30 April 2012


extended my ride home friday night. didn't do much of anything on saturday (although i did get to hold a very little baby). got out for a spirited 37 miles yesterday (the first 20 was in 57 minutes, then i turned into the wind...ouch). i really would have liked to get out for 1.5 to 2 hours on saturday but i am not feeling riding in the cold windy rain in april. i could have gone for a run but boy the house was warm and cozy.

m: 1.5 hours (commute)
t: 1.5 hours (commute, 6 mile run - i guess technically 3 workouts)
w: 0
r: 1:15 (commute)
f: 1:30 (commute)
s: 0
n: 2:00 (road ride)
total: 7:45

not bad. yesterdays ride left me feeling pretty good about my current state of fitness.

woke up to wet roads (which wouldn't have stopped me since it wasn't actively raining) but also some pretty soupy fog. i took robin's hesitation to heart and drove in today.

happy monday.

27 April 2012

beat down

i feel like it has been a rough week but i'm not sure why. i didn't feel too good monday, tuesday or yesterday and that always takes it out of me. calvin has been a bit of a pill this week as well - i think most of it (including his high fever day) is directly related to his molars coming in. it is weird how the toddler body responds to the stimulus of teething.

i'm not sure how training will go this weekend. weather and family may keep me on the down low. we'll see.

happy friday.

26 April 2012

and spoil all of my fun

i took yesterday off from training. on the ride in this morning my legs had nothing - another benefit to riding to work most days is that i am able to ride the same "course" every morning and i have begun to qualitatively assess what different workouts and timing of days off does to my legs. back in my wors days i would take fridays off, pre-ride saturdays and then race on sundays. the past few years i haven't made it a priority to ride the day before a race but i'm beginning to see that it is something i need to do - even if i just do some light spinning on the trainer. i didn't ride before my nationals event - i wonder if i could have improved a spot or two? doubtful but every bit helps for us weekend warriors.

calvin is about to have a new baby cousin - a little girl. with all the action and family in town i'm not sure what my training will look like over the weekend. i just need to go with the flow as it is still only april!

happy thursday.

25 April 2012

monkey wrench

i had planned on doing a nice long ride after work with greg but i got the fever phone call around noon and that was that. cal was running a 102. by the time i ran around telling people i was leaving, took care of a few essentials, biked home to get the car and then got to daycare he was already sleeping. i managed to get him up, home and back down which allowed me to get a little more work done before he awoke and the real fatherly duties kicked in. it's funny, i've gone many tuesdays without making plans with anyone and the week i finally do this happens - so is life.

i did get out for a 6 mile run last night so between my commute and my run i ended up with 1:35 or so for the day. i'll take it considering how it all unfolded.

happy wednesday.

24 April 2012

in a sea black with ink

woke up feeling crappy again. this thing that i've been dealing with keeps changing. now that i've figured out which foods i react to and for the most part eliminated them, i'm getting stronger reactions to nothing at all. it continues to be a puzzle to me. it is what it is, and the good thing is that through diet i've reduced the frequency. now, i'd like to try and eliminate it from my life altogether.

i extended my ride home a little bit last night and ended up with 1.5 hours for the day. this morning i rode in on the klein and hope to meet up with my friend greg for some riding tonight after work. like i said in my training log post yesterday, plugging away. i've also been thinking more about the crit on sunday - specifically about how if i remained patient i could have ended up much better than mid pack. criteriums are interesting - if you resign yourself to staying in the group and conserving for the end of the race you might miss the deciding break away. if you spend too much time on the front you sap some of your strength for the finale. i did most everything wrong in terms of strategy. when i led lap 4 i should have given it a real go rather than sit up - as it were, the only thing i accomplished was to tire my own legs. at the end, i had no business being up front the last 1/2 of the lap. i should have positioned myself in the top third and then tried to ride wheels of bigger guys to the finish. all this thinking about a 40 minute cat 4/5 race - i actually really like the format and look forward to my next attempt! am i turning into a roadie? nooooooooooo!

happy tuesday.

23 April 2012

last week

m: 0:45 (trail run)
t: 2:00 (commute, long route home)
w: 1:15 (commute)
r: 0
f: 0:55 (trail run, w/headlamp)
s: 1:30 (road ride)
n: 2:00 (road ride w/criterium)
total: 8.5 hours or so

plugging away!

criterium #1

when i think about my cross season last year, one thing keeps coming back to me and that is that there are a lot of guys (most of the roadies) who seem to have more power on the flats and seem to be able to pull away from me. one strategy to improve this is to be more formalized in my training including intervals, etc. that really doesn't start until july. but, another goal i've had for this spring/early summer is to try my hand at criterium and/or road racing. the opportunity presented itself yesterday so i did the 35+ 4/5 race in the great dane #2. my friend greg was there doing his first ever crit also. my goal was to get a good hard effort in and try to learn what a crit is all about. i was amazed at how fast 40 minutes went. i stayed in the front third of the race and just tried to watch what others were doing. the race started slow so i took a dig and led for a lap around lap 4. i managed to be up front for the final lap (i went to the front too early - leading the group into the final turn) but didn't have the horsepower to manage a competitive sprint. it was super fun and i'm looking forward to doing a few more.

the rest of the weekend went fast as the typically do. after cal went to bed last night i went out to the garage with the intent to get it organized. i spent an hour and a half out there and think i mostly just made it worse. we have so much junk - i need to purge some of it. i'm going to start with the things we still have that we inherited from the former owners of the house.... 7 years later.

happy monday.

20 April 2012

no win

work is killing me. clients, internal processes, upper management - it's all killing me. i am trying to keep my head up and remember that it's friday. but...it...is...hard.

i had all my stuff together for the ride in but just couldn't bring myself to do it. cold and wet and i wussed out.

happy friday.

19 April 2012

a good day for a break

i couldn't stop coughing last night so i ended up sleeping on the couch so i wouldn't disturb robin or calvin. it was like i had a tickle in my lung that just wouldn't go away. anyway, sleeping the couch is not the best for rest so i'm feeling a little bit tired right now. and, i have a pile of work stuff to get through so i sure hope the coffee kicks in quick.

it is supposed to be a wash out this afternoon so between that and my less than restful night of sleep i opted to drive in. robin is attending a luna chix event this evening so this will probably mean a zero in the log for the day. not the end of the world.

happy thursday.

18 April 2012


a month or so ago i found my old oakley mframes that had broken a few years back. i thought to myself, 'self, if i could send these in and get a discount on replacement frames - that would be pretty cool.' i have 4 usable lenses laying around so why not?

so, i started the process. i called them, sent in the old frames and in a few weeks received a call. they said they would replace the frames for a nominal fee, but that these were first generation frames and that the third generation frames will not accept the old lenses (which is what i have). for a nominal fee + a bit more i could get a frame/lens replacement. i've always loved mframes and have missed mine since they cracked so i got a pair (white frames w/jade iridium hybrid lenses). i rode in with them this morning and they are great. the prices oakley can get are borderline ridiculous but, from my experience, the optics are unmatched and they have pretty solid customer service too. i certainly didn't need them but i'm glad i got them.

2 hours of ride time last night. i felt terrible but pushed through - and my legs felt it later on. a nice ride in this morning on the motobecane. watching the weather the past few days it was seeming like today and tomorrow would be a wash out. not so much for today (big surprise). i wonder if climate change is contributing to the buffoonery of predicting weather? i get that it is difficult - but what bothers me is the confidence they convey with every forecast. i'd feel a lot better if they'd say 'it's looking like this but i really have no idea because our computer models suck.' i guess that would be admitting defeat.

happy wednesday.

17 April 2012


i could not get out the door this morning. tuesdays are like a second monday for me since the rest of my family doesn't have a real monday. i woke up feeling poorly but i rallied and managed to ride in this morning. i still feel like crap but at least i'm getting my riding in.

we had a very tasty curry dish last night but boy does curry make the house stink. even though the forecast calls for a cool day i had to open the windows to let it air out - good thing oliver has a fur coat. i think the next time we make it we should use the side burner on the propane grill outside.

i am in a real funk at work. it used to be i would dream of finding a new job that utilizes my intelligence and strengths better but now i just dream about not working at all. or starting my own small business. residential window cleaning has its appeal to me but i would have to get over the fact that my bs/ms would effectively go unused. then again, it's not like i'm using them that much right now. maybe i could start small, try to get a few houses and just schedule them for a day that i take pto. then the income would be bonus and we would be able to take some tax benefits but there would be low risk if it didn't work out. the overhead is small (i have most of the equipment) and i am quite skilled at it (it isn't splitting atoms but there is some skill that i was able to develop over the 5 years i did it in college). it wouldn't be glamorous but it would be mine. maybe some day....

anyway, back to reality. last weeks training:

m: 0
t: 2:00 (commute/road ride)
w: 1:15 (commute)
r: 0:50 (commute)
f: 0:45 (run, hawk's landing loop)
s: 1:45 (ss, military ridge/badger prairie/fitchburg 'trails')
n: 0
total: 6:45

did a trail run last night and felt amazing. i really am feeling fit these days - motivation to keep plugging away.

happy tuesday.

16 April 2012

out of tune

the past several weekends i have been longing for a weekend home. we finally got one and it lived up to the anticipation. we simultaneously got a lot done and had a lot of fun. i'm looking forward to our next weekend home. yard work done. house cleaned up. windows and screens fully cleaned (even the garage window). a solid bike ride on saturday. breakfast out yesterday. great weekend.

last night we had trouble getting calvin down. we kept him up a little too late and then i feel like i may have perpetuated it. i'm pretty strict when it comes to the bedtime ritual but last night he asked if we could read the train book we like twice and i decided to do so. i couldn't help myself - it was one of those rare times in life where you are living a moment that you know you will think back on fondly for the rest of your life. we were snuggled up, reading our current favorite book - and instead of watching the illustrations he was looking at me with what i thought were sleepy eyes and every time i would read 'puff, puff, puff' and 'chug, chug, chug' we would gently put his hand on my chin and smile. it makes me smile as i type.

i would be remiss if i didn't mention that puff puff puff and chug chug chug sounds a lot like the happenings of some of the great college parties from back in the day....

anyway, i rode saturday and took yesterday off. between the oscillating weather (on again off again rain with a lot of wind) plus our projects there just was never a good time to go. i had considered the wca dane county criterium but decided i didn't need to make my crit debut in crappy weather. if it is nice i'm planning on the race next week. we'll see i guess. with the 45 mph wind gusts i opted out of the bike in this morning as well. maybe i'll run tonight?

happy monday.

13 April 2012

wrapped inside my ribs

i have made pretty great strides in staying calm about things i cannot control. there was a day where i would get so upset about things (drivers, work stuff, etc.) that i would literally make myself sick. but i've calmed down - i contribute it to getting older/wiser (although the latter is arguable) plus after seeing your child as sick as calvin was you have a whole new perspective on life and someone not using their turn signal or a new work policy really doesn't seem all that bad anymore.

yesterday,  i could feel some anger bubbling in my stomach like i haven't for awhile. it was a perfect storm of analytical difficulties, complicated clients, annoyances of managing people and one of my biggest pet peeves - the human resources department. it all happened as i was about to leave which delayed my departure which meant i couldn't extend my ride home which made me more mad. i still feel some residual this morning. i need to get over it. these things really don't matter in the big scheme of things but, for some reason it is still bother me.

what i need is a good weekend and luckily, that starts in a few hours. i'm hoping to get some riding in - maybe a road jaunt tomorrow and then perhaps a trip to the tunnel with cal on sunday - barring rain i suppose. this will be our first weekend home for awhile so i think going out for breakfast tomorrow morning should also be on the list.

i've been thinking about fat tire a lot lately. as of right now i'm thinking i'm going to opt out and focus on the two days of usgp the following weekend. the fat tire weekend is one that i am infatuated with but maybe i should take this as a sign that i should save our $500+ it costs for the weekend and do something else instead.

happy friday.

12 April 2012

each day in passing

the ride home last night was sublime - mid 50's, sun and no wind - anything calm, sunny and in the 50-70 degree range is ideal in my book.

i felt kind of crappy after cal went to bed so i pretty much did nothing. this isn't a bad cold - but there is a low point to the viral cycle that wipes me out.

 i always have a little regret when i spend time doing nothing. why is that? i guess it is because i am trying to embrace the 'don't put something off - you may not have another opportunity' outlook on life lately.

happy thursday.

11 April 2012

hanging on

this cold continues to hold on to me.

i extended my ride home last night riding out towards, around and home from mount vernon. on one of the back roads i encountered a beautiful beast - a doe hiding in some trees/tall grasses on a hillside that extends right up to the edge of the road. the said doe went undetected by me until i heard a rustle and a grunt - then the giant beauty ran across the road 3 feet immediately in front of me. i've come close before but that had me hyperventilating a little bit - she was giving it pretty good 'spinning' out her hoofs on the asphalt. but, no harm no foul i suppose.

i managed around 1:40 for a total of around 2 hours for the day. how is that for precision?

happy wednesday.

10 April 2012

still sick

after two days off the bike i hoped that i would be back to 100% - but it seems that viruses never comply with the life cycle i think they should have. i think i'm also feeling the effects of the easter diet over the weekend - i'm having an 'episode' and just generally don't feel well. too many sweets and large amounts of meat at the buffet i guess. i have only myself to blame. everyone in the house is still feeling the effects of this cold so hopefully we can all get on the mend in the next couple of days (i was up for a bit in the three o'clock hour poised to help calvin through a coughing fit but just as i was about to go in his coughing relented).

my ride in this morning was a doozy. first, it was cold and windy. second, there was a rather large (i'm guessing) accident on the new hwy m roundabout that forced law enforcement to re-route traffic on my bike route. people were in a panicked state and i almost got broad sided by a guy that decided he would use the straight lane to turn left (he had been in the left turn lane but apparently it was taking too long). the increased volume of traffic caused me to sit at a couple lights for an extra cycle as well. but, it was sunny and i was on my bike so i guess it wasn't so bad.

4 days off and what i wanted most was one more day off. so it goes.

happy tuesday.

09 April 2012


a nice weekend in eau claire but i am ready to be home for a weekend or two. friday i got out for my 65 mile loop but added a wrinkle - i decided to do everything in my 53 up front. my hope is that it added some leg strength. for sure it made me suffer and by the end i was bonking pretty good (i forgot to bring food along). i managed to average 17.1 mph including big ring climbs of zwettler, pinnacle, blue mounds and cty f.

saturday robin got out in the eau claire area for a 1.5 hour ride together. this is something we don't get to do very often and i rather enjoyed it. we toured the northside and near west side and found a neighborhood we really like along the way.

easter was great for cal but that kid is a monster when he sees candy. we really restrict sugar consumption in our family and sometimes i wonder if the negatives outweigh the positives.

anyway, last week was a very good block of training:
m: 1:40 (commute)
t: 2:30 (commute)
w: 0 (sick)
r: 2:15 (commute, sick but f it)
f: 3:45 (hilly road ride)
s: 1:30 (road ride in EC)
n: 0
total: 11:40

that is pretty damn good with two zeros. between allergies and colds i've been feeling under the weather the past couple days. i had planned on something easy today but opted instead for a second day off to try and kick this cold. i'm pretty happy with my training thus far in 2012 considering last year at this time i was really still feeling the effects of my first ever trip to the er in an ambulance:

that is what i get for using my face (instead of helmet) to break my fall on the pavement.

happy monday.

06 April 2012

good friday

metal thursday yesterday. loving the new kits - once i got over the fact that the dark jerseys weren't black but more of a very deep reddish purple. i also really like the white jersey. nice to have new duds!

i woke up feeling the effects of the cold (mostly in my muscles) but several swift doses of coffee have begun to remedy that situation. i'm going to head out for a ride shortly and then try and do some of the household stuff i've been meaning to do but just haven't gotten to it. in particular, i'd like to get the garage in it's warm months state so i have room to store bicycles (priorities). then, i need to get things packed and ready for our trip to EC this weekend.

happy friday.

05 April 2012

rejection letter

not many people here today - getting a start on the long weekend perhaps? i'm taking monday off - it will be my first use of pto this year (i took a day off a few weeks back but used my floating holiday). i've got more pto than i know what to do with so i'm probably, for the first time ever, going to sell some back. it's either that or lose it (even though i'm loathe to the idea).

robin and i both caught calvin's cold. the poor dude coughs a lot - and has had a coughing fit both of the last two nights. unfortunately for my bride, his coughing doesn't make me stir. sorry dear.

even though i was feeling the effects of the cold this morning i rode in. we'll see how the day goes to determine what i'm going to do on the ride home. i'm hoping to get a longish ride in tomorrow morning too.

i got my rejection letter from the fat tire festival yesterday. i'm a little bummed about it and my first instinct is to say f-it, i'll find something else to do that weekend. but, i love that race and so i'll probably 1) try to write my way in and if that doesn't work 2) find a different angle.

happy thursday.

04 April 2012

macro dose

i was able to do another very nice ride last night after work. i logged a 32 mile loop home which included around 2000 feet of climbing. i am feeling it today - not much in the legs but more in the back. i rode with my commuter backpack on and i guess riding with the extra weight took its toll. anyway, 40 miles total for the day. 67 for the two day total.

i drove in this morning because of said back soreness, but plan to get back on the horse tomorrow. if i am able, i'll go out for a run tonight. if not, no big whoop.

at lunch i got the lawn mower started. i haven't been able to mow yet (my neighbors have done so 2 or 3 times already) and it occurred to me that i haven't even verified that it weathered the winter in usable form. i'm employing a new yard strategy this year. i'm going to cut the grass taller and fertilize less. i may even get the soil tested (i am suspecting that our soil - specifically in the front yard - is running high which facilitates weed growth; specifically dandelions). i'm hoping to cut it tonight if i can get out of here a little early. yards are one of those things - i like how they look when well groomed, thick and green. but, as life gets busier i am less and less inclined to aspire to having a beautiful yard if it means taking time away from family or bike riding or sometimes just laying ill.

happy wednesday.

03 April 2012

there's a disease

managed a solid add on to my ride home last night - for a total of 1:45 for the day. i felt terrible all day long but my ride made me feel better (after the first 20 minutes or so). i guess i needed that. i'm hoping to go a little longer tonight also as robin is picking up cal from DC. i might seek out some hills.

i voted on my way to work this morning. our voting site got moved to a retirement home/nursing home type place. i felt weird walking in with my tap (bike) shoes on with the old guys looking at me thinking 'i fought in WWII so you can wear tap shoes to the voting place?"oh well, another vote for romney is cast (not really).

happy tuesday.

02 April 2012

a few notches more than just firm

another weekend in the books. friday night we were able to meet up with pat, katie and charlotte for some dinner and play. it was really nice to see them - i sure wish we could make it happen more often. they were in town for the madison 50k that was held saturday morning. pat bettered his time on the course but was bested by one person finishing 2nd - a great result!

saturday morning we packed up and headed north to gresham/shawano. it was baby shower/family reunion weekend. i packed according to the weather forecast and all of the bums were off by 20 degrees. 20 f-ing degrees? i brought short sleeves and a light jacket when i should have had a wool shirt, down vest and heavy jacket. the (outdoor) party still ended up being nice if not cold.

sleeping in a different bed than your own can be tough. it isn't that the bed you are sleeping in is bad, it's that you are just not used to it. well, the beds at my in-laws (all of them) are the firmest mattresses that i have every experienced. between that, being outside in the damp cold and running friday/sunday i'm feeling very old, very achy and very tired. we went to bed 1.5 hours early last night - i can't image how poorly i'd feel without that extra sleep.

training for the week:
m: 1:45 (bike commute)
t: 1:15 (bike commute)
w: 1:15 (bike commute)
r: 1:10 (bike commute)
f: 0:45 (run)
s: 0
n: 0:35 (run)
total: 6:45

yesterday's run in particular felt terrible. i'm sure due to the same thing that is making me feel pretty dire this morning. it has been a rough 3 weeks. it is looking like we will be taking a trip to EC this weekend and then (hopefully) we'll be home for a couple of weekends.

happy monday.