30 June 2009

stop the buck

after the work day and a meeting with my internship mentor following that, i ventured out for some running in elver park. i really love that place and if mountain bike trails every really do get built there (i'll believe it when i see it), it would be really convient.

we're starting to do some reorganizing around the house to get ready for the baby. of course, with any true re-org comes an initial step back and we have junk everywhere. if you need anything, odds are we have an extra one. well, not really but it feels that way a little. anyway, i think i know what we will be spending our three day weekend working on...

speaking of 3 day weekend...is it here yet?

happy tuesday.

29 June 2009

you don't know how lucky you are

felt like a short weekend. comprised of work on the internship, a day trip to spring green for art/friends and mineral point for lunch, assembling office and baby furniture, going through junk and a little riding. btw, blackhawk is in rough shape and it is clear that the club no longer cares about its mountain bike constituents. if i were a member i'd be pissed but i'm not so i guess i should stop complaining and find somewhere else to ride.

this week should be better for me training wise...i kind of hit a hiccup last week. i'm hoping for a high hours in july leading up to our trip (babymoon?) out east at the end of the month.

happy monday (it's a short week!)

26 June 2009

high life

well, the course we played yesterday offered silos of miller high life from the beer cart so i broke my no drink policy and now i'm feeling it. golf was ok, the meadows of six mile creek is a tough course. it's short but has really tight fairways and very undulating and fast greens. i ended up shooting a 94 which isn't bad but isn't great either. i definitely left at least 5 strokes on the course though so sub-90 should happen sometime this year. and somewhere in there i had my first eagle putt ever (i missed it).

this weekend looks like a time to catch up on some things that i have been neglecting. yard work, internship work, training work, and most importantly, spending time with my lovely wife who looks like she has a volleyball under her shirt.

happy friday.

25 June 2009

good night.

the golf league i sub in had its mid-season scramble last night. my team finished -6 and in a 3 way tie for third place. we kept 4 of my shots altough i always led the team and mangaged to drive the fairway all but once allowing my teammates to have at it. we had a gorilla on our team that could hit the ball a million trillion miles but had the touch of a blacksmith around the green.

more golf today with some coworkers including my boss. i guess if i have to leave early to golf i will...

happy thursday.

24 June 2009


ron and i got 43 miles in around 2:15 last night with some hard efforts mixed in. it was actually pretty nice once the sun went behind the clouds, but still sticky...i was having a hard time shifting towards the end due to wet hands. i'm feeling it this morning but in a good way.

happy wednesday.

23 June 2009

getting old.

after work, i had intended on putting on a bike costume and riding. but the heat, oh the heat. i ended up hiding in the basement until robin got home. i did manage to run at 9 once the sun was out of play, so i guess i'm in vampire mode. tonight's ride should be interesting in the 100 degree heat index.

happy tuesday.

22 June 2009

us open

i think the new us open champ lucas glover:

looks a lot like a younger davis love iii:

happy monday.

great weekend

saturday's golf opened birdie-par-double bogey-double bogie-well, it was ugly after #2. it was like i forgot how to play or something. 52 on the front, 52 on the back. worst scores of the year.

sunday morning was different, we played a 2 man chapman formated event. we doubled our opening par 5 (ouch) but played 2 over the rest of the way to finish with a 40. good enough for 7th out of 40-ish teams. i'll take that. i was putting like a ringer...i need to channel that the rest of the summer.

besides golf, i logged some hours on the internship and watched golf. no training to speak of so it's back at it tonight/tomorrow before more golf on wednesday (league) and thursday (with the boss). i'm thinking of sitting the crystal ridge race out in lieu of maybe trying to hit the levis race...although i have to clear that with the scheduling committee.

happy monday.

20 June 2009

irony, insult and injury

the basis of my internship is to seek out and assess new technologies that may be applicable to solving the myriad of problems associated with developing a vaccine against hiv. the work is to support the innovation fund within the international aids vaccine initiative which is funded predominately by the bill and melinda gates foundation.

my computer is running (barely) vista. and said vista is unable to complete updating...it sits for an hour uploading a million trillion updates, shuts down, then upon opening it sits for another hour while it installs a million trillion updates, then it shuts down, then it tells me that my updates weren't installed properly. long story short, the gate's program is inhibiting my abilities to perform the gates' philanthropic work. that is the irony.

the insult and injury come from the fact that i'm sitting in the verona public library while it is 75 and clear skies. i should be biking, running or playing golf. well, i'm doing the latter in a few hours...so i better get to work while this pos is finally working.

happy saturday.

19 June 2009

open championship

too bad about the water at bethpage black. however, if it becomes obvious that there will finishing holes on monday i may just have found an excuse for a day off. us open golf is second only to the masters and i love watching the final rounds of both. we'll see i guess...seems a little questionable to take a day off in the summer just to sit in front of the tv.

speaking of golf, i'm playing saturday and sunday with my dad and unlike long island the weather is looking primo (low 80's and less humid). boom.

worked a little late last night so i only managed a short run. i took the ice age trail to the new uw cross country course and ran on that. it was flatter than i expected (for a big ten course) and like a superhighway (mowed 10 yards wide). it was hot as hell too, but then again i'm getting soft. i'll be back as i get in better shape...this would be a good place to do speedwork i think.

my intership is going slow right now. i'm trying to research different chemical adaptations that can be made to adenoviral vectors that can eliminate existing neutralizing antibody activity. it's interesting but i've hit a point where i need to talk to my advisor...and that is not scheduled until monday.

i'm still contemplating the wems race at crystal ridge.

happy friday.

18 June 2009

what if we give it away?

tuesday night i scratched the ride due to feeling like crap. last night i was pressed for time but i managed an hour of riding pushing it up the hills. i'm not ever going to get too fast riding this sporadically but at least i'm getting out. whenever it gets busy i think about how much more you can get done when you are running for an hour than biking for an hour.

tonight they are calling for severe storms. which means it will most likely just be sunny.

happy thursday.

oh, i haven't mentioned much about this on the blog so far but here goes...

we're having a baby. the little one is due november 1st. and it turns out this little one is actually a little boy. and there was nothing ambiguous about that in the ultrasound...we have ourselves a little exhibitionist. i cannot wait to meet my son.

16 June 2009

another step.

got out on the cross bike last night and managed to push a little on the bike loop at badger prairie. it was pretty chattery but fun. i still wonder how anyone can think full rigid is fun but different strokes i guess.

had an important appointment this morning and got some exciting news that i'm not yet ready to make public.

now i need to work. i'm over working...i think my workplace should adopt summer hours. fat chance.

happy tuesday.

15 June 2009

passing a place you knew

man, i'm beat down this morning. just like most mondays...

happy monday.

14 June 2009

another brick in the foundation

saturday morning we were up early to help robin's sister move. i got the forester packed with my bike stuff and then we were off. there was a good sized crew but for some reason most didn't want to work the basement shift. unfortunately, my brother in law runs a business selling motorcycle parts down there which included dozens of boxes of parts and catalogs. i made countless trips up and down. great race warm up! we unloaded at the new place, i had a quick brat and then it was time to head to the races.

i managed to get to the john muir trails in time to register, change and warm up and that was about it. the race started and i got in a pretty good place, probably 10 spots off the lead. from there i tried to keep it steady but started to feel the move and lost 7 or so spots throughout the 24 miles of racing. i was hoping for 4 laps but only 2 guys hit that (and they are much much faster than me). all in all, it was a great day of training i guess. the best part was talking to my friends that i just don't get to see enough. back home in enough time to get ice cream right before closing time at chocolate shop on midvale. congrats to ronny boy for winning the 6 hour...i can't imagine slogging for 6 or 12 hours...those guys are crazy!

what a great saturday!

today i felt pretty tire but managed to get some stuff done. not as much as i was hoping but i'll take it.

happy sunday.

12 June 2009


got out for a spirited hour of riding on the mtb at quarry ridge last night. besides swapping out brakes, i've made a few tweaks to the cockpit set up and boy i felt good last night. hopefully i feel that good tomorrow!

i DO NOT want to be at work this morning. but, duty calls. i said duty.

happy friday.

11 June 2009


played in league last night and managed to hit a few good shots. seems like i find a way every hole to make it difficult...good drive followed by a bad approach and so on. i guess i'm a duffer. shot around my handicap which is a score of 45 or 46.

tonight i'll ride the mtb in preparation for the race this weekend. it feels like it has been forever since i raced a mountain bike.

i did some work last night and then had to work through some computer issues. i didn't get to bed until 11:30 and i'm feeling it now.

happy thursday.

09 June 2009


sometimes getting lost is just what the doctor ordered. i headed out on my own tonight, determined to get a hard effort in even though my riding partners ditched me. i rode the bike path along hwy 12 in search of new roads to ride. i found some and more, thinking i knew where i was until i rode past wollershim winery...holy crap! a quick call to robin for the best way home (which included hammering along divided hwy 12 for 5 or 6 miles). 2.5 hours and 45 miles made for an interesting tuesday. home for dinner and then work on the internship.

now i won't feel bad golfing tomorrow night.

don't look now

looks like full suspension, 26" wheels and multiple gears can win races. you would never guess talking to people who have bought the hype. there are may ways to skin a cat i guess.

90 minutes on the cross bike last night, military ridge up to mt horeb and back down to verona. it was overcast and soft so there weren't too many people on the trail. felt good to get out and my legs are primed for the tuesday night ride.

it looks like i'm racing this weekend...but only after i help my sister/brother in-law move. not the best race prep but at least i get to race.

happy tuesday.

08 June 2009

down time.

a little down time at work yields a blog overhaul.

put that on my review.

another one bites the dust.

friday night we drove up to eau claire to attend a grad party for sam and visit family. back late on saturday and up early sunday to become members of a church. for a while now we've wanted to start contributing back to the community (and in turn become more vested members) and we decided that the best way to do so was by joining a church.

i had to log a few hours on the internship and then we had some errands to run. by the time we finished all that it was getting late and i had no motivation to exercise....a goose egg for the weekend. oh well.

i may or may not be hitting the wems race this weekend depending on if i need to help my sister/brother in-law move to their first house.

happy monday.

05 June 2009


got out on the mtb with ron last night at blackhawk. that place is a mess but it was good to get out and ride the knobbies for only the second time this year. it's definitely a different workout offroad.

heading to ec tonight for a short visit (back saturday night).

should be fun.

happy friday.

03 June 2009


i finished up the rear cable actuated disc brake/shifter swap work last night on the epic. while i'm not a mechanic, and i don't pretend to be all too mechanically inclined, i must say i did a pretty good job. although i haven't actually ridden it yet...maybe tonight after i take my client to dinner.

during my work in the bike lab, robin excitedly called me from upstairs. the speaker at my program's graduation ceremony was on frontline last night. clive svenson works with regenerative medicine (stem cells) and the topic of last night's episode was parkinson's disease. pretty cool stuff...and all right here in madison.

i met with my internship advisor yesterday. my choice of projects both sound pretty cool. the first is looking at non-integrating lentiviral vectors for aids vaccine development and the second is a survey of work surrounding host immunity to adenoviral vectors. again, pretty cool stuff. this internship is going to be what i want to make of it, so here is to taking it somewhere.

and with that, i better get to it.

happy wednesday.

02 June 2009

good...check that...great night

tuesday night ride with this animal:

for a night that was supposed to rain, it was pretty near perfect. 2:10 @ right around 19 mph with 2100 ft of climbing. i'll take that...and every tuesday i feel a little better.

happy tuesday (again).

no time

no time for riding last night so i ran on the ice age trail for 40 minutes...and have the blisters to prove it. i ran in my trail shoes (it was pretty slick in the wet clay) and i always pay the price for that.

then we celebrated robin's birthday...i think it was good. johnny delmonicos and dairy queen cake.

happy tuesday.

01 June 2009

housework sunday

i decided to take yesterday off the bike to wrap up some projects around the house. i managed to get the garage cleaning/orgainizing (phase II) done. then, it was time to focus on the basement. when we moved in we inherited a bunch of scrap building materials...i finally found someone with a saw so i cut it up and jammed it all in our bin. that has been bothering me for 3 years now. i'm also trying to dry out a bunch of old paint so i can throw those out too. man they had some bad colors...the memory of endless hours of painting over there work came back to me in a flood.

anyway, a shade under 8 hours of ride time for the week. that is about where i consistantly want to be so mission accomplished.

i also spent some time switching my brake/shift lever out on the epic. the brake is mounted and operational (no rub!) but i forgot to buy a shift cable on saturday so i'm about 2/3 of the way there. i am getting excited to ride the trails again soon.

last night, we were woken at least 4 different times due to 1) dog, 2) rabbit screeching to its demise in the clutches of an owl 3) thunderstorm and 4) my wife. i guess it is good practice for november. even the dog was beat this morning. lucky for him-he gets to sleep all day. between being tire and it being my wife's birthday, i may not ride tonight. but...tomorrow is tuesday night group ride.

i also start my internship tomorrow.

happy monday.