28 June 2013

and now...sick

i started coughing sunday afternoon and have been feeling on the edge of sick all week - pretty easily attributable to allergies. but, after my ride last night and how i felt waking up this morning this is definitely a cold. the worst part is that it is in my lungs - which means i had to shut it down for today ride wise. i'm really hoping i can go tomorrow - i was planning on a nice long road ride.

yikes, just when things were looking like i'd be able to have a good several week stretch i get short circuited again. oh well, i'm don't get paid for racing the bike...

happy friday.

25 June 2013

a tale of two seasons

night and day. summer and winter. black and white. this is how the past two years have felt relative to training. last year i rode every day. i mean, with few exceptions. on the rare instance when i wasn't able to ride i ran. it was dry, it was hot and it was solid. this year, it seems riding 4 days is a good week. every time i run i limp the next 3 days with a very sore piroformis. it is wet and until recently cool. if last year was ideal, this year has been the opposite. busy work, busy at home and crappy weather are conspiring against me.

i was hoping to have one more solid year before our second arrives and i take a step back but such is life. i'm not the only one dealing with this so maybe we are all in the same boat?

happy tuesday.

19 June 2013


on my ride in this morning i rode my klein and it got me thinking. at wheels on willy there was a guy there watching with his son and as i walked past he told his boy "most of these bikes are worth more than my car." his son pointed at my bike and asked "even that one" and after a short but distinct pause the father responded back "well, maybe not that one."

actually, i take a lot of pride in the fact that i don't overspend on equipment. i have figured out ways to minimize the cost of my bike habit and still not feel like i'm at a disadvantage on the race course. so, i don't really care about his assessment of value (he was probably right). but, what i don't understand is why human beings are content to be such raging and open douchebags. rhetorical.

after a week of no riding, i'm on day three in a row. baby steps. its a gorgeous day and i'd much rather be home than at work but wednesday is my fun night so i will be going a little longer on the way home.

happy wednesday.

07 June 2013


there has been a void in my life this week (actually 2) that i have filled with house projects larger in time scope than i had thought. now that the projects are done and i'm sore and tired... i'm ready for my family to be reunited. robin heads home tonight and we are heading north to get the boy tomorrow.

the projects generally turned out pretty good. the newly minted kids' bathroom is green as green can be but looks very nice. i (mostly) didn't screw it up. the laundry closet has been upgraded in terms of storage and got a nice coat of paint (2 actually). and the basement bathroom is painted/re-configured and is worthy now of guest use. i spent every evening this week (and most of wednesday) working on this stuff. none of these projects were that difficult but doing all three simultaneously was a challenge. 4 colors, multiple coats of each required a lot of cleaning up which adds considerable time that i often don't think about. anyway, it's done and i'm happy that i was able to scratch them off the list. now the focus (house wise) will become calvin's new room.

happy friday.

04 June 2013

busy weekend

saturday was robin's birthday - and we tried to celebrate as much as possible while also packing her and calvin up to be away from home for a week. we were able to eat at sam's in wausau and spend time together (albeit in the car) so hopefully it was a decent day.

sunday we got up, had breakfast and then promptly...ran out of time! we really had to move it (move it) to get to 9-mile. rolled up right around 11, registered by 11:10 and dressed/warmed up (a single lap around the parking lot) and to the start staging area. we were first wave - two dudes went right to the front and then spent the rest of the race talking/looking back. not sure what that was all about. i did my best to hold their wheel but i had a rough second lap (a combination of stomach issues and that whole no warm up thing). not having access to my big ring didn't help much either. anyway, i lost touch with the whispering euro/illinois dudes and spent the rest of the race on my own (save for a few lapped riders on lap three). i finished a minute and a half back of the winner for the day. 4th overall and 1st in 35-39. i talked to the two dudes at the end of the race and they said they had done the previous two races and were starting to "figure it out." whatever. i felt ok for not having ridden a mountain bike since beechwood last year. i totally belong in comp but this was my only opportunity to race - 1:30 was too late. drove back, ate at a place in portage, and then sent robin on her way to chicagoland. i went home, emptied the car and immediately started paint prep. two bathrooms disassembled and taped. 1 dark wall primed.

yesterday, same drill - right after work is started painting. for some reason i'm having issues with coverage - hopefully coat two takes care of it tonight. i rode in today which is good, because this place sent my blood pressure through the roof this morning. i'm taking tomorrow off to try and tackle some more stuff around the house. i've also agreed to sub for golf league tomorrow night - if we don't get rained out.

happy tuesday.