30 September 2009


got out for an hour and 40 minutes last night. i dressed perfectly which meant i was really cold for the first 15 minutes and then again after the ride. i'm also struggling with either the cold that is going around or one final allergy push. tonight is cross practice and the weather should be perfect...60 and sunny.

happy wednesday.

29 September 2009


in lieu of riding in the midst of a wind advisory last night, i opted to set up the trainer in the garage and spin the legs out a little. i also did some single leg drills to mix it up a little. tonight i'm riding outdoors no matter the wind speeds.

happy tuesday.

28 September 2009

usgp planet bike

good start:

run up (early on):


i'm hooked.

cross racing is the best. my race went well, i started in the middle of the 100 man field and tried to get up and in the front 20 after the first 180 degree turn. mission accomplished. after that, i passed people when i could, got passed by a few, and yo-yo'd with a couple who were stronger than me on the flats but who would also take sketchy lines and let me through. i tried one big effort pass towards the end, was forced (nearly) into a permanent fence, corrected and found my rear wheel sliding sideways...i avoided a crash but lost enough momentum to put a few guys out of reach. all in all, a great first race result of 13th. i'll take that...i think i even scored usgp points (like 4 or something). robin got some great photos that i'll try to post later today. and now i'm excited for sunday for the first wca race.

the bonus of the weekend: dinner at sam and sandy's with homemade pasta that was to die for. great food, great friends, monumental arguments and some pregnancy anecdotes that made my knees knock a little...all in all a great evening.

yesterday we made the trip to wausau for a shower hosted by my mom/sister. it was a very nice event...good to see everyone and boy are people generous. we are very lucky to have the family/friends we do.

feeling a lot like fall this morning.

happy monday.

25 September 2009

it's on.

usgp planet bike is here. ron and i are hoping to preride this afternoon barring any major work disasters. with the rain i'm thinking that some course knowledge could be a real big advantage.

the butterflies are starting...mostly for the unknown. i'm curious about the race dynamic of the cyclocross discipline...especially with the now 90+ competitors in my race.

wish me luck.

happy friday.

24 September 2009


that is how many are currently registered for the cross race on saturday. should be...interesting. especially when you consider it is looking wet and muddy for the early races with predicted rain friday.

cross practice #3 last night felt really good. i'm still suffering from a sorness in the piriformis region on my left leg but once i get moving it isn't too bad. it almost feels bruised rather than pulled/strained.

happy thursday.

22 September 2009

tired and maybe a little sick

man i'm beat. after work i washed my cross bike, ate pizza and then just watched monday night football. it has been a long time since i've just sat and watched a whole game...miami had a good plan and executed it well and still lost. that's how it goes. i've been feeling like i've come down with a little something but it hasn't gotten worse so maybe it is just allergies.

today i need to leave work early to get a flu shot. after that, i should have time for a ride in preparation for tomorrow's cross practice.

today is also recycling day in the neighborhood which means the last of the carboard i have been harboring in the garage is finally headed off for processing. this marks the end of the summer of reorganization...coincident with the end of summer i guess.

happy tuesday.

21 September 2009

feeling pretty good about that one.

fat tire rules.

at the start, the mantra i kept repeating in my head was 'don't go out too hard, don't go out too hard' and that helped me throughout my race. i managed to always be chasing and felt pretty good until the end. the thing about fat tire is you are always making decisions...to go with people or not to. i only missed one i should have went with and from the results it seems it cost me my chance to go under 2.5 hours. but, considering how much i've been racing this year i will take it. i came in thinking sub-3:00 would be a moral victory...so this blew that away.

#10 was a charm. 2:25.28, 309 out of 1700. team fuel was well represented on the podi with joe winning the single speed race and scott/christine scoring #2 mixed tandem. several others in the top 100 and josh took 30 minutes off his time from last year (disguised as his brother). nice!

it was great to see everyone post race...everyone always seems to be in such a great mood following this race. i had a few fat tires and soaked it all in. throughout the day i developed a headache that got worse as i tried to sleep...i didn't sleep much because of it and ended up going to kwik trip at 5am to get some medicine...so i'm a little tired this morning.

cross racing on saturday.

happy monday.

18 September 2009

tenth time a charm?

well, expectations aren't especially high for my tenth try at fat tire. but sometimes, low expectations = pleasantly surprised. time for a quick shake out of the legs/final bike check and then it's time to point our subaru north.

happy friday.

17 September 2009

cross practice, take 2

felt a little more natural over the barriers last night although i really need to practice more. the footwork and timing needed to be quick is actually kind of surprising...but i think i'm going to be ok. the cyclocross vibe reminds a lot of cross country (running)...multiple endurance disciplines coming together in the fall, everyone (well, most everyone) are nice and just there to make themselves better and enjoy the early fall weather, and most are very helpful about trying to make you better. while i have only been to two practices and haven't formally raced yet i'm really digging it.

anyway, there is plenty of time for cross after this weekend. time to focus on the grandaddy...FAT TIRE!

happy thursday.

16 September 2009

final prep

1:15 last night just to get the legs ready for tonight. apparently, i was racing for a portion against some guy in full aero mode. well, i was warming up since it was in the first 10 minutes of my ride but he was giving it. i would pass him on the uphills (big surprise) and he would ramp it up on the downhills. it seems to me that for most, the aero position slows you down. maybe that is the point for long races where energy conservation is key?

fixed the flat on my cross bike...like always, the hole in the tube was on the tire side. hopefully it holds up tonight but i guess there is always ron's spare again.

i also took photos of the things we are going to try and sell on craig's list. i am certainly no photographer.

happy wednesday.

15 September 2009


i decided to put some small bar ends on the epic for this weekend...i haven't been riding with them but the extra hand positions are nice in a hammerfest. it is looking to be a dry and dusty track this year...which means FAST.

no riding - i was still feeling the weekend a little in the legs and i'm trying to balance recovery with freshness. i'm riding tonight and cross practicing tomorrow. off thursday, easy spin prior to leaving madison on friday and it's game on!

happy tuesday.

14 September 2009

more of the same.

From Wunderground for Hayward this weekend:

Friday through Sunday: Mostly clear. Highs 68 to 73. Lows 42 to 47.


fat tire is this week. that's pretty cool. we had a great weekend with a nice balance of getting things done and doing things, if that makes sense. i managed a 3 hour ride on saturday to blue mounds...not that it will really help for fat tire but maybe it will help a little for cross.

happy monday.

11 September 2009


what: usgp planet bike cyclocross race
category: 4
when: saturday, september 26


the spaceman says

no training last night. instead, i learned of all things breastfeeding. we have officially completed our baby class...holy crap there is going to be a baby in our house in less than 2 months or so!

this weekend i have hopes of riding, getting my bike ready for fat tire, getting my cross bike dialed so i'm ready for practice/racing the week after, and getting rid of the piles of 'to donate or sell' stuff in the garage.

happy friday.

10 September 2009

cross practice, take 1

ron and i set up the course at garner park so i should have had an advantage. but...i'm not very good at riding bikes fast so there goes any advantage that may have conferred. i ate it a couple times trying to go over barriers fast but mostly it was a clean night. with some more practice i think i'm going to really enjoy cross racing...it definitely delivers a bite.

i NEED new tires for the cross bike...i managed yet one more flat and had to use ron's extra rear wheel for the better part of practice.

happy thursday.

09 September 2009


i really haven't had much luck lately when it comes to riding bikes. last night i punctured...this time on my road bike. i have been avoiding my cross bike until i can get my new schwalbe tires received and installed...but tonight i'm making an exception. cross practice at garner park should suitably put the hurt in my legs...that is, if my tires stay inflated.

i went to menards last night to get supplies in order to rig up the thule box in the garage when it is not being used. why does it take so long to find things? maybe it is me but i seem to wander aimlessly as soon as i get inside.

happy wednesday.

08 September 2009


wow, a great weekend. that is two in a row. friday i managed to work and golf 18 holes. it wasn't my greatest round (93), but not bad for my first time at deer valley. then i took the dog to the dog park and hauled some trash to a dumpster.

saturday, i got up and rode to blue mounds for some trail riding. i wasn't feeling it but got a nice 3 hour ride in anyway. did some other odds and ends projects around the house plus some laying ill time...saturday was my lazy day.

sunday, we caught the brewer game and saw some cool things (two exceptional diving catches, a triple play and a walk off homer with a coreographed celebration at the end). i still have never seen the brewers lose in miller park...seems like the brewers should comp us a pair of season tickets for the sake of winning. the highlight of the day was seeing pat and katie for dinner after the game.

yesterday, we did some shopping (the subaru now has a roof rack and also a thule cargo box) and took the dog swimming. he loved every minute and is still really sore and tired. i didn't get a chance for a workout until dusk so i hit the ice age trail for a bit. i really like running that trail as the sun sets...especially this time of year with the reds, bronzes, and browns glowing in the late day sun.

and here i am back at it...

happy tuesday.

06 September 2009


rode to, at and from blue mounds yesterday. one of those days when i wasn't feeling it, but i'm glad i got out for a nice 3 hour ride on a beautiful saturday. today, we're off to milwaukee.

happy sunday.

04 September 2009

i will try to understand

i got really bored at baby class last night. i feel guilty about it...i mean, taking care of this little guy is one of the most important tasks i've had in my life...but somehow, the topic of child care is a major yawner for me. since my academic training has most always involved a laboratory of some sort, i think i need that to really learn what is being taught. and practicing taking an anal temp using a plastic doll really isn't cutting it.

funny story about that though, the thermometers they handed out for practice were low on batteries and weren't reading properly so our classmates were trading for new ones. ours wasn't working either but since we were measuring the surface temp of plastic, i figured we could just go by the thermostat on the wall.

our son might be screwed.

i'm playing golf today. and even better, i'm leaving work early to do so.

happy friday!

03 September 2009

scramble and early morning

last night was ideal for golf. i ended up on a good team and we won with an 8 under par and we even kept a good number of my shots. that is $40 in my pocket (well, net $20). scrambles are the best because i rarely need to putt...i putted 3 times last night.

we have baby class tonight so i got up and ran this morning. boy it stings crawling out of bed on a cool morning but once i was ambulatory it felt really really good to be out. nothing like watching the sun rise to start your day.

happy thursday.

02 September 2009


last night i dreamt of running a sub 16 minute 5km. while i'm not sure why this is, i wonder if it is even possible. my best time ever at the distance is in the 16:20s during high school cross country...so maybe. a couple years ago i ran in the mid 17's on a march morning with no speed work and hardly any base for that matter...so sub 17 certainly seems reasonable. hmmm...maybe i've found a new athletic goal? if i focused on running for the 6 months following cyclocross i would be literally chasing my dreams i guess...

now that my internship is done, i've had time for training and my legs hurt. training is hard! between saturday's race, sunday's hard ride, monday's moderate ride, and last night's 6 mile run...my legs are toast. i'm cross training tonight (golf) so that should help.

happy wednesday.

01 September 2009

some days you have it

and some days you don't. got out for an hour and a half and it was a grind. i'm not sure why, but i had dead legs out there and i was really sore...i guess that is what i get for doing a foot race. i cannot believe the weather around here lately, all in all it has been a great summer unless you like it really hot.

happy tuesday.