31 January 2011

foiled by a front derailleur

well, it turns out that front derailleur that i wanted to use is bottom pull but my frame is routed for top pull so one more part was needed. it is from 2001 so no big deal...i bought an lx for $6 with some other odds and ends i 'needed.' other than that though the build went pretty seamlessly. besides waiting for the derailleur, i still need to set up my wheels (yet to be received) and shorten/bleed my brake lines but all in all it is good to go.

we took cal out in the backpack for some skiing at pleasant view. even though it is pretty wide open skiing i really like that place. easy to get to, groomed well for how much use it gets, and long enough that it isn't too boring. good training for sure.

back to work.

happy monday.

29 January 2011

great day

got some time to myself today and i spent it building my new bike, cross country skiing and of course laying ill. not bad at all and much needed. i've always valued alone time but just don't get much of it anymore. most of the time that is fine but sometimes i get stir crazy...you know, i need to get me some me.

i was a little down after my allergy appointment yesterday. turns out, my asthma isn't just exercise induced. the doc wasn't especially happy with my lung function even after 4 puffs of a fast acting inhaler so he instructed me to start a daily regime of flovent. i was down because i don't like the idea of needing medicine to be normal. but, now i'm thinking that it is for the best. if i can start feeling better every day then that is for the best. and, increasing my lung capacity isn't too bad of the thing as it relates to athletics.

the new bike is looking pretty hot. i just need to check all the bolts and run the cables and it will be ready for its maiden voyage.

happy saturday.

28 January 2011


man, it's been awhile.

work on all fronts sucks it right now. my projects are disintegrating before my eyes...i've got at least one on-going investigation per client. it is review/merit increase time as well and let me tell you this...my employer's 'system' is a giant pot of garbage. i'm busy...too busy to job hunt at the moment. but i'm pissed and that is what i think about on my way to work everyday. i'm tired of being the one that has no power but all the responsibility to give bad news. i'm tired of crappy raises even though time and time again i'm told i am a high performer. my preference is to be given the responsibility and pay i deserve. i would take one of those at this point because right now i'm getting neither.

robin and i have been plugging away at p90x and now we are down to 1 week left. i wouldn't say that i have had a complete physical transformation but i do look different and more importantly i feel different. it has been a drag at times but i'm really glad we did it. we both have some athletic goals for 2011 so now is the time to start thinking about more specificity in our workout routines. we have built a very strong and light(er) weight chassis...now it is time to work on the motor.

i'm registered for the chequamegon 100. i was hoping to do the madcity 50km but that is just a couple months away at this point and my running has been zero so i think that i will opt out. so maybe i'll focus more on the bike stuff early on this year...balls ride, h8er, cheq 100...events that will allow me to build some strength for my main racing objectives later in the year.

the bike build is on hold for now due to time. i have all the pieces either on hand or en route (including a wheelset)...maybe i'll get some work done tomorrow.

oh, and i have an allergy appointment this afternoon. this year i'm committed to better general health and this is something i've been meaning to do for awhile. i'm hoping that this is the first step in getting to the bottom of some issues i've been having off and on now for the past 10 years. fingers crossed.

happy friday.

17 January 2011


it is pretty early to be feeling this way, but i'm in the winter doldrums. a lot of it has to do with the fact that i haven't been able to get out and run, ski, bike, etc. we've still be plugging away at the p90x but i miss doing aerobic stuff.

i had a chance to execute my planned long run yesterday but wasn't feeling up to it. i've been struggling with a cold and just feel wiped out. i did manage to get my road bike ready to ride (on the trainer), the cross bike 'fenderized' and ready to ride outside, and my bike lab ready for the impending build. speaking of, i have procured the necessary bits to allow me to build up a pretty sweet rig. items are due to start arriving on tuesday. i'm lacking a wheelset/tires but that is it. and, i have funds remaining from the sale to buy them...i just need to find the right ones. i'm going for light and easy for tubeless set up...i'd be happy to hear any recommendations.

3-5 inches of snow today...maybe i'll need to get the skis out one of these days!

robin and i got away for a date night last evening. dinner, movie (true grit...we both loved it - classic cohen brothers) and dessert at the great dane. we both had crazy dreams so eating a bunch of sugar at 9:30 on a sunday maybe wasn't the best plan. oh well, it was fun getting away with my darling.

happy monday.

12 January 2011


the sale over the weekend was a success. i sold just about everything and made more than enough money to finish my build. i priced to sell and sell is what i did. i also found great deals on a sram noir crankset and a brand new bontrager carbon xxx lite seat post. i just need a wheelset (and maybe a rigid fork) and i'm ready to build.

my training has been lacking. between the busy weekend, the illnesses going around our house and our little guy still grinding through his one year molars i just haven't had the time (or energy) to get much work done. i'm hoping i can get into a routine one of these weeks and start building my fitness. cautious optimism.

happy wednesday.

07 January 2011

leopard print

i'm digging the new leopard kits:

sort of understated which is ok. i especially like how they can incorporate the championship stripes right into the jersey design.

tomorrow is the swap. i don't have tons of stuff but hopefully i can make a little money to put towards the last needed bits for kona build. obviously, the big one is the epic...fingers crossed!

it's been a rough week. cal is getting walloped by his molars coming in. on top of it - robin and i both have had rough weeks at work. i keep thinking that there will be some time to catch our breath but it never seems to happen.

happy friday.

03 January 2011

toys and such

boy our house is rapidly becoming a fun house full of toddler toys. cal is a lucky little boy but often still prefers to play with boxes or the starbucks bag housing whole coffee beans.

we had a pretty uneventful new years...we stayed in and watched (or at least attempted to watch) several movies. we also continued to plug away at the p90x (we did much better over this holiday not missing any workouts). i participated in the new years day dash 5 mile on saturday. man was it cold...and finishing into the wind was pure and glorious torture. what a great way to start the year and i someone snagged a 2nd in the age group. we finished the weekend with a visit and dinner with the k-crew in cross plains. cal loves playing with syd and eli and the ribs were great.

i'm pretty much set for the sale. prices have been marked...everything is cleaned up and ready to go. the epic is looking really good - i broke down and took it to eric's to have the rear brake bled... i'm switching to hayes so getting the bleed kit and mineral oil now would be a waste. might as well have a pro do it instead. i've been also working to clear things out of the house that we don't use/need anymore via craig's list. all in all a great weekend.

happy monday.