15 October 2013

for me

so far this year, i've run strictly a 36x16 for cx ss.

sheboygan: OK but with the biggish hills, the necessity to accelerate out of a lot of bumpy turns i could have used a 17.
lake geneva: wet and sloppy, the 36x16 was fine. i think that if it was dry, a 15 would have been a good choice as you can carry a fair amount of speed.
east troy: wide open, no major hills - definitely should have run a 15.
badger prairie: after pre-riding on saturday, i wanted a 17. glad i didn't have one, 36x16 was perfect for the course as it was constructed.

anyway, i'm wanting a reference for next year. so yea, now i have one.

beyond the due date...still waiting.

happy tuesday.