31 March 2009

i want sugar in my tea.

when i look in the mirror, i can't believe what i see.
tell me who's that funky dude, staring back at me?

got out for an hour and 15 on the military ridge trail (and roads leading to and from) last night. all trail time was into a headwind and the track was soft but ridable. all in all, it was a nice workout.

more school work last night. i went to bed twice in fact. the first time didn't take because i started having anxiety about getting everything done. so then i got up and did some more research...it must have done the trick because i was able to fall asleep when i tried again some time after 11.

1 more month of this.

i don't want to be an old man anymore, it's been a year or two since i was out on the floor. shaking bootie making sweet love all the night, it's time i got back to the good life.

i've been listening to weezer lately...could you tell?

happy tuesday.

30 March 2009

i've been hearing this a lot lately.

several times now i've heard stories on the npr about how humans are not supposed to be multi-taskers and that evolutionarily we are supposed to focus 100% on each task and then move on to the next. that's interesting...

...because i feel like i'm always working on several things at once. during lecture i get emails from my employees asking me how to fix problems. on the weekends i'm cranking out text for school, usually thinking about more than 1 assignment at a time. at work, i'm...well...working but also thinking about school. my life is one big multi-task. i guess i'm a failure evolutionarily (failure in a good way?).

anyway, i spent the better part of the day yesterday working and i have about 26 pages now. i'm going to shelve it for a day or two so i can work on other assignments and then hit it again later this week.

and tonight i'm riding my bike...even if it is just a little.

happy monday.

29 March 2009

taking a break.

well, my plan was to hit the new EVP on midvale...but it was closed. no worries, off to the mineral point location and it's a good spot to get some work done. i'm working my way through the last real technical portion of my paper and i'm hoping that another couple hours will get me close.

the snow last night wasn't so bad, and the temps and sun are melting it away from the roads. not that i have any interest in riding today...i am tore up from the ride yesterday. i'm not sure why, but whenever i wear tights i really get sore...anyone else ever get this? maybe they are too tight and add resistance to my pedal stroke. i guess that is a good thing...

alright, back to work.

happy sunday.

28 March 2009

that one hurt.

i got out ahead of the snow for 3 hours on the badger trail...i made it to the tunnel but was already deep into the ride and decided not to try and ride through. coming back into the wind was the hardest thing i've done training-wise yet this year. some food, some coffee and now i'm in front of the computer to do some work.

we had a lecture from former governor scott mccallum yesterday. i have always held this guy in low regards. however, i was under the assumption that there would at least be some substance required to make it to the ranks of state lieutenant governor and kept an open mind. i was wrong. i really dislike the man even more after yesterday. he is a self centered moron and i'm embarrassed that he ever was our governor. but it is cool that i am able to form this opinion by directly speaking to him rather than relying on the media.

happy saturday.

26 March 2009

say it ain't snow.

well, 'they' are saying 3-6" of snow on saturday. so much for getting out for a ride. it's probably for the best...this cat needs to finish his paper.

happy thursday.

25 March 2009

i'm in.

check cleared so fat tire is confirmed. i had convinced myself that is wasn't going to happen so once again, low expectations = pleasantly surprised. i'm excited that i will be back to my favorite race this year.

happy wednesday.

23 March 2009

quick one.

out for a quick 1 hour yesterday in the wind. that put me over 8 hours for the week which is a nice spike but won't be the norm for another 6 weeks or so.

i found out friday i got the internship i was trying for. cool...that means 10-12 more weeks of 'two' jobs. i guess i like being busy?

happy monday.

22 March 2009

hit the wall

yesterday morning i hit the library as it opened (literally) and nailed it for 4 hours. i quick break for lunch and i was off to the coffee shop to do some more. but i hit the wall. i had motivation to get this stuff done. i have a pretty good idea of what i want to write. i just couldn't do it anymore. so i went home, did a little cleaning in the garage and then hit the cross bike for 1:40. i did the unfinished portion of the badger trail again (out and back) and that thing just keeps getting better and better. then i rode to badger prarie for a little cross race simulation...but without the riding fast part. this bike is so much fun and i can't wait to ride it again.

but i'm in the basement and it is time to write.

happy sunday.

21 March 2009

yearning for some riding

all this research on blood doping and the clear blue skies has me wanting to ride. must...keep....working.


happy saturday.

20 March 2009

churning away

40 miles/2500 ft of ascent last night. not bad (for me) for a work night in march. it was longer than i expected (2:40-we started a little slow), but since i rode with greg i guess i should have expected it. unfortunately, when you get back around 7:30, clean up, go get dinner and watch just a little basketball you just don't get much homework done. but i guess that is what tomorrow is for.

happy friday.

17 March 2009

another one.

1.25 hours on the cross bike. what would be the point of riding the cross bike if i didn't hit the trails at elver park (still icey), hater, military ridge, hot lap at badger prairie, and some curb jumping? biking is fun again. homework is not.

speaking of which....

happy tuesday.

16 March 2009

all is right.

30 miles after work and all is well. i'm a little bit startled at just how far i've fallen out of shape...but really i shouldn't be considering the struggles i've had with time and with motivation. but enough of that...today was good and that is all that matters.

happy monday.

15 March 2009

wo is meine wochenende?

boy, this one went fast. freitag, i got out for some cross riding...mostly on the roads but i ventured for a short stint on the military ridge trail...just long enough to know that it sucks right now. oh well.

am samstag, i was at the library when it opened and logged a solid day there. hit victor allen's for some caffiene and then out for a ride on the motobecane. this time, i hit the badger (aka h8er) trail and managed to get through the whole unfinished portion. it sucked but it was better than last monday so that is something. plus, when it's wet it is like riding up a hill without the hill. then, we went to quivey's for dinner with friends...all in all, a good day.

today, back to the grind until 1. i wanted to ride but my left cheek wasn't feeling so hot after yesterday so i opted to take care of some erands instead. ollie is looking dapper with his new haircut and we survived the sunday woodmans freakshow so maybe we can eat in two nights in a row for once. speaking of woodmans, we saw a woman who looked exactly like tracy morgan wearing the worst mullet wig you could possibly think of. i'm talking 'stepped' sideburns and everything.

speaking of tracy morgan...did you see any of the snl from last night? they pulled out all the classics (including brian fellow and astronaut jones). great stuff.

i'm packing a suitcase...

happy sunday.

12 March 2009

building momentum

1 page a night. that is my goal for weekdays. and i hit that last night. to top it off, i'm building some momentum that i hope to ride through the weekend. if i'm productive i think i could have a good rough draft by sunday evening. man that would be good.

my meeting yesterday went well i think. the person i met with is also an instructor and my final project mentor as well so i know her a little bit. i didn't come away from the meeting knowing whether or not i have been awarded the internship, but as we sat there she began brainstorming projects i could work through over the 10 weeks of internship so i think that is a good sign. more on that later.

i almost rode yesterday. then i remembered it was crazy cold and that warmer days were on the horizon.

happy thursday.

11 March 2009

too much skin

you know, i just don't need to see this much of an endurance athlete. i love the soft core 'all naked except bike shoes' shot on the upper left. yikes.



over the past several days, work has been a real drag. being low management really never has its perks but lately it has been all detriment. we have just wrapped up the review/"merit increase" time and it ended up being a giant cluster. i worked long and hard on my employees reviews and compensation packages for the year and in the end i could have just mailed it in so to speak because everything was changed by people who couldn't pick my people out of a line up.

enough of that. i should have gone for a ride yesterday. i was at work late and then made the mistake of heading straight to the cafe for some homework time. i managed to get a little done but now that it's cold i'm wishing i had used the hour of time for riding. oh well.

i have an interview over lunch to talk about a summer internship that i have been fancying. i'm not even entirely sure this internship is compatible with my work schedule but i guess that is a question i can ask. 2 years ago this kind of thing would really freak me out but now i'm not that worried. maybe school is working?

i wonder if they will draw my entry for fat tire?

happy wednesday.

10 March 2009


i got out on the cross bike for a quick hour last night and boy, talk about permagrin. i hit part of the badger trail, a little of the cap city trail, some riding in badger prarie and a few roads inbetween. cross bike, where have you been all my life?

the h8er trail is in true form...hopefully it dries out a little over the next month. oh, and i found the deer carcass that made the htatbl site. yuck.

that's it from here.

happy tuesday.

07 March 2009

go time.

so, i purchased a new toy. for several years now i've wanted a cross bike. a cross bike that wasn't in the cards until tuition payments ceased. and they have. and now i have said cross bike.

i ended up going with the motobecane because of price. i was a little worried about the quality but now that i have had a chance to look it over, i'm happy with my purchase. because of the rain i haven't yet ridden said bike...but in due time.

for now, here are some pictures.

my newest baby:

the stable:

now i just need to get the engine up to speed. if i were really tough i'd go out into the pouring rain right now.

but i'm not.

happy saturday.

05 March 2009


years. oh man. good thing 2009 is my year or i just might get a little depressed. not because i think i'm old, but because the past few have gone a little more rapidly than i would have preferred.

i've got the ups man coming today with something that i've been wanting for a bit of time now. i don't like this term but in this case it is applicable: i'm stoked.

anyway, back to work.

happy thursday.

03 March 2009

i've got this feeling...

thursday is a big day for me for more reasons than 1. more on that later.

i managed a run with the dog last night...he is becoming quite an athlete and i think that an entry to the dog jog may be in order this year. we've got another 6 or 7 months to prep so watch out. this could be the year of an airedale...

the recent cold spell isn't that cold...but for some reason this air mass really feels cold. i think the mid february warm up did more harm than good. i really have been missing the skiing but daily biking isn't too far in the future. especially considering that we gain on hour of evening daylight in a few days.

after dinner, i sat down to start writing...and came up with a mere few paragraphs. i need to find my muse! however, the page/format requirement now has me worried that i have too much to write and not enough space...i guess that is a good problem to have. and, i highly doubt they will frown on going above and beyond for the final thesis type manuscript. we'll see..

and with that, i've wated a couple more minutes of your life.

happy tuesday.

02 March 2009

unfortunate imagery.

i went for a run last night and something about the air made it hurt my lungs. cold and dry...i'm ready for a warm up. it looks like that warm up may be on the way just in time for school. although, i may be able to do a birthday ride on saturday.

i better get to work.

happy monday.