31 October 2012


i'm not a big fan of halloween but i must admit it is better with a kid. cal is going as a shark this year and had a party yesterday that involved getting chocolate frosting on his shark teeth. it looks pretty funny.

anyway, the ride home last night was nice - with the wind and while it felt cold i stayed warm. my new thermal long sleeve jersey is a perfect complement to riding in the mid to late fall weather. plus, it looks really cool and i need all the help in that department that i can get.

tonight i'll do my ride home and then the chaos will start. calvin is trick or treating at a retirement home this afternoon so he will have blue sugar flames going before we even start. he'll be burning white hot by the end of the evening if we aren't careful!

happy wednesday (halloween).

30 October 2012


so, after a long day which was somewhat mentally draining i was able to sneak out for a run at dusk. i ran on mostly trails and was feeling pretty good. since the blaster/sun prairie double weekend my right knee has been feeling a little off - probably some tendonitis from riding so hard on a bike i don't use very often. but, it hasn't gotten worse so i'm pushing ahead. anyway, the cool air and the low sun made for a very enjoyable 45 minutes. i pushed the hills (up and down) and took it easy on the flats (of which there aren't that many).

while robin was making dinner, calvin and i 'cleaned' a pumpkin. he really liked scooping out the guts and putting the top on and off. after dinner, r and c carved a 'spooky' face. robin is busy tonight so it will be boys night - i'm thinking we'll grab another pumpkin and carve another! i cleaned out a bunch of pie pumpkins on sunday so by the time we get this one done i'm sure i'll be over it.

rode into the teeth of a pretty nasty wind this morning. i arrived to a bunch of server issues that are rendering my ability to work useless. at least i can get on the internet i guess.

happy tuesday.

29 October 2012

wonderfully tired.

friday we were able to get our carpet repaired so i did some work from home while the work was being done. the carpet guy was a real Renaissance man - he painted water colors of flowers, made his own fruit wine, had many different halloween costumes (and he was planning on wearing them all throughout the weekend), he had three adult children, he did a lot of work for UW coaches/former athletes and he had a 100 lb black lab (so what i'm saying here is he like to talk a lot). once i did as much as i could work wise (i was having accessibility issues) i got out for a mtb ride. the quarry ridge trails are leaf covered but still fun as all heck. i managed to log 1:15 on the now fully rigid mtb, picked up calvin and then we had pizza at our favorite pizza place. yum!

saturday morning cal and i let his mom sleep in a bit and then it was go time. we were able to go to our favorite apple orchard/pumpkin patch and then spent the afternoon riding bikes and doing work around the house. i got the front yard cut back/cleaned up (including mowing) and then installed a new exterior light on the back side of the house.

sunday, we were up early and at our favorite breakfast spot by 8:30. ran some errands and then home to finish up the yardwork. same treatment to the back yard as the front - besides maybe one more mow the exterior is ready for winter. we alternated rides in the afternoon and then we celebrated our anniversary with a dinner out (sardine) and then dessert (monty's). what a great end to a great weekend!

this morning, we met with our lawyer and finalized our estate planning as well as a quick meeting with our financial planner to discuss a few other outstanding items. we've done a lot to take further control of our financial future this year which required large time, mental and financial expenditures; but, the piece of mind is priceless.

m: 0
t: 1:10 (commute)
w: 1:45 (commute w/ add-on)
r: 0
f: 1:15 (mtb quarry ridge)
s: 1:35 (military ridge)
n: 1:20 (cross bike on mrt/quarry ridge/badger)
total: 7:05

not bad with two zeros.

happy monday.

26 October 2012

dog meat sammy

so, last night was our anniversary. oliver must have wanted to be memorable because while we were upstairs during calvin's bedtime oliver scratched/chewed a giant hole in our BRAND NEW F-ING CARPET. we spent the rest of the night trying to figure how we could get rid of him and what the hell we are going to do with a hole in the carpet. we joke a lot about wanting to get rid of him but last night my feelings were for real.

no riding yesterday and i didn't ride in this morning. i would have liked to but i have an appointment that i need the car for. maybe i'll run or something tonight.

i'm sure glad it is saturday tomorrow. and i'm really happy to have a weekend at home!

happy friday.

25 October 2012

more more more!

so, with local cx practices mostly defunct (the parks 'crack down,' badger prairie being repaired, and lack of daylight) i used my wednesday evening to add on to my commute home. nothing major, i rode the klein on the military ridge trail through verona and then home on the ice age junction path. i still feel pretty tired/heavy but actually felt better after getting a little bit longer ride in.

speaking of the ice age junction path, a new segment was completed between mckee road and raymond road which is super nice. another new segment (which was supposed to be built in 2012 but was moved to 2013 due to some easement issues) will allow us to ride from our house to the military ridge trail on 100% paved bike path. madison and the surrounding communities are great for cycling. there are a lot of people up in arms right now about cx access to city parks. but, everyone does need to remember that it is a niche sport and having 60 adults racing around a park probably is dangerous to other park users. they are open to it but need to figure out how to incorporate it into the parks plan. if you think madison is not for bikes, just go here. that is a lot of money allocations for cycling!

when i arrived home yesterday i was greeted first by my lovely family and second by a package from twin six. i decided to try a long sleeve thermal jersey for layering in the cold and based on my initial inspection i don't regret the investment. they make the best cycling stuff around!

i really wanted to ride in this morning but my aversion to riding in the rain usurped that. with how my legs have been feeling i might just take another off day instead of trying to jam something in after work.

last but certainly not least, today marks 9 years of wedded bliss with my lovely wife. as with most people, i totally take what we have for granted at times but when i really think about it i am overwhelmed with just how good it has been all these years. robin is my partner in crime and while our adventures have changed over time, we are still able to rely on each other when the going gets rough. our beautiful little boy is a manifestation of our love. i absolutely adore my wife - she has the full package of looks, intelligence and wit. i'm not sure how i lucked out and landed such a gem but i cannot imagine where i'd be in life without her!

happy thursday.

24 October 2012

a good point

recently i had my hematocrit measured (as part of some other blood work) and it came back in the upper thirties. my initial thought was "damn, there must be something wrong with me" but that was based on the fact the the uci upper limit is 50 which is where most professional cyclists reside. normal is around 42 - so my results really aren't that low considering i'm not a professional cyclist but rather a hobbiest. i read a blog post on cyclingnews that points out that the 50 limit is too high, it gives dopers a target that still provides benefit while remaining 'legal.' all this is simultaneously interesting and sad.

my ride home last night was on wet roads. my ride in this morning was on wet roads. i've been wet on a bike a lot lately. tomorrow a front is coming that will bring... more rain. i think i'll go running.

i'm still feeling tired from the weekend - i could really feel it in my legs this morning. not sore, just fatigued.

i put the rigid fork back on my mountain bike last night. my goal is to continue to commute up until christmas this year (and best case scenario until nationals) and i figure having a bike option with nice wide tires will probably come in handy. i don't want to subject my suspension fork to the elements and i have a rigid fork so why not? my mechanics skills and bike racing skills seem to be on a similar trajectory. that move has taken me way too long in the past but last night i had it done in 15 minutes including adjusting the brake caliper (i spent a little more time after that cleaning the dirt off from beechwood). 

happy wednesday.

23 October 2012

my favorite bike racer

thanks mark hirsch!

'rest' day

man i was a zombie yesterday. i managed to get through the day and then got home just in time to join my family for some errands. i was having a hard time with words - just worn out i guess.

the ride in this morning was wet. i guess i thought that it was just a little foggy but in reality there was a pretty solid mist going on  that rendered me pretty darn wet. oh well, it felt good to get the legs moving.

a few from the weekend (thanks mrs. h!):

that course is pretty sweet.

happy tuesday.

22 October 2012

double down

a great weekend in the books. saturday morning i woke up feeling crappy but i was resigned to racing as fast as i could and just try to enjoy the discomfort. i got out 7th wheel in the 4 lap event and finished in 6th so a nice 2+ hour time trial on awesome trails. i was riding well through the first 3 laps but the 4th lap i started making some mistakes. at one point, after falling and knocking over a small tree i sat on the side of the trail to just collect myself (probably spent a couple minutes just composing myself). after i did that, i rode better to the finish. beechwood is such an awesome event - i spent the rest of the day just trying to soak it in. the dogs, the people, the kids and new this year the band. it was (as always) a stellar event. we drove back to madison and had cal in bed and the car unloaded by 10:00. a long day but worth it.

i woke up feeling pretty fatigued yesterday but after a lot of coffee, eggs/cheese/toast and water i perked up ok. i didn't have a whole lot of mental energy to spare to think about the sun prairie race which is probably not a bad thing. got to the race in time to do a practice lap - mostly the same as last year. did some more warming up, dropped off the pit bike and as usual, the start was upon me faster than expected. i got a front row call up and i tried to take advantage. ron came by me with his normal quick start and i followed his wheel into the run-up/ride-up. dab city in the traffic but i felt in control and strong and just spent the next 60 minutes or so focused on extracting as much speed out of every inch of the course. i managed to work my way past melcher and ended up soloing in for 2nd place in the 35+ 1/2/3. i am super stoked considering the effort i put in the day before. i am also super excited with how i'm riding this year. every race i show up kind of wondering when the other shoe will drop and i keep riding at the front of these fields. i am riding like i have always known i was capable and that makes me pretty happy.

and now a mini-break from racing. i am infatuated with cyclocross but i also really enjoy weekends at home in the fall. there is yard work that needs to be done. there is a pumpkin patch that needs to be visited. there is family time to be had!

training from last week:
m: 1:10 (commute)
t: 1:10 (commute)
w: 1:00 (commute, rain)
r: 0 (rest)
f: 1:00 (trainer)
s: 2:30 (beechwood blaster)
n: 1:30 (sun prairie cx)
total:  8:20

happy monday.

19 October 2012

more rain.

robin had to get to work early this morning so i took calvin to 'dc.' my plan was to drop him off, head back home and then ride into work. but, it was dark. and it was raining. and i didn't feel like being wet and cold all morning so i just kept driving. i'd like to get an hour or so of riding in today so i might end up on the trainer because of this decision.

last night i helped robin finish an upholstery project. my role was strictly staple related (removal and then installation of). robin has some mad sewing skills let me tell you. anyway, we just keep checking things off the list we started at the beginning of summer. we are almost getting to the point of starting a new list that will linger for the next 6 months.

lots of bike racing this weekend. we'll see how it goes considering i haven't really ridden my mtb for 3 months or so and i'm not typically all that strong racing day two - especially following a 2.5 hour mtb ride. even if i'm bad in both, it will be a good mid-season strength builder.

happy friday.

18 October 2012

driveway laps

another ride home in the rain last night. at least it was a warm rain this time. it's funny, it is more surprising to me when the weather predictors are correct than when they are wrong. they were correct yesterday. normally, wednesdays are my night to do some extra riding but that was foiled. cx practice was cancelled and i wasn't too keen on gunking up my mtb. so i did a few driveway laps to make sure it was shifting well and i'm good to go. i'm sure the new derailleur cable will stretch during the race and give me trouble but oh well.

we opted for chipotle for dinner and then got calvin his requested halloween costume (a shark). he could wear a garbage bag and be cute as the dickens. anyway, once he was in bed i made a batch of bread dough. i haven't made bread since the beginning of the summer and i'm looking forward to fresh warm bread with dinner.

a rest day today (planned). my legs have felt tired all week thus far so hopefully this will improve on that. i might take a couple days off next week following a 3 - 3.5 hours of racing weekend. i'm not racing next weekend - kind of a little mid season recuperation period.

happy thursday.

17 October 2012

hitting the fan

so lance steps down from his chairman position of livestrong. nike 'fires' lance. leipheimer gets fired by his belgian team while at the same time they commend him for coming clean. the problem with all of this is that these guys have already capitalized on their glory. they have made their millions. so, now that they have their cake they get to eat it too. and someone else will hire levi to be sure.

the whole thing confuses me. the only thing that stands to be gained from dredging the prior offenses is tarnishing the reputation of the sport. what is coming out now happened ages ago in terms of what is probably going on right now. and, all we are really hearing about is americans. for decades there were very few americans that were able to compete at the highest levels and then (i guess) we caught up and surpassed the european abilities to dope. but, i look at a sport like cyclocross and see 5 or 6 belgians at the front of the world championships and have to believe that there is some sort of doping today. i hope not but come on, how can they be inherently that much better?  i don't really know where i'm going with this so i'll stop.

i still felt pretty tired on the ride home last night. the soreness has subsided this morning but am still feeling fatigue. i'm looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. it is looking like another ride home in the rain. oh well.

the cross bike is now good as new. adjusted the brakes to the ea70/racing ralphs and gave the bike a once over with a veloshine wipe to get the remaining residual mud and grass. i also aired up the tires on the mountain bike but with the rain scheduled to hit late afternoon it will probably be for naught. i'm not going to get all muddied up before a race weekend.

happy wednesday.

16 October 2012

the jig (is up)

the ride home last night was another nice one. i was feeling some post race tiredness (and a little groin soreness from the awkward running on sunday) but otherwise felt good. i somehow managed to rake and mow the backyard before it got too dark. it's funny how life changes - that used to be something that i would dread and spend a lot of time doing. now, it needed to get done in 45 minutes so i got it done in 45 minutes. i used to waste so much time not doing but thinking about doing.

the ride in this morning was completely different than yesterday. cars everywhere and everyone seemed panicked. i wonder what it is that causes the fluctuations in traffic. it seems like it would have to be something but maybe it is just a bunch of coincidents.

i spent some more time cleaning up the cross bike last night. mud had migrated into the bb30 so i needed to take the crankset and adapters off to get everything cleaned and re-greased. seems to be working well now so hopefully that is all it will take. i just need to swap my carbon specific rear brake pads out and adjust the brakes and i'll be back in business. all told, it probably took 2.5 hours to clean up the bike after the mudfest. not terrible, but not something i'd enjoy doing every week. the silver lining is i've learned more about my bike through the process and everything got a good cleaning.

i'm on the fence about cross practice this week. i am leaning towards riding the mountain bike a little instead to make sure all systems are a go ahead of the blaster. 4 laps is going to hurt - no need to have bike issues on top of it!

happy tuesday.

15 October 2012


courtesy of mrs. h.

more thoughts

lately, i've been wondering if it made sense to have a wheelset equipped with mud tires. after riding the challenge limus tires this weekend i do not have any doubts. those tires were rock solid and i rode very sketchy lines with confidence. when the race was done, there was mud on every inch of my bike and body but the tires were clean. bomber.

training from last week:

m: 0:45 (run)
t: 1:00 (commute, cold windy rain)
w: 2:30 (commute, cx practice)
r: 1:10 (commute)
f: 0 (planned rest day)
s: 1:00 (trainer)
n: 1:40 (furthercross)
total: 8:05

no excuses

after 2012 nationals i thought about my season and made goals for this season. for a lot of the year last season, i allowed myself to make excuses when the opportunity arose to go for it. whether it was training or racing, i made a lot of compromises and as a result wasn't able to (in my opinion) reach my potential. i'm very happy so far this year with showing up to the races and not making compromises. there are people i'm probably never going to beat when we are having our best days but 6 races into the cx season i can look at each and feel like i've ridden as fast as i could on each of those days. i cannot do more than that i guess!

the weekend was as wet as anticipated. luckily, dane county does not get scared away by a little mud and there were relatively early assurances that the race was on. woke up to rain, at time driving, on sunday and i was mentally ready for a mudfest. i chose to warm up in our garage rather than in the elements and that was my first good decision of the day. i left just enough time to get over there, register and do a few up tempo efforts on the park road. before i could really think about the task at hand the whistle blew and it was go time. i got a decent start, 5 (or so) wheel into the muck. i stayed upright through the first lap just trying to find my bearings on the muddy track. lap 2 started and i went to work. i managed to reel in maciej and just focused on riding "clean" lines, keeping the power steady and leveraging my advantages in the running sections (which were rather substantial). i finished a solid third behind a flying joe curtes and chris newlin. i'm very happy with that result.

we went for some coffee and then i got to washing the bike. i didn't want to but it made the most sense while it was still wet. started a load of very dirty laundry and finally a hot shower which felt like a dream. the rest of the night was spent relaxing (with a little more bike clean up mixed in).

i rode in this morning and it always amazes me just how fast the sun angle changes this time of the year. i've said it several times on here already this fall, but since i last rode in to work last thursday the sun angle was completely different.

happy monday.

12 October 2012

- cxcxcxcxcxcx -

if there is a race on sunday it will be an epic one. time to dust off the x-lite/xxx-lite/limus wheelset! i'm dubious that the race will actually happen - first because it is in a park and second, you really can't blame the promoter/team putting on the race for not wanting to set up, run a race and tear down in a driving rainstorm. but if they are willing, it is going to be fun!

speaking of rain, after becoming very spoiled throughout the spring and summer i've ridden in rain twice this week. i remember years when that was the norm but i've gotten very used to dependably dry weather - this year has been how i would imagine living in the southwest. just not quite as hot. anyway, today is a much welcomed rest day. mostly likely i'll be logging some trainer time tomorrow and then sunday, sunday, sunday!!!

we stayed up too late again. robin had some work to do and then we set about assembling one of our new shelves from ikea. it looks really good and i'm excited to get the other two built up. i've got a lot of other things to do including yard work (i've done none since, oh, early september). mostly, i just don't want to be here today. actually, i've been in a mini-funk lately in that regard. i don't want to be here any day. it's good to have a family to look forward to seeing and a hobby that you love i suppose.

happy friday.

11 October 2012


so, grafton is preemptively canceled. it's a nice park so i guess it is understandable considering we are supposed to get 2 inches of rain. i wonder if dane county will allow furthercross on sunday? my guess is yes.

i spent most of the day dreading cx practice for some reason but once i got there i enjoyed it. i was riding poorly (missing corners, tipping over in the sand) but somehow still managed to have fun. i heart cx! between the ride to work, ride home, ride to/at/from badger prairie, i manged a 2.5 hour day with some intensity. my legs were feeling it this morning on my ride in. i'm looking forward to a planned off day tomorrow (and taking it easy on the ride home tonight).

well, this lance armstrong thing has really hit the fan. i spent a fair amount of energy defending him/holding out hope that he could have done everything clean - i was dead wrong. for some reason i'm very intrigued with his continued defiance. i guess the threat of perjury will make you stick to your story regardless of the evidence.

as for the guys that ratted him out - how is possible that every single one of them discontinued doping in 2006? it's not. they continued to do what worked which is evidenced by results (levi leipheimer is a prime example). they are all a bunch of crooks and the only way they could be helping to improve doping in the sport would be to testify and not accept the plea deal. a 6 month suspension beginning september 1st (in my mind) makes the whole thing a mockery. they should be banned for 2 years like everyone else. they have made their millions of dollars, now just go away.

happy thursday.

10 October 2012


grinding a little today - i'm still pretty left over tired from the weekend and we are not helping matters by staying up too late. robin had a lot of work to do so if we want any us time it comes after ten o'clock.

my ride home last night was cold. like, the coldest i've been on a bike in some time. it was how i've heard belgian rain described - 45 degrees, windy with sideways rain. i was glad when i got home.

my ride in this morning was difficult. first, my road shoes were still too wet for how chilly it was so i needed to reformulate the plan. i grabbed robin's bike and rode that in. wow, now that is thinking on my feet! anyway, everyone was driving their cars/riding their bikes (including way too low recumbant guy) like crazy people. i made it unscathed and wasn't too cold.

cx practice tonight. right now, it doesn't sound all that fun to try and make myself bleed through my eyeballs. but, i'm sure i'll warm up to the idea throughout the day (as much as one can). i'd like to do a few hot laps at badger prairie since that is the venue for sunday's tournament.

happy wednesday.

09 October 2012

ho hey!

well now, that was a nice (long) weekend if not a little hectic. friday morning started early with some dog vomit and a brief trainer session. friday night went about as planned, cal and i made the trip north and he fell asleep about a 1/2 hour from our destination. that rendered him out of it when we got there which was a) funny and b) difficult to get his sleeping quarters set up. but, it all got done and after visiting a little with my mom it was off to bed.

saturday morning i headed north on hwy 53 and then west on hwy 8. along the way i say a bald eagle sitting on the side of the road and a black bear with two relatively large cubs by a pond. i don't see that very often on the way to cx races in the south! got my numbers and my new twin six skinsuit - as usual, the time before the race went quick and before i knew it, it was time to go. i got a front row call up which proved handy (the field was 60+ strong, around 80 including the pro/1/2/3 women who went 2 minutes before us). i got out 4th or 5th wheel, just trying to scope out the competition and keeping in mind that i had another race after this one. i moved up to second wheel to finish out the first lap and then another guy came around both of us, did some weird sketchy stuff, then 'sat up' and was looking around like we were supposed to do some work. all he accomplished was slowing us down and letting the next group bridge back up. frustrated, i attacked and it was game over. i led the rest of the race and finished with a nice win! i caught the entire womens' field to boot so i felt pretty good about that but in doing so probably burned a few too many matches.

anyway, i had about 30 minutes to swap my number, get some water and take a gel. the problem was that i completely spaced the gel part - i was kind of in la-la land and that carried through the first 20 minutes of the race. terrible start, terrible first few laps - i really wasn't racing just riding. i snapped out of it and committed myself to getting a good hard effort. with about 15 minutes to go the announcer said i was the last podium spot in the 35+ 1/2/3 but i got caught with 1.5 laps to go. just didn't have the power and he came by me flying. i'll take a 4th place in race two for sure (12th in the entire pro/1/2/3 field).

hightailed it to minneapolis, got a quick shower and then we were off to dinner with some dear friends from our marshfield days. it was a very nice but long night - back to the hotel at 2 am! slow but sure we got packed up and heading to see some other dear friends pat and katie (and charlotte of course). after a little navigational difficulty, we got there and walked to a restaurant on the tc marathon course to watch one of robin's colleagues pass at around 18 miles. capped off our msp tour with a stop at ikea to pick up some shelves for the basement. back to EC for dinner and then home yesterday.

i got out for a 6 mile run last night and felt pretty good. rode in this morning - i'm going to get wet this afternoon.

training for last week:
m: 0:35 (run)
t: 2:00 (commute/add on)
w: 1:00 (commute)
r: 0
f: 0:50 (trainer)
s: 2:15 (warm up/two races)
n: 0
total: 7:40

happy tuesday.

05 October 2012

black corn cob

i knew today was going to be a long one but i didn't count on a black corn cob.

up at 5:20 to spin the legs out on the trainer for an hour. oliver high tailed it downstairs when i opened the bedroom door. apparently, he was not feeling well. i stepped in vomit walking through the dark living room and while i was reeling from that, oliver made another deposit in front of the fireplace. socks off, dog outside, clean up the vomit off of our weeks old new carpet and a lot of my ride time had dissipated. the culprit was a black corn cob that oliver got out. not sure where it might have come from, maybe some do-gooder feeding critters and one of said critters dragged the cob into our yard? who knows. i do know that he must be feeling a heck of a lot better now - that thing looked nasty.

anyway, i ended up with 50 minutes on the trainer. then i was in high gear getting myself and calvin ready for the day. i'll finish packing/load up the car at lunch and then hit the road tonight, hopefully relatively early. i've got to get through the work day first though.

i'm looking forward to some racing tomorrow. i'm trying to hook up with mark/ryan at twin six to see if i can get my new skinsuit straight from the source at the races tomorrow. 50 degrees would be prime for a non-thermal long sleeve skin. i hope it works out.

happy friday.

04 October 2012

calvin on behind the barriers

about half way through, calvin (and his mom) made the recently dropped behind the barriers (season III, episode 2). it captures what it is to have a two year old in a nutshell.


we are all just running for the thrill of it

i made a good decision last night. after feeling pretty ill riding in/throughout the day, an opportunity presented itself that i could still go to cx practice. riding home, i still felt bad so i bagged it. it was a good decision - i feel better today so hopefully taking a little rest helped me nip it in the bud.

today is an off day. i like taking the day off two days before a race - i always feel a little stiff/rusty if i take the day off before. it fits well with needing to drop off/pick up calvin and i also have another acupuncture appointment. i felt crumby on tuesday but generally have been feeling better related to my GI stuff. we'll see i guess.

a new behind the barriers comes out today - when calvin got his photograph signed by jeremy powers the camera was rolling so there is a small chance our boy could make a cameo. that would make him pretty excited i think.

happy thursday.

03 October 2012


added on to my ride home last night and what a great night to do it. i always forget how darkness swiftly drops this time of the year and while the sunset was around 6:30 it sure was pretty dark at 6 on some of the roads going through the woods. anyway, a nice two hour day ahead of some shorter days. i rode in today, off tomorrow and (maybe) an early morning stint on the trainer on friday. with robin being gone the rest of the week my opportunities will be limited. limited opportunities might be ok - i think i'm getting my son's cold. oh well, that is inevitable with a two year old in daycare this time of the year.

happy wednesday.

02 October 2012

down here

long day yesterday. work stuff, home stuff, health stuff and bike stuff all conspired against me getting on the bike before it got dark. but, i was able to get out and run for 35 minutes. same amount of time as last thursday but i covered a lot more ground and felt even more comfortable. my legs are coming back to me faster than i thought they might which is good. it was a beautiful night to be out at dusk and i tried to just breathe it all in. i'm hoping that if i can run 2-3 times per week i am prepared for major running for cx that might come up in december/january and also, i'd really like to run a nice time at the berbee derby 5k thanksgiving morning.

i spent a little time working on the cx race bike last night. on sunday i had noticed a noise sounding like something a little loose up around the headset. all fixed now, polished the bike up a little with a veloshine wipe (those things are pretty handy) and now i just need to do a little drive train prep ahead of the weekend.

i had my second acupuncture appointment yesterday. i'm still getting used to how she does the assessment - "let me see your tougue," then she briefly grabs each wrist and that is it. as she was putting the needles in my arm she commented that i had a messed up neck. i was a little confused because she hadn't touched/looked at my neck - then she pointed at my arm and told me it was indicating tension. i have been feeling pretty darn good the past few days although this morning my gut is giving me fits if not in a more gentle way. another appointment on thursday.

and now, after procrastinating as much as i possibly can, i better get to work.

happy tuesday.

01 October 2012

count it

training totals from last week:

m: 2:00 (commute/add on)
t: 0:30 (run)
w: 2:00 (commute/cx practice)
r: 0:35 (run)
f: 1:00 (commute)
s: 1:30 (road ride)
n: 1:00 (cx practice @ badger prairie)
total: 8:35

i was surprised at the total considering the travel, etc. this week will present more challenges with robin leaving on wednesday and cal and i heading north on friday. it'll all work itself out i'm sure.

i'm looking forward to racing again. i'm all signed up for the 35+ 3/4 and 35+ 1/2/3 races - if nothing else, should be a solid workout day. hopefully i'll get the new twin six skinsuit this week - the weather is looking to be getting colder!


man, when we travel on friday nights it ends up being a long day. between stops for gas and dinner and some construction related traffic, it ended up being a 4 hour trip to the in-laws. but, calving went down well when we got there and we followed shortly after.

saturday morning we got up, got some coffee and breakfast in us and then kitted up for some riding around r's parents house. all these years of going up there and i really haven't done much bike exploration. there are some really nice roads with rolling terrain. the colors made it even better. if there is a better way to start an early fall saturday, i'm not able to think of it right now.

then it was on to the wedding. it was a very nice version of a classic north central wisconsin wedding. it was really nice to see everyone and get to spend some time with my grandmother in between. we decided to drive home saturday night to have a full day on sunday - and i'm glad we did although round midnight i was starting to second guess our decision.

sunday we had a lazy morning, went to the east side trek store to check out the tent sale, got oliver a hair cut and enjoyed each other's company. i got out for a ride at badger prairie and just tried to ride hard although i am not good at replicated anything close to race effort on my own. still, what a glorious day to be outside!

and here i am, back at it.

happy monday.