30 April 2008

we all wore our visors down.

do you ever feel like you are hurtling towards the white-hot sun with the only possible outcome equivalent to the semisonic lyric of being 'an archwelders spark in the atmosphere?' no reason.

another late night last night. at this point, i'm sweating the small stuff and practicing my talk, so i guess it could be worse. this semester has been trying, so it stands to reason that my last few nights of the semester should be equally as trying. now it's me...you give me powerpoint and something to talk about and i'll go on and on. i guess that is why i'm practicing.

we're talking about practice. not the game...not the game...

time to recommence the work, work, work, work and sleep a little cycle again. 2 more days...

happy wednesday.

29 April 2008

headache grey

i feel like i should get some of those glasses that have open eyes painted on them so that i can sleep at my desk. it's days like these when having an office would come in handy.

up late again getting things done. all the pieces are in place, although i got an unexpected revision over night from a section i thought was solid.

t-minus 4 days to completion.

happy tuesday.

27 April 2008


well, i literally worked all day on my group project. i'm feeling slightly better about everything, but i'm STILL waiting on one final section. finishing my work depends on her section, but i've done most of what i needed to minus that.

josh's wedding reception was yesterday...and i sent some happy thoughts their way throughout the day...actually, that was probably the only happy thoughts i could muster all day.

this morning i awoke to thoughts of riding my bike, pulling dead bushes out of the yard, staining and painting...and even the work around the house seems more appealing than what's on my agenda.

oh, and we bought bedroom furniture yesterday. thanks to uncle sam (and i guess the next several generations that will have to repay the debt) we only had to spend...oh...well, the money for a good cross bike to get a really nice set of furniture. it was time to have something more adult...rather than the metal frame and couple side tables from ikea. does it stimulate the economy if we buy from the amish?

1 more day of work and i should be practicing my presentation and that is about it.

happy sunday.

26 April 2008


this will be my last saturday spent at the library for a few months. that thought is only marginally comforting in light of how much work i need to get done. at least it is a raw, windy april day. not a great day to be outside...

wish me luck (and efficiency).

happy saturday.

25 April 2008

like that 'chall

in a moment of inspiration, i started school working as soon as i got home from work and wrapped up my poster for lab class. i sent it off to my 'partner' and received an auto response stating that she will be out until monday. nice. i ended up doing the whole thing minus the conclusion so all she needs to do is paraphrase the stupid thing. it's better that way.

i thought a lot about the bike...which seems like the only bike related work i've been able to do lately. to my partners for 24/9-mile...i WILL be in shape for the race. 1 week and 9 hours from today i'll be done (for all intents and purposes). as m-stew would say, that is a good thing.

happy friday.

24 April 2008


i'm a closet car geek. i like to look, but the thought of actually buying a new car makes me cringe a little. i've always been drawn to volkswagons and station wagons, and in the near future there are a couple of models coming out that really interest me.

the sportwagon


the tiguan

anyway, no riding last night. brewers won a great game...they always seem to play epic games against the phillies. if only every opposing pitcher was a left handed ace.

happy thursday.

23 April 2008

orange crush.

i managed an hour or so on the bicycle last night. i opted for the 1x1 on the military ridge trail. once i tightened all the bolts that had somehow come loose in the 3 weeks since i've ridden it last, it was pure bliss. actually, it was bliss prior to the tightening...just a very creaky bliss. we took the boy to the dog park, and then it was another night spent staring at the computer screen, proof-reading 30 pages of product development and synthesizing a package insert for said product.

robin said it best when she said: "i'll be happy when you are done with this semester." word.

i'm sorry i keep writing about this thing that nobody really cares about but me. but, it is consuming my life right now. every waking minute of it at least. then i go to bed and have dreams about going to work in my underwear. wtf?

alright, time to kill this post.

happy wednesday.

22 April 2008

bikes, racing and coffee

josh just went cyclocross. nice work man.

i made the mistake of reading a few race recaps from sea otter this morning. while i'm buried in a pile of biologic pharmaceutical development, somewhere deep down there is something smoldering. i haven't really felt it for awhile, but now that the end is in sight and racing is almost conceivable, i'm starting to look forward to the self imposed suffering.

i guess that is what is funny about me. i choose to go back to school...and the exhuastion, frustration, and some other 'tion's' i can't think of. i choose to race even though it hurts like nothing else. i guess i've identified that life isn't worth living unless you push yourself. you may not be the smartest or the fastest or even any good at all, but if you don't push yourself a little you're just wasting space.

sorry, i needed a 'pep-talk' this morning. i'm like stuart smally without the gray(ish)hair.

happy tuesday.

21 April 2008

the bull and the bear are marking their territories

after utilizing my sunday to try to get some work done, i feel a lot better about the next 2 weeks. i wrapped up a lot of the little projects that needed work, and i'm almost done with my lab project completely.

maybe i'll go for a ride tonight.

wpr said 78 for a high today. damn. not bad for april.

happy monday.

20 April 2008

one of the best ever.

so, i worked all day (literally) and was feeling pretty bummed about it until my lovely wife convinced me to take a ride. 15 miles was all i rode in about 50 minutes, but between the weather, the unexpected nature of the ride, and just getting away from this computer on what has been the best weather day of the year was priceless.

life is good. i feel recharged and ready to get some more work done.

happier sunday.


well, i'm beat. but it's a beautiful morning, the coffee is hot (and almost gone) and i'm looking forward to a day of...homework. oh well, almost done.

anyway, that's all i've got.

happy sunday.

17 April 2008

i know where i belong.

well, i received another email last night from another group memeber that will not be able to get me a draft in the next few days...because of work. she isn't making excuses, i'm confident of this, but this all is making me nervous.

again, sorry for yesterday. i'm better now.

i was planning on hitting the books right when i got home last night, but i was feeling an impending implosion so i kitted up and went for a ride. it was only an hour, but every hour counts i guess.

our blinds were installed yesterday. at first glance, they look good. at second glance they just weren't quite what we ordered, and that made my wife angry. and when my wife gets angry, i get angry. the 'store manager' called me already this morning to tell me that i get to talk to our chucklenut sales rep. that sounds like fun.

what is with the cardinals? this can't last.

file this post under random. at least i didn't spend the whole time complaining about school.

2.5 weeks and i'm done!

happy thursday.

16 April 2008

it's a new day and the coffee is strong.

not much to report.

i am the project manager for this semester's group project in biotechnology operations. i had set a deadline for submission of rough drafts to me for the final paper and that deadline was sunday. i've received 2 of 6. better yet, the excuses are starting to really flow. let's see, work, travel for work, internet doesn't work (1 member had problems with the cable AND wireless card internet providers), and my favorite...the elusive 'personal issues.' and that is just from two of my group members. none of these people have kids. we all have full time jobs. we're all busy.

i just want to grab them, shake them a little, and sream: you dumb fuckers signed up for GRADUATE SCHOOL! stop making your stupid, high school level excuses and just get the work done.

sorry, i really needed to vent. and i apologize for the f-bomb.

happy wednesday.

15 April 2008


well, the dream team has been assembled.

24-9mile masters 4-man team:
mike c, ron k, scott p, and me. shit, i better get in shape!

crawled into bed at a little before midnight last night. who knows when the eyes actually closed. i'm beat....

happy tuesday.

14 April 2008

man called aerodynamics.

here is the guy that let me do all the work (my mistake...)

the bike-human interface needs a little training...it's still sore. besides that, i am no worse for wear from saturday's effort. i spent the day (literally) studying yesterday which meant no riding and even worse, no spectating at the local crit race where scott and (presumably) ben were racing. oh well, maybe next time.

the next few weeks are going to suck.

happy monday.

13 April 2008

at least i don't have cholera...

that is what i kept telling myself coming back to town into a brisk headwind yesterday. mountain bike was the WRONG bike to ride, as most were on cyclocross....but that is all i have so 'run what you brung' so to speak. the race started with a controlled lead out through madison via the sw commuter trail. the race started in earnest at midvale and about 2 minutes later i was off the back. i did a ton of work heading out (1 guy in particular insisted on riding my wheel never doing any work) and then even more from the turn around into the wind to try and catch sammy. catch him we(i) did, but my efforts (and lack of fitness) caught up with me and i was dropped. the rest of the way i was solo, not fast enough to catch anyone but not slow enough to be caught by anyone...no man's land. it hurt, but that is what i wanted. i can't wait to get back into shape. suffering on a bike is a lot more fun when you are a little closer to the front. also, i really want to find a way financially to buy a cross bike. the lemond is the one i really want, but i'd be happy with something else with 105 that costs less.

anyway, ron is strong as hell...watch out for him this year, he is going to beat you. sam as well seems to be on track. me, well, may 4th can't come soon enough. that is when i will be able to get back into some sort of training routine.

so 'race' #1 is in the books. i'm officially a bike racer again...and my hamstrings are reminding me of that as i type this. back to work (i'm at the library) and then maybe home in time to catch the last hour of the masters.

happy sunday.

11 April 2008


snow turning to rain (check)
high temp of 38 (check)
2.5 inches of rain the week leading up (check)
2.1" knobbie tires on a full suspension bike (check)
1 out of shape rider (check)

well, my check list is full. the h8ter should be 'fun.'

i finished my last individual assignment of the year, now it's down to group projects. i also laid some ground work for my lab class poster presentation...now i need to do some research. not that you care.

happy friday.

10 April 2008


hit the badger trail (via elver and hammersly road) to check out the first few miles of the H8TER. i only went about a mile past the crushed gravel portion, but i get the idea. my thoughts of a death march have been confirmed.

not much to look at:

the gravel:

the local wildlife:

now that trek is ending its relationship with lemond, i wonder if the POPRAD (that is for you josh) will be sold at an even better price (you know, just to help trek dealers get rid of their current stock). probably a pipe dream.

for good measure:

off to the library. happy thursday.

09 April 2008

wednesday's child

you know, i haven't spent much time writing about the brewers since the start of the season...and i guess that is partly because i don't want to jinx them. i will say this, eric gagne is a good pitcher. he'll be fine. and how cool is it that he can blow saves and the brewers still win?

anyway, i'm taking tomorrow off of work to finish up some school stuff. i'm anxious to cross some things off the list. the sun is supposed to peek out this afternoon which means a ride is in my future.

saturday weather is looking cold and damp. perfect weather for my first big effort of the year.

happy wednesday.

08 April 2008

scrambled eggs.

you know, i thought school was supposed to make you smarter. but, the harder i work, the more i try to take on (at work and school), the less smart i feel. case and point, mentioning rem twice. ah yes, i've got so many irons in the fire that i'm starting forget some and they are getting really hot.

that reminds me, i've got a conference call with a nice couple of scientists in switzerland this morning.

i got the h8ter 100 race course map this morning. starts at tenney park, guided tour through the arboretum, followed by a nice hammer fest on the badger trail, followed by a 'choose your own adventure' finish. should be fun...and if i'm alive after it will be sheer bonus. to make it that much more difficult, i'm not certain i'll have time to ride at all this week before the race. oh well, all signs are pointing towards me being entered into the ranks of true weekend warriors. you know, make excuses all week for not riding and then 'racing' on the weekends. like i've said before, real life is interferring with fake life.

happy tuesday.

07 April 2008

feeling good...

...about the weekend. while i didn't ride as much as i would have liked, i did get out on saturday. yesterday's yardwork has rendered me far more sore than another 1.5hours on the bike would have.

stretch run for school. i hope every night is like last night...i got some really good work done.

man it felt good to have a warm weekend. my optimism is back.

happy monday.

update: i forgot to mention that robin scored us tickets to see REM in chicago in june. modest mouse opens...i'm pretty excited.

06 April 2008


friday night, after a long day in class, chuck and i hit the local basketball court for a shoot around and some 1 on 1. needless to say, i woke up sore. saturday morning was probably the most interesting lab class i've had all year, with one of the guest speakers talking at one point about the debate he had on npr with the then head of the aclu about 13 str genome scans being on file for every american citizen. very interesting. then it was yard work followed by a trip to the dog park followed by 1.5 hours on the military ridge trail. the trail was in pretty good condition and i was able to carry some speed on the epic. i'm as ready as i can be for the h8ter...now i need to get my work done so i can actually show up and do it!

today was more yard work, we rent-shared a power rake and dethatched the yard. while i was raking up the mess we made, robin edged the sidewalks and driveway. it was a lot of work, but it's good to be done. i put down some fertilizer and now it's time for homework.

boy, i'm pretty domesticated.

robin scored us rem tickets for the chicago show in june. i'm looking foward to that for sure.

happy sunday.

03 April 2008

phase 1 sucks.

last night i toured a local facility that provides phase 1 clinical trials testing (for school). the facility was nice, if you are into the smell of hospital food mixed with the look of a sanitarium mixed with 20-somethings packed 4 to a room the size of what i remember dorms being. i guess people will do anything for money...including taking medicine that has only been used in animals prior.

don't get me wrong, i'm glad that they do it. but i had a stomach ache until i finally went to bed because of the thought of being couped up in that place for 2-4 weeks.

i still haven't decided if i'll write a letter for entry into fat tire. i love the race, but maybe not getting in is a sign that i should do something else this year.

i'm really getting sick of this semester. work and school have worn me down to a nub. i'm out of shape and when i do have a free couple of hours i don't feel like training. on top of that, my weekends aren't my own anymore...we've got many weekends full already and we have just barely pulled up out of winter weather. speaking of which, i need to dethatch my yard. yuck.

i've just depressed myself...i'm going to starbucks.

happy thursday.

02 April 2008

i'd rather dance.

well, now that it has become all but reality that i will not get into fat tire, it's time to rearrange my racing plans. i'd like to do ore2shore, but it is the weekend after 24hrs/9-mile...and that is now priority #1. i ultimately decided to hit the H8TER next weekend with an eye towards that. i'm hoping to get a lot of long endurance rides built into my schedule over the next 3 months to build up my base. over the weekend, i felt ok with regards to leg strength but lacking in fitness. the only way to fix that is to ride.

i'm babbling.

the supreme court seat went to gableman. i really don't get why we run elections for supreme court, and why the majority voted for the one that lied the most. don't get me wrong, they both lied...but gableman was horrible. only 20% of eligible voters even bothered to vote...an indication of general apathy and major boredom i guess.

happy wednesday.

01 April 2008

it's on.

now that the brewers have logged a game the season has officially started in my mind. the brewers looked good considering it was game 1 and the weather. i wish gagne pitched better, but then again, cubs fans are saying that about kerry wood...and the good guys came out on top. 161 to go (0.6% down).

no riding yesterday...instead i watched the end of said brewer game. maybe tonight?

happy tuesday.