28 February 2009

early morning wake up...whine?

my dog got me up before 7 this morning. one perk to not having many daylight hours in the winter is that, if you want, you can trick the dog into sleeping in. oh well, i needed to get some things done this morning.

i feel like i'm getting the cold that everyone around me at work has had. hopefully not.

i guess i've got nothing much to say.

happy saturday.

27 February 2009


i've got that soreness you get from inactivity. i was in a pretty good training flow in the weeks leading up to this one that this week of inactivity is taking its toll. partly due to the weather, partly due to being busy and partly due to not feeling well...regardless i'm feeling soft. oh well.

tonight and tomorrow morning i start writing my final paper(s). i'm actually excited to get the ball rolling. then i'm taking a short trip north to visit my mom for her birthday. back on sunday for (hopefully) more school work....it's time to make the big, and final, push.

happy friday.

25 February 2009

i'm in that place

you know that place, where there are so many things i want to get done that i'm feeling a little overwhelmed and not doing any of them. i have a lot of motivations to get done with school stuff as early as possible. yet, i'm not making much progress.

my tooth that was 'fixed' 2 weeks ago is giving me a lot of grief and i will probably have to go back in and have it looked at. funny how this had to be done but wasn't giving me problems until it was 'fixed.' i hate the dentist.

i've got nothing i guess.

happy wednesday.

23 February 2009

lock it up.

session 3 in the books. saturday, i attended a resume clinic that was sponsored by the alumni association of my program. it was 5 hours long...i wasn't sure how we could possibly fill 5 hours with resume stuff but we did and it was really good. i'm not actively sending them out yet, but when the time is right i will be ready.

other than that, the rest of the weekend was melancholy i guess. we ventured out to the madison model railroad show and the madison golf show. it was pretty cool to see the train set ups but the nerd quotient was off the charts.

and now it's monday and i have work to do but far less motivation to do it with.

happy monday.

19 February 2009

one of those mornings.

so i go to make coffee...throw out yesterday's filter, grind new beans, fill coffee pot with water, etc. all is good. robin goes to pour coffee and she asks me why the coffee looks like slightly discolored hot water...turns out i didn't transfer the ground coffee to the coffee maker. bad start indeed.

but that reminds me, my office mate and i have come up with a new invention idea. clear coffee. sort of like clear pepsi i guess. now that i've publicly divulged the idea i won't be able to get a patent in europe. damn...

it's a school thursday. i love the 8-9 hours at work followed by 3 hours in class. who wouldn't? at least tonight's speaker is captivating...he taught a session last sememster. he is kind of a big shot in the business psych arena and consults to some pretty big companies. tonight's discussion: organizational change.

t-minus 4 days.

happy thursday.

18 February 2009

the same.

after a spirited game of ball/chase with oliver, we got out for some running and then i did some medicine ball core work while he passed out. for such a high energy dog he has a hard time keeping up with me. anyway, it was pretty warm out but i just couldn't bring myself to suit up in the bike costume just to ride slow in the dark over ice.

i managed to gain some research momentum last night for my paper, i think that i will start actually writing over the next two weeks because once i get going i tend to keep going.

the snow ended up being a dusting and that is good. once we get through this cold spell the roads should be ridable again...maybe by the weekend. i would like to get my road bike dialed so it's ready for those warm march days...so maybe i'll find some time for that this weekend.

t-minus 5 days.

happy wednesday.

17 February 2009

couldn't do it.

man, i'm dealing with a low point. i feel like training but i don't feel like pursuing any modes available at the moment. how is that for complicated? i'll kick it up a notch...i feel like working on my final projects but i can't figure out how to get my momentum started. bam.

last night in lieu of riding i tore the road bike apart and started cleaning it up. i managed to get the back half clean and have the new drivetrain components installed that i picked up at the madison bike swap. the extra couple of gears in back should help a lot on blue mounds. now i need to do the same to the front half including new bar tape. that bike is 6 or 7 model years old but man it cleans up nice. the rocket is in full effect...

other than that, we ate some mexican food and i did do some reading for class this week. maybe i'll be more school motivated tonight while it is snowing?

t minus 6 days.

happy tuesday.

16 February 2009


i decided to run with the dog last night followed by some medicine ball work. between that and my epic crashes on saturday i'm pretty sore. i may opt out of a workout tonight. we'll see.

have i mentioned i'm sick of winter? i'm sure that sentiment will improve with the impending snowstorm.

happy monday.

15 February 2009

angry hornet.

5 crashes in 45 minutes. the military ridge trail sucks right now. 4 of the 5 were hard and by the end i had given up riding for good. well, that was rash but i'm pretty achy today. i know, you would think that i would have stopped riding after the first crash but i had convinced myself that it was just that section. i had never seen the gravel portion of the trail in glare ice. spring cannot come soon enough. i'm officially to that 'i hate winter' point of winter. the thaw was nice but now i can't ski. i know, move on.

in better news, i just found out last night that we now have vs. on our dish program. as of last week we didn't so i'm pretty excited. i was able to watch the prologue of the atoc and we are set to dvr all the remaining stages. i love me some technology. i wonder if lance being back had anything to do with vs showing up on lower tier packages? it surely isn't the nhl and pbr.

i managed to pretty much get all of this week's assignments done yesterday. today i plan on getting some research done on my final projects. i'm not feeling real motivated so we'll see how it goes. maybe i'll ride my bike today but probably not because i still hate bikes a little after last night.

happy sunday.

14 February 2009


i'm going to wrap up this week's set of assignments this morning, then it's off to the military ridge trail for some riding because after last night's fish fry i'm going to need it. tomorrow, i'm finally going to have some time to dig in and really start planning my final paper(s) on gene doping.

with that i better get to work.

happy saturday.

12 February 2009

big mistake.

well, i did it again. after 2.5 hours on saturday and 2.5 hours on tuesday all i want to do is ride my bike. damn. and now it's cold again not to mention i am in the midst of another busy semester and a busy period at work. oh well...as long as i don't obsess about it i should be ok.

i'm trying to get as much of my work done this week as i can so i have some time to get out and ride on the weekend. with the snow pack gone and cooler temps here i should be able to ride the rails to trails where it's easier to stay warm.

i have to get a filling today. our dentist likes to numb the whole mouth which means i won't be eating lunch. i am an anti-dentite.

stefan dodged a bullet on top chef last night. i think his cockiness is both a strength and a weakness. oh, and lea sucks. wow, a pop culture reference...

happy thursday.

10 February 2009

take it when you get it.

as i drove to work this morning i decided that i would crank through what i had to do and put off what wasn't needed asap so maybe i could get out for a ride. my boss sent me home before a client call this afternoon and it was go time. as i ate my lunch i heard the wind whistling through our windows and i developed some doubts. but those doubts didn't stop me...

2.5 windy hours and around 3000 vertical feet. not bad for a tuesday in february.

time to do some homework.

happy tuesday.

09 February 2009

trying to quit.

i need to stop watching the pga. it is getting me excited to hit the links but we are at least 2 months away from that. that is what i spent most of my day doing since i wasn't feeling so hot.

i also did some yardwork (dog duties), took the christmas lights down from the upper roof, and did some other random things around the house. but i did no homework and i was hoping to get a jump on it. oh well, the day was relaxing and i needed that.

and here we go with another week.

happy monday.

08 February 2009

2.5 (hours and gallons of beer)

yesterday i met up with ron and sam for some early season training. i managed 2.5 hours in the warm and blustery conditions. luckily, we chose a route that tackled the head winds in the first half so the ride home was solid.

then it was off to the work party. i drank my fair share of the milwaukee brewed beer.

all in all, it was a great saturday but i'm paying the price today.

07 February 2009

made it.

1 more session in the books. after a rough night including dog vomit that looked like its origin was the other end, i'm going to try to get some work done so i can enjoy the afternoon with a bike between my legs.

i have my work party tonight. christmas party. in february...

happy saturday.

05 February 2009

hell of the south

i'm doing it again...

hesitant but happy.

i am always reluctant to spend money on things we can do ourselves. we decided to pay someone to paint our lower level and it is turning out to be a brilliant decision. the ceiling is going to require 3 coats (8 gallons of paint!) and i can tell you that if we were doing it i would literally cry. the painter said it was the most dry ceiling he has ever seen. money well spent.

spent some time on the trainer last night while reading about managing virtual teams. i have a hard time managing my real team so this seemed a little obtuse to me. i did some strength work afterward and i'm feeling pretty weak today.

and here we are at a long school day...thursdays are rough.

happy thursday.

04 February 2009

new poster.

so, you know how there are all these 'fake' motivational posters being e-circulated lately? well i think i have found my favorite.

baby it's cold.

i couldn't bring myself to ski last night...i don't might cold but windy cold makes me turn into a complete wuss. i couldn't bring myself to hop on the trainer either so i figured out how to transfer itunes files from robin's computer to mine instead. then i made dinner, did some homework and moved furniture for our the painting of our lower level today.

i've been maintaining the train 4 out of every 7 days plan and will continue to through the end of school. i feel like i'm slowly getting more fit and hopefully this scheme will keep me from burning out before my targeted races in the fall. so, build/maintain marginal fitness during school, build base from mid may through july, add some intensity in august and start racing in september. seems like a good plan. spread throughout i may dabble with a few road timetrials/races in the wisport series and maybe 1 or 2 wors races but that is to be determined.

man, just talking about may, june, july and august has me feeling warm. i do like winter but once february is here i'm over it. the snow is going to take a big hit this weekend and then it gets really tough. oh well...it's that way for everyone.

happy wednesday.

03 February 2009

my engines

another day another ski at pleasant view. man it was cold. i managed my typical 3 labs but i lost some feeling in some of my fingers. it got better as i warmed up but what a difference from sunday.

i did some school work as well. mostly just 'organizing my thoughts' which is optimistic speak for i got nothing accomplished. i am still excited about my final project but i can't decide where to jump in. i think i should just start with the literature i have i can spend the next couple months filling in the gaps.

just plugging along.

happy tuesday.

02 February 2009

oh me want that.

man iphones are cool. i know you don't need 90% of that stuff. but it is still cool.

the super bowl is over. i have one thing to say about the game...now it's baseball season! with the sun and moderate temps it almost felt like spring. next weekend is supposed to be in the 40s. i might just have to ride a bike outside or something. no saturday class is sooo nice.

i found a biotechnology licensing internship that would be a great opportunity but i'm not sure i can make it work around my current job. i guess you don't know unless you try, right? worst case i get some practice interviewing.

happy monday.

01 February 2009

so far so good.

coffee, homework, lunch, homework, hike at dog park, tea, homework, dinner, errands, vicky christina barcelona.

coffee, homework/update resume, coffee, skiing, lunch, watch golf, eat cookies, homework, errands...tbd.

so far, i've been productive. here is continuing that for a great week.

happy sunday.