29 January 2009


after 2 days of training on microsoft project i'm ready to smash every computer i see. it was a great session, but this is like most programs...the more you know, the more you don't know. or rather, the more you think you know the more you can royally screw things up.

ollie and i are going to hit the roads for a nice run...then it's time to hit the books after a night off from that.

happy thursday.

27 January 2009


another great ski tonight. man, the conditions are fast...and that is on my old wax-less wonders. i can't imagine what the right wax would offer in terms of speed.

a last minute training opportunity for work came up today...i'll spend the next 16 hours learning the ins and outs of microsoft project which is something i was going to look into doing once school was done. put that on my review. the best part is that i'm out of the office for wednesday and thursday...even better.

happy thursday.

on a whim.

at lunch yesterday i decided to grab my skiing clothes (i just wasn't feeling getting out in the cold again). work sucked, so i ended up deciding to try and alter my mood with a ski...and i wasn't disappointed. the tracks were set the best they had been all winter...and there were only 4 cars in the lot. i saw 1 person the whole time and took 6 minutes off my 3 lap average at pleasant view. i wanted to keep going but i had homework to do. great ski.

i didn't get a whole lot accomplished on the homework front but somehow i still feel like i'm making progress.

happy tuesday.

26 January 2009

astrology sucks but i'll take it anyway...

Snake Outlook for 2009
1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Snake Overview
The Snake has an incredibly favorable year ahead. The year of the Ox provides many opportunities for the Snake to fulfill long awaited career goals and achieve more than he/she ever imagined. Your wisdom and patience are tools that prove successful in all aspects of your life. Relationships could be taken to new heights and deep and meaningful friendships are acquired. This year proves to be one of action, the year that all of your planning and waiting pay off for you. The later months prove to be especially successful, tying a year of arduous work into an extremely blissful culmination.

Snake Rating
79% (10 favorable and 2 neutral months)

Snake Career
Your wisdom proves to be most resourceful this year, particularly in your career endeavors. Colleagues will admire your input and your opinion will be well respected among business circles. Your work will take you to new levels in your career, as you may see a promotion or a position change that offers you a direction that is more suitable to your skills. March, April and May are strong months for a career change or an upswing in your current position. Be prepared for an outstanding year in your work and don't be surprised if everything you do results in success

Snake Relationships
The Snake's social life will bring a high amount of satisfaction to you this year, as will your family life. Though you tend to be more of a loner, this year will provide occasions that may bring you out of your shell. You have always been a good listener and you will benefit from being more assertive in social situations. More to the point, you may be thrown into a position to be more assertive, rather than volunteering. Your quick thinking will prove to be most useful. Single Snakes may find the romantic relationship they seek, as romance is favored.

Snake Health
The Snake will not suffer any more than minor health issues, but you may want to watch what you eat and make it a point to exercise more often, as these may be areas that you tend to neglect. Your busy work schedule and social endeavors may make it difficult to maintain a regular schedule of exercise, but you can find time here and there to do something active. This will help your heart and may relive stress from a long work week.

Snake Wealth
The Snake will do well with your conservative approach to spending. You have always been disciplined in your finances and this year proves to be no different. If you maintain your frugal manner, you will find that you have accumulated enough by the end of the year to make a large purchase that you have been planning for a long time. If you are in doubt about a particular endeavor, don't hesitate to receive a second opinion before committing.

25 January 2009

6 to go.

well, i made it through the first of the final 7 sessions. classes aren't too bad and i'm still looking forward to the final project. friday i got in a 40 minute run with oliver and saturday i skied 3 laps at pleasant view after class.

we treated ourselves to breakfast this morning followed by a hike at the old dog park. just trying to stay active during another cold winter.

i'm off to organize my work for the next two weeks...then, maybe i'll hope on the trainer for a bit.

happy sunday.

21 January 2009

3 laps.

3 laps with ron at pleasant view last night. after that, robin and i talked ourselves out of ordering pizza and had tacos instead. i'd like to say we opted out of pizza because of our healthy sensibilities, but it had a lot more to do with papa john's not having any deals. it's damn expensive ordering a mediocre (but tasty) pizza.

i did want to do some reading for class this week but i got to watching the inauguration we recorded and *poof* it was time for bed.

happy wednesday.

20 January 2009

more trainer time

did some reading while riding the trainer again last night. while the trainer isn't my first choice mode for exercise, i don't hate it like most. except last night...it was all i could do to last 45 minutes. i did my core circuit with extra reps to make up for it but even 45 minutes is better than nothing. a nice fennel and tomato soup for dinner was followed by a few hours of school work.

one of my classmates updated her facebook status on sunday with 'xxx is ready to take off her pants and read a book. It must be Sunday!' there is nothing more to be said about that...

happy inauguration day!

18 January 2009


yesterday was a designated day for robin and i. in lieu of a vacation, we decided to limit expenditures and have a local 'us' day. after a morning run with the dog, we got massages, had lunch at our favorite restaurant (quivey's grove), went to a movie (the reader) and had a nice steak dinner at the tornado room. it was a wonderful day and was much needed going into my last semester.

today, i've been doing some research for my final project. i've been trying to find a subject that would be a blend of my scientific interests and my personal interests. in what was sparked by my anonymous comment from the other day, i've chosen to work through the subject of gene doping which many scientific authorities feel is the next horizon in cheating. that is, the use of gene therapy for evil so to speak. if this process is successfully put into place, there will be major difficulties in developing methods of detection. my particular focus will be the use of the EPO gene, what i feel to be the most feasible vector for delivery of that gene, and ultimately designing a contract lab business model for the execution of detection methods which i will also cover. this is a project that should differentiate me from my classmates and offer an aspect of biotechnology full of ethical, legal and financial implications. plus it is interesting to me on many levels...something that will (hopefully) keep me motivated throughout my final semester.

i think i'm going skiing. happy sunday.

16 January 2009

holy crap.

now i really really want the 2016 olympics in chicago.


i was going to post about how i logged on hour on the trainer whilst reading journal articles about bioprospecting and new strategies for antibiotic treatments. then i noticed the comment from my last post.

it is weird to me how some people think other peoples' blogs (which are inherently narcissistic (to quote my friend pat) and by definition a personal forum for opinion) are also their own forums for opinion. and, i'm not against that...i've been known to post my unsolicited opinion with my identity in tow. but please post with an identity. i really don't care what your opinion is and everyone has the right to voice it...but stand by it or shut the hell up (at least on my blog).

happy fucking friday.

14 January 2009

snap the elastic.

i logged some trainer time last night while watching road to the tour. i love that dvd...it's the documentary of us postal/lance armstrong's build to the 2001 tour. the setting for it is concurrent with when my developing interest in cycling was rising and is the tour where i really started paying attention. and, i'm not afraid to mention it, i'm a lance fan. it seems, for whatever reason, a lot of 'cyclists' bash him for whatever reason. i file that under hating your favorite band once they sign with warner brothers.

anyway, watching that brings me back to when i had the energy and motivation to train outside on a road bike in marshfield in january before work in the dark. thinking back, it was absolutely certifiable. people were surprised to see bikers in marshfield in broad day light in july...

wow, this was an obtuse entry. to summarize: i don't have the passion i once had and i like lance and am excited to watch him this year.

happy wednesday.

13 January 2009

devine hammer

got out for a quick ski last night after work. spent a few hours reading for session 1 of school and also did some shoveling (trying to beat the cold). good night.

happy tuesday.

12 January 2009

moon river.

friday night i managed to: bowl 3 games, eat a burger in one of the only smoking establishments remaining in the greater madison area, get changed into a tie, headed to my wifes holiday party at the maple bluff country club, eat some bacon wrapped scallops (everything is better wrapped in bacon...even soggy scallops) and head home. that is quite a night for this guy.

saturday, i got up and headed over to the bike swap. i managed to buy a few parts for the road bike but i didn't want to spend too much in hopes of getting the cross bike one of these months. josh, sam and ron were kicking it...sam took the championship again with his huge purchases (some things don't change). then it was off to eat some mexican and then, after that, i shut it down for the day because i was tired. i got out for a ski yesterday, did some more hanging out, got my school stuff organized for the impending semester, and helped robin with the grocery shopping. all in all, it was a good weekend.

happy monday.

08 January 2009


i found my old kris kross tape tonight. i don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but i do know that it is wiggity wiggity whack.

looking for something.

so, it's time to start thinking about school again. i have 3 big semester projects that will all deal with the same topic of my choosing. the problem is, i'm not real good at choosing...and there is some pressure because i don't want to be working on something lame while i crank out the necessary 50 pages of text. whatever it is i choose, you can bet i will be sick of it come may 1st. i have identified something i am interested in, but now i need to do the scary stuff and contact the innovator...who happens to be world reknown in the subject. yikes. to make matters worse, i am dragging my feet a little because, frankly, i don't want to start. 1 semester to go...

no workout last night. i couldn't bring myself to run on the ice for a third straight night (plus my training partner was tired) and doing an hour on the trainer wasn't happening either. for january, my goal is to hit 4-5 hours per week and i'm right on that schedule so i'm over it. we're supposed to get 3-5 inches on friday so maybe (hopefully) i'll be skiing again soon. the running/trainer combo is fine in a pinch but i'd rather do more seasonable activites while trying to get this body back into shape. my goal is to come out of the next few months able to ride on the sharp end of the cross plains training camp in march. and by that i mean staying with the majority of the group.

and with that, i better get to my work for the day.

happy thursday.

07 January 2009


last night the big dog and i repeated the prior nights workout of 30 minutes running on the icy sidwalks around the house followed by 30 minutes on the trainer followed by some core work. at one point, i sat down and 'skijored' down a sidewalk that was still glare ice. this winter is a buzz kill with all this ice...i would really like to be able to ski or snowshoe.

the tree came down last night. we think some bugs had eggs in the tree because in the past few days we have had a high incidence of these small bugs everywhere. we hope that was the cause anyway. it's amazing how open our living room feels now...i always really like having the tree but it always feels good to get it out too.

happy wednesday.

06 January 2009

back to the routine.

yesterday i had the unpleasurable task of scolding my team at work for making too many mistakes. i hate having to say things that i think should just be assumed. now they have no excuse. the day quickly got better with a lunch meeting with my good friend charlie.

after work, i laced up the shoes, leashed up the dog, and braved the icy sidewalks for a 30 minute run. i followed that up with 30 minutes on the trainer and a brief attempt at some core exercise (1 circuit of my core routine).

all in all, it was a good day.

happy tuesday.

04 January 2009

the end.

well, it's time for a full week of work for once. i can barely remember what that means. i guess i will just have to muddle through.

yesterday i managed a 1:15 mtb ride. you read that correctly. i rode on the military ridge trail and it was rough but ridable. today, i did some hiking on the ice snow with oliver and we re-painted the stairwell. now we're waiting for the soup to finish so we can watch stepbrothers. and that is a wrap on the holidays.

happy sunday.

02 January 2009

i did it again.

too much beer/glug/champaign/whatever else i don't remember drinking left me feeling horrible on day 01 of 2009. in fact, i'm still feeling it today. oh well, after having 1 last lunch with my mom, sister and brother in law, it was off to the big dog park to run our poor dog. he has been a trooper over the past few weeks, and he finally got a much deserved romp at the ole 'dp.'

i was going to do a workout after that, but i got comfortable in a quiet house with my first alone time in over a fortnight. day 1 starts tomorrow...

happy friday.