30 November 2006


i wonder if it will snow? the meteorologists have no clue, but that's no news. i watch the local abc affiliate in the mornings while oliver and i eat breakfast, and every morning it's the same thing. the guy talks about how the models are showing snow (or rain, or cold, or whatever) but that he doesn't 'buy it.' then, a couple of days later, he talks about how it's going to snow but that the system was really weird and hard to track and that is why he didn't think it was going to snow. but now it is going to snow...maybe.

i mean, if that was how i did my job i'd get fired in short order. you don't need to be speedy, we don't need a 2 week outlook. but please just get the next 48 hours right.

anyway, another 7-8 miles last night from work. i like running through middleton every once in awhile, it feels like a different place than madison (even though they are essentially one in the same). i'm really tired this morning, the heater in the car was causing my eyes to droop on my way to work.

29 November 2006

relative improvement.

i ran for an hour last night, somewhat accidentally. around 7.5 miles with some bushwhacking in the dark. there is a wetland resoration type park at the end of our street, i tried cutting through but it had flooded from all the precipiatation we've been getting. so, i had to take a long cut instead.

"i think i'll take a long cut, i think that's what we need. you know i've been in a deep rut, and baby it's killing me."

ah yes, uncle tuepelo. it's weird that if you listen to 'anodyne' and then wilco's 'am' you really cannot differentiate. but then you listen to anodyne and then 'yankee hotel foxtrot' or 'a ghost is born' and it's like a completely different sound. i have no point.

received, will comply.

and that is all i've got (i know, not much).

28 November 2006

interminable trajectory

well, thanksgiving weekend is over...but some things are still lingering. i guess you could say we had some family drama over the weekend, and i was right in the middle of it. i'm not going into detail, but i will say that i am very depressed about my role in the whole thing.

it's been grey/overcast now since friday. i missed my workouts on saturday and sunday. more reason for a little sadness.

i guess that is what happens sometimes.

24 November 2006


mile1: 5:37.1
mile2: 6:04.9
mile3: 5:59.1 (5k split: 17:49)
mile4: 6:06.9
mile5: 6:19.7
mile6: 6:31.3

10 km: 37:52.5 (by my watch)

the last two miles were up hill (as you can tell). still, i'm pretty happy with my time. right where i thought i was which is better than slower than i thought...i'd still like to even those splits out a little...

thanksgiving rules. i feel fat now. and tired, next year we'll go somewhere else. but i'm glad we did it!

and wilco is the best band ever.

22 November 2006


well, tonight is wilco. i haven't had much time the past few days to get excited about it, but i am starting to feel the butterflies now. there is nothing like wilco live...

i think i've come down with low grade cold. hopefully it doesn't progress any further than a little achy, a little runny nose, and a little sleepy.

i did a hilly 7 miles last night and felt ok after the first couple miles. i am excited for my race tomorrow...under 38 minutes is my goal. somehow they have me listed as andy moenisch so i guess if i show up and suck it up my name will be hidden in the results.

work has been really busy lately, and most of what i'm working on has been not working like it's supposed to. good troubleshooting practice i guess.

that's it from madison...happy thanksgiving to all.

20 November 2006

so, that was christmas.

i have to say, cutting down a christmas tree the weekend before thanksgiving didn't feel all that weird. i think that i should thank the retail industry for that...since i've already been bombarded with decorations, ads and music for the holiday that isn't for another 35ish days. it was a nice celebration, and robin and i scored a really sweet coffee press (thanks morten and beth) out of it all.

and now i can finally write about this...our christmas present to those two are tickets to the surprise WILCO show on wednesday. we will be joining them. talk about a great weekend, my favorite band the night before my favorite holiday. shazam. wilco at the barrymore...doesn't get much better.

17 November 2006

200 solemn faces.

crisp, cool late fall air. waning daylight into darkness. new route with a little getting lost in the middle. all adding up to a great run last night. 60 minutes, around 8 miles or so, but i finished feeling fresh...like i could do more damage. a positive sign for sure...but still a long way to go.

beth and morten are in the air as i write this...exciting.

16 November 2006

dog for sale.

anyone want a very cute, very naughty airdale terrier? he has papers...well, he doesn't have them on his person because if he did he would surely eat them. just like the bathroom rug he ate yesterday. we read about adolescence being bad with this breed, but our little baby could never be a jerk, right?...wrong! he is driving me nuts.

i still love the guy though. tough love, especially when he gets my underwear.

a nice 7 mile run last night. operation fall build is working as planned with only a few hiccups along the way. tuesday night i was exhausted, literally couldn't keep my eyes open if i wasn't moving. i bailed on my run...and felt guilty for doing so. but the plan is to have a 'floating' rest day through mid spring, so that i can rest when my body tells me to (rather than when my training plan tells me to). at some point you need to run even if sore/tired, but that can wait until may. first i need to relearn the difference between sore and hurt.

in other annoying news, i received an email from our ceo reinstating the holiday party. laughable, because our planning committee had already cancelled our reservation at the concourse downtown. so, now someone has taken that slot...and our new choices are dec30th or jan26th. i wonder how much more money this is all costing when you consider non-refundable deposits? stupid.

that's the news from my world.

14 November 2006

passive aggressive butterfly

last night felt long. i guess that is what happens when you eat dinner and clean it up by a little after 7 (a rarity in our house).

my run felt really good, i guess it was the weather. wet, 40 degrees, gloomy...my ideal conditions.

that's about all i have.

13 November 2006

feeling kind of mean.

beth and morten are coming home this weekend...i'm getting excited.

another weekend in the books, it's amazing how fast the pages of the calendar go into the recycling bin. i know it's an age old wish, but if only there was a way to slow down the hands of time. it feels so fleeting. by 'it' i mean our time around these here parts.

we drank a lot of wine over the weekend which culminated in me feeling like crap yesterday. still got out and ran, but didn't do much else. football in hi-def is pretty sweet. badgers are 9th in the bcs...if only they didn't play such a cupcake non-conference schedule. and the packers took care of business against the purple people.

10 November 2006

baaaaaaa (humbug)

i'm drinking christmas blend from a red cup with a hot sleeve adorned with some design that i guess is supposed to be christmas-y festive. why does it have to start so early? i guess i could just avoid it, not buy that starbucks friday treat, but why should i suffer because of some poor marketing decisions? i figure i'd buy it anyway, so i'm not really contributing to the 60 days of christmas (on the 58th day of christmas, my true love gave to me...). i really shouldn't talk, i did just buy starbucks. but i'm addicted...the first step is admiting you have a problem.

so, the past few weeks have had me deep in thought about just what it is i'm after in life. i decided that i've been kind of floating on through just because it is familiar to me...comfortable. i decided that i needed to make a list, a blueprint if you will, of the things that i think will lead me to some ultimate satisfaction...most of this was professionally. time to shake things up.

it's time to go back to school, first because i really want to go back to school. i want to learn things, and i think i'd be a much better student now than i was in college. second, i want to increase my earning power. it's a fact that scientists aren't the top earners around, and i'm hoping to wring a little bit more green out of the industry. i'm also going to be working towards a shift back into the biology world (specifically biotech). i've missed it and this is where the groundbreaking stuff is, and madison is a hotbed. seriously one of the top places to be nationally. i should take advantage of that fact.

it's going to snow today. and it looks like it outside. here's to snowballs thrown at airedale terriers.

my run last night felt really good. wrapped it up with high knees, butt kicks and some strides. man do i have slow feet...once i get up to speed i'm ok but it takes awhile. practice, practice, practice.

09 November 2006

stir it up.

i got a few near scathing emails this morning from big ringers not happy with me. at least there was a response i guess, most of the time you just hear crickets when something is presented as a topic for conversation.

my run last night felt like shit. you know the times, you go out and you run and it just never quite feels right. my breathing was off and my legs felt like concrete. but i put one foot in front of the other and kept going when i felt bad, feather in the hat. these are the days i'll try to think about at mile 21 when i feel like death.

snow tomorrow, i have to say i'm looking forward to it. i can't wait to see how oliver reacts.

08 November 2006

citizens of wisconsin

the elections have really disappointed me. at first glance, i was thinking how cool it was that democrats are getting a stronghold on the house, and maybe the senate. finally, a little balance to go with those checks (checks with a lot of zeros being dumped in a hot, sandy part of the world that is). but after a closer inspection, i've decided that this election was a step back for freedom, and while it may have been a referendum on the presidency, it definately was a referendum on voting motivations.

does the failure of the presidency mean that democrats should be leading this nation? not when there really isn't a very big difference between the two (see heath shuler in north carolina). but what is telling to me are the referendums that were resoundingly passed statewide. first off, the marriage amendment. liberty and freedom were struck down last night, with our constitution to designate marriage as man and women and banning any other legal couple arrangements. there has been two reasons stated for this passing, one is that people didn't understand the referendum and the second is that people were knowingly casting their vote to impede someone else's happiness (ie freedom). i really can't decide which one is worse.

then, the death penalty. although this wasn't a vote for constitutional change, this was an advisory referendum that will get the wheels turning on the death penalty reinstatement in the state. this one i really don't understand. people are against abortion because it is killing. but the death penalty is supported resoundingly because it kills people. i mean, if killing someone is bad...then killing someone is bad. and don't even get me started with the fact that the legal system is failing...a jury of our peers isn't that. and rich people can buy a better defense than a poor person. and that judges are elected or appointed based on politcal beliefs. not to mention that it costs MORE to execute than it does to shove them in a cell for life.

at least dave magnum got pounded again. that guy is a complete dipshit. and what will poor mark green do now after giving up his congressional seat and all? probably make a million trillion dollars in the private sector, that's what.

i'm depressed.

06 November 2006

look over there!

i'm beat. a weekend of driving is in the books, and the moral of the story was that i really would like to move to the twin cities. we're in no place now to do so, but this could be part of a 2-3 year plan.

a couple of notes from the weekend. turkey party at mark and lisa's was fun. there have been some changes in their lives lately and they are dealing with them wonderfully. it was great to see them.

allana and kevin's baby is cute. you know, cute like a baby. i'm becoming an expert in these things since just about everyone we know either has one or is growing one. some babies just aren't cute but sophia is. i didn't hold her for fear of dropping her.

missed pat and katie. next time. we have so many good friends in the twin cities...i wish it was an hour or two closer.

the badgers beat psu. nice work. the packers found a way to lose a game they were really close to winning. hey, if they keep losing maybe they can draft joe thomas.

my running...was sub optimal this weekend. i managed mid thirties last week but the achille's is still sore. i didn't get out yesterday and may not tonight due to a prior engagement.

that's a wrap.

03 November 2006


i've decided to part ways with my bike team. while this isn't ground breaking news to most people, it has had an effect on me the past couple of days. there are several reasons for this...a big one being that i'm not really going to be bike racing in 2007. but more than that, the core of the team has changed and with that change, the feel of the team has changed. this is what happens in life i guess.

i think i strained my achilles last night, because that dog is barking something fierce this morning. i guess i'll take tonight off and see how it feels tomorrow.

not much else to write about this morning.

02 November 2006

tis the season

we went to pier one last night (we still had a gift card from our wedding...a whole other issue about us and procrastinating and making decorative decisions). they are pushing christmas hardcore. november 1st and it's christmas at pier one. there were decorations. they were even playing christmas music. my only retort to this is a good old fashioned 'what the fuck?'

i just saw on the news the other day that a study conducted by a business school somewhere (how's that for a credible source) showed that profits don't increase with an earlier start date to the christmas season. so why are they doing it? maybe my friend ben could elaborate on this economics phenomenon...

another 7 miles last night, then oliver and i went to the dog park. he loves that place even though he thinks a lot of the other dogs are pretty uncivilized. he should talk though (if he could talk that is), he woke us up at 5:15 this morning to the sounds of him wretching up a hairball. that's our cat/dog for you.

i'll end this post with an excerpt from the memo stating that we will not be having a holiday party this year...

While we have all worked very hard this year, we have not consistently met our own high internal standards company wide. The decision has been made to cancel all company-sponsored holiday parties for 2006. This decision was not made lightly, but we believe it is the prudent course of action.

did i mention that two weeks prior a vice president graced us with his presence to tell us that we are a billion dollar company and that we are doing well/will be doing well into the future? then he told us all to buy stock (kind of our own personal enron moment i guess). i'm still trying to find out what expectations we didn't meet.

01 November 2006

i almost forgot.

last night on nova (in hd) i learned that our milky way galaxy is going to be consumed by andromeda (sp?) to make a big ass black hole. pretty sweet. mark your calendars, the fusion should only take a few billion years...

a billion years. a billion anything. truly it is unfathomable. let's hear it for fish tacos.

i killed the party (again)

a weird thing happened at our house last night. all these little (and not so little) children came up to our door asking for candy. little monkies, lions, and fairy princesses. a couple even tried to come into our house...good thing their parents were with them. all i can say is i hope none of them have peanut allergies...

while the early darkness can be a bit depressing, the sun angles this time of the year sure make up for that. i ran from work last night out to the pope farm park and, in a field of tall grasses, the sun sure looked warm (even though the air temperature said differently). step into the night.

student radio really is a good thing. and somehow, even though streaming has been blocked at work, i can stream the local channel...and the shins are currently keeping me company. and the public service messages are great to boot. "i am very attracted to you, lets go to my place and have unprotected sex." "okay." sorry, i guess you had to be here.

speaking of here, i'm outta herrrrrre.