29 February 2012

train wreck

we had a great weekend. 9 hours on I-94 was more than worth it to see family in EC and friends in the Twin Cities. i love the twin cities and get wander lust a little bit every time i roll through.

we got back late on sunday which put me behind the 8 ball a little on monday. tough day at work (here until 6:30), a little time with the fam, a trainer session and then i started to get that achy feeling you do when a cold is setting in. yesterday was another toughy work wise and i ended up with a cold. i feel pretty crappy and would have liked to stay home today but 1) it is the last day of the month which means i have business obligations, 2) i have a dentist appointment and 3) i have a client conference call.

anyway, it is what it is and i just need to push through.

training from last week was down a little due to travel:

m: 1:00 (trainer)
t: 1:00 (trainer)
w: 0:45 (trail running)
r: 1:00 (trainer)
s: 0:50 (7 miles running in EC)
total: 4.5 hours

nothing last night as i felt like crapola. as long as it doesn't progress i'll probably try to at least spin a little tonight.

happy wednesday.

24 February 2012


another long week at work. when it's busy i never get time to just focus on one thing. constant interruptions drive me crazy by the end of the week. start something for one client and instantly my phone rings with another client on the other end. i guess it's my job or something but when i chose science 15+ years ago i never imagined that by age 35 my job would mostly be sending emails, answering phones and fixing errors i did not make.

got on the trainer last night for an hour. we are heading north tonight for a nice weekend away.

happy friday.

23 February 2012


took off a little early yesterday to do some trail running and now i'm paying the price. amazing how things go to shit in a matter of an hour or so. wonderful!

happy (very) thursday.

22 February 2012

when you wake up

not feeling the greatest this morning. oh well.

there was a fat tuesday event at our church last night. i'm not really much of a church guy but they had pancakes so i happily went. calvin liked it and it was nice to not have to make dinner. i logged more trainer time last night. i really felt like doing it until i got on the bike and then it became a real drag. oh well.

i need to remember that if i see a smudge on someone's forehead that it isn't a mistake.

happy wednesday.

21 February 2012

what a day

some days. i don't want to get into any details but my monday was chalk full of things that really wore me out at work. leaving work i was optimistic that it would get better - that is until i engaged my anti-lock braking system on perfectly dry pave to avoid a negligent driver. the thing that makes me the most mad isn't that she was a shitty driver - it is that she didn't have any clue about what she almost did to me.

i was so frustrated/angry when i got home i went downstairs for a few minutes and just tinkered with some bike bits until i was able to calm myself. there really is no sense in getting angry over this type of thing (and i've gotten better at staying calm) but sometimes i just can't help it.

60 minutes on the trainer last night - after my two rides over the weekend i needed an easy spin - i was a little sore.

last week's training:
m: 1:00 (trainer)
t: 1:00 (trainer)
w: 0
r: 0:45 (run)
f: 1:00 (trainer)
s: 1:45 (capital city/sw commuter trail on 1x1)
n: 1:20 (badger trail/roads on 1x1)
total: 6:50


happy tuesday.

20 February 2012


what a great weekend. the weather was nice and we were able to get out and do some fun things. saturday we hit the verona library and got a new set of books that we will be very sick of by the due date. then, we re-filled our coffee cups and headed to black earth to do some meat shopping. we love meat but are both becoming a little more sensitive to the treatment of the animals and the quality of the meat so we are opting to eat less of it but spend more on what we do eat. that place is the best - local, sustainable, delicious! headed back home and i got out for a ride on the motobecane (capital city trail, sw commuter trail). beautiful day for a ride and the 36x16 was a very nice gear for the paths.

sunday we took cal to the madison model railroad show (which he loved). i got out for another ride in the afternoon - badger trail to some roads around verona. the gearing was a little steep for some of the hills i encountered but that is good. i am always amazed at how much more tired i am after riding outdoors and by 10 i was feeling pretty whooped.

this week should be good. i am still looking for my chance to take a 'mental health' day but i keep running into road blocks at work. i'm hoping to ride into work a few days (maybe wednesday and thursday) and then we are heading to the twin cities to visit friends this weekend. then it is march and my birthday the following weekend. in a few days i'll be closer to 50 than to 20 - yikes!

happy monday.

17 February 2012

how many ways?

friday's are really cool around 3 or 4 o'clock or if you have them off. but i've got many a task i am not looking forward to between then and now so...why not procrastinate a little and update the blog? that was rhetorical...

got out for a run last night and felt night and day different than the night prior. dare i say i almost felt spry. 6 miles on my hilly loop felt GOOD. i'm really hoping i can carve out a couple of hours to ride the single speed a little this weekend. you know, got to know it a little better. i've also been working here and there to re-organize/reduce our 'stuff' load in the basement and i'd like to continue. i have a fair amount of things i'd like to sell - i wish craig's list wasn't so damn creepy. we're going to see ira glass tomorrow night so that should be cool too. and, maybe we'll take cal to the train show on sunday - i know a certain little boy who would love that.

happy friday.

16 February 2012


i was feeling beat last night and decided to opt out of any training activities. instead i sat on the couch and watched television after cal went to bed. and i loved every minute of it!

i really want to take some time away from work. you know, a day to just be by myself. my work schedule keeps interfering with that notion.

i should have ridden my bike in this morning but, again, wasn't organized enough.

what a terrible post.

happy thursday.

15 February 2012

what a morning

crazy morning at work so far.

anyway, i realized i hadn't published last week's training load (i said load) so here goes:

m: 0:45, run
t: 1:00, trainer
w: 0, date night
r: 1:00, trainer
f: 0
s: 1:00, trainer
n: 0:45, run
total: 4.5 hours

another 60 minutes on the trainer last night while watching hell on wheels via netflix. ok video - the subtitles made the time go faster.

happy wednesday.

14 February 2012


oliver is quite an animal. this morning, he decided we wanted to just sit in the middle of the yard and give me the stink eye when it was time for me to go to work. he sat in that spot for like 10 minutes before i lured him in with a biscuit.

trainer time last night. actually, yesterday was the first time in a while where i just didn't feel like doing any workout. i know i don't need to train right now but feel like if i take one night off for no good reason than it becomes a slippery slope.

happy tuesday.

13 February 2012

a lot to be thankful for

on this day two years ago calvin was admitted to the american family childrens hospital pediatric icu. when he is doing is typical two year old stuff sometimes i forget just how fortunate we are to have him (and that he is a perfectly healthy little boy).

also, on friday one year ago our friend kirk was severely injured in a car accident on a foggy, unseasonably warm day. at the time there was real concern that he would never recover. he overcame those fears and is doing really well.

we are very thankful for both outcomes and decided to celebrate with a full thanksgiving dinner last night. turkey and fixings with peggy/kirk and family and my mom also. robin knocked the food out of the park and the boys had fun playing. what a great way to remember just how fortunate we are.

for some reason i was pretty tired throughout the weekend. i logged an hour of trainer time on saturday and did some trail running yesterday. i also rode the single speed around the neighborhood and am very excited to ride it more! the 36x16 will be a little tough on hills but hopefully will make me strong like bull.

happy monday.

10 February 2012

the more things change...

...the more they stay the same. the more things stay the same they more they drive me crazy. a paraphrased lyric from the band moe that seems applicable to my work place. the opposite of last years change initiatives is this year's change initiatives. so, we are never moving forward, just in circles (going back to the way we were told was not optimal).

60 minutes of trainer time last night following an evening off. i've been chipping away at converting my cross bike to single speed and put the finishing touches on it last night. it's heavy but pretty sweet. i rode it on the trainer a little but hope to at least ride it around the block sometime this weekend. i'll post a picture one of these days. now that this project is done i'm ready to build up the hot buns!

I plotted my training since July and it looks like this:

i really felt the best racing in dec/jan so trying to replicate this might be a start. of course, dec/jan also is a good time of the year relative to allergies so it probably isn't all related to training. my goal for the year would be to match what i did in july, and then try to increase slightly my minutes/day for the following months. i also need to add more interval work (quality sessions per week is something i might add to this chart for reference).

happy friday.

08 February 2012

get it together

ground out an hour on the trainer last night. in years past this would have been a night in february that i did no workout because i really didn't feel like it. i hope this helps me maintain fitness into the spring.

date night tonight. not sure what we are doing but none the less, i'm looking forward to it.

happy wednesday.

07 February 2012

thinking about last night

a good night. on my way home i say r and c finishing up a run so we decided to meet at the park. played outside comfortably (relatively) for a bit before coming back home to get dinner started. what a weird winter.

after cal went to bed i got out for a 45 minute run and then spent some time working on bikes. i really enjoy bike work when there is no pressure (ie. something is not working right and there is a race in a few days/hours/minutes). i'm hoping to receive the last bits for the single speed in the mail tonight and could be riding it by the end of the week, weather permitting.

a little recap of training for the month of january. i managed to log 24 hours of various modalities which equates to about 41 minutes per day. this is a metric i'm going to monitor and look back at to see if i can make any correlations. nerd alert.

happy tuesday.

06 February 2012

a nice weekend

it was a good weekend - we managed to get quite a bit done around the house, do some fun things and have some down time so i would say it was successful.

friday night was cal's fun night. like i recently mentioned, good things with a toddler usually end badly and this was no exception. he wanted to continue to play and explaining that they were closing did not help. we met up with his friend at culvers afterward for a reward for the parents (and i guess little ones). a great night.

saturday we were up and at 'em bright and early since cal doesn't believe in sleeping in. while extra sleep is nice getting up early on weekends isn't bad because it extends the time you have. we had a nice leisurely breakfast and then headed to our local coffee roaster for a little added coffee. i was able to get out for 1.5 hours on the bike at dusk, finishing in the dark. i made bread saturday night which was used sunday morning for french toast. errands, more riding and 'the big game' rounded out the day.

i was also able to work some on the motobecane single speed conversion. it is mostly ready - i need to get the chain (minor detail) and put the finishing touches on (bar tape, swap out tires, etc.) but it should be complete by the end of the week. i'm excited to try it out - hopefully my gearing calculations are correct. for now i'm going with a 36x16 or 36x14 set up since i will mostly be using it mostly for roads/rail trails. later in the fall i'm envisioning switching to 36x18 or 36x20 when it becomes a back up cross racing machine.

training summary:
m: 1:00 (trainer)
t: 0:45 (run)
w: 1:00 (trainer, w/ 1 let pedal drills)
r: 1:00 (trainer)
f: 0
s: 1:30 (road ride outdoors)
n: 1:30 (road ride outdoors)
total: 6:45

that is a pretty solid week for early feb for this guy.

happy monday.

03 February 2012

it's time

friday! tonight cal's daycare is having a fun night at a local indoor play facility. should be a good way to start the weekend. we don't have any specific plans for the weekend but i wouldn't mind carving out some time to get a ride (or two) outdoors and also some time to begin my motobecane single speed conversion. we'll see how it goes i guess.

another hour on the trainer last night. no big whoop.

happy friday.

02 February 2012


60 minutes on the trainer last night. threw in some individual leg pedaling drills for good measure and dreamed about one day finding a set of bontrager race x lite tubulars for my new cross bike.

happy thursday.

01 February 2012

this thing

i've alluded to my issues many times before. the older i get, the more sensitive i get to food. i've been trying to modify my diet (removing fructose/fructanes specifically) and while it seemed to help a little it still hasn't eliminating feeling un-well. for instance, i woke up monday feeling tired and that progressed throughout the day (gi unrest, mental fog, feeling crappy) and through yesterday. by the end of the two day crud, i'm exhausted and irritable despite my best efforts to stay positive. i really want to figure this thing out because it puts a major damper on my quality of life. not only does it suck feeling bad but i'm getting more and more afraid/neurotic about food.

sorry for that.

i did get out for 45 minutes of running last night. the water from the melt was starting to freeze up but as long as i stayed on the roads i was ok.

happy wednesday.

oh, that reminds me. every first wednesday of the month here is doughnut day. you can always tell when they get delivered because a heard of people head towards the breakroom. you'd think they were handing out 100 dollar bills or something but no, it's just a 25 cent doughnut. i haven't had one in months and do not miss it.