30 December 2010

holiday oh holiday

well, with the christmas holiday done (and all the travel) our schedules are slowly getting back to normal. well, by normal i mean splitting days to stay with our yet again sick child.

christmas was good. i had a great time at the in-laws and with my parents. cal didn't sleep much the first 3 nights which made us pretty zombie-like by the last day. but everyone was very generous as always and it was great to see them all. during holidays at the in-laws i've always tried to get out for a long-ish run. there is a five mile loop around the lake that i like to run and this year robin and i ran 2.5 miles which i followed up with 2 laps on my own. 12.5 miles is a record for me over the holidays and that run gave me 30 miles for the week on 3 runs. not too shabby.

cal was at daycare exactly 1/2 day this week before he developed a fever and was sent home. i worked half days both tuesday and yesterday. at least it is the holiday so i probably won't get fired.

we slacked at p90x over the weekend...just too hard with all the festivities. plus, we knew we'd get heckled mercilessly if we tried to do it while at parents' houses. back at tuesday with chest and back and i'm sore. plyo last night i pushed really hard as well and now i'm a puddle. i kept visualizing firetower hill while doing the squat exercises and that got me excited. i feel like crap this morning after getting up with cal from 4 until 6:30 but i'm still going to try and squeeze in a lunch run. if i'm going to do that i better go get more coffee!

happy thursday.

22 December 2010


the past 14 months or so have been at times difficult. already, the challenges that our little family experienced the first half of calvin's life are beginning to fade in that i remember it being difficult but i think i'm already forgetting just how difficult. i guess in that regard, having a crappy memory is a good thing. but something that i still think about are the people we have lost over that similar span. my grandpa and robin's grandma. i guess it's due to the holidays or whatever, but i've been thinking about them a lot lately. i recently bought the band of horses record 'cease to begin' and on it there is a song called no one's gonna love you. one of the verses in the song goes:

Anything to make you smile
You are the ever-living ghost of what once was
I never want to hear you say
That you'd be better off
Or you liked it that way
But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do
No one's gonna love you more than I do

i've been thinking about that one within the context of the year and it makes me feel better because it reminds me that in this guy is an ever-living ghost of what once was:

(that's an outfit of mine from the late seventies playing with one of my favorite toys)

a little cheesy? perhaps. but it reminds me to be thankful for what we have. and in him we have a lot.

happy wednesday.

21 December 2010

out of (wiggity wiggity) whack

the effects of sunday's run were felt increasingly throughout the day yesterday. i guess doubling your daily mileage on a slick track will do that. i spent around 80 minutes doing yoga x last night and that really helped loosen my hips and hamstrings up. but, it also made me sore in different ways this morning. that and i think i've got a low grade cold. i'm writing all of this mostly to rationalize not getting in my lunch run today and opting just for 1 workout today. my brain says that i'm on a roll and i should keep going...but my body is telling me to take a deep breath and go a little easy. since it is only december, i'm going with my brain on this one!

i have quarantined a bunch of bike bits that i hope to sell at the bike swap. i'm trying to get them cleaned up (presentable) so they have a better chance of selling. january 9th will be here in no time at all. i've got a 26" wheelset, an old 26er manitou fork, xtr v brakes/levers, thomson and bontrager seat posts, assorted handlebars, an old frame, and my epic marathon full bike. i'd really like to move the bike so i can get the remaining items on my list for theKing project (is that an ok name?). i still need a wheelset, a crankset, a headset and a few other bits and pieces that i can't procure until i raise the appropriate funds. if you need anything let me know!

alright, i better get to work.

happy tuesday.

20 December 2010


yesterday was a good day.

waking up to the confirmation that the greinke deal was complete made me grin. he is a true #1 starter which makes the brewers pitching great. losing escobar stings but...while his defense is off the charts i'm not sure you are ever going to get much from his bat. he struggled mightily last season and those struggles are on-going in winter ball. meanwhile, greinke is an ace with a cy young. he is only 27 and is under contract for 2 years. one more run at it with prince!

got out for a 20km run (2 laps of the arb loop). i felt really good but it was snowy and slick...more so than i've seen before and my left hip is a little sore this morning. longest run i've done for a while and it's got me looking forward to more.

wrapped up some of the holiday odds and ends as well (pun intended). 3 day work week...nice.

happy monday.

17 December 2010


i love this time of the year. and by love i mean am very annoyed with it. crunch time at work since all of our clients are trying to use up 2010 budget while they still can. and it is review time so i'm sweating trying to balance fair assessments with corporate initiated distributions. then there is the holiday mess than snowballs every single year. and of course, there is the self imposed training objectives. i just need to grind through it i guess.

i finally felt ok last night while hitting the p90x. kenpo x is not my favorite but there is something to be said about punching imaginary people. i've been pretty fatigued lately...but that is mostly due to my lunch runs. i've been hitting them every other day or so in hopes that i don't do too much too soon. speaking of, it is about that time...

happy friday.

14 December 2010


josh thinks i should change my bike's name. i can see why kkk29 could be considered offensive. and...i totally understand why. 1929 was the year that brought the roaring '20s to an end with the great wall street crash of 1929 ushering in a decade of financial turmoil which didn't really turn around until world war 2. so, with josh's sensitivity in mind, from now on i will only refer to my new bike as the kkk.

cal is on the mend. he mostly slept last night. he is mostly himself again.

chest, shoulders and triceps is a tough workout. robin and i crushed it last night. we are in our 7th week (tonight will be day 49). i don't think i look much different but i am definitely stronger.

happy tuesday.

13 December 2010

will this one end?

cal got sick with a very high fever last tuesday night. he hasn't been 'right' since with only a few moments where he resembles himself. he is pissed and whiny and i can't blame him because that is how i feel too and i'm not the sick one. we're not sleeping much at night and are irritable zombie-like creatures by day. we have been to the doctor twice.

last night was a lot better, i was up with him only once for 45 minutes at around 3. he was eating well this morning and actually playing a little which is something. i really hope i don't have to miss any more work...december is my busiest time.

somehow, we were able to acquire and set up our tree and weather the blizzard...although we didn't get hit all that bad compared to 'up north.'

and, project kkk29 is full speed ahead.

happy monday.

09 December 2010

sick kid

cal is sick again. this coincided with a previously scheduled work from home day in which i was going to finish all of my employee reviews, go for a nice long run and catch up on some other work things. well, i managed to get 1.5 reviews done (of 4) and a teleconference with an irish client. i spent the rest of the day with cal sleeping on my chest which isn't bad but at the same time not what i was expecting. i guess i'll be working over the weekend here and there to try and catch up.

half day again today to care for him. poor guy is really wiped out.

happy thursday.

06 December 2010

shaun marcum

the brewers made a deal over the weekend for shaun marcum. i had heard rumors of this deal at the trade deadline last year and really liked it then. i love it now because:
1) he had great stats last year coming off of tommy john surgery (and pitching in the toughest division in baseball). year 2 is always when they are the strongest after that surgery.
2) he is a bonafide #2 (and may be a low 1 in the national league). between him and yo they have two very similar talents on top of the rotation.
3) if they go out and get another #2 type starter they'd be looking much improved in the pitching rotation. maybe then you could live with keeping prince knowing you'd lose just have one more shot at making a run. or, with rumors of lorenzo cain being available, i could almost envision a scenario where they do a three way deal with fielder/cain to get zach greinke. far fetched? maybe...but i really think it could happen.

we went to the packer game over the weekend. it was fun to see the throw backs in person. the first half was tough to watch (tons of stoppages/sloppy play) and it was cold but it is always cool getting to lambeau.

i ran at lunch last friday and loved it. this could be the beginning of something 'special.' then, i followed that up with legs and back at night which is one of my favorites. robin wasn't feeling well so she shut it down after about 15 minutes...it was the right call but i missed having my training partner. tonight we'll get back at it.

happy monday.

02 December 2010

not great

not really that happy with the back/biceps workout we did last night. this one you really need a lot of different weights to really push it. i think that i will use bands next time and at least maximize the resistance. the abripperx hurt like hell so that is good i guess.

this morning calvin blew out his diaper with urine. that is a lot of pee. the gel crystal thingies were everywhere...we had to give him a bath just to get those weird little things off of him. nothing like a little curve ball first thing in the morning.

looks like the first snow even of the year is on its way. 5-8 inches overnight on friday...hopefully it isn't too bad driving wise on saturday. we are heading north so we can go to the packer game on sunday.

happy thursday.

01 December 2010

how to do it?

now that i feel like we have established a routine with the p90x, i'd really like to start adding in regular running to supplement my fitness/start building my base for 2011 and beyond. for the next few months, i'd like to accomplish 2 things:

1) run 4-5 times per week
2) build my long run steadily to around 20 miles by the end of february

so what is the problem you might ask...well, i just don't know when to fit it in. p90x takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours on pretty much a daily basis. if i want to do a 6 mile run, that puts me close to 2 hours of exercise in a day which is a pretty big stretch. i could run in the mornings...but calvin is so variable in his sleep patterns that it makes it tough sometimes...and let's face it, running in the morning in the dead of winter is about as much fun as i had taking calculus 3 at the u of m. so, i'm beginning to contemplate lunch runs. i think it might work...it will just make for a slightly busier day. but, the upshot is that if i'm stressed out in the morning i may come back invigorated and calm for the remainder of the day. it just might work.

happy wednesday.