31 March 2011

play ball.

opening day. man i love baseball. i get what detractors say, it is slow and boring and blah blah blah. but there are so many intricacies and it best mimics everyday life. slow with bursts of excitement. and you have to show up and play every day...it is like going to work. plus the voices of baseball are also the voices of summer. man i miss summer.

i'm still trying to get recovered from my accident. i forced myself to ride the trainer for an hour last night which was good...i got some of the cobwebs out. probably more of the same tonight. my shoulder is still very painful but each day i have regained more range of motion. my black eye has transitioned to red, purple and yellow so i think it is getting better as well. hopefully i can get this behind me sooner rather than later.

happy opening day.

29 March 2011

on the mend

about halfway through the day yesterday i was able to start lifting my right arm over my head. my left wrist is starting to loosen up when i rotate it as well. the initial crown procedure has been done on my molar. i'm still pretty tired and beat down but all in all things are looking up. and, i'm already starting to plan for my return to the bike. maybe a short trainer session tonight otherwise tomorrow for sure. i've got some big rides on the horizon and i can't let this get in the way!

we went to see jeff tweedy play last night and he was good as always. we met some friends before the event at a barbecue restaurant and saw john leuer. if i cared about basketball i would have punched him for his performance against butler. then again, i would have only been able to reach his stomach - he is a very tall and skinny man.

happy tuesday.

28 March 2011

face plant

headed out for a ride on saturday and 15 minutes into it something failed on my bike (i think the front fender) and i was bucked from the steed. the remainder of the ordeal is a little fuzzy but it resulted in an ambulance ride to u.w. e.r. luckily, no broken bones besides a cracked molar that will be repaired today. my face took the brunt of the fall but my helmet is shot. my right shoulder is very sore still - i'm hoping there is no major soft tissue damage (as i mentioned, x-rays were negative). robin has been my rock and savior through this ordeal and all things considered i'm pretty lucky.

so, off from work today for a little more recuperation. and dental work. then, i'll take my giant shiner and facial road rash to the office tomorrow. fun. hopefully i'm not off the bike too long but i'm thinking around a week to feel right again.


happy monday.

24 March 2011

suck it up

i really didn't feel like doing my trainer workout last night but i did as the title of this post said and actually had a pretty good workout. i was able to get my heartrate up this time and felt relatively normal...maybe i'm finally kicking this virus. just in time for the next...exactly half of my group is out sick today.

with around a month to go before the cheese ride on good friday, i'm beginning to contemplate ride nutrition for my two big rides planned in april and may. i have a new camelbak on the way but now i'm trying to decide what to fill it with. i may try vespa with cytomax in the reservoir (i've had good luck with cytomax). i'm planning on riding my kona (with rigid fork) for that one...that is a long ride considering i have logged zero miles on my new bike.

happy thursday.

22 March 2011

trainer time

1 hour on the trainer last night. 20 minute warm up, 3x8 min 'hard' with 4 minute rest intervals. i'm still not completely over this cold.

i think that i will be incorporating more trainer workouts throughout the year. not because i want to but it is a controlled environment for doing workouts...and it will allow me to monitor my progress as i transition to a more formal training program. one main theme for my 2011 is to be a little smarter about my training and that includes trying to be a little more systematic. this year i will train with heart rate and then maybe next year i'll look into using power to guide my training. i just wish it wasn't so expensive.

happy tuesday.

21 March 2011

a grind

i am still getting over this bug we had but i did manage to get out on saturday for 2:45 on a nice mix of roads with a fair amount of climbing. the sludge in my lungs precluded me from any really hard efforts but i think that is ok in march. i'm just trying to build a little volume so that the now named cheese ride and the cheq 100 don't result in my demise. i was going to try a test run of bike commuting today but i didn't get organized suitably. again, it is only march.

we managed to get caught up on some housework and did some shopping yesterday. with the rain it was a good day for it. and now it is monday and i am beat for some reason...and still coughing up junk. damn.

happy monday.

18 March 2011


i'm feeling markedly better this morning (well, except for what the antibiotics are doing to my stomach). which is good because i was getting pretty sick of being sick.

i did manage to get an hour on the trainer last night as well. not my first choice of workouts but it wasn't bad. rather than do my normal intervals, i just tried to take it easy and then ramp it up over the last 20 minutes or so.

my plan was to start commuting by bike this week but that was postponed due to illness. i'll shoot for a couple of days next week.

happy friday.

17 March 2011


we have been illing in the hoenisch house. some nasty virus infected daycare and the gift that kept giving was given to us. cal ended up with a double ear infection and is doing well now on antibiotics. after mine developed into lower respiratory stuff, i am on antibiotics as well. i hope this all passes soon. training has taken a hit but i have tried to stay active. last week we skipped thursday/friday workouts, did yoga on saturday, i rode for 2 hours on sunday, nothing on monday (we spent the better portion of the night in urgent care), 45 minutes of trainer time on tuesday and ab ripper last night. definitely not enough to make gains but hopefully enough to maintain.

i'm hoping to lick this soon so i can enjoy the warmer weather, longer daylight and optimism of spring. right now i just want to curl up in bed.

happy thursday.

07 March 2011


wanted to get out on the bike on saturday (my birthday) but the weather did not comply. was going to get out yesterday but the timing/motivation didn't work out. after building a lot of training momentum over the winter i'm losing it a little. we did manage a yoga session last night so that is something.

we went and visited our friend kirk yesterday and all things considered he is doing really well. i even heard him say a few words which is very encouraging.

even without training it was a great weekend.

happy monday.

02 March 2011

bike lab

01 March 2011


radio silence lately. i just haven't felt much like posting my typical blog fodder while our friends are going through the ringer. kirk is making slow and methodical improvements and it appears that his personality may be intact. he has a long road ahead of him but he is already able to sit up and work his iphone... so the necessities (i'd enter a smiley emoticon here but emoticons suck). he has progressed a lot more rapidly than anyone thought possible but there is still so much more progress to be made.

as for me, well for a while my emotional response was to mope around and feel really sad for them. and while i do still feel for them on an almost constant basis, i came to the realization that me acting sad all the time was useless. it's not helping kirk or peggy. it's not helping robin. and it is certainly not helping me. so i've been trying to live life a little more full in kirk's honor. like taking care of things now rather than putting them off for another day. and enjoying the company of my family. and doing the things i love to do. like on sunday. i rode on the sw commuter and capital city trails for 2 hours and they were snowy but it was warm enough to not be too slick (i only fell once).

i tackled the job i've been dreading (for some reason)...shortening my rear brake line and bleeding the system. i'm having a hell of a time aligning the brake pads but all in all it wasn't so bad after all. i'm rambling... i guess that is what happens when i don't post in over a week.

happy tuesday.