30 September 2010

now you're playing with power

garmin acquires metrigear

portable power sounds pretty cool...not to mention that garmin already has some pretty nice gps products. if i start saving now, maybe i could afford the garmin power package in 3 or 4 years because i bet it will cost a few bucks.

cross practice last night was fun but i had to really try hard not to be frustrated...just wasn't riding real well.

happy thursday.

28 September 2010

a long time cometh

wow it has been awhile.

first, fat tire. i got up early and took sam and my bikes down to the start in hayward and then headed back to cable for some breakfast. the start was chaos as normal but i was easily able to move up through the traffic and get into a place i was very happy with at rosie's field. about 45 minutes into the race i knew something was up and shortly after i realized that if didn't take it easy i was a candidate for a code brown. from then on when i felt good i pushed and when i felt bad i sat up...it was frustrating because the legs felt good. and, when i got up on sunday they still felt good...not the normal soreness from hammering these fire roads/trails. finished a shade under 500th in a little under 3 hours. not my best race but considering the circumstances, a good day anyway. like always, great to see the bike gang and the night after festivities went too fast...having a baby was an added wrinkle but was fine because it kept me in check on the beer front.

sunday, our vacation got off to a great start. we saw two bald eagles flying right over our car on the way to bayfield. we checked out bayfield, went to a couple of orchards, went to copper falls state park and did a sweet hike and then found a county park with a 90 ft waterfall and unimproved trail system to get to it. we stayed in ironwood in a two room suite with so cal slept well. monday we spent hiking several different trails at the porcupine mountain state park. what a great place, waterfalls, pristine forest and full on peak fall color greated us. cal is a champ in the backpack and it was an all around good day. headed to houghton that night to visit pat and katie (and charlotte) and the hospitality they showed us was top notch. we stayed in a dorm building but the guest rooms are nicer than any of the hotels we stayed in. on our way to copper harbor robin received the sad news that her grandmother passed away...two days before we were going to visit her in iron mountian. while it dampened our spirits, we pushed on to copper harbor and took in the sites and also pastries at the jam pot. check those monks out if you ever get a chance...good good stuff.

i ran on the michigan tech trails with pat after which we did 200 meter repeats on the track. by we i mean pat (i ran a few and with very extended rest). good company and great weather for a little trail time. that place looks like it would be great for skiing... after some dinner and ice cream we turned in for the night knowing the rest of the trip would have a somber note.

i was going to ride the fumee lake trails in iron mountin on thursday but the weather had other plans for me...it poured rain all day rendering us house bound and making it impossible to ride on friday too (too wet). other than that, the funeral was good (as good as a funeral can be) and we got to see a lot of robin's family that we haven't seen in awhile.

we got home late in the day on saturday which means we were on the road from thursday through the following saturday. quick got unpacked, went through the bedtime routine and then tried to get ready for the coming tilt at the uspg cyclocross race.

got to the venue a little later than i had wanted but still managed a practice lap prior to staging. the number nazis made me reattach my number again this year (must be roadies running the race) but other than that it was uneventful. i was staged around 50th and passed a bunch of guys in the start. about 1/3 of the way through the first lap i went too tight into a wet corner and stacked it taking another guy with me. i bent my shifter towards the inside of the bars which made for uncomfortable hand positions the rest of the way. i managed to pass a few more people but the crash left me a little tentative which is not what you want in a cross race. still ended up in 22nd place which i'll take considering how far back i was and the crash. i have requested my cat 3 upgrade with usa cycling for the wca season...starting this weekend at the mitchell park domes.

whew, that was a long one.

happy wednesday.

16 September 2010

the big one

cross practice last night was great - after predictions of rain earlier in the week we ended up with another perfect night for racing bikes around a city park. the course was good and my legs are (slowly) coming around. it is the perfect amount of intensity...maybe we should have year round cross practice? once a month in the summer sounds about right.

anyway, we are frantically getting ready for our upcoming hiatus. after work, we will need to pack in record time and hit the road...we're staying in eau claire tonight and then it is off to chequamegon for the big one of the year. it is looking like it will be a wet one ...although i doubt it will be the up to your hubs wet that i remember from the mid-90's (back when i was wearing t-shirts).

we are extending the trip to include visits to the porky's and then houghton to visit our very good friends pat, katie and charlotte. i cannot wait!

happy thursday.

13 September 2010


good weekend. farmers market, birthday party, some riding, some bike prep, prep for the ctf/hoenisch family vacation, and even some football...not bad but i'm feeling lazy this morning.

we are closing on our house refinance this afternoon. 4.5% is tough to beat and i'm glad we're able to get in while the getting is good. it'll free up a little cash for baby items, carpeting, and maybe even a little cash for my new project 'operation 29er.' it is super top secret right now since it is in it's infancy but big things(wheels) are in my future.

i felt like a complete slug on the bike both days this weekend...so hopefully that improves a little. we haven't been eating so hot the past few days so i am chaulking it up to that. the weather forcast is looking super northwoods...mid to upper 50s sounds like a dream to me (as long as it is not raining). yum.

happy monday.

09 September 2010

riding the line

fall really is the best time of the year. the warm days, chilly nights, sun angles and the colors all make for good times.

cross practice last night was great although i struggled with the remnants of my weekend cold. i will say that having to back off isn't a bad thing...i'm relearning the fact that i can handle a bike better than the roadies out there and that even if i relax and take a breather through the technical sections i can still usually put some time on them.

this guy doesn't care about any of that. he is too busy looking cute.

happy thursday.

07 September 2010

i used to write letters and sign my name

whew, what a weekend.

friday, daycare was closed so robin's cousin graciously helped us out. oliver was in rare form so we decided to take him to doggy daycare. he was stoked. apparently, so stoked that he decided to mark a couple of dogs. he has this thing about golden retrievers...he marks them and we don't know why. anyway, we were told that if this continues he will not be welcome at doggy daycare. you know what, you can have your f-ing daycare at $25/day... for that much money he should get a couple of freebies. and, there are people that take their dogs there every single day! i'm over that.

saturday we spent with the k-crew at devils lake state park (with a visit to ski-hi for some apples). we really had a great day...preemo weather, great company and some solid hiking (to the top of both sides). not a bad workout with cal on my back the whole day - and he took it like a champ.

sunday i woke up groggy and tired which developed into the cold calvin has been harboring. i'm batting a thousand for getting sick on holiday weekends this year. anyway, i spent most of sunday in the cold death spiral sneezing every 20 seconds and rubbing my face raw. i still felt sick yesterday but damn it i wanted to ride so i got out on the badger trail/military ridge trail for a couple of hours taking it nice and easy. the badger trail is mostly done...one more bridge and a little more paving. it will be nice (i was skeptical at first) when it is done because i'll be able to get further out on rides. anyway...

we were able to get some things done around the house that have been lingering for...oh...since christmas or so last year. we pretty much finally have the walls decorated in our house which assuredly will now make us obsess over our carpet that is falling apart.

anyway, besides getting sick it was a great weekend. back to reality.

happy tuesday.

03 September 2010


in lieu of cross practice on wednesday, ron and i got out for a nice ride on a mix of the military ridge trail and the trails at badger prairie county park. it was wet which is fine there but we certainly would have done some damage at garner.

i rode a little yesterday as well. the plan was to check out the progress (some may not call paving it progress) on the badger trail. en route, i hit a pothole pretty hard resulting in a flat tire. i don't know what was going on, but i could only get 20 psi in the replacement tube so i had to baby it going back home (and had to cut my ride short). i made it and it is holding air fine with a regular floor pump. weird.

anyway, i'm really looking forward to the long weekend. i hear apples are early this year...yea apples!

happy friday.

01 September 2010

faster, sooner, now

cross practice at garner park is cancelled. spread the word.

too wet to tear up a city park...but not too wet to ride. and that is the plan.

happy wednesday.