29 August 2008

long weekends

last night i got in 5.5 miles of running, took oliver to the big dog park, ate dinner, watched some of the packer game and then watched o'bama accept the nomination.

i'm not entirely sure a packed football stadium debunks the celebrity attack by the right (not that the republicans would ever allow a celebrity to office...like in california or something), it was something to behold. and even political conventions are better in hd.

robin comes home tonight and it is none too soon. her boys have been missing her.

happy friday.

28 August 2008

good night to hit a dimpled ball

golfed at the norsk last night with greg instead of time trials. good decision...it was a great night and besides getting heckled by a few old timers playing league, all was well in mt horeb. i golfed ok, i blew up on the first three holes but calmed down after and played 2 pars plus 2 3-putt bogies on the remaining 6. i really need to start putting better.

we are members of a farm and get a weekly share of veggies. this week was great with peppers, sweet corn, two different lettuces, huge radishes and finally, a bunch of tomatoes. it's been a difficult year for the farmers (too wet early which delayed planting/plant development and now dry reducing normal yeilds). if this is a low yield year, i can't imagine a big year.

i got 3 hours of homework yesterday to be completed prior to the first class session a week from today. oh well, i knew it was coming. we're doing a lot of project management/leadership stuff this semester which i will find interesting considering i'm in the infancy of my management career.

happy thursday.

27 August 2008

revisionist history

during last nights run i thought to myself 'i can't beleive i ran a marathon less than a year ago.' to make myself feel worse, i revisted my performances leading up to the marathon and calculated the projected marathon time derived from the associated vdot value for each time.

Distance PR Est. Marathon
5 km 17:35 2:50
5 mi 28:43 2:48
10 km 36:23 2:48
10 mi 59:35 2:48
20 km 1:15.50 2:48

i ran 3:19. oh well...

and i feel like william tell.

work. run. dogpark. fantasy football draft (i'm a geek). brewers. to bed.

good day.

happy wednesday.

26 August 2008

in the closet

man, you'd think painting a closet would be a quick endeavor. but there i was last night, fixing some missed spots, securing shelves, and starting to move things back in. it's not done, but it's close.

has anyone seen the lenny kravitz commercial for kohls? does anyone remember when lenny kravitz was cool? my answer is yes to both and i am very sad for him.

i ordered a textbook for this sememster. and that officially ends my state of denial. there is a tiny and sick part of me that is looking forward to it. the other 95% of me is loving summer.

happy tuesday.

25 August 2008

good weekend

another great weather of weekend and i took full advantage...painting a closet. well, that isn't all i did but it felt like it. i also took oliver to the grande dog park both days, hit my new callaway x 2h club (love it), managed to calibrate my polar foot pod for the first time within a 10km run at the arb, put up a mirror in the bedroom and did some other odds and ends around the house.

man, i always feel like i pack my weekends but then, when i think about it, i don't manage to get all that much done. oh well.

robin is gone through friday night...ollie and i are feeling a bit lost.

happy monday.

22 August 2008

real men of genius.

it's friday. thank goodness.

got out for a run last night with some added drills and core work. i'm looking at those sessions at winterizing my body...once school starts back up in less than two weeks, my training time becomes limited. so cycling isn't always the ideal activity if i want a good workout in a short amount of time.

how can top notch athletes struggle with baton exchanges in the relay? i know it's tough (i remember struggling with it and i move A LOT slower then them). i could even see it in a highly contested final, but a semi where you are almost assured a spot in the final? the u.s. athletes should be ashamed of themselves!

my two cents.

happy friday.

21 August 2008

i hit the rope

warming up for golf yesterday i hit the rope identifying the range section to use during a swing. something happened to my finger that made it hurt like crazy. 18 holes later i was barely able to grip the club with my bottom hand. i managed a 45 on the front and 47 on the back...with something like 4 three putt bogies. oh well. great weather and leaving early from work is always a good thing.

time to work.

happy thursday.

20 August 2008

nice night.

the other day i went for a trail run on the ice age trail by my house. there was a lot of overgrowth, and i emailed the regional guy in charge of the madison segments to make sure it was alright to trim back things...somehow that turned into being a trail steward that is listed as an official volunteer. i've been intending to volunteer more so i guess it's cool.

i ran on the new segment through the uridge golf course and that section rules. it is a beautiful piece of trail and i found a ton of golf balls including 2 nike one blacks. good thing too, i have a tee time for 2:48 at the ridge. as i run more, the soreness is starting to dissapate and i am able to enjoy being out rather than just feeling sore. i still can't believe i ran a marathon just 10 months ago...

i like where i'm at right now. i'm not tied to any one discipline and there is no pressure to race. it's about feeling good and being fit...i like that.

happy wednesday.

19 August 2008

judge this.

gymnastics was a buzz kill again last night. why can't you tie for a gold? i don't like it one bit.

cc sabathia is the real deal. getting him was like getting a starter and a bullpen arm with how deep he goes in games. i agree with pat, best trade ever. it's too bad they won't be able to keep him.

got out for an hour and 15 minutes on the road last night. felt good to push a little in the warm early evening heat. i am sore from my run on sunday, more so than i thought i might.

i better get to work.

happy tuesday.

18 August 2008


good weekend. i managed to get a good chunk of what i wanted to do finished.

yesterday, after i posted, i headed to the arb for a lap. i managed to run 7:30's reasonably comfortably and it felt great to be out on madison's hallowed running loop again after almost a year since the last time i did it. the weather was great and the coffee tasted pretty good afterward. i watched the mens 10,000m finals and that made my 46:30 10k look more than pedestrian...as it should. those guys are the best in the world. i cannot believe that someone can finish in 53 at the end of that race and make it look comfortable.

i did some more yardwork, then robin came home and we took the boy to the giant dog park, played some tennis and watched more olympics. sports all the time and even i'm getting a little sick of watching it...but i can't stop myself!

i suppose i should get back on a bike tonight. mostly because i'm too sore to run again.

happy monday.

17 August 2008

great stuff

with robin out of town i took this opportunity to try and get some odds and ends stuff done around the house. got the yard cleaned up including some much needed bush pruning which required a trimmer (which required a trip to the home depot). i also got the basement toilet working again...now i don't have to leave the 'man cave' when the urge hits. then it was off to menards (because home depot didn't have what i needed for the next project) to get a mirror. i had wanted to get some bed mulch but my phone rang while i was there...it was the painter who is finally going to fix our ceiling from the furniture delivery guys. sweet. two more trips to menards for mulch was all it took to finish the day's tasks. then it was off to the dog park and finally time to shower. off to get chinese food and back in time to watch the women's marathon live in hd. i still can't get over hd. best technology purchase ever (robin may still argue the ipod).

the marathon was inspirational to say the least. when the winner entered the stadium, i got chills. as a high school runner who didn't want to face the fact that i didn't have the talent to be elite, i would day dream about that moment someday as (what i thought) a real possibility. paula radcliff's finish was also inspirational to me, but more because she looked like i imagine myself looking at the end of the milwaukee marathon last fall. i mean, forget the fact that she was still a 1/2 hour ahead of my time and all...

then, usain bolt's insane 100m final...he shut it down with 20m to go and still smashed the world record. run through the finish man! anyway, i'm not usually keen on the sprints but i can appreciate a once in a lifetime olympic performance...aka michael phelps.

anyway, a few more projects to wrap up today...and i may just head to the arboretum and run a 10k lap in the spirit of the olympic track events. maybe.

happy sunday.

15 August 2008

a funny thing happened to me

man, last night i had no motivation to do anything...so i did nothing. i did take oliver to the dog park. and i did stay up too late watching gymnastics. but no riding or running or anything resembling exercise. and i'm alright with that.

maybe tonight.

happy friday.

14 August 2008

it's all just the same don't you know

in light of yesterday's epiphany, i decided to act on my urge to run and did so for 30 minutes in lieu of time trials at blackhawk. the ice age trail was in rough shape...it could use some maintainence. maybe i should volunteer to work on the section right outside my door?

my legs feel good this morning considering how little running i've been doing. heck, i could have gone 45 minutes (right now pat is laughing at my running ineptitude). i did a little core work when i got home and i felt great.

the brewers won again. it's a good sign when they beat the teams they should beat. and cc has been worth every prospect (laporta who?).

happy thursday.

13 August 2008

questions in my mind.

i think, as i get older, i'm less able to have a singular focus. To train for and race only mountain bikes or to train for and race only for running just doesn't work for me anymore. i get bored. plus, foregoing tennis or golf or basketball or whatever because i'm worried it may effect my finish in a race that should be fun but more and more so is just a disappointment is a drag.

i feel like i've topped out, that i'm never going to have the time (or the motivation) to get to where i used to be. but, as long as i show up to the races i'll be comparing myslef to what was and feel disappointment.

what am i trying to say...i guess nothing, it's just what is on my mind this morning. i was contemplating my race schedule and having diffuculty mustering motivation for any races i can attend. and, the races i want to attend i cannot due to conflicts with my school schedule (blockhouse and beechwood) or because i didn't get in (fat tire).

and, odds are, this isn't my year for the cross bike. i've been unfairly using this forum to publicly lobby my wife for this bike. i shouldn't do that...it makes her feel bad. and, after reviewing finances and staring down the barrel of a $15k tuition bill for this school year...i'm calling off the dogs. it's not that we can't...it's that we shouldn't. and that distinction needs to be made by yours truly.

sorry, a little vent. i'm sick of feeling bad if a miss a training ride and i'm sick of feeling bad if i don't do well (and even in my prime i was disappointed with how i finished a race). maybe i should stop racing and just get out and enjoy my surroundings? getting out and riding for no reason or running the ice age trail just to be outside without the pressure to race the guy in front of me seems to give me the most enjoyment these days. so i guess the answer is maybe so...

happy wednesday.

12 August 2008

roadies have issues.

got out last night for a nice ride that included old sauk pass hill. i had been pushing pretty hard on P leading to the climb and was taking it easy and drinking a little on the flat leading to old sauk pass. some roadie thought he should pass me and give me the roadie stare when i said hi. whatever. so, he gets about 10 meters ahead of me and then slows down. i slowed a little because i wanted nothing to do with him. well, he was heading to the climb as well...so i put my head down and rode away from him. he was standing, pushing side to side real hard and i just kept it seated and steady and had put a good 200 meters on him by the top of the climb. small victories i guess. being tougher than a roadie is like shooting fish in a barrel though, so i guess i'll take it with a grain of salt.

i had major reflux yesterday, and i'm feeling the after effects today. oh well.

i guess i better get to work.

happy tuesday.

11 August 2008

four under.

well, the hilltop open was a success...we shot 4 under rattling off 4 straight birdies on holes 5 through 8. we should have gotten a couple more...very make-able putts on every hole but so it goes. i hit the ball really good and we kept a lot of my shots. the only thing i was missing was the flat blade but that held true for everyone.

i really love playing golf and wish i could do it more. it doesn't exactly harmonize with my other free time pursuits but there is nothing better than great weather and a round of golf.

and, i've really figured out my new driver.

back to reality. i'm feeling very uninspired lately at work a frankly a little bored with my workload, but that will change in a few weeks when school cranks back up.

happy monday.

08 August 2008

mud is hard on the old...

man, i'm more tired after 30 minutes in the mud than i was after the 9-mile adventure. i've got a hip giving me trouble from the good old hike a bike and general soreness abounds. what does a smart person do when already sore from something he does often? that's right, go play tennis with his lovely wife. that girl can rip the ball and she makes me feel old out there on the court. but it was fun and the night was beautiful.

this weekend has me heading to eau claire to golf in the hilltop classic...a scramble format that will (undoubtedly) involve a lot of mgd. or high life. or miller lite. just so it is macro brew and from milwaukee i guess is all i'm saying. and that is a great thing...until sunday that is.

anyway, this week quickly became a recovery week. besides wednesday and tonight i may not ride again until monday. oh well...i'm no pro. and i'm probably not racing again until late september. that is when cross starts...oh yea, i still need a cross bike.

happy friday.

07 August 2008

bad night for a ride

i'm blaming vista. when i got home last night i went to check the weather using my laptop. it had been in sleep mode which, of late, vista has been not liking so much. i couldn't get the screen to light up so i gave up and shut the thing down. i remember thinking "it's sunny...it's not going to rain."

kit up, ride over to blackhawk. those clouds look ominous...but they also look like they will miss us. golden.

preride, about half way through...the skies open up. rivers where there were trails. bike trashed. sunny by the time we finish. i started lap one but had terrible chain suck and i also felt guilty ripping the trails up...i mean, there really aren't that many places to ride so there is no sense in wrecking one for the sake of racing. i rode home with the drive by stares you'd expect when covered in mud from head to toe. it was an hour and a half of riding but not necessarily quality. i should have just stayed home.

favre is a jet. that's weird. looks like the packers won. i'm just glad it's mostly over.

time to work. happy thursday.

05 August 2008

time for a beer

and in the end

one thing i forgot to mention about the race was our 'x' factors. having josh and amy there for support, burritos and super fandom was a huge lift during the night laps. a big thank you to them for the support!

it was also pretty cool to know that we had a lot of people watching the real time results and rooting for us from wherever they were. mike was getting calls from his brothers in new zealand and colorado all night. the timing system was sweet for people to watch us...i just wish there was an arm band instead of a card to scan. i felt like i was going to work every lap. i guess in a way i was.

yesterday was a good day off of work. i spent time unpacking, cleaning up my junk, organizing the basement (man cave), garage, and my half of the closet. the only thing i didn't get around to was cleaning up the bike. i just couldn't bring myself to spend time on it. tonight i'll have to if i want to do time trials tomorrow.

i woke up hard this morning and it took me until just now to really start feeling awake.

happy tuesday.

04 August 2008

that was a big one

well, the weekend was as tough as i thought it would be...and i loved every minute of if.

friday night ron and i got out of dodge early and were set up at the best site at the place by 4pm. mike and scott followed shortly and we were off for a practice ride. the course featured a little more single track then years past and also concentrated the climbing to the first 2/3 of the lap. the major climb was a long freshly graveled road that was difficult to get traction on. anyway, we got our packets, finished setting up camp, ate some mexican for dinner, took mike to walmart for his third time ever (we saw 1 really sweet mullet), considered checking out the reo speedwagon concert at the fair, and hit the hay with anticipation of the next days event.

saturday, even when you wake up at 6:30 the 10am race start comes quickly. the night before we decided on the ron, mike, me and scott order. ron was off and came through in a position that allowed us to start chipping away. after the first 2 rounds of laps we were 20 minutes down on the top team (they weren't getting touched this weekend) and 5 minutes down on second (muddy cup-the defending champions). we were battling with twin-six and polska for third with all of us separated by seconds.

nightfall came, and this is where the 24 hour race is won or lost. you don't necesarily need to be fast (it doesn't hurt) but steady. steady pace so you have something in the tank when the sun comes back, steady lines to prevent mechanicals, and steady recovery between laps so you are ready to ride every 3 hours.

while waiting for my second night lap, i was sitting amoungst my competition (muddy cup, polska, and twin six). mike was the first in and we jumped to second. apparently the muddy cup rider 'shit the bed' and i think that was literal. at one point he passed out on his bike and woke up on the side of the trail. we kept plugging away and the race stayed tight. twin six closed the gap and muddy cup (down to 2 riders) was still riding strong. my last lap i just tried to keep some gaps. the muddy cup guy (a wors expert) passed me with around 3 miles to go and i decided that this was the race and that i HAD to keep his wheel. i buried it and gave it everything i had. he only managed 15 to 20 seconds and i finished cross eyed and toasted. scotty went out and put us back up,. ron added to it but twin six was closing fast. mike's last lap started and muddy cup and twin six were only 1 minute back. after 23.5 hours of racing, it came down to this. mike was riding single and was cramping from the start...he put in a herculean effort and managed to only give up 15 seconds with only 3 miles to the finish. after redbud rode, the lead was down to 20 seconds but mike pulled it out. 2nd place in the masters national championship category!!! after 24+ hours or racing, it's amazing that 2nd, 3rd and 4th were within a minute of each other.

and standing on the podium felt GOOD (it has been so long). i'm happy that i didn't hold our team back...something i was really worried about coming in. i mean, i literally didn't touch a bike for almost all of last year.

we were the 4th fastest entity for the race (all 24 hour categories) and our class had 4 in the top 6. this was hard fought and those feel the best. i had a tinge of jealousy when the guys next to us got the stars and bars jerseys...something that will drive me for next year.

i feel reinvigorated (although i won't be riding today or tomorrow probably) and ready to get back on the podium again. thanks for reading.

happy monday.

01 August 2008

game time.

well, the preparations are complete. all that is left is the event. my excitement has been replaced by a feeling of nervousness. i'm more nervous about forgetting something than i am about the actual race. if i stay within myself early, and take one lap at a time, i know i'll be solid. i've had a nice block of training since school got out and now it's time to leverage that for a successful outcome.

there are currently more teams registered for the masters championship than the open championship...wierd.

anyway, real time results are at www.24-9.com if you are at all interested. team weak sauce will be bringing it strong.

happy friday.