29 October 2010

done deal.

nats in madison for the next 2 years (technically 2012 and 2013).

i'm not sold on the january date but it's cool (cold?) that madison scored another big event.

28 October 2010

no good.

well i think that i may have what robin had...although my gi symptoms are less severe thus far. i'm wiped out and have been cycling through body aches/chills. i hope the gi stuff doesn't ramp up today...i'm sans car. that needed a new alternator so that's cool too. another week in paradise i guess.

26 October 2010

rough night

man, robin has got a terrible gi bug and she was up most of the night taking care of business. from about 2:30 on i really didn't sleep much between that and listening to the wind and rain. i'm worried about her but hopefully it will let up soon. i don't really pray all that often but right now i'm praying for two things: 1) calvin doesn't get this thing and 2) i don't get it before robin starts to improve. every little hunger pang makes my knees shake...

it's tuesday.

25 October 2010


saturday night i went to bed to the sound of rain. sunday morning i woke up to the sound of rain. it rained all the way to cambridge but stopped right before our race. the start was sketchy at best (i had both feet on the ground when he whispered 'go') and i spent the whole race chasing (unsuccessfully). i had trouble on lap 3 and stacked it ripping off a scab on my leg. the blood/mud got a lot of comments and a lot of people took pictures...i guess a little blood is what cross is about? while i wish i could have finished a little better it was fun as hell...

(photos courtesy of christy k.)

24 October 2010

a couple shots from our trip to the u.p.

(photos by robin h.)

now, it's time for a very wet and muddy cross race!

happy sunday.

21 October 2010

company in my back

last practice of the season went well, not a real big turn out but that is what happens. i thought the course was great especially for the 2 sets of 4 lap format we rolled with last night. i think it ended up being 25 to 30 minute efforts so that was great.

while i'm sad to see our wednesday night practices go, i'm also secretly happy. after a couple months of setting/tearing down duties i'm ready to just get out and ride without the obligatory stuff.

and, the phillies and yankees are on the ropes. while it isn't unfathomable that the both come back and win, it is nice to see the deep pocket teams squirm a little. and, the rangers are a team i could see the brewers dealing prince to (they are going to have a lot of money to spend now that they have stable ownership). tanner scheppers and derek holland for the slugger would be a great deal in my estimation. and please doug melvin, please hire bobby valentine!

happy thursday.

20 October 2010

same day different day

last cross practice of the season...i can't believe it is that time already but with sunset at 6:07 it is tough for us working stiffs to get out of work, set up a course and ride enough to make that effort worth it. i'll still try to do some intensity on the next couple of wednesday...just on my own.

i'm in a bit of a rut work wise. i have things to do but i'm so bored with it all. oh well.

happy wednesday.

19 October 2010


is it really an off-season if you never really had an on-season?

with the blaster behind me, cross practice winding down (tomorrow is the last one) and only two cross races left, i'm starting to think about the off-season a bit. i have goals for the off-season as follows:

1) improve core/overall strength
2) control my ever worsening allergies
3) figure out my seemingly g.i. related problems
4) implement a formal bike training plan that maximizes training gains from a limited time allotment

wow, it sure was easy to type those out. but achieving just one of those goals will take a bunch of work. achieving all 4 will require dedication but i think that i can do it. while i'd like to maximize my physical abilities for bike racing, my main goal is to feel good which will translate into being a better father/husband. numbers 2 and 3 could very well be linked...and i'm going to be open minded when it comes to improving my health including a holistic approach but also getting traditional medical input as well.

we'll see i guess.

happy tuesday.

18 October 2010

a blast

after riding the blaster over the weekend my main thought is damn i wish i could have been there for the previous versions. this is grassroots mountain biking at its best...a bunch of good people getting together at a great venue. like josh said, a party that a mountain bike race broke out in.

i woke up saturday morning feeling terrible. the plan was to have christy watch cal by day and then my mom by night...so i had to get things ready for two different baby sitters. on top of all that, while robin was away cal has taken to dropping a deuce in his pants right before it is time to leave...and saturday was no exception. anyway, ron and i got on the road by a little past 9 which was about our target.

as mentioned, i wasn't feeling well but committed mentally to just riding steady and pushing when/if i could. it is a great trail and by lap two i was focused on the fun course features and not how i felt. managed a fourth place finish in the 3 lap which i'll take considering this was my second mountain bike race of the year. the best part of the day was after the race, hanging with friends (some of whom i haven't seen in over a year), having a few sips of beer and enjoying the weather.

i'll be back next year with family in tow.

yesterday my mom, cal and i hit a sutter's ridge pumpkin patch close to mt vernon. they are working on getting the apple orchards up and running so not much for apples but the pumpkin patch was huge and the land it is on is beautiful. after that, we hit the big dog park for a nice long walk with the dog. i even managed to get most of the fall yard work done so it was a great day.

i cannot wait for robin to come home today. i told the boys this morning and cal gave me a huge knowing grin and oliver wagged his tail like mad. all the hoenisch boys miss her!

happy monday.

15 October 2010

beechwood blaster

this year i'm finally going to man up and race the beechwood blaster. i have raced exactly 1 time on the knobbies this year...oh well, the weather should be nice and the company will be grand.

robin has been gone two nights now and her boys are missing her.

happy friday.

14 October 2010


last nights practice was a tough one. we put together a nice long (1.3 mi) loop which included a nice mix of open fast sections, a bunch of climbing with tough barrier placement and even some renegade single track. i took a dirt nap on the second set of laps...then dusted myself off and went too hard to try and chase back. i pulled the plug after 2 laps during the final hard session...might as well save a match for saturday.

so velonews has been reporting that madison is in contention for next year's us cyclocross championships...and last night i heard that badger praire park is a candidate for it. boy, a national championship race 7 minutes from my house would sure be cool!

robin is traveling for a conference through monday so it daddy/baby/doggy time. so far so good!

happy thursday.

12 October 2010

busy monday

not much to report bike wise...it was family/baby picture day (he is over 11 months old already!) and also sick baby day. in fact, i'm home with him today. hopefully he doesn't cry too much during my client teleconference this afternoon. i did manage to rotate my tires on the cross bike...hopefully that helps avoid the fate i experienced last weekend.

happy tuesday.

11 October 2010


the family and i decided to head to grafton for the pumpkin cross race on saturday. grafton is a little further than i'd normally go for a 45 minute race, but with some scheduling conflicts during the closer races later in the season we decided to go for it. well, the flat tire i got halfway through lap two made that decision feel like a bad one. i got out pretty good, and after 10 minutes felt strong for once. i was in great position and had just mentally committed to moving up when after riding the sand i blew my rear on the transition to pavement. lights out (no pit bike/wheels). oh well, we managed to make lemonade by spending a nice afternoon in cedarburg.

yesterday, i felt like sh*t. i've been dealing with this 'thing' for over 10 years now. the whole day, i had my typical symptoms:
hot flashes, irritable, hard to concentrate (foggy), sinus conjestion, gums feel like they are swollen, body aches, insatiable hunger, and gi 'issues.' i still haven't been able to figure it out but it affects my abilities as a dad, as a husband, as a professional and as an athlete and i'm sick of it. it seems diet related - i know that onions, garlic and alcohol causes it but that there are other things. the only think i've found that helps are starbucks doubleshot espresso drinks and a good nights sleep. i'd pretty much do anything to figure this out. maybe it is time to seek medical help again.

sorry about that...but it has been bad lately and i've been miserable (and making robin's life miserable as well). i did manage to get out on the mountain bike yesterday for a bit. rode to and at blackhawk and it is actually in pretty good shape right now (for blackhawk). mostly just one last bike check before mike's race this weekend.

anyway, happy monday.

07 October 2010

getting somewhere

cross practice last night was, to use ron's word, preemo. the weather was spot on and we made a tough little course with a sand section and a hill run up. during the hot laps, i just tried to stay steady and i did some of the best riding of the year. i think my body is finally getting used to the intensity so that my breathing/physiology is catching up with my muscular abilities (if that makes sense). long story short was i was staying with/passing guys that have been working me over thus far this year.

there are a bunch of dudes that skip things like the sand and cut tough corners out during practice. i guess i don't get it - what better place to practice those skills than at practice?

not feeling so hot this morning. anyone know anything about drinking aloe juice?

happy thursday.

06 October 2010


got out on the mtb for a bit last night. i hadn't ridden it since the abuse session at fat tire (and the shifting issues). turns out i just needed a few barrel adjustments and now it is shifting like new. even better, the weather was perfect for a ride. hit the trails at quarry ridge...not a big place but still a pretty nice place to ride.

happy wednesday.

05 October 2010

the best time

after work last night, we went on a nice long family walk in the fall sun. the temps were perfect...i wish this season could linger more than a month. hopefully the frost the past couple nights will knock down some of what has been causing my allergies to be bad....there is racing to do in the coming weeks.

happy tuesday.

04 October 2010

domes cross

ron and i headed over to cross at the domes saturday. we brought the uphill grind tent and a few jugs of coffee for people to sample. once we got that set up, it was time for pre-race. we got warmed up, did a few practice laps on the course and then it was time to go. my first cat 3 race and i rode like a 4. part of the problem is still my breathing that i'd like to figure out. one thing i know for sure is that i won't be mowing the lawn the night before a race again. anyway, didn't get the best start but did ok. most of the guys just rode away from me and i was in the red early. 29th/47 starters isn't too bad but i know i've got better in me somewhere. the course was super fun and harder than it looked with seemingly constant off camber/rough spots keeping speed in check. oh, and the coffee was a hit...all gone by the time we finished. thanks uphill grind!

happy monday.