30 November 2009


made it out for the berbee derby thanksgiving morning. opted for the short race and that is a good thing. i underestimated what little running speed i currently have. on top of that, i'm sure that my new sleep patterns and lack of training over the past 2 weeks haven't helped much either. 19:10 was all i could muster...but man did it feel good to 'race' on thanksgiving.

the rest of the weekend was ok. ended up doing more work than i had hoped with thanksgiving dinner...but it was delicious. ps: i love pumpkin pie. good thing too because we have a bunch left over.

calvin was a crabby monster on saturday which made it tough on his mom and dad. luckily, we were able to get away for an hour on sunday for coffee while robin's pal lent a watchful eye. my mom stopped by as well and held her grandson in exchage for some pizza.

and here we are back where we started.

happy monday.

25 November 2009


man does it suck being lower to mid-level managment. 4 out of 5 days i'm over it...

got out for a run last night. after dinner, i managed a nap followed by early to bed. still feel wiped this morning...starbucks anyone?

i'm very happy that thanksgiving is tomorrow. by far and away my favorite holiday...and this year we have even more to be thankful for.

happy wednesday.

23 November 2009


good weekend with the family. saturday night was the worst so far but we made it through. christmas lights are up and i even got a really nice run in yesterday. if the stars align i'd like to hit the berbee derby thanksgiving morning...we'll see what the boy thinks about that.

home for lunch today and calvin took a nap on my chest. hard to come back to work after that...

happy monday.

20 November 2009


got out for a run with the dog last night...man did that feel good. i'm feeling it this morning though. amazing what 2 weeks will do.

i'm really happy it's friday. i'll be happier yet when it is friday afternoon.

happy friday.

19 November 2009

rough night all around

got an h1n1 vaccination last night...a 2.5 hour adventure with the drive across town during rush hour. then, we got a terrible night sleep due mostly to our own paranoia. i kept waking up thinking the dog was our baby. weird. now i'm dragging but at least the week is almost done.

happy thursday.

18 November 2009

developing a crush.

i had some extended quality time with the boy last night. by quality i mean he took his early evening nap curled up on my chest. baby in arms, fireplace on, dog curled up at feet (well, on the couch right next to me)...priceless. plus, robin got to leave the house without the boy for the first time.

i'm starting to get that fidgety feeling i get when i go stretches without vigorous exercise. i took the dog for a walk which helped a little but i'd like to start getting 20 to 40 minutes of running/biking every few days. baby steps (pun intended).

happy wednesday.

17 November 2009


we had an intermediate weight check today for calvin.

born: 9lb 1oz
day 2: 8lb 2oz
day 4: 7lb 14oz
day 5: 8lb 3oz
day 9 (today): 8lb 8oz

so, we are making progress. seeing my wife and child at lunch makes it really hard to come back to work. such is life.

happy tuesday.

mr. big shot

16 November 2009

road to nowhere

well, first day back and i'm missing the boy and his mother. work always blows the day after a week away but this one feels that much different. oh well.

in the back of my mind i've thought i would be able to sneak away this sunday and race the cat 4 wisconsin state championships. now, i'm thinking not so much. i can race again next fall.

happy monday.

15 November 2009

like a 24 hour race...

...every single night. we are slowly getting into the groove if there is that sort of thing with an infant. he is cool as hell which makes some of the more frustrating times worth it.

speaking of crying...i'm up for baby duty!

happy sunday.

13 November 2009

wonderfully exhausted

the first couple of days home have been challenging but very rewarding. calvin wasn't getting the calories he needed but nobody really figured it out until he had lost close to 14% of his body weight. while we wait for the milk fairy to visit robin, we are now supplementing his feedings with formula and it has made a huge difference. our first 4 nights with him (i'm including the night of labor) we amassed around 8 hours of total sleep... we eclipsed that in last night alone. he woke up twice for feedings but was so tired and so content he slept at least 2 hours between each.

with the calorie needs being met, we also have had some awake time where he isn't crying hysterically. looking into his blue eyes melts my heart and i am in total awe of him.

i am also in awe of my wife. i always knew she was a strong and patient woman but the past week has demonstrated that i didn't even know the half of it.

i also want to point out that pat, katie and charlotte went home for the first time as a family the same day we did. while charlotte and calvin took greatly different routes to get there, those two going home on the same day seems very fitting. thanks for the birthday charlotte!

happy friday.

11 November 2009

he is here!

Calvin William Hoenisch
9 lbs, 1 oz. 20 inches.

more later.

08 November 2009

still waiting

we were supposed to go to the hospital today at 7. delayed to 10. delayed until noon (for now).

waiting is hard.

05 November 2009

his room

04 November 2009

periodized racing

i have always intended on developing an annual training plan and then following it. i usually do it for a month or two and then go back to the same old...unstructured training. with the new addition poised to flip my world upside down in terms of free time, i am going to have to be a little more intelligent with my training decisions. and such is the genesis for my periodized racing plan.

generally speaking based on this years race schedules:
December - February: unstructured, 3-5 workouts/wk with some weight lifting work
March - June: "Base" training/racing phase
April: Madison-Basco-Madison (H8er)
May: WEMS @ Stumpfarm, 6 hours
May: WEMS @ Northern Kettles, 6 hours
June: WEMS @ John Muir, 6 hours
July - early September: "Build" training/racing phase
July: WORS @ Eau Claire
July: WORS @ Sunburst
August: intensity training
Mid-September to November: "Race" phase
September: Fat Tire Festival

my peak would obviously be targeted at the end of the year - fat tire and cross. i picked some of my other efforts based on places i like to ride and proximity to family. this allows me to do a variety of racing while still (in theory) allowing me to focus in on 1 'season' of the year.

sounds good now...we'll see i guess.


still waiting.

ankle is still swollen and sore so i didn't do anything which added to my anxiousness.

with no baseball i watched bowling green play buffalo for some distraction. that crazy mac.

i also spent some time updating my resume...you know, just in case.

happy wednesday.

03 November 2009

it's all in your mind

beautiful night last night for a trail run...until i turned my ankle and limped home. it's really stiff and sore this morning...well played.

no baby yet.

happy tuesday.

02 November 2009

officially overdue

well, november 1st came and went without much action. i spend a lot of my time thinking i should be doing something but not wanting to get very far from home. i think i might run on the ice age trail tonight...with my headlamp. now that we are in for 3 months of dark before i get home at night i need to adapt.

i got out for a nice ride on saturday...not real long but enough to keep the itch satiated.

and now we wait.

happy monday.