30 March 2010

a hard hour

hit the military ridge to badger prairie last night. i decided to re-live my winning moment from last year and did a hard lap around the park...you would never guess it was march. dry and fast! there are markings for a new road in the park which makes me a little nervous...

happy tuesday.

29 March 2010

gravel grinding

the day started out like this:

then, there was dad and cal time at evp, an expensive trip to costco, another nice ride in the windy swirl on the military ridge and a trip to the grocery store. all in all, a great weekend. we then stayed up too late watching the blind side and now i'm tired. what else is new on a monday?

4.5 hours of ride time this weekend...thanks robin!

happy monday.

27 March 2010


got out on this:

and rode the badger trail. my feet got really cold. by the end i was pretty tired. all in all, it was a great day.

happy saturday.

25 March 2010

fat tire!

i'm in!


you remember that time last week when i was so proud of myself for riding/running 5 days in a row? well, since that time i've ridden exactly once...that is one workout in 6 days. i think that this will be the theme of my life this year....take what i can get.

i'm still behind at work from our february 'adventure.' i was at my desk at 6:40 this morning. if i need to work more, i have to do it in the morning because i'm on calvin duty after work. i just need to put my head down and get caught up...then maybe i can start getting out for morning workouts again.

i'm hoping to get a nice longish ride in on saturday. i need to do something soon...the hater is 2 weeks away (gulp)!

happy thursday.

24 March 2010


got out for a night ride last night with the old diamond back single speed and a tribe called quest pandora channel in the ear buds.

it felt good to get out.

calvin went back to daycare for the first time since the icu yesterday. he made it until around 2 when i picked him up. the daycare called because he was really upset. probably residual withdrawl because by the time i got there he was a happy little boy. bonus time with my son is not a bad thing.

happy wednesday.

19 March 2010

well read.

calvin got his first magazine ever yesterday. i had to help him read it but he seemed into it. to whomever signed him up...thanks!

i used my workout time last night to rake the yard. i had trained a whole 5 days in a row, so i figured i'd use the last really nice day to do this now so i don't have to worry about it later. and i'm not even as sore as i thought i'd be this morning.

i'm really glad it is friday.

18 March 2010

5 days in a row

well, i've put together a pretty good streak for me.

tuesday i got out for some more running on the ice age trail. i ran over to badger prairie where i met my wife, son and dog at the dog park. oliver went out of his way to stand in the mud...so i had to give him a bath. there must have been some poop mixed in the mud because boy did it stink.

yesterday i got out for 1:15 of riding - mostly on the military ridge.

the trail is moist but not wet and very ridable. actually, the added resistance is probably a good thing this time of the year. slow and steady is fine when there is warm sun after a long dark and cold winter.

some snow in the forcast is serving as a reality check. but reality is fine when you get breaks from it now and then.

happy thursday.

16 March 2010

you know i love technology

iphones are pretty cool. i downloaded an application the other day (i think the kids call them 'apps') that allows you to apply different photo effects. here is calvin looking like it is 1974 or something.

i got out for a run on the ice age trail last night and i have to say the trail is in preemo condition for it being mid march. i only had to drag 2 downed trees off the trail and it was mostly dry. this was also my first run without a brace on the ankle in many months...how liberating!

happy tuesday.

15 March 2010

one more thought

"With the lead-time to put marketing and sponsorship programs in-place and the commitment of participants to put a renewed effort into building attendance, both of these events will be able to return and be successful."

so it is the participants fault for not wanting to pay twice as much for less in return... got it. oh, and he needed more time to find sponsors... and he wants to sell this organization to the 'right' person. baffoon. sorry, for some reason this is really burning me.

what a weekend! saturday i got out for 2:15 on the cross bike. rode the sw commuter trail to the capital city trail to the military ridge trail. great to get out even in the rain. i followed that up with 1:15 yesterday.

we stayed up too late playing scrabble...but it was the best game we've ever had. all but 1 tile was used between us and somehow i won for (i think) the first time in the history of me. i will now rest on my laurels and never win again.

we also had a great day with calvin. he finally was acting like himself; namely, he was laughing like crazy. it is good to have the little guy back, even if we have a few more hiccups along the way.

happy monday.

13 March 2010

tarnished silver

in march of 2009, granny gear productions sent a letter, excerpts of which follows:

The timing of Kevin’s offer to sell could not have been better. There’s a real opportunity here for everyone. Kevin will have more time with his family (and on his bike), Granny Gear has a new shining-star event to incorporate into The 24 Hour National Point Series, and 24-9 racers and fans will get to see the race taken to whole new level....Now, as part of Granny Gear’s 24 Hour National Point Series, 24-9 will continue to be a go-to event for top solos and teams from all over the country...We are grateful for the patronage and good energy that 24-hour racers bring to our events and we are so looking forward to hosting 24-9 in its eleventh year and beyond. Best wishes for an awesome 2009 race season. See you at 9 Mile!

this was sent yesterday:

Dear Granny Gear Racers, Fans, Industry Titans, and Media,

As you may have heard, I will be idling both the 24 Hours of Big Bear and the 24 Hours of 9-Mile and running The 24 Hours of Moab as our only 2010 event. I apologize that you may not have heard this from Granny Gear first. Its premature release will no doubt generate many rumors and unanswered questions and I hope to set the record straight here.

This has been a tough decision. I know how disappointed folks are going to be. For myself, I was really excited to have the USA Cyling 24-hour Nationals come home to West Virginia and I know there was a lot of excitement about this. Likewise, we had wonderful experience at 9-Mile last year and we were so looking forward to seeing the event continue and grow this year. But last year we were robbing Peter to pay Paul all year long and at the end of the year I had to borrow money to pay remaining Moab expenses. I simply can't afford to do that again. I made efforts to bridge the gap with extra sponsorships and I had some commitments in place but I didn't muster enough to move forward with confidence.

As we move ahead, I'm looking forward to having the time and energy to make this year's 24 Hours of Moab one of the best events we've ever produced. And, I will be hitting the re-set button on both 24 Hours of Big Bear and 24 Hours of 9-Mile for 2011. With the lead-time to put marketing and sponsorship programs in-place and the commitment of participants to put a renewed effort into building attendance, both of these events will be able to return and be successful.

how can a national championship caliber event, an event that people so look forward to in the region, get shut down in a year?

i guess that is rhetorical.

12 March 2010

follow you into the dark

first, i want to start of by sending my thoughts and prayers to my good friend charlie and his family. seems like life is shooting a lot of daggars lately. but good people perservere and that is what it seems they are doing.

we had our third doctor appointment for the week. this time, we met with a pulmonologist and mr. calvin has healthy lungs. we sort of knew that but it is always reassuring to hear it again.

mike sent out an email with info on a new race in the area this august. count me in. i'm not sure why, but the less i'm in shape the more long races sound appealing. that could be a really fun 6 weeks if i hit ore2shore, the unnamed epic, and fat tire each 2 weeks apart. we'll see.

i've been listening to the 'someone still loves you boris yeltsin' pandora channel the past day or so. it has been very enjoyable.

oh, i ran last night. 6 miles on sidewalks without ice was like a dream. it was just good to get out and not think about my lack of fitness. maybe i can get some bike time this weekend...

i better get to work.

happy friday.

11 March 2010

that is what i get

since i allowed myself to think about stupid things like racing, our son has been falling into a withdrawl induced stupor that landed us back in the urgent care last night. he is otherwise healthy which is good but has to go back on a lorazepam regime for another week and a half.

i knew that parenting would be a challenge. but this has blown my preconceptions out of the water. i was telling robin last night that the first 3 months of his life seem like a dream now. then we woke up in the peds icu and the past 4 weeks have been infinitely more challenging.

all this has occupied all of my mental, physical and emotional energy (as it should) leaving me to be blugeoned on a daily basis at work. 3 months ago, there was a directive of requiring everyone to take 6 days of pto in the first quarter. now, there is an off the cuff directive that all salaried employees must work 50 hour weeks "until our business improves." meanwhile, i can't get any of my work done because i spend the lion's share of my day scrounging work for my employees.

the beatings will continue until morale improves.

i'm in a bad place this morning. i did see this which minimally improved my mood:

nothing like some minor league baseball nostalgia to turn that frown into pursed lips. i've always been interested in sports uniforms. this site has really captured my attention lately and is where i've been finding this stuff. speaking of uniforms, the packers are about to unveil an alternate that is rumored to be a modernized version of the 1929 uniforms:

navy blue jersey with gold number. tan/gold pants. could be neat. watch for the announcement tomorrow.

back to work.

08 March 2010

the fog is lifting...

...both literally and figuratively.

after a very nice weekend which included celebrating my 33rd birthday, meeting charlotte for the first time (and of course seeing pat and katie), hanging out with my mom, running, riding a bike and taking down the christmas lights in the warm afternoon sun, i am feeling a bit more myself and am ready to speak of things frivolous.

i have allowed myself to start thinking about athletics again. my marathon plans are done...there is no way i'll be ready anymore after nearly 3 weeks without any training. i could probably finish but i never want to just finish a marathon...i've done that already. i have some ideas in mind for later in the year, but april has a couple of things on the horizon.

first, the annual spring classic the hater is on and i'm a confirmed rider. if it doesn't kill me it will make me stronger, right? i hate that race so good.

second, the ballsride. this one is tentative but 100 miles on a mountain bike sure would be a great base builder. i think that i would hate it even more than the hater. and since it is close to home, i could bag it if i started seeing too many gremlins at mile 77.

third, maybe a visit to robin's parents around may 8th for race #1 of this doozy? i hear the stumpfarm is rad.

my current strategy is to do long base rides on the bike and fill in with running workouts during the week. i want to do some running races in early summer and then transition back to the bike...

maybe this, this and this? all conjecture at this point but it makes me a little excited thinking about it.

oh, and we both got iphones over the weekend. i don't know how to use it but already it has changed my life. best invention since the cotton gin.

happy monday.

05 March 2010


still at a loss for words. i did come across this and thought it was kind of cool. especially those very recognizable sausages.

happy friday.

03 March 2010

she give good sunflower

i want to write but i don't know what to write. so i'll do this instead.



i'm sure glad he is back.