17 July 2013


man last night i was beat. just a blob on the couch. i was able to extend a little on my ride home and pushed pretty hard considering the heat - i was spinning like crazy on the military ridge trail and it felt good. i'm trying to work on my pedal stroke a little - i was pedaling squares at blue mounds over the weekend and single speeding helps clean that up a little. anyway, i'm not sure if it was that, the heat, residual from the weekend (or all of the above) but i was so tired. anyway, i feel a little better this morning.

great post.

happy wednesday.

15 July 2013

solid but deficient

friday i had ridden in and hoped to ride home but work required a longish day and robin picked me up and we went to fish fry instead. saturday morning i headed towards brigham park for the blue mounds road race around 8am. i pushed the tempo a little hoping to make it a really solid day and i could tell that i just didn't have the legs i was hoping to have. got to the venue, registered and pinned on the number. got a little bit more warm up work in (and verified my lacking power) and it was go time. the last time i did this race it was a "controlled" start down to blue mounds trail which was sketchy as hell, this time they just cut the race loose and it felt much safer. i got to the front 10 of the field to stay out of trouble and try to get into a fast group into the first climb. well, when the road went up i had a difficult time. i managed to latch on with the second group and maintained that position for most of the first lap. on the last big climb of lap 1 a guy came around me, moved in front of me and then slowed down causing a gap between us and the field. i just didn't have the horsepower to latch back on (even with a pretty solid decent) and that was that. i put my head down and just tried to ride hard - towards the top of the first long climb on the second lap zak redding caught me and we were able to organized a little group that started sweeping up the cast offs from the second group on the road. i got dropped again on the climb as the first lap and rode (mostly) solo all the way up to the finish.

i spun a little and headed to drop off my chip/eat a cookie. i sat down to eat and when i got up i could barely stand up. both sides of my behind were very sore - not sure if it was my piroformi or what but i hurt. wasn't normal soreness but more like the sensation of bruising (this is how i remember feeling every year after the hater). i rode to mt horeb hoping it would disappate but it just seemed to get worse. i called robin and luckily she was able to pick me up (i rode down to hwy p).

yesterday i got out on my freshly minted single speed. this is something i vowed i would never do but gosh darn it after yesterday i'm not sure i'm every going back geared for the trail. quarry ridge is an absolute joy now with all the added single track, and riding single speed was so much fun. i felt so liberated to not have to think about gears - just run what you brung and i found myself focused more on my lines and carrying momentum. so much fun, i felt like a kid again on my old schwinn thrasher. i had only wanted to go for an easy short ride but i got lost in the experience and pushed pretty hard.

it was another solid summer weekend. another monday of feeling very tired and groggy but for good reason. i drove in this morning - partly because of how i'm feeling and also so i can go to calvin's soccer.

happy monday.

12 July 2013

boy this thing is croaking

a lot has happened since i posted last. i'm no longer sick, we bought a 2009 honda odessey (zoiks!), spent independence day on big cedar lake with the curtes family/friends, made a trip to ikea (for calvin's new room) and played a lot over the holiday weekend including a family bike ride to the crit races on sunday followed by a trip to pool to end the weekend with a swim. man it was great which was verified by the fact that i was pretty dead tired through wednesday of this week. i've been logging decent mileage on the bike as well, if it's july then it is time to start focusing for cross! i'm going to try my hand at the blue mounds road race tomorrow (wisport) to get some intensity. and then, i'm going to race the wisconsin ss state championships at beechwood. i never thought i would ever race single speed but i'm loving it on my cross bike so why not try it on the mtb?

work is super busy as well. i now have 9 direct reports which is a lot to keep track of. robin is doing well and is just about the cutest pregnant lady in the history of pregnant ladies. there, my two readers have been updated.

happy friday.

03 July 2013

can't shake it

during the day i have a very occasional cough. at night, especially when i'm trying to sleep, i have a terrible cough. like my body is trying to move something that is unmovable. i hope i shake this soon, sleeping on the couch is no good.

i can feel a little bit of decreased lung capacity when i ride, but nothing terrible. so i've continued to ride. commute last night. commute today. a day at big cedar lake tomorrow and then potentially a trip to ikea on friday. calvin's new room is ready for him - we just need a few bits (shelving, dresser) to finish it off.

we'll be road tripping in our new (to us) honda odessey. it all happened fast on monday. we went to drive a van that we liked that turned out to be a dud. however, there was another one - the one - that we ended up really liking. 2009 (we much preferred the pre-2011 body style) ex-l with dvd. we hadn't planned on buying anything so our subaru needed emptying in a hasty fashion. but so far i really like it. we've been talking about it for awhile now so i guess we'll have to come up with something else to obsess about.

anyway, that's what is new around here.

happy wednesday.