31 January 2012


50 degrees today. i should be home getting ready to ride bikes. but alas, work is unavoidable. really, i should have ridden in today but i was woefully unprepared. i guess i didn't beleive that it was going to be this nice. oh well, it is supposed to be pretty nice all week so maybe tomorrow or thursday.

rode the trainer for an hour last night. it had been a few days and i actually found myself getting excited to pedal on the trainer. what the hell is wrong with me?

happy tuesday.

30 January 2012

i've experienced numerous mondays in my 34 years. and yet, somehow each new monday feels like a new kick in the junk. i do not want to be at work today. but since i'm here i'm going to kick it right back.

it was a good weekend. my mom was here for a visit which was nice. saturday we got up and had some breakfast at marigold kitchen and then took cal to overture center for concerts in the rotunda and then off to the 'bookless' festival at the old madison central library. they have cleared it out in prep for a much needed renovation and on saturday turned it into an art exhibit. it was pretty cool but, as with a lot of things with a two year old, it ended in a melt down.

no training friday or saturday. i did get out for a short ski yesterday. the conditions were not ideal (icey and grassy in spots) but i was able to get the full loop (including the classic only trail around the prairie 9) for 45 minutes or so.

m: 1:00 (trainer)
t: 1:00 (p90x: yoga and ab ripper)
w: 1:00 (trainer)
r: 0:45 (run)
f: 0
s: 0
n: 0:45 (ski @ pleasant view)
total: 4.5 hrs

45 degrees tomorrow - the un-winter continues.

happy monday.

27 January 2012

a case of the fridays

man i'm feeling tired today. i hope it isn't related to some impending virus (cal has a cold and there are a lot of bugs going around daycare). i'm still sore from ab ripper/yoga and whenever i'm sore i'm usually extra tired too. i got out for a 45 minute run last night and only almost fell once. i figured if i ran my loop through the affluent neighborhood (hawks) the sidewalks/roads would be clear - not so much. but i made ankles in tact.

happy friday.

26 January 2012


and the o stands for ouch. i wasn't feeling too bad yesterday after our yoga/ab session the other night. that made me feel pretty good about my state of core fitness. then i woke up this morning and had difficulty sitting up in bed. never mind all that stuff about having good core fitness...

60 minutes on the trainer last night. just staying active. i also spent some time cleaning some of the last bits of cross nationals dirt off the motobecane. i'm eager to convert it to a single speed - just not sure if i want to lose my geared capabilities just yet. the new bike will arrive some time in april. hmmm.

happy thursday.

25 January 2012


we each had the same question for each other last night: 'what are you doing for a workout tonight?' we were both feeling like bagging it - but instead we opted for 45 minutes of yoga x and then ab ripper. zoiks! i forgot just how *good* those workouts feel. i will say, i felt stronger in my poses last night than i ever did last year when we were doing p90x so i guess that means i'm stronger (it has been months and months). ab ripper sucked but it is supposed to and again i surpassed my expectations. i'd like to incorporate this into our workout scheme at least once a week for the next few months. a little variety isn't a bad thing.

lost out on another auction last night for some bontrager x lite tubular wheels. oh well, i don't need them for a bit. if any of my readers come across a set of x lites from before 2008 for sale, please let me know (clinchers or tubulars - i ultimately want both for my cross bike).

i'm starting to get an itch to take a personal day. just a day to myself to do not much of anything. if there was better snow i'd consider taking friday but right now i'm not sure what i'd be able to do.

happy wednesday.

24 January 2012

not going anywhere

spent an hour on the trainer last night. it wasn't much fun but i got it done anyway. my stomach had a bit of a reaction to dinner which made it even a little more uncomfortable so that was fun.

i received a package in the mail from tree fort bikes. arguably the best online retailer - they match prices and always have free shipping above 125 so i ended up saving a lot of money on my new cantis/crankset from shimano.

happy tuesday.

23 January 2012

slip sliding

i finally was able to get out on the skis over the weekend. saturday morning it was clear, calm and sunny (if not cold). i knew it would be good when i pulled in a little after 9 to see the groomer packing up his gear. i skied every kilometer available including the classic only loop around the prairie 9. it was great and i would have kept going except i was limited a little on time. after the ski session, we took cal to see a musician (mr dave) that performs weekly at calvin's daycare. it was great except those events remind me that one of the challenges of child rearing are other childrens' parents. the rest of the day was spent relaxing, grocery shopping and watching midnight in paris (i heart woody allen movies).

sunday, i skied some more while robin/calvin were at church. the conditions were not very good (heavy use and warm temps) but it was still good to get out.

training from last week:
m: 0:45 (run)
t: 1:00 (trainer)
w: 0
r: 1:00 (trainer)
f: 0
s: 1:15 (ski @ pleasant view)
n: 0:45 (ski @ pleasant view)
total: 4:45

am very sore (hip flexors/groin) from my skiing adventures. it always amazes me how sore i can make muscles that i actually use in day to day movements. the snow is crap now after a night of rain so back to the trainer if i want to stay active (and not break an ankle running).

happy monday.

20 January 2012

snow day

ok, i'll admit i like winter a little bit. like, in january when racing season is done and i don't feel some weird internal drive to be training i do enjoy the winter. snow and even sometimes really cold can be nice. i'm hoping that i'll be able to get on the skis a little over the weekend with this next 4 or 5 inches.

i rode the trainer last night for an hour. just steady riding to keep the legs moving. i indulged in a video game which makes it go by quickly.

i'm really glad it is friday. i'm making dinner tonight and i am actually looking forward to it - a modern take on chili using pork and green chili peppers. i've never been too keen on cooking but i'm really trying because 1) it is not fair to make robin cook everything, 2) it is something i should be able to do, 3) i want to be a good role model for my son and 4) with my ever increasing dietary restrictions i want to play an active role in my well being.

happy friday.

19 January 2012


after prolonged fall like weather it certainly feels like january now.

our date night didn't materialize last night due to our babysitter falling because of illness. we went out to dinner as a family instead and calvin was about as good as a two year old can be at a restaurant. it was nice but i was looking forward to some time alone with my lovely bride.

happy thursday.

18 January 2012

bike build

as soon as i set the wheels in motion (so to speak) on my bike build, i began obsessing about it. i don't like buying things for the sake of having the high end stuff but i also don't want to compromise. brakes, cranksets, wheels - i can't stop looking for deals. i've got months and months so i need to chill.

i rode the trainer for an hour last night. just trying to maintain fitness without overly stressing my body. i do believe a rest is necessary after a long racing season but completely shutting down and losing all my gains seems wasteful so i'm going to try and stay active. also, when i don't do some sort of exercise i feel like something is missing. tonight is date night and i think robin and i will dust off the skis and search from decently groomed trail for a little night skiing! i am very happy that the snow held off until cx nationals but now i'd like more please - 3-5" on friday should make the skiing preemo (for my purposes anyway).

happy wednesday.

17 January 2012

and he was running

got out for 45 minutes last night. the weather continues to amaze and i caught myself thinking it was a late march run instead of mid january. as i ran through neighborhoods i could hear the dripping of roof snow melting at 9:00 at night. it was a good run except for getting chased by a dog at one point. i ain't afraid of no golden-doodle!

happy tuesday.

16 January 2012

the weekend that wasn't

this weekend overall kind of blew. the week knocked me out and by friday night i was extremely tired. we chose to have pizza at glass nickle in middleton but my mistake was sitting in the basement. loud people made it hard to have any conversations. i did get out for a 45 minute run so that is something.

saturday i decided to go with ron and josh to the bike swap. i made only one small purchase which was fine but i was hoping to find some wheels for the cross bike i'm building. i want a set of aluminum bontrager tubulars (x-lite) from a few years back with the dt swiss hubs. i've still got time to find them so no biggie (i also blew an ebay auction where i could have gotten a set for a steal).

spent the rest of the day running errands and we also watched moneyball which i thought was pretty good.

yesterday was more of the same, sleep in a little, eat breakfast, run errands, nap time, trainer time, packer game and then *poof* the weekend is over. damn.

training for last week:
m: off
t: off
w: off
r: 1:15 (trainer)
f: 0:45 (run)
s: off
n: 1:00 (trainer)
total: 3 hours

here it is monday morning and i've got a dentist appointment at 9 to look forward to (a filling - oh joy!).

happy monday.

13 January 2012

i have issues

last night i rode the trainer. not because i have a race coming or even because i wanted to - it was because i had to. yikes. furthermore, i enjoyed it. although i will admit the concurrent video game on my old ps2 didn't hurt.

i got robin's road bike set up with the duotrap sensor. that is pretty slick having it integrated into the frame tubing. and, i must admit i'm a little jealous of her being able to measure speed/distance on the trainer (since it measures on the rear wheel). ant+ is pretty cool - assuming that the new bluetooth low energy doesn't usurp ant+.

oh, and i placed an order for this:

stoked! i'm building it with a mix of parts from my current race bike (shifters and derailleurs) with upgrades to the crankset and brakes (shimano cx-70). the motobecane will become a single speed for training/commuting and also as my low maintenance pit bike.

happy friday.

11 January 2012


i took the cross bike to the car wash last night for a good cleaning - that bike had so much dirt caked on that it was in dire need of warm water coming out at high pressure. i could have used one more minute but it is now (mostly) clean.

other than that, i had another night of rest. i still feel very tired following the weekend - it is weird the role psychology plays in how i feel. if this had been a hard race weekend in the middle of the season, i'd have ridden monday and tuesday of this week already and by now would probably be feeling ok. but knowing the season is done, i just feel tired and sore which is weird following a less than an hour race that was 4 days ago now.

happy wednesday.

10 January 2012

beat down

boy, i really love racing cross but i'm pretty happy the season is done and i've got some time to rest. i'm so tired still and i think i'm coming down with a cold. if there is ever a good time to be sick, it is now when i'm already planning to take a little time away from training.

after work last night i took advantage of the warm temps and took down all the outdoor christmas decorations. it went a lot faster than putting them up and now all things christmas are down in the spots in the basement. good job done.

i also spent some time getting bike stuff put away (it was all still in the car). tonight i'm going to take the cross bike to the car wash to get all the badger prairie mud off. then, i think i'm going to order a new bike (more on that later).

i was useless at work yesterday - time to make up for it!

happy tuesday.

09 January 2012

meat grinder

what a weekend. friday night the curtes boys arrived and we headed to the 'meet the pros' event at machinery row. cal came with which limited my time there which was ok. we stopped on our way home for some mac and cheese at noodles and then home to get some rest. saturday morning came fast and racing started at 9:00 am. i headed over and did a lap knowing the course would be completely different by my race time of 2:45. mike finished in the top 25 in the 45+ on a very dangerous course - props to him. jeff and joe both didn't finish for different reasons in the 40+ race. i went home to rest (and bake bread) and boy the time went slow. finally, i headed over and got the trainer set up. i spun for a good 40 minutes ahead of the race and i think i need to incorporate that into my pre-race routine because i felt really good. line up always comes quick and all of a sudden it was time to race. my call up was mid 40's and i was amongst 7 or 8 other guys from wca masters racing. the start was fast and sketchy but i managed to avoid any major mishaps. the first time up the big hill was a runner due to traffic (i ended up running it 3 of 5 laps). then, it was just focus on staying upright and riding as hard as i could at all times. i'm not sure of the criteria they applied but i somehow i was the last one on the lead lap. i'm very happy with my effort - 41st is where i should be because there was nothing more i could do to ride any faster.

we had a great night at our place on saturday, eating good food with a few nice beers exchanging race stories. sunday morning we grabbed the mac and set it up in the living room and watched the whole belgian national championships and then switched and watched most of the czech championships. nys and stybar really make it looks easy. cal, robin and i headed over to the course in time to watch the women's race - there were great crowds and watching katie compton crush it was amazing. but that was just a time trial. the men's race was a race with no less than 5 guys duking it out together until 2 laps to go. my guy j-pow pulled away and it was so exciting seeming him win it on the same course i raced on the day before. those guys are so good - lap times in the low 6 minute range (we were closer to 10).

after a great weekend of bike racing we took down the christmas decorations which sucked. we had the worst tree ever and literally just about every needle came off taking it out. it was a dud for sure and makes me wonder if an artificial tree makes more sense... i like the process of getting the tree but this was bad.

i can tell it was a great weekend because i am very tired this morning. it was hard to leave with everyone else in the house still sleeping (oliver included).

i'm going to take a few days to recover and then i'll start doing some unstructured things. the past few months have showed me that if i'm a little more formalized with my training i can see improved results and now i'm excited to make a plan for 2012.

happy monday.

06 January 2012


man, i sure do feel nervous for tomorrow. i'm not sure why exactly but if i don't find a way to calm down i'm going to make myself sick. i can't imagine what i'd be feeling if i had any chance at all to win - then again, if you are good enough to win you probably don't get all that nervous. deep cleansing breaths.

we got the house cleaned up for our racing guests due to arrive this evening. after cal went to bed, i hopped on the trainer for 50 minutes or so just to get the legs moving. i added a few 1 minute hard efforts just for fun. i feel good as of the moment so hopefully i am able to carry that into tomorrow.

one thing i haven't been good at this year is establishing a warm up routine. i like the idea of getting up and riding some the morning of race day to get the blood flowing. since i don't have a routine i feel some freedom to try something slightly different for this race so i think i might head over early, do a lap while the course is open (around 8:30), watch mike race, watch some of joe and jeff's race and then head back home to rest. then, head back around 1:30 and warm up on the trainer. we'll see if i am organized enough to do that.

anyway, wish me luck at nationals.

happy friday.

05 January 2012

burning holes through me

i cut out early (again) to watch the men's single speed championship race yesterday. the course was completely different than it was on tuesday which was completely different than it was by monday etc. i feel like by the time we race the course is going to be destroyed but maybe it'll just be tacky and sweet.

i'm quite certain that i'm going to get smoked in my race. that is more reality than anything, this is a cat 1/2/3 race (and i am a lowly 3) and there are a lot of cat 1's that could be pro if the support was there. this realization was really driven home watching yesterday. i just hope i can stay on the course until the end which is no given if they are applying the 80% rule (the weren't yesterday with lapped riders being allowed to continue). we'll see i guess.

single speeding looked fun. my plan is to move most of my componentry to a new frame for 2012 and convert the motobecane to a single speed/commuter bike so maybe next year.

being there watching actual racing also drove home the fact that i really do love cross. it feels very attainable (short races requiring a little less training time) and we have so many great races close to home. i have had a very good/enjoyable season and i'm already thinking about how i might be able to build on what i've learned about training this year. i'll reserve details for a later post, but i really have learned so much about myself this year and just what i'm capable of. i feel like i did back in 2002 when i really started racing seriously in that i can see what i can attain if i just continue to work hard (and have some good luck). i'm rambling somewhat incoherently i know.

oh, i renewed my usac license a few days ago and checked the road license box instead of mountain for the first time ever. there are a fair number of road races close by and i just might have to throw my hat in the ring in a cat 4/5 masters race or two. it is good to have options!

happy thursday.

04 January 2012

deceiving glory

after work last night ron and i checked out the nats course and it is looking far less icey than it did on monday. now, that is not to say it is ice free - just a lot more ride able. warmer temps tomorrow and friday should make it a pretty sweet ride for us saturday racers. after checking the course, we headed over to the race hotel to get our registration stuff. they hadn't received the numbers yet for later races but i was able to sign the waiver and get my swag. it's all actually happening - hopefully my legs respond.

after cal went to bed i did a workout on the trainer. some intervals to keep the legs firing. i may either take tonight off or spin for 30 minutes or so, one more small workout tomorrow and then it is game on!

happy wednesday.

03 January 2012

i'm gasoline

man, a long break was just what the doctor ordered. the first half was nice if not stressful and the second half - well that was just plain nice with no stress.

there was about as much drama as anticipated over the holidays. i wish there was a way to make it less stressful on everyone - mostly mothers. there is something that happens that makes (ours at least) go a little crazy and no matter how much time we spend in their eyes it could always be a little more. oh well, we made it out alive! plus, we were able to get a night away with my sister/brother in-law for a some great food and (too many) very nice beers. i paid for it but it was so worth it. madison to gresham to eau claire to wausau and back to madison in 5 days!

wednesday we had a dinner party with robin's cousins and then it was family time. i managed to get on the bike every day while in madison and we also got a ton of home re-organizing done (with much more to do). it isn't very often that you get a nice block of time with nothing planned and i thing we all needed it. that being said, calvin is very ready for the structure that daycare provides. and i think oliver was getting sick of us around all the time.

it's nationals week. after thinking about it so much this year i cannot believe it is here. i've tried to really keep it together training wise and i did alright:

m: 0 (beth and morten visiting)
t: 0:45 (run)
w: 1:15 (trainer w/ 2 sets 3 hard/3 easy)
r: 1:00 (trainer)
f: 0 (travel day, christmas @ in-laws)
s: 1:00 (running in fresh snow in gresham)
n: 0:50 (running in eau claire)
total: 4:50

m: 0:45 (run in eau claire)
t: 0 (hung over/traveling)
w: 1:30 (cross bike @ badger prairie/military ridge)
r: 1:15 (trainer w/ 2 sets of 3 hard/3 easy)
f: 1:00 (trainer)
s: 1:00 (trainer)
n: 1:00 (trainer w/ 2 sets of 3 hard/3 easy)
total: 6:30

not bad i must say. i know i need to incorporate some variety in my interval sessions but just doing intervals is pretty amazing for me. hopefully it helps a little. got an hour yesterday while watching football (that badger game was really something).

with that, i better get to work.

happy tuesday.