19 May 2011

not much

squeezed in a 5-6 mile run last night after work on a nice mix of terrain. the new paved path to badger prairie is really nice for both riding and running. i ran on the paved path to badger prairie and made the return trip on the ice age trail. nice workout after a very busy day.

busy will be the theme right up until we head the las vegas on memorial day. i'm leaving work at a bad time so when i get back everything i've been working so hard on will probably get all jacked up.

happy thursday.

18 May 2011

you can't make this up

the other night, robin and i were doing a little internet shopping. while making a purchase, robin was entering credit card info while i read it to her. once the order was complete, we hit submit and a window popped up saying the order couldn't be placed and that we should call a listed number. robin dialed and handed the phone to me. on the other end of the line was porn music and a woman's voice...yikes! instantly we thought we had been hacked...what are we going to do? should i call the credit card company? i dialed the number again to be sure while robin reviewed the order info. turns out i read the expiration date wrong and she dialed wrong...we tricked each other inadvertently.

due to travel and being busy at work, i've been logging short-ish runs over the past few days. thursday nigh, saturday morning, sunday morning and monday night were all 5-6 mile efforts. i feel remarkably good...maybe it is the overall strength increases over the winter or maybe it is the allergy/asthma treatment strategy i've been following (most likely a combination of both) but whatever it is i feel good on my feet these days.

work has been crazy busy of late...so back to that.

happy wednesday.

10 May 2011

lofty goals + lack of focus = self fulfilling prophecy

i like to race bicycles. there is nothing like racing a bike when you are in top form. the problem is, to get to top form you need to ride...a lot. in that sense it is a young person's sport or a single person's sport or a sport for people who don't care to spend time with their family. ever since i started grad school i've been setting myself up to fail. i set lofty goals - goals based on when i was able to train a lot (i distinctly remember logging 20 hour weeks in my early twenties). then, life interrupts my training which ultimately leads to me being disappointed with my racing performances. so i stop training out of discouragement and get bored. then, in the late winter when there is nothing to do with whatever free time you might have, i begin to train and feel good. then i set lofty goals and then i get busy and the cycle perpetuates itself.

why the hell do i do this? what is wrong with me?

i'll tell you. i have chronic delusions of grandeur. i think i am now what i once was. my other problem is that i am unable to be consistent with my training. i really only have one athletic goal that i want to achieve in the near future and that is to break 3 hours in the marathon. it is an arbitrary stupid goal but for some reason i think about it all the time (well, at least once per day) and it has been a goal of mine since 1996 when i quit the university of minnesota track/cross country team. so why aren't i pursuing it? why am i not running, logging miles consistently towards that goal? these are all rhetorical questions because i don't know the answer.

what i need to do is formulate a plan to attain the goal. it doesn't have to be this year or next year. but i need to start working towards it... consistently. the model of not running for long periods and then trying to have focused training for several months leading up to an event doesn't work for me. i need to start consistently logging miles now. bike racing can complement (actually, it needs to because my body is prone to break down if all i do is run). so that is what i'm going to do. build my running mileage through cyclocross nationals (i'm not talking pounding out 70 mile weeks starting today but rather sustainable mileage growth - for instance, i'm targeting 20 mpw for june). then, after the first week of january, i will honestly re-evaluate where i am at and determine if a sub 3 is a reasonable goal for next spring. if it isn't, then i will figure out what i need to do to get there.

maybe i'll never run a sub 3. but right now i can't say i've given it my best effort yet (hell, i've only tried twice). much better athletes than me have struggled with this goal. the days of consistent weekly 3-4 hour rides are gone. but i still can find enough time to take another whack at a sub 3. and when i'm 60 i don't want to regret not at least trying.

happy tuesday.

05 May 2011

give up?

now that i have withdrawn from the cheq100 i have lost a little impetus to train. our schedules have ramped back up to full on busy and i just don't get many chances to train during daylight hours. and i'm so sick of sitting on the trainer. take last night for example - i played in golf league (i shot my handicap which is higher than i'd like it) and got home around 7. after getting calvin to bed, i chose to clean all of our bathrooms over getting on the trainer.

happy thursday.

04 May 2011

i literally ran an errand

we needed to drop a movie off at the red box last night so i ran to do it. i'm guessing around 10k on a mix of road and trails (i ran with a headlamp). i tripped on a root on my way back and braced my fall with my bad wrist. now it hurts even more.

great post.

happy wednesday.

03 May 2011


after further consideration i've decided to withdraw from the chequamegon 100. my wrist still hurts. my weekends are filling up. my training has been sub optimal. i thought i'd be sad but i'm not really.

alright, back to work.

happy tuesday.

02 May 2011


no cheese ride and no riding over this past weekend is beginning to make my brain whisper about the sanity of doing the cheq 100. i'm not saying i'm not going to do it, but i want to be able to enjoy something that requires that kind of time investment. i'll try to get out this weekend some and decide after that i guess (i haven't even ridden the bike with the suspension fork yet - yikes).

last week was a grind at work. everything that could go wrong did. and this week is starting off with a client on-site for an audit. the good news is that all is going well and i think i've given assurances that our quality is in order.

golf league started up last week and for it being the first time touching a club this year i played pretty well. the short game was trash but you'll have that. i felt balanced over the ball and was able to make some pretty good swings. a good start for sure.

happy monday.