25 March 2013


i took friday off of work - it was a beautiful late winter day and would have been perfect for riding. unfortunately, i was really feeling the cold that infiltrated my system on thursday which forced me to stay off the bike. i did rally later in the day to do yoga-x which is something at least. i got out for around 2 hours on saturday on the single speed - badger trail and then roads. i still felt pretty crumby but really enjoyed being out.

we did some spring cleaning type stuff yesterday. i did no riding - the wet snow is crushing my spirit.

happy monday.

21 March 2013

so, this is it?

boy, i just continue to be put through the wringer. the month of march keeps getting worse - just when i think i've bottomed out at work and i can focus on rebuilding towards satisfaction, something else comes up that forces me back to square one. i've been sick for most of it which doesn't make things any better - i hadn't fully recovered from chest cold that started last week and then i woke up this morning with something new. in hindsite, i think i felt it yesterday but whatever. training is spotty at best - i have been able to do a little something in 5 of the last 6 days, but still not feeling very fit. on top of all this is the weather - oh, the weather. so, this is a lot closer to normal than what we experienced last year...so why is it that every news/weather news outlet likes to compare to last year every chance it gets? snow in april is looking like a lock....

i looked at my PTO balance today and i am sitting at 22 days. i will accrue another 4 weeks throughout the year and i can only carry over 4 weeks from year to year. in light of everything i've experienced over the past 6 weeks i've learned that my new priority should be to take days off. extend weekends, go on trips with my family, enjoy the good things in life.

i am on the november bikes email list and they send out a weekly deal - in this week's version something struck me as funny that i thought i'd share:

For those of us staring down our nth year in the game, it's easy to forget what the first few races are like. Well, there's no way of knowing what it's going to be like until you see for yourself, so go and see for yourself. Eyes open, hands on the bars. Try to relax and stay loose. Watch the A race and discover that no one there EVER yells "inside" or "hold your line." Enjoy it.
True that - especially the line about a racers never shouting "inside" or "hold your line." 

happy thursday.

18 March 2013


long time no post. truth is, i've been trying to follow the old addage that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. the past few weeks have been difficult...clients here spanning two weeks, robin being gone a good chunk of that time, turning 36 (which is in no way bad), my dad needing major knee surgery, and for the past 7 to 10 days being sick. i haven't been able to workout a whole lot which on top of it all, makes it tough to deal with the stress of everything.

this weekend, we were home. we were lazy at times and it was great. on saturday i was still feeling pretty lousy and it was nasty out so i did the first 1/2 of the yoga-x P90x disc. i am feeling pretty out of shape and my flexibility is pretty miserable, but it felt good to do something active.

sunday i got out for 1:45 of riding on the single speed. i only fell once on ice so that was pretty good. my goal is to try to do a little something every day moving forward. for sure i'll miss days, i'm finding it hard to motivate myself to do anything indoors and outdoors really sucks right now. a high temp of 19 on the first day of spring pretty much sums it up. last year i had been riding to work for 2 weeks by now and that was starting later than i could have.

happy monday.