31 January 2010


14 miles yesterday and i felt remarkably good through the duration. i actually contemplated doing more at the end but opted on a cautious approach of growing the long run which until yesterday had been 12 for this cycle. depending on how i feel, i'd like to add 2 miles per week until 20 and then hold there for a few weeks while i start adding mileage to the rest of the week. we'll see.

don't squirrels hibernate? i'm sitting here watching them out the window carry on like it is a spring morning or something. i guess they got a good night sleep (we didn't thanks to the robin/andy hybrid that stays in a room upstairs).

happy sunday.

28 January 2010

what it do

a cold one this morning. right ankle felt pretty good...left ankle was a little sore. i don't know if it is the cold or what but right now i could fall asleep in my chair.

calvin goes to daycare for a few hours today. first time for that. he'll do fine i'm sure...but his parents might struggle with it a little. usually when i leave for work he is still sleeping but this morning he was up and i got to hold him before i left. now, that is a way to start the day.

happy thursday.

27 January 2010


i decided to remain cautious in my training and took yesterday off to rest the ankle. for the record, this isn't the ankle that i repeatedly sprained over the past few months. i have developed a painful blister on my big toe on this foot...so maybe my foot striking is altered causing ankle soreness. or maybe the sore ankle altered my foot striking to form a blister. chicken/egg i guess.

got out for a cold 10km this morning. i really should start mixing distances on my weekday runs but it just so happens that my mainstay loops are 10km and i'm just grinding to get out the door at 5:30 right now. maybe in a few weeks. the ankle was still sore but not worse so i'm just going to keep at it.

happy wednesday.

25 January 2010

too bad

there certainly is some symmetry to favre ending the viking season with an ill fated pass leading to an interception. he wasn't the only reason they lost...but boy did that make me smile. schadenfreude indeed!

i managed a 30 minute shake out yesterday and got out for 6 icey miles this morning. my left ankle is sore and i'm not sure why. i guess i'll monitor it and rest as necessary.

240 minutes last week (approximately 35 miles) on 5 days which is my highest since my 'formal' training in early december. the goal for this week: 6 days of running with a 14 mile long run. hopefully this ankle thing clears up.

happy monday.

24 January 2010

freeze for food

did the freeze for food 10k yesterday. i went into it with the goal of getting a good workout in at a higher intensity than i have so far...mission accomplished. i have a lot of work to do to get to where i want to end up, but i managed an age group first place which will help my MARS ranking.

man, running fast hurts. poor footing and too many clothes also steals valuable seconds. but, i still thought i'd be faster than 39:30-ish. baby steps i guess. i thought with the past month or so of decent training i'd be able to improve my vdot. however, i ran a mid 19 5km on thanksgiving which translates to a 39:30-ish 10km. so, no improvement in terms of speed.

12 miles for the day with 2 mile warm up and 4 mile cool down.

i just need to keep working at it.

happy sunday.

21 January 2010

plug and chug

7 miles last night. felt rough at first but got better as the run progressed. we didn't get as much freezing rain as predicted (big surprise) which is fine by me. race 2 in the madison area running series (mars) is saturday which is looking to be a wet day. i'm still thinking about it to see where i'm at on the vdot scale. we'll see i guess.

happy thursday.

20 January 2010

klaus and the rooster

was shooting for another a.m. this morning but the boy threw a curve ball and i opted for a couple extra minutes of sleep. i'll get it back tonight.

worked late last night and felt like i barely got to see my family. i need a job that pays the same but only requires 30 hours/week. not likely.

happy wednesday.

19 January 2010

10 and 10

10km last night after work. 10km this morning before work. for some reason, mile one and 4 hurt the most on morning runs. hot shower and coffee and i'm out the door.

happy tuesday.

18 January 2010


i was going to try and follow up my 20k effort from saturday with a 10k effort on sunday. but boy, as the day progressed i got a little more sore and decided that rushing this process would be a mistake (building mileage that is). last night i slept fitfully due mostly to our dog and decided to postpone my morning effort until this afternoon. with a few extra hours of recovery i should feel extra good, right?

all in all it was a good weekend with plenty of family time. that calvin is something else. his daily development progressions are amazing to watch. at 5am this morning, when i went in his room to grab him he greeted me with a smile. just over 10 weeks ago he was in his mother's belly. amazing.

happy monday.

17 January 2010


20km at the arb yesterday in 1:27. i'm a little creaky today but not bad. hopefully i can keep building my long runs through the next 2 or 3 months. of course, perfect winter weather days aren't always easy to come by...

happy sunday.

15 January 2010

time to settle in

i opted out of a training run last night so i wouldn't go pm/am back to back. that's right, i got my lazy bum out of bed at 5:15 this morning to log a nice 6 miles. granted, 1 good morning doesn't a consistent trend make, but it's a start. now, i feel pretty good about myself but 6 mile runs won't get me to marathon shape. i got the 10 miler last weekend and i'm shooting for 12.5 miles tomorrow or sunday. baby steps i guess.

i'm pretty happy it is friday. tomorrow morning, robin is heading out for some much deserved adult time so i get calvin all to myself. i'm really looking forward to it.

happy friday.

12 January 2010

2010: a new approach to the same old thing

so, i've got this affinity for running the marathon distance. sometime this fall i once again started dreaming of reaching my sub - 3 hour goal but really didn't know if this was the right time to give it another go. well, several weeks before the holidays i received an email inviting alumni of uw to join a training class with ron carda at uw. i haven't been coached since my stint running at the uofm and i think that may be what i need. so, i'm doing it. the 2010 madcity marathon will be my athletic focus this spring.

based on the fact that i just received a copy of the running formula by jack daniels in the mail, i'm thinking that the training program will be based around that. i have some history with that both when i was an assistant high school coach and then later when i tried to implement it for my own training. i never really felt like i got it right so i'm excited to give it another go with some outside guidance.

after the marathon, i'd like to leverage that fitness into trying to improve my running pr's while beginning to add in some biking to get ready for cyclocross.

that is the plan and i'm sticking to it.

happy wednesday.

11 January 2010


man...what a weekend. thursday was one of the busiest days at work that i can remember. add in lunch with a friend and taking the car for some body work and i was beat by the time i got home. loaded up the subaru and drove up to the in-laws in gresham through the snow and wind. unloading the car, setting up baby stuff, giving baby a bath, and visiting with robin's parents had us hitting the hay at midnight. i was worked.

friday we headed to iron mountain to visit cal's great grandma smith. i'm glad we did it but 5 more hours in the car really had me down. another late night to boot and i woke up saturday feeling doubly worked.

saturday i got out for a 10 mile run which left me feeling pretty good. but it was the day to celebrate christmas including another late night and sunday morning had me feeling triply worked. we got madison-bound a little later than i had hoped and ended up getting home around 4. i was able to watch the remainder of the first half of the packer game. however, a previously scheduled dinner engagement with our pastor saw to it that i missed the remainder of the event (details of the dinner will require an entirely different post altogether).

themes for the weekend. well, wood furnaces abound and most everywhere we went felt like we were visiting the surface of the sun. robin's parents stay up much later than we do. we have a great baby who is relatively patient. and i really like being home.

with the final christmas celebration in the books, 2009 is also officially in the books. it was a good and challenging year including the birth of our son, the loss of my grandfather and the completion of my masters degree. here is to 2010.

happy tuesday.

07 January 2010


two weeks ago we traveled to my family's christmas celebration in a snowstorm. now, the same will happen for robin's side as well. we leave tonight. oh well.

another 6 miles last night. just trying to log miles/stay active until january 20th.

happy thursday.

06 January 2010

boom shakalaka!

6 miles. cold. slippery. not much else to say.

in other things that can be filed under cool, nba jam is coming out for wii. now that we are proud owners of said wii i will surely buy this game so i can be 'on fire!'

happy wednesday.

05 January 2010

keeping on

another 6 miles last night. everytime i run i feel a little stronger...i'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. the ankle is good...the brace is helping prevent me from re-injury.

woke up late this morning. not sure if i turned my alarm off unknowingly or never set the thing. either way it was a jolt to the system to see 7:21. i was out the door in 12 minutes flat and that was with baby bottle washing and taking the trash out. not bad for someone not in college.

happy tuesday.

04 January 2010

here is where the story ends

well, back at it and i'm already annoyed. maybe i'm not a great motivator of people. i'm able to motivate myself mostly. who knows?

training has been a little spotty but i am feeling better running. the block of time off around christmas seems to have helped my ankle. i have been running with a brace which is also helping. i managed to get out and run wednesday, friday and sunday. yesterdays run was the best to date...i felt really good for some reason. i even managed some medicine ball sit ups and a few push ups to boot.

happy monday.