31 January 2008

so much for the good life.

boy, it's been a tough stretch if you are a twin cities sports fan. kevin garnett, tori hunter and now the best pitcher in baseball all leave. while i have some faith in the abilities of the twins to succussfully judge talent (see: a. j. pierzynski for joe nathan, francisco liriano and boof bonser)and it very well may work out over the next 3 to 5 years, giving away a 'once in 20 year pitcher -in his prime- is a tough pill to swallow for a 'small market' fan. at least they sent him to the mets, a team out of the a.l. and also known for a plethora of talent but rarely the ability to take that talent all the way.

btw, what kind of name is boof?

i rode the trainer last night watching the last half of 'running.' it's clear why the movie is...um...a cult classic. it's mostly michael douglas running around. however, the way douglas finishes the olympic marathon at the end reminded me of how i finished at milwaukee this year (but at least i finished before dark). it was like 'night of the living dead goes to the montreal olympics.' maybe that was the sequel?

school starts tonight. i got up this morning to ride the trainer but ended up reading for class instead. it's really hard to get on the trainer once. but to do it twice in 12 hours is damn near impossible. i will say, i'm ready for the mental stimulation that comes with school...however, the time impingement...not so much.

happy thursday.

30 January 2008

holy cold.

they closed madison schools. they never close madison schools. there was a part of me deep down that hoped that maybe my place of employment would close.


realistically, i knew better. while our offices in north carolina, canada, and else where close at the first glimpse of snow (and for tropical storms where applicible), we plod along, enduring another winter. i guess its a midwest ideal or something.

i've been putting out some feelers for potential teams for this racing season. i emailed twin 6 just to see and got an email back that said i could join. 1 jersey, 1pair of socks, 1 t-shirt, 1 hat, 2 water bottles, and some other things for $95. oh, and 30% off additional purchases. might be worth it just for the swag... anyway, it's a sweet deal and they must give it to anyone if they are giving it to me so there you go.

school starts tomorrow. i have mixed emotions about that.

happy wednesday.

29 January 2008

checking it twice...

the other night we watched oceans 13. while i wouldn't say it is the epidimy of a great movie, i still enjoyed it. cool costumes, funny characters, all set in las vegas was interesting to watch. i'd give a 6.5 out of 10.

we also saw juno a few weeks ago...i can't remember if i mentioned that or not. while it was an entertaining movie, i'm a at a loss for how it has become a crowd pleaser consider the topic (16 year old pregnancy). it was funny(ish) and had ok dialogue. i'd give it a 7.5/10.

while i still need to see 'there will be blood,' my vote for best movie is 'no country for old men.' wow, just call me andy ebert.

no training yesterday. it was a beautiful night but my mom was in town so i opted for quality time with her instead.

i'm seeking motivation for the upcoming race season. while i know january won't make or break me, it feels like it could bleed into feb/march.

sorry for the babbling post. happy tuesday.

28 January 2008

it didn't go away.

i have a dentist appointment. i am an 'anti-dentite.'

robin and i got out for a ski yesterday at pleasant view. it was a great winter morning with sun and moderate temps. sounds like rain today followed by 2-4" tomorrow. the weather giveth and then taketh away (or is it the other way around?).

the house is clean.

it's a school week.

happy monday.

26 January 2008

now it's gone too far.

i woke up this morning carrying my work week over into the weekend. never good. it took until this afternoon to shake it, but somehow the 'shit shuffle' we partook in made me feel a little better. i won't go into the details but it has something to do with 2 different targets (we are centered between the two), bamboo sheets and a pillow that cost $20 less than it did 7 days earlier. i know, interesting stuff.

i ran for 45 minutes in the snow and it felt pretty good. then again, it's always the day after that gets me (or rather, my knees).

happy saturday.

25 January 2008

yes we must define...

i opted out of my trainer session last night...for some reason it just didn't seem right. i had the time. i had the motivation. something just wasn't right. oh well, there goes my streak (at 3 whole days).

i need this weather to break. i just haven't been able to bring myself to run outside. i'm getting soft.

anyway, it's friday. my new employee has been a very hands on, challenging entity in my life. so much so that i feel like i've been mentally punched throughout the day. i'm learning a lot about how to communicate, but i sort of wish i could just have a day away from it. i'm not complaining, this is exactly what i asked for, and i know it is part of the process. sometimes it just helps to vent a little.

happy friday.

24 January 2008

to rebuild the young flyer

i woke up with 'guided by voices' in my head. not a bad soundtrack to the day...here is to a day like gbv songs...sort and intense.

speaking of music, is it bad to really like commercial jingles? i'm not talking about real songs used to sell really thin macbook computers (have you seen the new one? holy crap) but songs written soley for commercial use. i'm talking about the 'free credit report.com' jingles they've been playing lately. that may just be the gateway to being 'out of the loop' musically. that and i bought an opera cd (2 disc no less) a couple of weeks ago. i'm totally f*cked. i might as well start on a heavy diet of mikey bolton and jonathan tesh right now.

3, that's right, 3 trainer days in a row. i was going to run but damn it was cold last night.

1 week from today and i'm back on the school wagon. yikes!

happy thursday.

23 January 2008

fat tire.

my friend chuck just pointed out that i was wrong about fall class dates and the date of the cftf...so, i can enter the lotto. as my past has proven, this is by no means a guarantee, but great news none-the-less.

happ(ier) wednesday.

too much, too fast.

i think the realization is starting to sink in that i'm starting school next week. i guess what is really getting me down is that this break wasn't all i had imagined it, what with holidays and travels for weddings and busy-ness at work. really, the only thing i've accomplished over break is the development of wonder of how i made it through first semester...where did i find the time? and why haven't i utilized that time for constructive activities over the past 6 weeks?

another 45 minutes on the trainer last night watching 'harvey's wallbangers.' you can really draw a lot of similarities from that team in 1978/1979 to the current brewers squad. hopefully that continues this year with a playoff appearance.

that's all i got (sad but true).

happy wednesday.

22 January 2008

quiet calm.

the fresh 6 or 7 inches of snow combined with the clear sky sunrise this morning made for a nice drive in. the problem is, now all i want to do is ski. oh well.

hit the trainer last night...and actually sort of enjoyed it. what the hell is happening to me?

happy tuesday.

21 January 2008


well, the packer game was stressfull. they had a great season (coming in i thought they would be lucky to be 6-10). plaxico buress is an a-hole (although a good receiver) and al harris is NOT a lock down cover corner. i felt sad at the end of the game, mostly because it is fun living in wisconsin when the packers go to the superbowl. they are young, and favre will be back, so the best may yet come.

other than that, a nice weekend was had.

happy monday.

17 January 2008

the nail...

sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes the nail. today, unfortunately, i feel like the nail.

back to shittyday i go...

16 January 2008

snoop d-o-double-g

logged a little trainer time this a.m. it is what it is.

not much else going on. that is a good thing.

happy wednesday.

15 January 2008

foiled again.

you know how i said i was going to be able to run after work last night? well, after working until 6:30 led to paint shopping led to another, i missed another planned workout. i couldn't sleep last night, and whent he alarm went off at 5:30 i just couldn't will myself out of bed. i have an optional class session tonight so that will put me at missing 3 straight workouts for the second time this year...and we are only 15 days in. i remember a few years a go i did it only one time in a real, 365 day year.

maybe i should just bag any goals i have for this season. ok, now i'm being dramatic. but i just can't seem to get out of this funk...real life is interfering with fake life.

happy tuesday.

14 January 2008

singular focus.

what i didn't mention about the wedding was that, while the bride and groom wanted to eat at 6, the venue refused to serve dinner until the completion of the game. i guess that is what you get when you have your reception in packer country.

i got up early this morning to ride the trainer...but after further review, i went back to bed. it was an ill conceived plan you see, i have a couple of 'bonus' class sessions tomorrow and wednesday night, so that is when i should be working out before work. today, i can run when i get home.

so, it's monday again i feel like i had no weekend.

happy monday.

13 January 2008


we made it.

i will say, the wedding had it all...

a large roof cow (sorry for blurry):

it had a giant ceiling fan thing (resembling the mother ship) fashioned from excess aluminum rain gutter (crafty):

and even some guy riding around on a mini-crotch rocket (don't worry, i've got no idea either):

the adventure really began on the ride home through the 5 inches of fresh pow. i haven't driven in that bad of conditions since...well...i can't remember.

but we made it. and brooke and bob seem very happy. good luck to the happy couple.

now, it's monday time. i'm going to try to haul myself out of bed and log some trainer time.

happy sunday.

12 January 2008

load up and ship out

go packers.

11 January 2008

new type of love.

don't ask about that title. you don't want to know.

now that i am lower management (mmmmm-kay?), i'm dealt new types of curve balls every day. i arrived this a.m. to a message from the training department regarding some things i just shouldn't blog about. it doesn't matter what was said about what...just that these new challenges are actually kind of refreshing, because god knows i was sick of the old ones.

i did some snow running last night. my knees hurt this morning. so, nothing new.

i'm jones-en for a 1x1 build but can't swing the parts right now. i would like to do it right, with rampless ring and rennen chain tensioner...just need to find the pennies to do it. anything less would be treating my old friend the s-works poorly.

we ate lentil soup last night. it was tasty, but apparently i have odd reactions to lentils. when robin got up at 5am to check to see if the smell in the room was from our dog having diarrhoea, i knew instantly that i should avoid lentils in the future. disgusting but true. the old dutch oven trick kicked up a notch (hey, i was sleeping!).

now that everyone has thrown up a little in their mouths and swallowed it, i had better sign off. while everyone in wisconsin will be watching the pentultimate quarter of the packer game tomorrow, i'll be sitting down for dinner at a wedding reception. zoiks!

happy friday.

10 January 2008

she walked in on me...

i forgot to mention this. last night, when my wife got home from cello practice, she walked in on me watching project runway on bravo. god only knows what she thinks of me now.

i don't recognize myself anymore.

it didn't work

i managed a short stint on the trainer last night. very short, but an effort none the less. i'm really struggling with motivation which is frustrating because this was the month i was going to really lay some groundwork for getting back into the training flow. maybe i should write out my objectives for 2008...

may: alp bl’huez tt
june: wausau wors race
june: levis/trow wems race (50 mile)
july: eau claire wors race (big maybe since it is the next week)
august: 24hours/9-mile
august: ore2shore
september: blockhouse roll
october: sheboygan wors race
october: beechwood blaster

note: this is more of a wish list, i'm not sure if i want to be racing 9 times this year. but i'm sure some of these will fall off the list as we figure out our social schedule (everyone knows we are madison uber-socialites). i'm still comitted to some sort of running/cycling hybrid training plan, so i may substitute some running races for biking. also, i'm limited in the fall by my school schedule (which is why fat tire is not on there).

the bike prognosis was a slightly bent rotor. i've got my people working on that at erik's. i like that place...but then again, i've always had an affinity for specialized.

i haven't mentioned this for awhile, because in reality our dog has really calmed down over the past 6 months. but, every once in awhile, he reminds us that he is still in the throws of adolescence. he'll be 2 in february, only another year or so to go (of adolescence that is).

anyway, happy thursday.

09 January 2008

the big chill.

a revolutionary new approach for blogging. i'm going to call it the question format (beta).

why don't people use a turn signal?

so there is an iowa caucus...is there an iowa primary?

does jolt cola still exist?

why can't i get over this cold?

are disc brakes really worth it?

what about 29" mountain bike wheels?

why have i decided to kick the sucky of my blog up a notch?

happy wednesday.

08 January 2008

soft around the edges.

getting over this cold is proving more difficult than i thought it would. last night i couldn't stop coughing.

i met my new direct report yesterday. it is kind of wierd that we get assigned people here without ever having met them...but maybe it's like that elsewhere? anyway, she seems nice enough and i feel a little sorry for her because her fate (at least here at work) rests in my hands.

i'm taking the epic into erik's for some brake work today. i can't stop them from rubbing on the rotors. i wish i had more time to figure it out, but i'd rather have the bike in working order so the next time ron asks me to ride i can. the big patches of exposed grass are my motivation for this. the bike is a 2004 and i bought it in 2006 so it sat for a few years prior to being used. so maybe the brakes just need some adjustment.

today i'm going to try to do two things that make me a better person. i don't know what that means but i'm going to do it.

happy tuesday.

07 January 2008

was there a weekend in there?

this weekend was spent mostly on two objectives:
1) purge the house of all things christmas.
2) prime the walls/paint the ceilings in our bedroom.

we did the candle light ski at blue mounds saturday night. i was feeling like shit but once we got moving it felt good to be out. i ran 30 minutes last night in the hot hot heat (well, for january anyway). baby steps.

well, so much for the snow. i'm glad we didn't drive on i-90 yesterday. why are there so many a-holes driving 70+ in 100 ft visability? (rhetorical question)

during the packer play-off game this weekend, i'll be at a wedding reception. damn it.

happy monday.

04 January 2008


i'm pretty happy mike huckabee won the iowa caucus last night. not because i support him or anything. no, the reason i'm glad he pulled it out is strictly having to do with chuck norris. during huckabee's press conference thing after the results were announced, there was chuck norris in the background.

seriously, have you ever noticed just how white chuck norris's teeth are? you wouldn't think a guy who kicks so much fake ass would have white teeth, he looks like the poster boy for crest white strips or something.

anyway, it was cold last night with the wind, but i managed around 35 minutes of skiing before i bagged it. i'm still not feeling great, but it was good to get out even though it was short. i figure i should take advantage of the snow while we've still got it.

happy friday.

03 January 2008


i'm going through some old folders here at work and came across some photos of what once was.

when this one was taken, i was consistently disappointed with my results (i thought i could be a pro someday):

a more recent shot from wausau:

i wish i still had the speed i did in the first picture. such is life. maybe that would be a good resolution...you know, to appreciate what one has rather than always thinking about what one doesn't have.

of course.

well, i thought i was home free. i'd have some time for training, some time for getting stuff done around the house...and then i got this cold. not a horrible cold, but just enough to keep me off my skis in the single digit cold last night. it is supposed to be warmer tonight, so maybe i'll get out for a spell. maybe.

happy thursday.

02 January 2008

my great grandmother.

my great grandmother passed away monday evening. she was to turn 100 in february. up until last year she lived in her home, still managing the garden. while a stroke put her into a nursing home, she was as strong willed as ever. she was quite a lady, and even in her demise she left this world on her own terms.

she will be missed but never forgotten.

the grind.

new years eve was spent with greg and carrie, first with dinner at quivey's grove followed by beer at a quiet grumpy troll followed by a midnight celebration at their house. it was fun but the beer tore me up.

yesterday had a somber feel to it - i was presented some news that wasn't all that unexpected but still made me very sad. that on top of one of my ridiculous hang overs was enough to make me mope around the house all day. nothing like starting the new year off right.

anyway, here is to a solid 2008.

happy wednesday.