18 March 2014

small steps.

so whether people care to acknowledge it or not, it is spring in the midwest. temps in the 30 to 50 degree range, warm(ish) sun, dwindling snow pack and windy. i have been trying to take advantage as much as i can. riding a little here. running some there. trying to find some balance in my life...

i ran one of my 6 mile loops for the first time in a very long time - and felt pretty good doing so. following my trail race last spring i was very sore in my hamstring/prioformis area after every run. there is something to be said about a bunch of forced time off - and healing the body is one of them. it also didn't hurt that i realized my wallet was exacerbating this issue.

last night was terrible with miles. he is sick, he is teething and he is becoming more aware of his surroundings by the day. we woke up in a frenzy last night pretty much right after robin and i had just fallen into a deep sleep. it took both of us to get him calmed. he woke up again at 3:30 - a mini-version of the freak fest. man babies are hard.

happy tuesday.

14 March 2014

there's a whisper.

big happenings - that is how i would summarize things right now.

last friday i gave my 3 week notice of resignation from my current position. i have been with my current organization for a few weeks shy of 11 years - and that familiarity with the company is giving me small pangs of nervousness when i contemplate that i will be in a completely different environment doing a somewhat different job. i have accepted a qc manger position at a contract manufacturing organization and start on april 7th.

back in 2009 i completed my masters degree and i had full intentions to find a new opportunity in the biotech field. my plan was to weather the baby storm and then in the spring of 2010 begin the search in earnest. well, calvin came along that november and i went about that plan. then the pediatric icu happened. instead of months we needed years to recover. during that time, i continued to take on responsibility, branched out into other aspects of the business, grew my group 4 fold and absorbed a very challenging client. the irony is that i was so busy for so long that i wasn't really ever able to search for something new. that changed in december - when i followed up on a random lead posted by a former colleague on linked in. we discussed the impending opening and i couldn't think of a reason to not learn more. so, i had a meeting with the director of qa and regulatory and got a very good impression of the organization. i went through the interview process in january and received the offer on february 14th. i'm very excited to take on new challenges and begin to apply my skills in the biotechnology operating space.

what i am leaving behind is a group of very good up and coming analysts (all hand picked by me) and a program that was in vast disarray a year ago but is now poised to be very successful. i'm working as hard as i can to make the transition as good as it can be - but frankly, my motivation goes down each day. it is very difficult to relinquish what i have worked tirelessly to optimize and grow. the hardest part is saying good bye to so many people whom i respect greatly. i never fully understood my footprint here until so many people reached out to me with congratulations.

my 5 year goal is to someday work for a very small biotech start up company and contribute to growing the business. to do that, i needed to gain experience in biotech operating space - this position will allow me to leverage my education and my experience in program management, supervisory skills, contract organizations and regulatory oversight while gaining experience in bio-pharmaceuticals and in manufacturing. i can't wait to get to work!

happy friday.