31 May 2005

short week.

back to the grind. i'm officially opting out of this week's wors race in wisconsin rapids. i'm just not feeling the love and with a busy end of the month, i'd like to get some quality training volume in saturday and sunday of this week. plus, i never planned on racing the mtb until july anyway. no sense rushing it.

that's my big news today. definately not 'stop the presses,' 'grade-a' news. then again, what is on this blog?

see the following article (especially about 2/3 down) for article and pic of lake clementine

30 May 2005


i've been laying low a little lately, tired and such. just left over more from the trip than the race i think. i've also gotten spoiled with all these days off.

back in the flow tomorrow...whether i like it or not. i've also been contemplating my next 12 wks of training, i think i've got it ironed out. mostly.

i rode the moutain bike on friday...it was fun except my arms went knumb from all of the bumps. funny what happens when you don't do something for awhile. other than that, we've been having a lazy memorial day weekend. a lot of bike wrenching, some minor shopping, movie watching, and waiting for the next period of sun. it's been pretty nice. i've done a little something (run or bike) everday now since thursday...felt good to take a little time off.

we keep driving by our house. i'm getting really excited to move in. before, it seemed so far away. now it's less than a month. then we've got a bunch of work to do (apparently that is what happens when you buy a house...and go to home depot and menards a lot).

i wonder how pat is doing?

26 May 2005

race time.

travel log: thursday may 19, 2005
we arrived at the madison airport around 11:30am, plenty of time to get everything checked in (including the bike) in time for the 2:30 flight. no worries. lars of united put us on standby for the flight leaving even earlier. we boarded the plane on schedule and began the taxi to the runway for our flight. then, we stopped. then, the engines powered down. the pilot came on and said that a ground hold had been issued by ohare. 20 minutes became an hour which became 2 hours. then, finally, the engines powered up and the seat belt sign flashed on. the pilot came on "we're heading back to the terminal to let you guys stretch your legs." eesh. long story short, we spent an entire day at the airport just to book a flight with another airline a day later. stress levels were high. we were still in madison.

travel log: friday may 20, 2005
friday's travel was long but uneventful. we were back at the madison airport by 6am friday we arrived to sfo with a message from mr. scott peterson saying "i don't know if you knew this, but the swim has been cancelled." the trip was becoming more surreal by the second. turns out the run-off from the sierras was causing so much trouble that they had to open the dam into lake clementine, effectively dropping the water temp to a brisk 47 degrees and scattering debris. unsafe to swim. now it was a duathlon.

we made it to auburn around 8:30 pm (10:30 our time) in time to see where the race was going to be staged. headed on a goose chase to find our hotel and then spent the next 30 minutes hammering through a bike assembly session. everything went smooth with reassembly and i finally got a little excited for the race ahead. it was going to be sleep deprived, dehydrated (it's tough to hydrate when you are traveling for 2 straight days) and malnourished race effort, but damn it, it was going to be epic....

travel log: saturday may 21, 2005
4:45 came quick but i woke up excited to finally be competing at this race i've been focused on for a half year. oatmeal in the stomach, coffee and then as much water/cytomax i could handle without getting sick. the weather was calling for 85 and sunny, far from what the past few weeks had been in wisco. the race opened with a 3km sprint into the regularly scheduled 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. i came through the opening run pretty high up...i wanted to be in the transition with as few people as possible but without going too fast. transition was smooth and i was out on a very tough course. the climbing was amazing...the top pro came through in 2:35 (for reference: wildflower, a 1/2 im bike course considered pretty difficult had a 2:14 best bike split). i went out feeling pretty good but my lack of hydration caught me about 1/2 way through. i got passed a lot which was disappointing, but i was still fighting. the run transition came (finally) and it felt good to change disciplines. i ran the first 5 or 6 km with another guy and we were passing a lot of people. then the tunnel started to close. and my chest got tingly. i was in a spot of trouble. add the huge climb (think a gravel blue mounds...to the top) and the lack of a breeze in the oppressive heat and i was toast. i found myself walking the middle 2 km just to try to regain some composure. i began to feel better later in the run and managed a 1:45 run split. all in all, finishing was a great day and i managed to finish relatively high up considering everything. i'm very happy with it and ready for the next triathlon challange: pigman 1/2 ironman tri in august.

travel log: sunday may 22, 2005
yosemite in may is a must see. this year especially. i could write for hours about the beauty, but this will have to do....

not bad

17 May 2005

4 days.

holy shit, i'm starting to freak a little.

ok, i'm better now. freak isn't the correct term, i'm really excited. i have not felt this way, to this degree, since the twin cities marathon of 1997. moutain biking is really fun, but it happens so often that it becomes everyday business. oh, another mountain bike race, oh boy. although i still do get pretty psyched for fat tire. i still felt wasted yesterday, so i opted for a day off. at this point, the only "gain" to be had is pushing myself into full blown illness which would be stupid. i woke up today groggy but i'm feeling more and more like myself throughout today. i may be imagining things, but it seems there are a lot of people sick here this week. stay the hell away from me suckas...

i'm going to run tonight, bike tomorrow night. hopefully i'll get a ride in before i pack the bike up thursday morning and then poof, we're heading west. friday, i'd really like to swim a bit in the chill and then run for a short while on some of the course. time permitting, i'd also like to drive the bike course.

then it's time to jam. there is an article about the race on 'insidetriathlon.com.' even though it's the pro long course championship, there are very few pros signed up. turns out the prize money is bad, the world championships are around the same time as kona, and there are a couple other high profile races going on the same weekend. oh well, there are over 500 age groupers signed up so i'll have plenty of company.

that's all i've got right now. tonight i'll be heading to rei for some gu and body glide. sounds a little racey. it is i guess, but not that kind...

16 May 2005

74, no chemicals, cloudy. swim at own risk.

that is what the board read this morning. hmmmm. "so jack, can a guy really get sick swimming in this?" "you'd probably be alright, maybe end up with an ear infection." "see you wednesday jack."

so, my final week is disrupted and it is only monday. what shall i do. maybe today is the day to take off completely.

this weekend was beth's graduation. i can run, bike and swim almost endlessly, but just under 24 hrs with the whole immediate-extended family (a hoenisch original term), and i'm a puddle. i napped after everyone had left, a rarity for me. then i managed an hour of easy spinning before i lounged the night away. those kids can rage. add in my mom instigating them, i about blew a gasket. i had to yell at them like i was the dad or something (while he said nothing).

anyway, my hope is that me losing my patience didn't take anything away from beth's day. i think graduating from college really means something (unlike high school) and i am really proud of her. she was top 20% to boot. awesome job bethie, you rock. (no more homework for you!!).

11 May 2005

david bowie...ub40....

blog neglect.

i've been busy at work, but i've reassessed my priorities and i am making time for my blog. and i wonder where my promotion is...

the final countdown, t minus 10 days. launch sequence begins on monday. i've got to make it through the weekend after all. beth is graduating this weekend (if she comes back from denmark). i'm going to have family over, it should be interesting (dad, little sisters/brother, mom, jim, sam (jim's daughter)). what a mix.

we leave thursday next week, we've got ammenities planned through saturday night. then we're pointing the ford escape rental towards yosemite. hopefully we'll be able to find some lodging. it's early spring in the park region, and with the 200% (compared to normal) snowfall, the waterfall season should be something to behold. i'm really looking forward to a vacation. and fresh anchor steam.

golgi-oh woe is me....

sorry, i've got a song in my head.

rain here...there were puddles in the kitchen this morning. oops. i guess we need it although it doesn't seem that dry yet. 43 tomorrow...nice.

08 May 2005


the setting: dubuque, ia. a warehouse downtown. the occasion? marge's 40th birthday party. neato. the band was great, the beer looked good (no tasting for me) and the warehouse was old, smelly and dirty...in other words, perfect. they really made that place look good (for an old warehouse). the best touch was all the old bikes available for riding around the huge space. all in all, a great night (although the drive home was kind of a bear) with a bunch of dorky bikers.

3hrs10min yesterday. i had intended on a brick but bagged the running portion. i feel like i strained my right leg and i don't want to push it this close to the race. the weird thing is that i felt lazy for doing it. 190 minutes of training and i felt lazy...i'm right on track for im 2006.

1 more week of the hard stuff, then it's taper time. wow, it's here already. seems like yesterday i was signing up thinking "i've got 6 months to train for this, that's so much time." i'm ready.

scotty and i are hitting the 24hr/9-mile as a duo 12 hour team. we may have a shot at the podi... plus, being done by 11pm sure beats riding through the night. now we can go out in the woods and harass others after we're done.

06 May 2005


brewers bust 7 straight (including a 3 game sweep of the cubs...something that should count for 5 or 6 games) on the heels of a 7 game slide. balance.

i'm not going to lie, i'm beggining to feel butterflies for auburn. it's not that i think i can't do it, it's the unknown. i've never raced for this duration (in terms of time), i've never strung these 3 disciplines at these distances, not to mention the travel factor (irrational fear of bike being lost tops that). add the freezing ass cold water and i'm about to soil my pants right now. but personally, i've found the more nervous i am about something, the better it feels when i am done. i mean, i'm not ever going to break any records. i may never win a race, but i do this stuff anyway. it's that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that brings me back. not adrenaline, not endorphins, but that feeling after you've stopped dry heaving of accomplishment. ahhhhhh, the life. plus i like training.

one last big brick this weekend, i'm going to try to start it while robin is rowing (6am). it'll hurt but being done by 11 with a 4+ hr workout on saturday is very appealing to me. then, we're ordering a table/chair set at the local scandinavian import store. it's got a little modern flair (and the price is right). attending a birthday party in dubuque sat night (i will not go to jail, i will not go to jail). since i haven't been drinking for the past month or so (and i'm continuing this), i should be able to stay out of trouble.
sunday is wide open, but i'm sure we'll fill it with something fun.

that's all i've got, cheers.

04 May 2005

floating on.

"hump day"

4500yds this morning. jack is keeping the pressure on, thanks man. class ends a week from friday officially and he hasn't said when/where it will resume. i haven't missed a scheduled swim day since the day after thanksgiving (the only day i've missed). a few weeks out of the water would probably be a good thing for me, but that will have to wait for a couple more weeks.

boy, i've never wanted to move more in my life. then again, there are already a bunch of jobs in the queue and i'm always for a little procrastination...

5 straight for the brewers--back to around .500

17 days to auburn.


03 May 2005

closing time.

yesterday was the day. we had everything in order, the really big cashiers check in hand, and our representatives at our side so there should have been very little stress related to the transaction. but, our agent has an agenda that doesn't necessarily involve the clients 'best interest' and that kind of tarnished the whole thing. the deal is done (and done correctly), but in a 5-minute post closing meeting, he kind of burst our bubble. and worse, he made my wife cry. i will never do business with him again. mostly stupid drama stuff, but i don't think it is a lot to ask to be excited when you buy your first house and he momentarily took that away from us.

i should clarify. he is a buyers' agent which means he doesn't sell, he just represents buyers. so that is good, it means there is no potential for "dual" representation and the ethical concerns that come with it. the problem is that he is an activist for that cause, and through the course of dealing with him it became apparent that his agenda was more important than our deal. he also had a garuntee that he would save us 2% of the listing price or refund us 25% of his commission. he ended up having to pay us and i think that miffed him as well. there are other boring details, but i not going there.

on a lighter note, we will be able to get into our house on june 27th, and that will be here in no time at all. it's about a month after we get back from the california adventure. we went shopping for a lawn mower yesterday....but since nothing is ever easy, we ended up waiting on that one.

just swimming yesterday for me, i was going to run in the afternoon but after the closing i was really exhausted. it kind of snuck up on me, but you really do have to sign your name a lot....

02 May 2005

good weekend.

it was a good weekend back in ec. not much to report, i froze on my workout. rode to jim falls (in a planned convoluted fashion) and back via the old abe trail/cty s/ hwy 128 and some other roads. it snowed, there was a headwind for seemingly all of it, and it was cold. but i hammered it in my big ring and then had great sensations during my near 60 minute run. all in all, a confidence booster.

i'm playing with the format of my site, so bear with me....

we close on the house today. to celebrate, i think we may purchase a lawnmower with the bonus i got a few weeks ago. i can't believe i just used celebrate and lawnmower in the same sentance....