30 September 2011

sideways rain

i thought it was raining quite a bit last night - turns out we ended up with close to an inch here on the west side of madison. due to the 40 mph wind gusts, it appeared to be falling horizontally to the ground and as a result i opted out of a workout (was planning to run). i did some work stuff (yuck) and then swapped the rigid fork for the suspension fork in anticipation of the blaster (i'm so much more productive without baseball). i have been totally neglecting my cross bike so i'm hoping to carve a little time to get that bike race worthy this weekend.

happy friday.

29 September 2011


man we cooked up a bad ass course last night. i felt really good going into the hot laps but had no power. i'm feeling pretty sore/tired this morning so maybe i wasn't properly fueled. i don't mind being slow at practice as long as i am improving my fitness/skills - and i think that will be the case.

i didn't ride in this morning. i'm hoping to get out and run again tonight. i'm wear testing a pair of saucony shadow genesis 2's and i feel a little obliged to run at least a couple times a week. plus, i really like the shoes. after reading born to run and talking to people much more knowledgeable than i, i think the true minimalist movement (no cushioning) is really dumb not to mention dangerous. but, i do like some of the shoes that are reducing heel drop in combination with newer cushioning strategies/flexible uppers that have resulted from 'the movement'. my regular trainers i've been using were purchased during our trip to boston over two years ago so i may take a look at some new trainers in the coming months - most likely a lightweight shoe with a 4 mm heal drop (since i'm a saucony guy maybe the kinvara).

happy thursday.

28 September 2011


rode the trainer for 60 minutes last night. i upped the intensity during commercial breaks during the brewer game. i wonder if mark attanasio will take a legitimate run at prince? it almost seems like you could surround prince and braun with cheap on base type guys and be alright offensively. who knows, but i'm trying to enjoy it while they are together. come on guys, world series!

i finally was able to ride in today. the sun is out - cross practice should be a goodie!

happy wednesday.

27 September 2011

more running

another 6 miles of running last night and i must say it felt pretty good. i think it speaks to my general state of fitness. although, i feel like that state is in jeopardy since again this morning i didn't ride into work. generally speaking, wet in the morning i opt out (i don't want to be wet all morning at work) but forecasted rain in the evening won't stop me. this giant low pressure mass needs to slide out east so the sun comes back! this may force me to (gasp) ride the trainer tonight. a little early for that but you have to do what you have to do.

happy tuesday.

26 September 2011

good (if not short) weekend

saturday was spent running errands, getting our workouts and making some delicious chilly. i was able to get out for a couple hours on the cross bike on the military ridge trail as well as at badger prairie for a couple of laps. i was feeling my run from the night before (45 minutes) since i have been focusing on riding the past several weeks. amazing how fall you can fall out of running shape in a matter of weeks. anyway, training from last week was low but that was expected in light of post fat tire and with calvin getting sick for a few days in there.

m: off
t: 60 minutes (bike commute)
w: 120 minutes (bike commute/cross practice)
r: off (cal sick/robin's night to ride)
f: 45 minutes running
s: 120 minutes (military ridge/badger prairie)
n: off (brewer game)
total: 5:45

speaking of the brewer game, it ruled. i had a great time with robin and calvin. he was totally into it - we sat below bernie's dugout and cal kept look up and waving. for a two year old, he did really well sitting still and at the end we got to run the bases together. awesome day!

i woke up late this morning and it was a bad day for that to happen. it is days like this where i wish i could find a new job (or at least re-define my current role). being a leader of people is way overrated.

happy monday.

23 September 2011

crazy week

considering i had monday off and i was home with my sick son yesterday, it is pretty remarkable that it feels like a 6 workday week already. because of this, my training for the week is taking a hit. nothing yesterday, i didn't get to ride in today because i need a car to be 'on call' in case daycare sends cal home (plus i want to check on oliver at lunch - he is having stomach issues). maybe a run tonight after cal goes to bed and some riding tomorrow. sunday will most likely be another off day but for a cool reason - we're taking cal to his first brewer game. like he said this morning, it is going to be 'awwwesome!'

i'm only sort of regretting not doing USGP. i was going to sign up a few days back but when i saw 98 riders confirmed i opted out. i'm considering wca #1 at the domes next weekend if i can make arrangements for calvin while i'm racing (robin is out of town). if not, no biggie...it is a long season this year.

happy friday.

21 September 2011


i have a problem. i love riding my bike to work. but, i hate riding my bike to work. since school started everyone is aggressive and crabby. there are tons of cars on my previously sparsely populated route. i guess i need a new route.

cross practice tonight. robin is home with the boy (woke up very hot and sad). it's tough being a little guy, he is starting to feel his two year molars (maybe they are related).

oh yea, i forgot my training summary from last week:
m: 60 minutes (bike commute)
t: 60 minutes (bike commute)
w: 80 minutes @ cross practice
r: off (travel day)
f: 70 minutes (pre-ride at fat tire)
s: 150 minutes (fat tire!)
n: off
total: 7 hours

anyway, happy wednesday.

20 September 2011

the big one

man oh man, what a great weekend of racing, hanging with friends/family and being away from work. speaking of work, as usual the wheels fell off here again while i was away for 2 days because my clients suck. but before i face reality....

after driving to eau claire thursday night (and calvin not sleeping well), we were up and at 'em on friday after all sleeping in a little. went out and got some pancakes and set up the little man for the weekend. then it was off to chequamegon land. robin and i met up with our good friend chuck in hayward for a bit and then on to telemark for some pre-riding and bib pick up. visited the fuel gang and then back to hay town for dinner and rest before the big day.

the alarm came quick (4:50 am) but it was worth as i had sixth row position in the start staging area. back in bed by 5:10 am which makes staying in hayward so worth it. robin dropped me off at 8:15 and she went off to slay the short and fat. i spent my free time in the coffee shop topping of my caffeine levels. it seemed like forever until the start time arrived but the last 20 minutes were frantic as ever. as a waited for the cannon i felt pretty good and was excited to get going.

this was the best start i've ever had. i was aggressive right away shooting every gap i could see and by the time the quad pulled off i was in the lead group (i could see all the heavy hitters and i just tried to tuck in and find mike). entering rosie's field there were a few folks with mechanicals that slowed me down enough to lose the sharp end. i just tried to get into and bridge any time a gap formed between my group and the group ahead of us. it was working well except for two issues:

1) i lost my water bottle in the first 10 miles.
2) my saddle bag came loose so i had to stop and remove it, eventually jettisoning it. #2 on my list cost me a very good group and ultimately may have cost me several minutes (we were working well together).

through OO in sub 1 hour (nice). got into another group that worked well together and held together until firetower when i dropped them all. a few guys worked their way back up to me and we worked together until the birkie rollers when i dropped them again. by now, i was feeling my rigid fork and it was definitely slowing me down. i was also starting to feel dehydrated/depleted (i didn't take any gels because i didn't have anything to wash them down with) but i forged ahead. i lost a few spots in the last 5 miles but finished strong. sub 2:30 (second best time for me) and a top 125 finish gave me a giant grin (once the pain subsided).

this experience re-invigorated my infatuation with this race and now i think robin caught it too. we are already talking about next year! the rest of the weekend was spent with friends - that is what is so cool about fat tire. no matter what happens we all have a war story or two and everyone is happy (after a few beers). worth the price of admission for sure.

it was nice to have 4 days off. but now reality of being back stings even more. yuck.

the ride in this morning was brutal. the traffic was bad and some lady yelled at me for being on the road. i didn't give her the gesture back i wanted too (she had kids in the car) but i did catch up to her at a stop sign and stopped next to her and stared her down. interestingly, she had nothing more to say and i think she locked the doors. funny how these a-holes are happy to honk and yell and gesture when they think they are just going to drive away from you without any recourse.

happy tuesday.

15 September 2011


fat tire preview at skinnyski.

garner cross

another great evening at practice last night. we fashioned a course that allowed for a start (usually it is just a rolling start) so we utilized a slightly different configuration than normal. it was fun. i went with the top group each time and tried to go hard for a lap or two and then back it down...i don't want to burn too many matches before this weekend's tilt up north.

i'm tired today but have a lot to do. work, pack and drive makes for a long day. it'll be worth it though when we wake up tomorrow morning. my next ride will be in chequamegon land!

happy thursday.

14 September 2011

fall like

it certainly feels like it is time to race fat tire. a slight chill in the air, leaves starting to transition from different shades of greens to yellows and reds and oranges. the bikes are ready to go. provisions are being assembled tonight after i practice cyclocross racing. we hit the road thursday night and begin the weekend that i so look forward to every year.

i do not want to be at work today. i've got things on my list that i really don't want to deal with but need to.

happy wednesday.

12 September 2011

enjoying the weather

it was another nice weekend including a date with my wife, some bike time on saturday and sunday, hanging with my sis becca, picking raspberries, hiking the big dog park with cal in the backpack, and working on my race bike for fat tire.

summary of the training week:
m: 2 hours to the tunnel with calvin and robin
t: off
w: cross practice and bike commuting (2.5 hours)
r: off
f: 1 hour bike commuting
s: 1.5 hours, mountain bike on mix of road, trail and singletrack
n: 1 hour of easy riding (cal in the trailer)
total: 8 hours

all in all, a good pre-fat tire week.

i rode in this morning and plan to do the same tomorrow. cross practice on wednesday and then we start the trip north on thursday - i can't believe it is here again!

happy monday.

09 September 2011

a gift from my son

he gave me his cold - isn't that nice? i will say the timing is ok heading into a light stretch of training prior to fat tire. it's not terrible but i feel a little throat scratchiness and post nasal stuff. and i'm a little tired. but that didn't stop me from riding in this morning - the traffic was crazy again.

anyway, i'm glad it is friday.

happy friday.

08 September 2011


i wasn't feeling that great yesterday but rode pretty well at cross practice. i took 1 dirt nap in a slippery corner but i guess if i am going to fall i would rather it be at practice. the course was one of the best we've set up (in my opinion), very fast and very representative of the race course around these parts. not to mention the weather was perfect. a great night. between riding at practice and the commuting i think i was close to another 2.5 hours of ride time for the night...not bad for a workday wednesday.

i decided to drive in this morning which means i won't get a workout for the day (unless i run with cali - or before i pick him up - hmmmm....). that is ok because i'm already at 4.5 hours for the week on only 2 days of riding.

happy thursday.

07 September 2011

school is in for the winter

man, what a difference a week makes. the last time i rode to work, the traffic was light and lovely. that was one week ago today. i rode in again and this time there was tons and tons of aggressive traffic on the roads. i know school is now in full on mode but what is it about school that changes everyone's driving habits? it must be that everyone waits until their kids are safely on their way to school (which happens around the same time for everyone) and then they drive at top speed to get to work.

anyway, my legs were feeling the weekend efforts so i opted for a rest day prior to tonight's second cross practice of the year. i'm feeling pretty tired this morning - hopefully that subsides throughout the day.

happy wednesday.

06 September 2011

i wish they were all 4 day weekends.

a great weekend spent at home with family.

friday, cal's daycare was closed for the holiday so we got to spend some quality time together. we got out in between rain drops to log 2 hours of gravel riding. we spent the rest of the day playing and having a good old time together. we went out for beer and pizza for dinner which was delicious.

saturday, i was feeling the beer from the night before. it was ok though, since it rained quite a bit. we spent a fair amount of time at machinery row bicycles picking out robin's new road bike - a sweet looking madone. it is a pretty nice kit - i'm very excited for her!

sunday i was able to get out and do the long road ride i had originally planned for saturday. 3.5 hours in the hills at and around blue mounds. i tried to push the uphills and was feeling it at the end. later we had dinner with our neighbors across the street. it surprised me when they said that they had been in the house for 4 years - time sure does fly. it was good to (finally) meet them.

training for the week:
m: 45 min, run
t: 60 min, bike commute
w: 150 min, bike commute and cross practice
r: off, tired legs
f: 120 minutes, gravel with cal
s: off, rain and hung over
n: 210 minutes, road ride with hills
total: 9.75 hours

yesterday, we went for a family ride to the tunnel on the badger trail. cal loved the tunnel and wanted to go through again and again. around 2 hours for the day and i was feeling my ride from the day before.

last night we had 'breakfast burgers' - big old beef patties with bacon, cheese and a fried egg on top. terrible for us? yes! but so very delicious. i could eat another one right now.

happy tuesday.

01 September 2011

that one hurt a little

cross practice was great but it hurt as much as i thought it might. it was hot but i rode ok relative to some of the really fast guys. i did manage to wash out on a corner (causing a guy behind me to crash over top of me), but besides a couple of scrapes no major damage. i'm estimating around 2.5 hours of ride time for the day so that is pretty good too.

the intensity combined with the heat made me a little crampy in bed last night. i was going to ride in this morning but i'm feeling pretty beat so i drove instead. i'm thinking about taking cal for a bike ride in the trailer tomorrow but we'll see how it all works out around nap time.

then, i'm still planning a nice long road ride in the hills on saturday. should be fun!

happy thursday.