24 July 2009

jb is probable @ fenway for monday

not this jb, but josh beckett. not only do i get to see a game in fenway, but i get to see boston's ace. things are looking up.

i have a lot to do before we leave including yardwork, packing, and trying to squeeze some training in there somewhere. got out for a dusk run (my meeting went until 6:45) including 25 minutes of said run with the dog. speaking of dog, he is leaving for a week with grandma and grandpa k. he knows something is up.

happy friday.

23 July 2009

radio shack?

i was telling my friend chuck yesterday that i was excited to hear the lance/johann team announcment today mostly because i'm a kit geek and with the sponsorship firepower lance has they could be pretty cool. then i read that it could be team radio shack. nothing against radio shack but i envision a tacky jersey when i heard that.

busy couple of days (combined with some rain) have kept me off the bike since sunday (although i have been running). i'll get a run tonight after a 5:30 meeting and then ride friday/saturday before we leave. i'm hoping to maintain what fitness i've managed to accumulate through semi-daily runs in new england.

time to work. happy thursday.

22 July 2009

alberto contador is a dick.


jens voight had quite a day at the tour yesterday. he has always been one of my favorites and yesterday is a good example of why. too bad he crashed out...that guy can turn screws.

our ride got washed out yesterday due to the 30% chance of rain. i love it when it's been raining for an hour and weather channel still has 30% listed. way to go. those who can work for the national weather service and those who cannot work for the weather channel i guess.

i'm golfing tonight weather permitting. a little cross training if you will.

happy wednesday.

21 July 2009

maybe the sun will shine

got out for a great run last night. i wasn't feeling too good all day and almost talked myself out of it but i'm glad i didn't. it feels really good to run lately so i'm doing it every so often.

if the rain/thunderstorms hold off today it's 'group' ride night which means it's the night ron and i ride together.

we had a baby appointment yesterday...so far so good. and robin has been given the doc's consent to eat lobster which is good because i would have felt really bad eating it in front of her in new england.

happy tuesday.

20 July 2009

two good ones

2 good workouts over the weekend. one included running on the ice age trail and the other was the cross bike on military ridge/badger prairie. i feel a little better every workout...i guess that is training.

busy week ahead leading to our vacation in new england. i'm looking forward to getting out of here for a week.

happy monday.

17 July 2009

cross action

rode to badger praire for some laps on the cross bike. i'm starting to feel comfortable riding that bike on the trails and am getting more and more excited for cross practice to start.

other than that, not much going on.

happy friday.

15 July 2009


rode at the farm last night with ron. i didn't like it at first but by the end i was wishing i had more time to ride there. 1.5 hours (or so) and a confirmation that my technical skills have reached an all time low. now the the epic is fully tuned (including the fork) i'm liking the trails a lot more.

happy wednesday.

14 July 2009


got out for my monday run and it felt good. i was even able to push a little. tonight it is looking like we are going to take our 'group' ride to the trails at the farm...a place i have never ridden even though i've lived in madison for more than 7 years.

other than that, i broke down a bunch of boxes last night for recycling. as we are purchasing baby furniture (and other furniture to facilitate our house rearrangement for said furniture), we are accumulating more cardboard than ever. it seems like the bin is overflowing every two weeks.

that was a great story.

i better get to work.

happy tuesday.

13 July 2009

traditional training makes me feel bad

maybe that is why i end up taking blocks of time off. got out yesterday for a hard cross ride on the military ridge and around badger prairie. that bike is more fun every time i ride it. i'm hoping to get a nice block of training in before we leave for boston in a couple of weeks. we'll see i guess.

happy monday.

10 July 2009

red sox

i just bought tickets to see the sox in fenway on our trip to new england in a few weeks. i've always wanted to see a game there. it's robbery what they can charge but i just paid it so i guess it's all on me.


the meeting with my internship advisor last night went well. i thought i was making poor progress but she seemed ok with what i have done so far. for whatever reasons those meetings tire me out. we took the dog to the big dog park and hiked around there for a while. then i mowed the law dodging all the bugs. dinner and time for bed.

happy friday.

09 July 2009

still tired

still tired after taking yesterday off from training. dog days of summer i guess. i didn't sleep too well last night either which isn't helping...and i even woke up from a nightmare this morning...i can't remember the last time that happened. maybe i'm nervous about my internship meeting this afternoon?

anyway, that is all i've got (not much).

happy thursday.

08 July 2009

tank on 'e'

man, last night's ride was one of those days when you just have nothing. every climb i felt like i hit a wall. oh well. i think my body is revolting from 4 straight days of training...i just may have to miss my weekly wednesday night cross bike ride. maybe. anyway, around 38 miles and 2000 feet...another good tuesday night ride.

other than that, i did some internship work while my tired and sore wife slept. she is doing a great job lugging our son around and it makes me feel bad for complaining about being tired on a bike ride.

happy wednesday.

07 July 2009

busy bee.

i've been running on mondays and last night was no exception. i'm not world beating by any means but a nice 45 minutes felt good. then it was a quick dinner and off to the library to do some research for the internship.

tonight is the weekly ride with ron. these rides have been really good but i'm ready for cross practice to start.

go astana.

happy tuesday.

06 July 2009


great stage in the tour today.

it's over.

three day weekends rule. we got a ton of stuff done around the house and with that momentum i'm hoping we can put a wrap on a lot more of it the remainder of the month. did some riding and capped with off with ron and the fam over for grilled turkey, corn on the cob, potatoes and great desserts.

this week i need to refocus my efforts on the internship. i've let that slide a little for the house work. i have a meeting thursday so it's time to double time it.

happy monday.

04 July 2009

tdf and other distractions

yesterday, i got up early to do some internship work. we went out for breakfast at our favorite spot and then we did some major work in the house including the installation of a ceiling fan, moving and setting up the remainder of the office to the basement, setting up the new guest room, decluttering in the basement and a big cleaning of our main level. no time for riding but that is ok because on thursday i got lost on the trails of the arboretum and ended up running for over an hour. it felt good at the time but i was a little sore yesterday (i haven't run that much for a while). i'm trying to get some internship work done today but have been distracted from the start watching the tdf and other things.

i'm riding to edgerton this afternoon to meet up with robin at her sister's house to meet their new puppy. then, it's home to grill some steaks and maybe a movie this evening.

happy saturday that feels like a sunday.

02 July 2009


man, cloudy with a touch of rain and 60 degress...a little taste of fall that had me excited to ride cross. hit the ridge trail for 1.5 hours and tried to push the pace.

last day of work for the week. our ceo said we can leave at 3. that's only 7 hours from now.

happy thursday.

01 July 2009

town and country...

well, mostly town. ron and i decided to stay in town for last night's ride including the arb and the capital city trail. i had my camera but i always forget to snap a few shots while riding. it was a great ride/tour around the town, 37 miles w/1000 vertical. madison truly is a biker's town. this week's ride starting temps were at least 30 degrees less than last week's in summer no less...gotta love the midwest (i do).

this weather is great for riding and i can't wait to get the cross bike out tonight after work...i'm thinking military ridge to mt. horeb, back down to verona and a few 'hot' laps around badger prairie (avoiding the roller skiers).

oh, and yesterday the new wilco record came out (although previews have abounded in the months leading up). still something about getting the new cd in my grubby hands that takes me back to when i was discovering music. my first cd ever? rem automatic for the people. anyway, i forgot to buy it yesterday but i'll pick it up at lunch and fill my office with it this afternoon.

happy wednesday.