31 August 2012

here we go (again)

riding in this morning was a dream. hardly any traffic, nice weather (feels like early fall, hot but with low humidity and leaves starting to turn) and i felt pretty good on the bike. the problem is that this is exactly what happened last year - the calm before the storm. even though retailers have made people thing that school started back up again in july, i think most people are in denial. reality hits home tuesday morning - and that means more cars during my commute and, at least for a month or so, people driving like they are bat-shit crazy. something to look forward to!

the moto is very close. i put the ea50 clinchers on it, adjusted the shifting a little bit (which is better but not great), and am just waiting to have robin sit on it and verify position before i wrap the bars (she picked out a nice bright green which i think will look pretty sick). solid! i put the bontrager tubular wheelset on my november bike in anticipation of us getting out sometime this weekend to practice dismounts/remounts as a family. i'm also ready to glue my eastons up with the racing ralphs. i'm hopeful that i'll have it done ahead of next weekend but if i don't, they will be ready by lake geneva (if i do that race) and certainly usgp (if that race happens). lots of if's on the race schedule front...

cal and i did a 'long' ride last night. he is an amazing little creature. we were crossing the street and he was going pretty fast - he missed the crosswalk ramp and instead hit the curb which caused him to full on endo, landing on his elbows. he was bleeding and it looked like it would have hurt pretty bad. he cried a very little bit - when i suggested we go home instead of finishing our ride he immediately stopped crying, wiped his tears away, picked up his bike and said he was ready to keep going. i probably would have gone home after that!

the weekend is (almost) here. i'm not looking forward to stripping the deck, but i am looking forward to it being done!

happy friday.

30 August 2012

i gotta say, today was a good day

and by today i mean yesterday. after the meeting yesterday where i felt like i was killing it, i headed to cross practice and came away with the same feeling. my confidence is growing on that bike and i still haven't ridden with tubulars (specifically, i was riding with over inflated clinchers). my legs were feeling pretty good and i was riding fast but in a controllable way relative to my breathing. hopefully i can keep building on this as we move into the racing season.

speaking of building, the moto is all but built up. i am having some trouble getting the rear shifting dialed, i can't get the chain to stay in the innermost cog. i adjust the L screw appropriately, and feel like the derailleur is indexed properly, so i'm not quite sure what is going on. often, i get frustrated and can't figure something out until i walk away and come back to it later. hopefully that is how this plays out.

next on my bike to do is gluing up the racing ralphs to the ea70x wheelset. i'm hoping to start over the weekend. saturday is d-day relative to our deck. i've committed my entire day to getting the stain stripped off. we are stripping one last time since we used a water/latex based stain last time but now we are switching back to an oil based product. if all goes as planned, we will just re-apply in subsequent years after a good washing (without stripping). we'll see i guess!

i have dentist appointment in a little bit. oh joy.

happy thursday.

29 August 2012

take it or leave it

a client was in town today and i nailed the meeting. there are times where i'm glad i don't work on commission but this one is going to be a big one. as in, close to 8 figures. yea, commission would be pretty cool in this instance!

i realized on my ride home last night that i have not been truthful with my logging of time. my rides to and from work are going faster these days, partly due to fitness and partly due to riding a geared bike again. either way, my 1:15 estimate is obsolete. i'm closer to 1:05-1:10 for these days which in a normal week may have me over estimated my volume by 1/2 hour. i guess that is a good thing that i'm getting faster on my commute?

usgp is a mess. now, it is no longer even showing up on bike reg and the rumor mill is now saying the whole series is in jeopardy of being canceled. starting to think about plan b - maybe lake geneva and east troy now that i'm not doing fat tire and maybe not doing usgp? tbd i guess.

we had a little christmas in august last night. specifically, drama about the planning for who is going to be where and when. why, why, whyyyyy does it have to be this way?

looking forward to cross practice.

happy wednesday.

28 August 2012


added on a little bit last night but not my normal monday ride home. we had to meet up with our carpet people to finalize our order - that is right, we committed and should have our new fibers in place by mid september. instantly i have had buyers remorse. it takes us so damn long to make a decision that once we do, i need something to worry. it'll look bad to my eyes the first night and then look great after that. not sure why that happens, but no matter what we do i dislike it the first 12 hours (paint color, wood floor color, etc.).

not feeling the best today. next up in my attempt to correct my gut issues: accupuncture. worth a shot!

my motobecane re-gear project hit a snag last night. mostly, the snag is that i'm a dunderhead. sram is subtly different than shimano at set up, and apparently subtlety is lost on me.

happy tuesday.

27 August 2012

crush it!

a nice weekend. friday night, robin's parents arrived and stayed through this morning. it was a very nice visit and calvin was 'all in.' showing them things, playing, etc. he loves his grandparents which is really fun to see.

saturday, robin and i did the 50 mile version of figure 8 the lakes. it was a tour to be sure - and we did get a little frustrated with course marking/people during the first 15 miles but it ended up being a great day in the saddle with my bride. i would rate the pace from leisurely (in the first 15-20 miles) to moderate and we ended up with 53 miles in around 3:30. back home to clean up and get a great dinner made (gnocchi with fresh vegetables and sausage and yummy carrot cake to finish). while making dinner, my dad (with becca, brooks and becca's roomate) stopped buy for a really quick visit. he had a full house momentarily! sunday was ali's baptism and then lunch afterward in edgerton. again, a good visit - it is fun to see calvin playing with other kids. back home i was able to do a little work on the motobecane 'un-singlespeed' project before we cranked up the hoenisch pizza oven for homemade pizza. it turned out bomber and i think we have a winner for the post-nationals party this year! a very good weekend to be sure.

training recap:
m: 0
t: 1:45 (commute, etc.)
w: 2:30 (commute, cx practice)
r: 1:15 (commute)
f: 1:15 (commute)
s: 3:30 (figure 8 the lakes)
n: 0
total: 10:15

solid. one more week of training and then my first cross tilt the following weekend. yikes!

happy monday.

24 August 2012

clean house

yesterday was a pretty full day with work, my appointment, calvin and then house cleaning ahead of my in-laws arrival. it's all in the books and our house is really shaping up - the carpet order goes in today which will finish the deal so to speak. robin killed it earlier this week - she stained the entire front porch by herself. there are worse ways to spend a day off of work than being outside on a day in the 70's, but certainly there are better things to be doing! the deck is still a burden that we need to do something with...labor day weekend is looking like a candidate for that work. all i can say about that is yuck.

normal commute yesterday. normal commute today. 50 miles figure eighting the lakes tomorrow. sunday - not so sure yet.

this lance armstrong thing is something else. i guess they got their guy but i sure wish it was more definitive. i mean, the way i see it, the basis for these current charges are testimony from a bunch of other cheats who had a very vested interest in the punishment offer - namely, a really stupid 6 month suspension aligned with the cycling off-season. i know this happens in the legal system all the time but if you are going to put that many resources into catching someone, i sure wish there was more substantial evidence than testimony from crazy former riders (landis, hamilton) and current riders who don't want to end their careers just yet. plea deals for this type of a thing seems to be in-congruent with the goal of 100% clean sport (you are a rat but a smaller rat so if you talk we'll let you race again). but, what is done is done. hopefully now the usada can focus on people trying to dope now in real time instead of chasing ghosts from years past.

usgp sun praire moved its registration again, now on wednesday of next week. sponsorship/licensing issues. there has been zero press regarding the so called 'usa national cyclocross series' about any of this which i find odd. i'm not looking for nytimes to cover the story or anything like that, but you would think maybe cx magazine or velonews would be reporting on it. what do i know about partying or anything else?

happy friday.

23 August 2012

burn brighter

cross practice went unexpectedly well for me last night. i wasn't winning hot laps or anything like that, but i was able to get out and put some power down on the flats/hills. between my bum arms and the fact that my tires were over inflated i was cautious through the turns but all in all it was a good effort. the best part was that robin and cal came out to watch for a bit (and cal had his trusty yellow lion of flanders flag to cheer us on with). i love hearing his little voice yelling 'go daddy' as i am deep in the pain cave.

still loving my new race bike. i'm excited to ride it with tubulars which i think i'm going to do next week. my hesitation is riding them on the road (to work, to practice, to home) but i'll ride the xlite/xxxlite wheels w/challenge limus tires mostly since i really need to practice w/lower pressures (and i don't anticipate using these too often to race with). that reminds me, i need to glue up my schwalbes one of these days. my plan is to peel the tires off these wheels at the end of the season and re-glue them with road tires for the rocket.

lots of bike projects going on right now in the lab. the moto is getting converted back to a geared machine. i've got apex shifters/rear derailleur on the way so that robin feels comfortable when she starts doing cross (i'm stoked that she is even contemplating it)! i've got some cable work to do on my mountain bike and i need to be gluing tubulars soon. i'm actually looking forward to all but the mtb stuff.

anyway, busy morning and the i'm out of here for my afternoon appointment. better get to work!

happy thursday.

22 August 2012


i fell asleep on the couch last night...i just couldn't keep my eyes open. i extended my ride home last night but nothing major - and following a day completely off being this tired is pretty unexpected. maybe all this is just ragweed related - august is a notorious month for me and how i feel. to be on the safe side, i made an appointment for tomorrow just to go over my symptoms (muscle aches/soreness/etc.). we'll see.

of course, i say i'm concerned about my health on the one hand and then plan to go to cross practice on the other hand. i guess the thing is if i never did anything when i wasn't feeling well then i might not ever do anything. so, i'll push through i guess.

enough of that! robin signed us up for 'figure eight the lakes.' we are opting for the 50 mile adventure - the route appears to incorporate a lot of the bike paths around the madison area. should be fun. my niece is being baptized on sunday as well so we will have family in town friday night through monday.

happy wednesday.

21 August 2012


last week:

m: 1:45 (commute)
t: 1:15 (commute)
w: 2:30 (commute/cross practice)
r: 0
f: 0:50 (commute)
s: 1:15 (road ride)
n: 1:30 (road ride @ big cedar lake)
total: 9:00

the week before:

m: 1:45 (commute)
t: 1:15 (commute)
w: 0:55 (morning commute/evening run)
r: 1:00 (commute)
f: 1:15 (commute)
s: 1:15 (road ride)
n: 1:45 (blue mounds tt w/ride there)
total: 9:15

realized i hadn't done that for the past few weeks. still have weird muscle things going on - i decided to call my doc to see what she might think is up (waiting to hear back).

happy tuesday.

20 August 2012

still sore

the soreness i was experiencing in my biceps last week and moved into my forearms. i'm not sure what is going on - they are sore enough/restricting motion enough that it is making typing difficult.  man i'm a mess.

what a great weekend! the wedding was unlike any i've been to before - a very nice ceremony that was designed to tell the story of the couple through stories/song. all in a beautiful setting on a lake. the reception was a blast and ben's beer did not disappoint (except when it was gone). and staying with mike/heidi on big cedar lake was also very nice and very relaxing.

once we got moving yesterday we had a quick breakfast and then headed out for a nice 1.5 hour ride. it hurt a little considering how i was feeling but i did feel better for having done it. the night went fast once we got home and here it is monday again.

i sure hope this soreness resolves soon - i opted to drive in and give my body a break. i really hope that helps.

happy monday.

17 August 2012

sore and achy

being a little sore following the first cross practice of the year is to be expected. but i am feeling really sore - the harsh kind. and my biceps are really sore which makes me think two things:

1) i can't remember the last time my biceps were sore
2) you use your biceps for a lot of arm actions

i'm soft and i need to get over it in time for cross. i think it has a lot to do with my body's reaction to ragweed but still, a little disheartening after a very good spring/summer of riding.

usgp moved (again) the registration to monday. i think that is the 3rd or 4th time they have moved. something to do with getting feedback/approval from the uci for something. they put on a great event so i'm sure it'll work out but it does appear disorganized. it would be helpful if they updated the race/series website to explain and/or notify of the delays. whatever i guess.

i'm not doing fat tire this year and that is my final answer. i'll miss it but that ends up being a pretty taxing weekend and with all the cross racing i want to do this year it'll be nice to have a free weekend in mid september to be with my family.

this weekend is the hirsch wedding and boy am i looking forward to it. a lot of the old gang is going to be there which made robin and i look back at some old photos last night. it's weird how fast time goes - it doesn't seem all that long ago that i was meeting chris, scott and ben for the first time at the wausau wors race. but thinking about it, that was in 2002! those were some really fun years and boy did we have some parties.

anyway, bike commute today. i'd like to sneak out for a road ride tomorrow morning and (depending on the damage incurred) a leisurely road ride on sunday starting at big cedar lake. should be a goodie!

happy friday.

16 August 2012

i forgot

i forgot how hard cyclocross can be. i rode over to the park and got there in time to start the warm up laps (i was running late so i'm glad they were too). it was weird to not be helping set up - but not in a bad way. there is something to be said for just showing up and riding. anyway, on the first couple laps i could tell just how different my new bike is. first, it is bomber light. i have heavy-ish clinchers on it right now and it still was noticeably lighter. second, it was stiff. i'm not always in tune with this kind of stuff but the power transfer was noticeable as well. i'm super excited to riding this bike more and more.

i was really feeling terrible but was able to still have a successful practice. dismount/remounts at speed and getting to know the bike a little were the objectives. i even got a few hot laps mixed in throughout the 3-3 lap sessions. with the commute and the practice i got close to 2.5 hours on the day so i'm happy with that.

work has been busy. i found out yesterday that september will be even more busy. and i might be audited by the FDA for a product i've worked on. it's bound to happen sometime so why not now i suppose.

happy thursday.

15 August 2012


i sure wish i could figure out why i feel bad most days. oh well.

riding in the past few days i've had a couple of interesting experiences with some dude on a very low recumbant. i have passed him at the exact same spot both days (both times he is riding on the sidewalk). then, he passes me (because he does not stop or yield at stop lights/stop signs including mineral point road). this morning it had rained a bit and his pass resulting in a nice spray of dirty water on my face. needless to say, that pissed me off. he is just like most people on a bike, he can bomb the downhills but as soon as there is even a slight incline i fly by him without any increase in effort. the thing is, he is a foot off the ground and at some point i would image he is going to get flattened by a car (considering how he rides). i hope not but watching how he rides there is no possible way a car isn't going to turn over top of him while making a right hand turn (he is a foot of the ground so you wouldn't blame a car for not seeing him). maybe i should get him an orange flag?

that is kind of a segway into something else on my mind lately. why can't there be a formal liberatarian party? i don't mean 'moderate democrat' or 'tea party republican' or any of that nonsense. sorry, the primaries were yesterday and the older i get, the more i struggle with how i should vote. i still end up deferring to social issues and vote democrat but it would be nice to have a more conservative approach to fiscal policy. actually, maybe not 'conservative' but just 'responsible.' i watched tommy thompson's acceptance speech last night and while i thought he was the better of the other two snakes running in the primary, he really didn't say much that spoke to me. at least i don't have to see mark neuman and his disingenuous ads or hovde and his douchey commercials anymore.

sorry about that. cross practice tonight, not feeling well so i probably won't be going great but it will be nice to test out the new bike while doing simulated race efforts. it seems early but i do need to start getting some intensity (time trials just haven't been cutting it).

happy wednesday.

14 August 2012

might as well face it

it's allergy season. i woke up yesterday feeling achy/tired. the whole day was spent feeling this way - must be ragweed. august through october are when i struggle the most with allergies so while i always look forward to fall, it usually comes at a cost.

rode the november in this morning. i swapped out my ea70 clinchers so i can start riding it and dialing the position/shifting. so far so good, i need a slight saddle adjustment and my derailleurs are a little out of tune. i figure if i start now i'll be ready for my first tentative tilt - the lowes creek cyclocross race in early september. it's more like a cross country race on a cross bike but it will be good early season race training. i think i'm going to go to garner cross practice tomorrow. it'll be weird to not play a role in setting the course. weird in a good way.

happy tuesday.

13 August 2012

blue mounds

a nice weekend. friday night, i dipped into the beer supply (2 sierras and 1 two women) for several reasons. mostly, i wasn't going to feel well on saturday anyway so why not at least enjoy friday night? robin had agreed to watch her friend's two kids which involved her saying there friday night - so i puttered around the house (half in the bag because i have zero tolerance) doing bike work and such. saturday morning, calvin and i had a lazy morning before getting moving. he loves riding bikes and playing baseball so, i guess you could say we are pretty compatible (and we did a lot of it). when robin got home, i got some yardwork done and then during nap time i was able to get out for a bit to test my work from the night before. all systems were go.

i left a little late yesterday but made it to the top of blue mounds with 25 minutes to spare (after averaging a smidge over 20 mph on my 'warm-up.' registered quick, pinned on the number and headed to the start just in time to catch robin and cal. before i knew it, the starter was giving me a count from 10 and i was off. my training since 9 mile hasn't been ideal so my goal was just to get the carbon out so to speak. i got a good start and drove the pace for the first 7 miles. melcher started right behind me and caught me quick but only ended up putting 3 minutes on me so i feel ok about that (based on the pace of which he passed and pulled away from me, i thought it was going to be closer to 5 minutes). on the uphill portion, i went as hard as i could but for some reason couldn't get my heartrate up. i'm fit but don't have a lot of high end right now, so all in all a 32:21 (19th place overall) is acceptable to me. i feel like that is the fastest i could have gone on that day, and that is all you can really do. the rest of the day was spent lounging, grocery shopping, hanging as a family and watching a movie.

last night, calvin wanted his mommy to read to him. after the books were done, he wanted me to rock him for a while. after i got up there and we got situated in the chair he looked up at me and said 'daddy, i had a wonderful day.' man that kid melts my hear.

i'm on the fence about cross practice. on one hand, it still seems a little early. on the other, i sure could use the intensity. maybe i'll just show up on the single speed and see what i can do with that. i was waiting for the tt but now i think i'll just put my road wheels on the new cross bike and try to get everything dialed. i'd like to get my schwalbes glued up in the next couple of weeks. cross is almost here!

happy monday.

10 August 2012

lets hear it for the...bikes?

this work week has left me in shambles. a lot of stuff going down work wise. busy is good but this has gone above and beyond busy. oh well, it's friday.

rode my medium length route home last night as i was running late getting out. i rode pretty hard (channeling my work frustration) and the good thing was that although it rained all afternoon  and again at night, i wasn't raining when i headed home. nice. a 'normal' commute tonight (hopefully). a shake out spin tomorrow. then it's L'Alpe Bl'Huez on sunday. i'm going to ride out there to get some extra training time out of the deal. i have never felt comfortable climbing that hill - so why not go and try to race up it?

oh, i'm really sore from my little run a few nights back. how is it i can have one of my best bike training years in the past 5 yet i still get so darn sore from a goofy little run? anyway, makes me think i need to sprinkle some short runs in just to prime the legs for cross. i know it doesn't make that big a difference in the cross race but it should help in how i recover at least.

happy friday.

09 August 2012

in it

another day, another huge problem at work. i'm so very tired of cleaning up errors/mistakes made by someone else. i guess it is my job or something but damn.

my ride home last night was rained out. i did manage a 30 minute run last night (i was tempted to go longer but haven't run since june and didn't want to become too sore with the blue mounds time trial on sunday). this week has been pretty unfavorable training wise.

i rode in again knowing full well that i'll probably get rained on riding home. robin's night to play so if i don't commute then i don't have a chance at any bike time. that 20 straight day stretch seems like a long time ago...

happy thursday.

08 August 2012

second verse, same as...

a 'normal' commute day yesterday. since i have a rear flat on the moto, a housing issue on the mtb and tubulars on my november, i opted to ride the klein. the bottom bracket is really creaky - one more thing to fix i guess. i'm skipping out on time trials (mtb issue) and the first cross practice (too early) so i'm going for a longish road ride tonight instead. i know, very interesting.

didn't feel too hot last night. oh well.

happy wednesday.

07 August 2012


i wrapped up my bike build last night. the stem i had purchased for it was too long/had too much angle to it for my liking so i swapped it out for an ea30 i had laying around. at some point, i'd like to lighten that load (and i was hoping for a white stem aesthetically) but that can wait until i log some ride time and confirm that it is set up to my liking - the bike looks fast and i can't wait to start riding/racing it.

tuesday mornings are my least favorite of the week. today was no exception and i'm still trying to dig myself out of the crabby hole. i just might need to chase it away with some more coffee.

i just read that jens voight is coming back for one more season. that is a bright spot to the day. i love what he said in velonews, that when you start in pro cycling you have to give, give, give and then, when you reach your prime you mostly take. then, when age catches up to you the giving starts back up - sort of like a perfect circle. 

happy tuesday.

06 August 2012

cut back kid

i had targeted a 'rest' week last week for a while now. i am not always great at hitting my training goals with regard to volume or workouts, but damn i am good at taking rest. 3.5 hours of ride time over 2 days of riding. that is 5 zeros (6 if you could last sunday) over the week. bam!

we had a really nice weekend while calvin and oliver were away. thursday night we did our own thing - robin's bike night. i extended my ride home and then caught up on yardwork. friday night i cut out early and did a little extra riding. i cleaned up my mountain bike and single speed and then i took my maiden voyage on the november race bike. the geometry is noticeably different - i need to spend some time swapping stems, adjust stack height, etc. to get it dialed to my position preference. nothing that difficult but for some reason i really don't like putzing with the front end. that bike is bomber light with the xlite front/xxxlite rear. i'm excited to start racing on it! anyway, dinner at the old fashioned friday night was ok. i like the place but the food isn't to die for.

saturday we took a day trip to the viroqua/driftless region and did some exploration. i overdosed on kickapoo coffee, went to the farmers market, blue dog cycles and some other shopping/lunch in viroqua. then we went to the kickapoo valley reserve and wildcat mountain state park. it was rainy which added to the experience (the motorcyclists were absent and the clouds/fog in the valleys was amazing visually). ate dinner in mazomanie and capped it off with a little van shopping (gasp). i have always been against vans but that is stupid - a similar footprint to our subaru but double (or more) space for kid stuff, pet stuff, bike stuff, stuff stuff. similar gas mileage too. i really like the sienna se. that is a swagger wagon. speaking of which, hearing calvin say 'swagger wagon' is pretty funny. and, he doesn't want a van because he thinks they are too big.

robin's cousin hosted a family gathering in stoughton yesterday. it was perfect weather, great food and fun. then, it was off to tomah to get our son back. we stopped for dinner in lake delton (buffalo phil's). i don't think i would recommend it (overpriced and not great quality) - but calvin loved the animal heads/stuffed bears and trains.

and now back at work - everyone was still sleeping when i departed which makes it hard. i had a very productive week last week and got caught up on several things that have been hanging over my head for months. i haven't been real public about it lately but i have been actively seeking a different role - one internally - that didn't ultimately work out. i told robin that the problem with my current job is that i'm really good at it. if you can call that a problem. so, at least for the remainder of summer and fall i'm going to take the energy i've been channeling into finding something new and try to knock what i'm doing out of the park. i want to be active in the business side of things and there are two routes for me (within the organization) - transfer to a new position or get promoted. i'm shooting for the latter.

happy monday.

03 August 2012

i've got a cramp in (moons over) my hammy!

riding home last night i noticed some dude on a road bike jamming pretty good to try and catch up to me. i was riding my normal pace but nothing to major. he caught me, did the requisite roadie temporary draft without saying a word, then came around me without as much as a look to the side. he picked the wrong time to pass me - we were approaching a good sized hill that my 36x16 is well suited for so i sat on (i could have passed him back). he was pretty winded from the 'chase' and the hill and i was able to ride his wheel easily until we parted was at timber lane. he looked surprised i was there. the moral of the story? not sure except don't judge a single speed cross tire clad bike on the road by its cover. oh, and roadies are annoying.

i was spinning pretty good on the downhills to keep up and i ended up with a weird hamstring/calf cramp. so i guess the joke is on me. extended my ride home via the military ridge trail and then set about cleaning up the yard. it has been months since i've mowed (literally) and the yard is looking pretty rough after the long hot/dry stretch. i care less and less about how it looks but would like a nice playing surface for cal. hopefully it grows back (at least in the back yard).

i don't want to be at work today. what's new, right?

happy friday.

02 August 2012

how could i have gone faster

i finally rode in this morning. my legs feel great - my tailbone/lower back no so much. but i was thinking about how i could have gone faster. my fitness is good (for me) but i think i was held back a little by technical riding (i just don't ride my mtb enough) and my upper body getting fatigued. i really felt like i should be turning 48-49 minute laps and was mostly over 50. i know, splitting hairs but that ends up being 8-10 minutes over the 7 laps i did. still probably not enough to catch first place - they were moving.

calvin is with his grandma. we met in mauston for some delicious (read: terrible for you) food at culvers and then they were off. he had no hesitation which made us very happy (he seemed pretty stoked that he was going on vacation while we were not). lucky boy! i'm sure granny will spoil him rotten.

i'm going to add on a little tonight but then i need to mow the lawn. there are spots that are pretty much dead and others that look like they are a foot deep. real attractive. mix in a heavy amount of weeds and you've got yourself a real redneck type lawn. i'd also like to get some things moved back into place now that the flooring is finished. we'll see about that...

happy thursday.

01 August 2012

done and done

i ended up selling my nike sportwatch for full asking price. i'm pretty happy about that. i agreed to meet the seller on the east side - which reminded me that i'm pretty happy to not need to drive on the belt line very often. yikes.

our floor is also fully complete. the touch up looks great and we are very happy with the overall look. i'm looking forward to putting our house back together over the next few days. we are working on our carpet color choices and hope to come to a conclusion soon. that install will be a whole other issue entirely - but hopefully it will be a lot faster than the floor just was.

one more day off the bike. my tail bone is still pretty tender and overall i'm feeling pretty fatigued. mountain biking sure takes it out of me. i'm not entirely sure how much bike time i'm going to get this weekend so it might just end up being a true rest week. that is fine considering i've been pretty steady since early march.

happy wednesday.