a good slow start as planned...too slow in fact. did some work to bridge up to a reasonably paced group and then settled in with a couple guys all the way to the tunnel. my butt region was begining to feel a lttle strained so i sat up and let them go while trying to stretch it out. latched on to another group through the tunnel and was feeling good again. after the turn around, there is a giant road climb and somewhere in the middle the springs blew (i think it was my piriformis muscle) and unless i was spinning my easiest gear (or standing) i was feeling electric pain on the bike seat. i resigned myself to enjoying the day and saying hello to all the people i had worked so hard to pass as they came back past me. it was good early season training to say the least.

the rest of the weekend was ok although sunday we had some baby poop issues. i could use a 3 day weekend every week...2 days is not enough especially with a baby and racing. i'm sure it will get easier.

calvin has been killing us lately getting up several times in the night to eat. he is going through a growth spurt i think and the kid is ravenous. he is not too keen on cereal yet but hopefully soon to take some of that space in his tummy.

i'm still a little tender this morning but hope to get out tonight for a spin.

happy tuesday.

07 April 2010

in the mist

it was a cool, misty and dark ride last night. perfect april riding weather. the hater is this weekend (madison-basco-madison) and this could be its final year as we know it. the badger trail has officially been funded so the final unfinished portion (what puts the hate in hater) will be completed. then...it is clear sailing all the way to illinois.

oh, i voted tuesday and i have no idea what the outcomes were. hmmm.

happy wednesday.

05 April 2010

ups and downs

calvin was sick all last week with a cold. it came to a head on thursday and we ended up taking him to the pediatrician just to be safe. turns out he was fine. it's hard when your kid rapidly spirals into a situation requiring the icu. you are always wondering if it is happening again (even though it is unlikely and you know he probably 'just' has a cold).

i managed to get some riding in around his sick days. thursday i got a hard hour. friday i got out for 2 hours of gravel grinding and saturday another 2 hours riding some of my favorite roads. every year i get older, observatory gets a little steeper. weird. 5 hours in 3 days is not my intended 8-10 hours but it is better than a kick in the pants. all rides were very windy which i guess is good. i even got caught in some rain on friday.

yesterday we had a great day. calvin woke up jolly and we got everyone dressed up and went to church. i'm not much of a religous guy but i do like going to our church. calvin only got called a girl a half dozen times due to his easter outfit. then we hit brunch at the concourse and i ate more than my share of breakfast items and meat. oh and sweets too. with my blood sugar at danerous levels we drove to blue mounds and then took the scenic route home. capped it off with a nice long walk with the family around the neighborhood.

i think we are both getting calvin's cold. i will say this...i'd rather take care of a happy baby while i feel like crapola than taking care of a sick baby while i'm feeling well. so...things are looking up?

happy monday.