31 August 2009

finally, a weekend that lived up to its billing

saturday went like this:
wake up, coffee, off to the races:
i wasn't expecting a whole lot since my running training has consisted on 1 or 2 runs per week this summer but it was an opportunity to help a coworker out and scratch an itch i've been having lately. i went out with a group that 'looked' like they should be who i run with and it worked, runing steady splits for mile one and two. mile three i lost contact but i have exactly no leg turnover and i felt like i finished strong. i'll take it!
after the race, off to the farmers market, then some more shopping including pricing a roof rack/car top box for the subaru at rei (i am parting ways with yakima for this one and going with thule i think). then, we spent some time relaxing/cleaning up and then off to see inglorious basterds at sundance. great movie much in the same way that no country for old men was great. another tarantino classic...

sunday i managed to get out for an hour and 45 minutes on the bike, sore hamstrings and piriformis and all. for me, it was by far the best weather day thus far for 2009. a real jem that is a sneak preview of the next couple of months (hopefully).

happy monday!

29 August 2009

mama goose memorial 5k

5:54, 5:56, 6:03, :32 (18:27)

not great but i'll take it on the amount of training i've been doing.

happy saturday.

26 August 2009

a notebook full of white dry pages

my workday sucked. my meeting went well and i'm just an hour or two of work away from being done with my internship. after my meeting, i hit the road for an hour and half of much needed pedaling.

and i didn't even get a flat tire this time.

beat down

man i'm beat this morning. did some more running last night due to time constraints. felt really good...perfect weather for me (humid and overcast). then, more of the same at night (work).

my last meeting is this afternoon. nice.

happy wednesday.

25 August 2009

it's in the air

got out for a run last night due to time constraints. my schedule got shifted by an iavi conference call in the morning which meant i needed to be at work late. was up until 11:30 last night wrapping stuff up...and i think tonight will be more of the same. i'm looking forward to the weekend already, no work, cool temps...i just may need to ride a bike or something.

happy tuesday.

24 August 2009

what the?

man these weekends are going fast. eau claire for some golf. we were 6 under through 6 and then the wheels came off and we parred out. 7 under won so we just needed one more birdie to tie. oh well. had some drinks which always knocks me out of my orbit and leads me to now, scrambling to get ready for an iavi conference call.

and it's almost september.

happy monday.

20 August 2009


stayed up way too late last night doing more work on our basement. we are close, so close to being done. we also came to the realization last night that although we have purged many items from our house, we still don't have enough room for the baby stuff. oh well i guess.

my mom stopped by to see the baby bump on the way through from milwaukee to eau claire. robin had a party so i spent some time at barnes and noble with my computer. no workout (besides lifting furniture).

happy thursday.

19 August 2009


yesterday i woke up with an itch...the itch was to get out and do a long run (for me) on the trails. so, that is what i did last night. 1 hour on the iat and it felt really good. and, i'm not even sore this morning.

then, i finished organizing the closet down stairs and then spent some time on the internship. it's over in less than 2 weeks and for that i am grateful.

happy wednesday.

18 August 2009

our house is like a clown car

i just keep pulling things out of it that i didn't know we had. we're down to a closet in the basement but man that one packs a punch. construction materials, old dog crates, the dreaded christmas decorations...all things that take up space and are akward. some of the stuff belonged to the former owners of the house (we moved in 4 years ago now). yikes.

got out on the cross bike last night and tried to push a little. fat tire might be a death march but i'm hoping to at least be respectable for cross.

happy tuesday.

17 August 2009


we managed to get a lot of stuff done around the house. most of the big things we wanted to do are done...now it's just a lot of detail stuff. saturday we went to ikea which ended in assembling what we picked up. sunday after church i managed to get some internship work done, ran and had a great dinner with grilled beef roast. all in all, a productive weekend. now, time to try and do the same during the week.

happy monday.

14 August 2009


man, lance armstrong is really making leadville a big deal. i wish it was televised, i would definitely watch this one. he could be really good for mountian biking if he continues to race the knobbies...

i woke up feeling old this morning and cannot wait to be done with the workday. only 7 or so hours to go...

happy friday.

12 August 2009

3 rides in a row

it's like i don't know myself. i've had some heavies on my mind the past few days and riding seems to melt some of that away...at least temporarily. anyway, nearly 5 hours in 3 days...not bad for this guy.

back to my internship.

happy wednesday.

11 August 2009

good times have never felt so good.

got in just over an hour and a half of riding last night with about 1500 ft of climbing. actually felt a lot better than the rides from last week so i guess that is something. it ended in a puncture a half a mile from home. could be worse i guess.

spent the rest of the time jockeying two computers in the basement. the home pc for internship work and the laptop to get the continual stream of updates that i need to install. it's all working so i'm hopefull we'll have a fully functional and optimized portable computer in the next few days. i've also gone in and re-acquired all the papers/literature i wanted from class so no major loss there. just some music (which i have on cd) and photos (which weren't very good) were the big loses.

another day at the grind.

happy tuesday.

10 August 2009

picking up the pieces

man, this weekend blew (as far as weekends go).

first, the simple act of painting a small bedroom couldn't have been more complicated. our stupid ceilings don't paint well, so that required 3 coats (the first taking me until close to midnight on friday). the walls required 2 coats which meant the task of painting bled into sunday. it looks good now but it was a royal pain that had me in a fowl mood for most of the weekend (worsened when i thought about folks racing at ore to shore).

second, my computer finally crumbled to that which is vista. i couldn't log in, i tried numerous things, and finally resorted to restoring to factory settings which in the process meant i lost all my files. now i need to go into the e-file exchange for uw and get all my school stuff back before i lose access. the process of doing this took the better part of sunday which meant i spent nearly zero time on my internship. damn.

finally, between painting and computer issues (compounded by storms when i could go riding), i managed only 1 measly run on friday and the same on sunday. i am enjoying running right now but i have impending bike races with not enough of that currency in the bank. oh well.

robin and i have a pact for the week...this one is going to be better.

i sure hope so.

happy monday.

09 August 2009


as soon as i get the painting done and am ready for a ride...the storms come back.

i guess i'll do some more work and hope it passes soon.

happy sunday.

08 August 2009

trip recap

saturday: got up, watched the tour,cleaned up the house, did some riding on the cross bike, mowed the lawn, packed and off to boston via milwaukee. got into town late so we settled for an expensive (and very non-boston) meal at the hotel. room smelled like smoke which was fixed the next day with a new room and free brunch (a $50 value).

me getting 'recombobulated'

sunday: we utilized public transit while in boston. tons-o-walking around the city. not only did we see some historical monuments (paul revere's house, old iron sides, etc) but i also found a reason to get back to boston sooner rather than later:

finish line of the boston marathon

after a quick trip to the hotel it was back downtown for delicious seafood and more walking. there was a public fountain that you could play in above the big dig that shot water straight up in a random fashion. one lady (wearing a dress) had a marilyn monroe moment which was pretty funny.

monday: less walking than yesterday, we headed to MIT and Harvard campuses. it was awe inspiring to see those places and we felt smarter for having been there (hopefully our son was able to pick some of that up). we hit a museum at each including the harvard natural history museum. then, it was off to the ether dome which made robin squeal a little with delight. pretty nerdy but that is why i love her. a bit of dinner and then off to the baseball monument that is fenway:

robin (and the boy) at fenway - wicked!

some drunk candian spilled his beer inside of robin's purse but it was still a pretty good experience. and, it's amazing to me the party atmosphere for a monday night game against the athletics. we're not in milwaukee anymore!

tuesday: 'transfer day' for our vacation. we drove up the coast with stops along the way. salem was weird and kennebunkport was really nice. we stated in freeport that evening which meant a visit to the ll bean flagship store. they keep it open 24 hours a day.

wednesday: a little more shopping at some of the outlets in freeport (patagonia, north face, horny toad, etc) and then time to hit the road. we took the long way and found a lobster pound off the beaten path for our first lobster experience. 2 fresh from the sea lobsters, a pound of clams (sweaters and all) and corn on the cob for something like $23. we ate sitting on a deck over the ocean. finished the drive to bar harbor and checked into our bed and breakfast. the place we chose generated all its own power on site and had an organic garden that provided ingredients for breakfast (including fresh eggs from on-site chickens). the eggs were good but the rooster made it tough to 'sleep in' past 4am.

mmmm...lobster and clams

thursday: woke to some rain so we hung around bar harbor a bit. once the sun came out we were in acadia national park. beautiful park with mountains on the ocean coast line. it was fun to see the tide pools and beaches (the water is so cold it knocks your wind away). finished the day by going up cadillac mountain which would have been great to climb on a bike. next time i'm bringing the rocket...

on top of cadillac mountain.

friday: we decided to take a whale watching excursion. it was way foggy causing me motion sickness (for the first time in my life) and rendered me miserable for the 3+ hour cruise. robin was fine until the last hour...about when everyone else on the boat got sick. all that and no stinkin whales. oh well. more time in the park and then time to finish the trip by driving back to boston (friday we stayed in portland which seemed to be a really cool town).

it was a great trip. you always here about east coasters being a-holes but from our experiences the norm out there is friendliness. to me, they all seemed a lot more friendly than midwesters but maybe i was just in vacation mode.

07 August 2009


baby class last night was good. learned a few things i didn't know. the biggest lesson was that they will let anyone have one of these things...and that we aren't too bad off with how much preparation we've done so far.

the plan for the weekend is to get the baby's room painted so that decorating can proceed. i need to do some re-texturing, paint the ceiling and then the walls. also, we need to empty the closet which is currently serving as a pantry. i'll feel a lot better once that is done.

as mentioned yesterday, no training due to time constraints. i was thinking about it last night and may have come up with a reason (excuse?) for my recent weakness. i forgot that it was august...i always have allergy related issues in august. the difference is that i'm taking something for it so i'm not really getting conjested. but that doesn't really stop the lethary i usually get this time of year.

anyway, time for work (starbucks).

happy friday.

06 August 2009

cold as gasoline

another craptastic workout. legs don't feel heavy or tired, just really weak. i must admit i'm worried about fat tire. based on how i feel and how much i've been able to train the past 6 months, i really don't know what a time objective should even look like at this point...maybe i should be happy with just finishing? i miss being fit and fast (well, fast for me). when i used to have endless amounts of time for training i took it for granted.

work (with some wall sanding at lunch), rode for 1.5 hours, mowed lawn, ate, did some work on our disorganized basement, worked on internship (slowed by intermittant internet outtages) and to bed just after 11. i really wanted to get up early this morning and run but couldn't get out of bed. while the extra hour of sleep was nice it means i won't be getting a workout in today because we have our first baby class at the hospital after work. that won't help this weak leg thing.

i am very uncomfortable with mediocrity. unfortunately, it seems about as good as i can do in all aspects of my life these days.

happy thursday.

05 August 2009

one wing will never learn to fly

few things are certain in life. one of those things is that this guy will break a trek made frame every 12 months or so. i've never broken a frame and i rammed one into the garage hard enough to require thousands of dollars of body work on our car. either he is very powerful or trek frames have questionable qc. hmmm.

i'm still working on a vacation summary but it's been busy around here since my return. i'm back to trying to fit 20 hours of activites within my typical 17 waking hours and it still doesn't work. anyone want to mow my lawn?

got out for an hour and a half on the road rocket last night...and felt like shit. you know that feeling, you haven't ridden for a week or so and your legs just don't feel good. all you can do is push through and hope tomorrow is better. with fat tire a little over a month out, i'm really going to try to kick up the volume for the several weeks or so and see where it gets me.

is that better josh?

happy wednesday.

04 August 2009

part two

the second day back is also a grind.

03 August 2009


the first day back is a grind.

happy monday.

02 August 2009

home again

well, we made it home although we have one more leg of our trip today to wausau to pick up our dog from the in-laws. one of our best vacations ever...our son has officially been to fenway 32-ish years sooner than i did...although i'm not sure it counts in-utero. i also learned that i get sea sick in rough oceans when it's foggy. no vomitus but close. i will post some photos later.

even though it was a great trip, it is equally nice being home. my own brewed coffee never tasted so good.

happy sunday.