21 February 2011


thursday morning our good friend kirk was involved in a fog related crash on hwy 151 just past barneveld. he was on his way work when a semi pulled out across the west bound lanes. kirk didn't have a chance to stop and drove underneath the trailer at presumably full speed. the top of his car was completely torn away and he suffered a very severe brain injury and is currently in the icu at uw hospital in a coma.

we are very sad for kirk, peggy and axel. we met them at baby classes at meriter hospital and have been good friends since. while the prognosis isn't great, i'm banking on the fact that kirk will recover. he is a former badger hockey goalie (4 year starter in the '90s) and the requisite reaction time needed to be an elite goalie probably saved his life (he ducked the instant before impact).

please, if you have a spare positive thought and/or prayer, could you send it their way?

15 February 2011

phase II

phase 1 of the 2011 training program was completion of p90x with aerobic efforts mixed in when time allowed. after a week of r&r, we are moving into phase 2. we launched that effort with trainer time last night...i spent an hour spinning with pick ups during the commercial breaks. not my favorite thing to do but doable until april or so.

happy tuesday.

14 February 2011

good weekend

i'm sore in places i haven't been for a while. we got to hang out with/share dinner with two great families. the weather was superb. what a very nice weekend in february.

saturday i met up with ron at bluemounds and we hit two loops. ate lunch at the troll and watched some of the badger game. listened to the rest on the way to c.p...boy that ended well. ron help me set up my new wheels tubeless and the kids played in the snow. yesterday we ran errands, i got out for a ride and we had dinner with our friends seth and steph and their two kids. fun stuff.

and...today is very important to us and i don't mean because it is valentines day. today marks the one year anniversary that calvin was intubated in the picu at american family children's hospital. somehow it simultaneously feels like it was years ago and just days ago. throughout the weekend a flood of emotions hit both robin and i thinking about what happened to our little bear. we feel so fortunate that he was able to fight through it and persevere. without all the doctors, nurses and advancements in the medical technologies that saved his life...our little boy would have died. it still gives me chills when i think about it in those terms.

i used to really dislike valentine's day. now, i love it. because on this day last year i figured out what true love is. it has nothing to do with jewelry or chocolates or stupid cards. during all of this last year robin and i both learned what we had in each other. being married is so easy when everything is going well. but during the two weeks we were in the hospital last year we learned that we can support and love each other during the most dire and trying times one can ever imagine. then, during the months following while calvin was going through narcotic and sedative withdrawl we continued to be able to lean on each other emotionally. this year sucked...but i wouldn't trade it for anything. because i learned just what i have - i have a wife that i love more than anything. and a son who i cherish more than i ever could have imagined. and you know what? halmark doesn't make a card for that.

happy monday.

11 February 2011

working for the weekend

almost there. with a forecasted break in the weather pattern, 30s and low 40s will be feeling pretty good. i'd like to get some skiing this weekend since the snow may be affected by the warm up...blue mounds anyone?

i'd also like to get the finishing touches done on my mountain bike. i need to shorten/bleed the brake lines and get my new wheels set up. then, all i need to do is ride it and get it dialed in.

almost...done...with...this week.

happy friday.

09 February 2011

for sale by owner

for the past month or so i've been trying to sell a 19" lcd computer monitor on craig's list. to date, i think i have received 25 or so emails stating that someone wants to buy it and just to let them know when we can set up the exchange. i write back, tell them it is available and that i would love to sell it to them. invariably, i get no response after that. i don't get it. i guess we'll keep it in the basement idle.

we finished p90x over the weekend and after taking monday night off we decided to do a little bit last night. funny how that works. hopefully i can use this as a spring board into spring base training.

happy wednesday.

07 February 2011


so i'm behind the times a little. but dan powell (formerly of team weak sauce endurance team) and his crew at pdw bought a freaking mini-velodrome. i get dizzy just watching the first 30 seconds of that video. they should feature that on portlandia!

the packers won. i think that is super cool because i like them and stuff. but you know what is even cooler? baseball is just around the corner. pitchers and catchers report a week from wednesday.

happy monday.

05 February 2011

behind the barriers

i've been watching the 'behind the barriers' shorts featuring jeremy powers today. is it just me, or does jpow resemble our one and only scott peterson? i mean, he is like a younger (much younger), faster (much faster) and better looking (much better) version of scoots. i'm just saying.

cal and i are hanging out and so far have had a good old day. we headed downtown, got some coffee and watched the free children's concert at the overture center. today was a group of drummers and cal was mesmerized. then we went down to the children's museum and checked out the fountain in the main lobby (cal loves that thing and squealed with joy). followed that up with a little more coffee (a big coffee day) and a nap (for him) which is when i crushed a few of the movies featuring the scotty p look alike.

last night chuck and i attended an alumni event at the institutes of discovery. did some networking, toured the new facility and then had some great sushi. so far a great weekend.

cali is waking up, time to walk the dog!

happy saturday.

03 February 2011

snow day

man, nothing like a blizzard to jump start one's winter sports. woke up at six and called my work line...closed! back to sleep until 8, called robin's work line....closed!! operation snow day was in full effect. hang out, eat a great breakfast, drink coffee and finally wander out to shovel at 10. neighbor helped with his snow blower will i chopped up snow/cleared sidewalks and we were done in 2 hours. then, of all things, we went to the mall. i hate the mall but it actually was fun because nobody was there. i even found jeans that fit me (around my huge legs...wink, wink to those who get that one). after that, i dusted off the snowshoes and went out for a bit on the ice age trail and uridge golf course. at one point i sunk in a drift up to my chest...let me tell you, snowshoes don't help much under that scenario. wrapped up the day with some p90x (2 workouts to go!).

happy thursday.