31 August 2011

single speed on my mind

on my way in today i was wondering why there are specific single speed classes at races. there are no other distinctions made based on equipment choice. i think i have wondered this on here before but for some reason i was thinking about it again. you choose to ride a single speed? i get it - they are fun. but a separate race class? dumb.

rode home in the rain last night. it never got as bad as i thought it would so i was a little disappointed i didn't tack on. oh well, i rode in the is morning and will ride to, at and from cross practice tonight so i should end up with a pretty good training number. one last push before fat tire including a big hill ride on saturday.

cross practice is here - time to ramp up the intensity a little!

happy wednesday.

30 August 2011

learning to enjoy

for some reason i had a lot of fun riding in this morning. same route, same traffic...just felt different. i rode the kona and i'm really starting to enjoy the rigid set up. i was wavering on if i wanted to go rigid at fat tire but now i'm committed to it.

ran 6 miles last night and felt very good. i'm depressed that it is pitch black dark so early but that is how it goes. the temp was perfect and my body responded well.

cross practice tomorrow. time for a kick in the junk.

happy tuesday.

29 August 2011

living the madison life

this weekend was great including a friday night cook out with some of robin's co-workers, a visit from my mom (and later, dad, brooks and denise after they moved my sis into college). farmers market (and a yummy breakfast at bradbury's, dream park in fitchburg, dinner at the house with everyone, breakfast at the original pancake house and raspberry picking a sutter's ridge. cal even slept in both days!

i got out for just under two hours on the kona in the afternoon yesterday. i'm still getting used to riding a rigid front end but i will say last night was fun. i rode at quarry ridge and it wasn't as harsh as i remember - maybe i'm getting used to it? there was a couple walking their dog on the trails (i almost hit them three times), a dad and his kids out learning how to mountain bike (which was super cool - the kids had giant grins every time i passed them) and some really old dude with a cocktail and a cigarette walking down the trail. i got out of there once i saw that guy.

training for the week:
m: 60 minutes (bike commute)
t: 45 minutes (running)
w: 90 minutes (road bike)
r: 60 minutes (bike commute)
f: 60 minutes (bike commute)
s: off
n: 105 minutes (mtb on road/railtrail/singletrack)
total: 7 hours

ok total for the week but i could use another high volume week. i couldn't ride in this morning (i have a dentist appointment in a few hours). cross practices start on wednesday and i'd like to commute there at least for the september versions. we'll see i guess.

happy monday.

26 August 2011

crabby pants

thursday nights are for robin so cali and i got some one on one time last night. it started off great, early dinner, a nice walk in the beautiful early evening sun and a little bike time. bedtime wasn't so nice - he was overtired. he didn't appreciate any of his bedtime routine and let me know about it. at least he fell right asleep.

bike commuting only yesterday and today. tonight we are heading to a little get together with robin's colleagues. grandma kiki is coming to town as well (my mom) so that will be nice. hopefully i can log a little bike time this weekend.

not a great post today. oh well.

happy friday.

25 August 2011

busy week

tuesday morning rain meant no ride to work. i opted for 45 minutes of running at night and by night i mean running after cal goes to bed on a cloudy night means pitch black - that sure happened fast. i had a client visit here yesterday so no ride in again but i did manage 90 minutes on the road after work (thanks r!). rode in this morning and it may have been my least favorite commute thus far. for some reason there was tons of aggressive traffic on every road i took. and, some lady out for a bike ride refused to stop at stop signs which really burns me (makes law abiding cyclists look bad).

anyway, the weekend weather is looking grand. the sun angles and overnight temps are *almost* indicating cross season. and robin got her fat tire confirmation postcard in the mail which is super cool - watch out short and fat field!

happy thursday.

23 August 2011

still in recovery mode

an hour and 15 minutes of riding or so yesterday. the weather was great and i was feeling pretty good but decided to take it easy my first day back on the bike to ease in. waking up to thunderstorms made me wish i had tacked on a half an hour or 45 minutest though. anyway,

last week:
m: 90 min bike
t: 70 min bike
w: off (golf)
r: 150 min bike
f: sick
s: sick
n: getting better
total: a measly 5 hours. at least i got one good ride in there.

this week isn't looking much better. i'll try to run tonight, i've got clients in town tomorrow so i'm undecided on whether or not riding in is a good idea. hopefully we'll have a nice active weekend. my mom may be coming so maybe robin and i can even get our for a ride together (gasp).

happy tuesday.

21 August 2011

boy oh boy

man, my previously mentioned headache really turned into something bad. so bad in fact that i had to miss my in-laws 40th which i feel really bad about. part because that is a huge milestone and part because ditching robin with a 21 month old while trying to orchestrate a party is bad form (sorry r). but, my headache became so intolerable that i contemplated going to the er. the only reason i didn't was the headache was coupled with a fever and overall body aches. i left work early and tried to recover. i dropped oliver at the kennel and was in so much pain i was altered (i don't really remember the drive there or back and i may have signed him up for doggy massage for all i know). the pain reached its peak around 7 pm at which time i took a vicodin which finally relieved the pain and let me sleep a little. took another in the middle of the night and woke up just before 10 am to a very worried phone call from robin (sorry again r). i struggled with head pain through the morning but then it lifted and only the body aches remained. i guess i got some weird flu like virus or something.

after sacking out the past two days i'm so damn bored/sick of television. i could probably ride but that doesn't make any sense considering how sick i was just a day ago. i might do some low impact yard work but try to rest up and kick this thing to the curb for good.

i just hope that nobody else gets it because that one sucked it in a big way.

19 August 2011


i went to bed with a little bit of a headache last night. i awoke at 2 with a white hot searing headache and popped some pills. at 6:15 it hurt just as much and i took more pills. i think the caffeine is helping a little but man this sucks. i sure hope it resolves soon - we've got a busy weekend ahead. i did 35 miles home last night with my commuter backpack on - i hope that isn't the cause. my guess is a combination of some related muscle tension, allergies (it is ragweed season which was off the charts on my skin test) and maybe a little dehydration. man headaches suck.

18 August 2011

i was beginning to think i hated golf

and then i shot 39 last night. i smoked my opponent 9 to 1 but really don't care about that part - i'm very happy with the score. i was hitting everything pure and solid. i had one regrettable shot the whole round. otherwise, it was about as good as i can play. maybe i should pack up the golf equipment and call it a season? probably not.

on the ride in this morning, my legs were feeling much better then they were on tuesday. robin is opting out of her weekly group ride so i'm going to tack some mileage on tonight. then the bikes go away until at least sunday (probably monday) while we head up to gresham to celebrate my in-laws' 40th. that is a long time.

i'll probably bring my running shoes though....

happy thursday.

16 August 2011

still working

took the long cut home last night which gave me 90 minutes on the day. i'm feeling a little weary the past few days - i think partly due to peak allergy season but also due to my consistent training i've been logging. just want to hang on until the weekend and then i'll have a few days of r&r.

happy tuesday.

15 August 2011

a great weekend

a nice weekend all around.

saturday, cali and i got to spend most of the day together while robin and her sisters (is that a woody allen movie?) did party prep for their parents' 40th anniversary next weekend. the highlight of the day for both of us was a 2 hour gravel session on the cross bike with the trek bike trailer. cali slept for about half and then woke up and contributed the whistle to our bike train. woo woo!

sunday robin and i installed a new light over our dining table. besides hanging it too high (we lowered later and now it is spot on), it went pretty well i must say. then i got out on the road bike for around a couple of hours of hills to top off another great week of training. i knew this coming week would be a down week so i got out when i could:

m: 105 minutes (bike commute + 6 miles of running)
t: 60 minutes (bike commute only)
w: 120 minutes (bike commute + add on at blackhawk then to badger prairie)
r: 110 minutes (rode to machinery row and then a nice ride with robin)
f: off
s: 120 minutes (gravel with calvin)
n: 110 minutes (road hill loop)
total: 10.5 hours


rode in this morning - man is the weather great. this is it, if i could push pause for 6 months or so i would do so now. then, resume the season change (and probably push pause again sometime in october).

happy monday.

12 August 2011

great night

after rushing over to daycare to watch a cute (if not poorly planned) 'circus act' including our son, i kitted up and headed to machinery row to meet robin. we did a poker ride with the luna chix group and it was great fun. the weather was perfect and even got chilly at the end of the ride with the breeze off of the lake. robin got a very good full house hand and ended up with a pretty sweet prize package as a result. a nice night all around. finished the evening with burritos from chipotle. a great way to get 2 hours of ride time (robin can really push it on the bike - i'm laying the ground work for her return to mountain biking at the beechwood blaster in october).

our subaru had several indicator lights turn on while driving home so that is fun. hopefully it doesn't cost too much to fix.

anyway, happy friday.

11 August 2011

what i've been waiting for

i rode to work and was able to take a long route home last night for 2 hours of ride time on the day. i rode the mtb with rigid fork and got tossed a little. i hit up blackhawk and then rode to and on the the military ridge trail to badger prairie and then home. the rigid front end will take some getting used to - going from a 100mm fork especially. it is noticeably faster up hill but i will have to condition myself to get tossed around more up front.

tonight i'm joining robin on a poker ride hosted by the local luna chix squad. i'm hoping to ride downtown (the ride is starting at machinery row) for some added ride time. it will be fun to get out on bikes with my bride.

happy thursday.

10 August 2011

why so angry, bro?

i almost got beat up at woodmans last night. the family and i decided to get some quick grocery shopping done and made a very dubious decision to go to woodmans. that place was a zoo (more than normal even) and everyone seemed angry. we were booking through and robin shot a little gap with her cart that apparently made this lady angry. i was behind and she said something and was looking at me so i politely said 'pardon me?' and she said 'yea, i said it.' 'said what?' 'excuse me works.' i said that i was sorry but when you park in the middle you are in the way. well, i shouldn't have said anything because a little later on while i was parked out of the way playing with cal i noticed something in the corner of my eye and then the guy she was with backed up into me and then stated 'did you touch me dude? did you just touch me?' to his credit (very little), i think that is when he noticed cal and walked away without further incident but he wanted to beat me up i think. i could have taken him with my slap and kick style of manly brawling (yea right). as we left the parking lot later i made sure our moon roof was closed (wink, wink).

anyway, between the stress of that situation and getting up at 4 with cal i'm not feeling so hot this morning. oh well.

just an hour of riding yesterday (bike commute only). i put the rigid fork on the mtb and rode that in this morning - fat tire prep is in full go mode.

happy wednesday.

09 August 2011

i forgot

i've been meaning to generally track my training on this site but have been remiss since my last big volume week.

the week of nine-mile:
m: 50 min running
t: 60 min riding (bike commuting)
w: 0 (golf)
r: 0 (race prep)
f: 1:15 (pre-ride)
s: 3 laps (around 2:45)
n: 3 laps (around 2:45)
total: 8hrs 35min

last week:
m: 0
t: 45 min running
w: 1:15 @ to, at and from quarry ridge
r: 50 min running
f: 0 (work picnic)
s: 50 min trail run
n: 2.5 hours - badger trail to tunnel and back through badger prairie
total: 6hrs 10min

so there. i'm having a pretty good stretch right now considering last year at this time 6 hours would have been a huge week. i'm really focused on fat tire and that is driving me to train when i can. i have some goals in mind but will keep them to myself.

something must be working - after the past few weeks my pants don't fit me right. i haven't gotten on a scale but i'm guessing i'm down 6 or 7 lbs.

yesterday, i rode to and from work and also did a 6 mile run after cal went to sleep. just keep plugging away.

happy tuesday.

05 August 2011

a funk.

i'm in a funk. i am in a place right now where i don't like my job - i work hard and do a good job. i hold my direct reports to high standards and help them with their career development; however, i don't really feel like those above me do the same for me. i've made this place a lot of money over the past 8+ years - first in the lab cranking very complex methods out rapidly and accurately and now, as i have transitioned into management, i have increased my group's productivity and continually lead the department in profitability. my clients love me. i work well with colleagues within and outside my department. yet, i no longer derive satisfaction from this place. i've maxed out and with tighter and tighter restrictions on promotions, etc., the prospects to move into a more challenging position are waning.

what does that mean? well, i guess i should find a new job. the problem is, i have no idea what would make me happier. i wish i could be half as happy on the career front as i am on the family front.

oh well, i guess i should be happy i have a job at all.

happy friday.

04 August 2011


i got out and rode to, at and home from quarry ridge park in fitchburg last night. the trails are in pretty bomber shape and i even tried to push it on a lap or two. the legs felt ok and my bike was working ok. recovering from a 24 hour race is more art than science...it's not that i rode a ton of miles or time but it always takes longer due to the lack of rest one gets.

camrock this weekend. it is hard to not jump in a race so close to home but then again, it would be nice to have a quiet weekend at home with the family. we'll see i guess.

happy thursday.

01 August 2011

21.5 hours

man, the wausau 24 race was everything i remember a 24 race being and more. first off, the team was solid and we all dealt the the expected (and unexpected) adversity very well to finish a solid 3rd in the 4 man open category (4th overall out of all team categories).

i was still on the fence regarding my bike build...until this weekend that is. the bike is rock solid, light and fun as hell. besides a minor rear derailleur adjustment after my first lap, the bike performed flawlessly (rinse, wipe/lube the change, and check tire pressure was all i needed to do between laps). my rear wheel fell off on my second lap but i think that was a random act of a stump/rock hitting the quick release (the release was in the open position and i'm sure it wasn't that way when i started - i think i may have noticed that).

i had a great group of teammates - we had flawless transitions, a good camp vibe and everyone dealt well with the weather. the best part of a team 24 hour effort is that you all have to work through personal demons that pop up at 3:30am or whenever for the good of the team.

i will say, the night laps weren't as painful as i remember - i guess i should thank calvin for helping me deal with sleep depravity!

i'm sore, tired and content today.

happy monday.