29 February 2008

afternoon entry.

lab was canceled today due to our instructor having the flu and strep throat together. while i do think a uw graduate program targeting full time professionals with difficult schedules should have a back up plan in this event, i'll take it. unfortunately, i have class next week on frday/saturday. oh well.

i just finished lunch, watching baseball. i wasn't watching espn classic, either. braves v dodgers. i love baseball. finally, some psychological relief to this winter.

i'm going skiing. then i'm starting my homework for this week. i turn 31 on wednesday, so i'd like to minimize the homework impact this week.

happy friday.

28 February 2008

eternal winter.

i've been chipping away at the 3 inches of ice on our driveway for a few days now. while i have failed at removing the ice from the driveway, i'm getting a great core workout. and, in my mind, this is making up for the still inconsistant training i've been able to do (i'm totally rationalizing). i know, broken record. this has been the toughest 'off-season' for me in a long time due to several key factors: 1) the weather (frightfull, if you will) 2) busy: family, school, work, training are my priorities...and when i get overwhelmed the last one is eliminated, and 3) my motivation has been at an all time low.

cross plains traing camp has been announced: march 28th-30th. i don't think i'll be able to make the best day (saturday), but hopefully i can do the rest.

happy thursday.

26 February 2008

raise it up.

after spending an hour trying to break up some of the 2 inches of ice on our driveway (it's getting treacherously slippery), i was able to log 45 minutes on the trainer followed by some core work. i also put the finishing touches on my s-works single speed conversion. not the most elegant build, but still pretty cool. after the trauma of running that frame into the garage, i'll never trust it as a singletrack bike...however i think it will be suitable for military ridge trail and winter road riding.

i was less than confident with my homework i turned in on saturday but somehow managed an A. i spent a lot of time on it, 8 pages of tables and text. i keep trying to remind myself that grades really don't matter in graduate school, but it's still nice to do well.

time to work.

happy tuesday.

25 February 2008

back to square...monday

made it through a trip home to celebrate my mom's 50th. we ate at tokyo, which is one of my favorite restaraunts anywhere. then, drinks at drag's until the wee hours. i paid for that on sunday.

speaking of sunday, while we were rushing to get to brunch oliver had a little...um...problem. long story short, i had to pull 8 or so inches of rope out of his butt 5 minutes prior to eating. it was an uncomfortable proposition for both of us. more so for him based on the scream he let out.

and now it's monday of a school week. time flies when you're feeling overwhelmed.

happy monday.

22 February 2008

good use of pto

i'm not sure if i've mentioned this at all, but lately we've been getting some snow.

so i figured, why not take full advantage on this moderately warm winter day.

the views were great. the skiing was even better. i guess that is the good thing about 85" of snow this winter season (and counting...more on monday).

now, for part II of my day...homework.

happy friday.

21 February 2008

the word.

got out for a nice ski last night with ron at pleasant view. it was cold but with light winds actually bearable. the sun shining through the ice covered trees was pretty cool, as was the moon rising over lake mendota, soon to be eclipsed by the earth.

i'm taking tomorrow off from work. i haven't had a day off since the holidays, so i'll ski at blue mounds in the morning and then get some homework done in the afternoon. i'm heading to EC saturday for my mom's 50th, and then back on sunday. sort of a...whirlwind tour.

happy thursday.

20 February 2008

buck toothed yocals.

-15 tonight. great. makes it really hard to melt the ice we have on the roads. which means, more of me not being able to start moving forward at stop lights.

o'bama seems to be rolling some pretty big momentum. he just might be insurmountable. we'll see i guess.

i'm going to try skiing tonight. it will be cold and miserable.

happy wednesday.

19 February 2008

go time.

wisconsin primary. i'm going to vote for...i can't tell you that. i'll give you a few hints, it's a she and her name ryhmes with schwillary. sometimes you have to go with your gut...and for some reason, contrary to my fellow members of my demographic, o'bama doesn't feel right. it always seems like he is speaking at his potential constituents, and not to them. enough of that.

speaking of fidel castro, if given the opportunity, i'd smoke a cuban cigar. how is that for world event commentary?

i'm more tired than normal this morning. i hope i'm not getting sick.

happy tuesday.

18 February 2008

the dj was asleep.

ok, so this winter has finally got me. i'm sick of it. every snowstorm gets a little worse, and this one was no exception. the .3" of ice has proven to be insurmountable in terms of snow removal. clearing the end of the driveway would have been a lot easier had i used a pick axe. the good thing is that the ice boulders rendered snowblowers useless (that didn't stop our neighbor across the street from trying).


i had all day to get some work done yesterday and i completely blew it. i don't know what my problem is, but motivation is really becoming a problem for me. now i'll have to scramble all week to get my work submitted on time (saturday afternoon again).

i did get on the trainer yesterday for an hour, and while i was doing that i was also the most productive in terms of school work. i read about the biochemitry of monoclonal antibodies while holding my base heartrate. maybe i should do all of my school work on the bike?

this post sucks.

happy monday.

17 February 2008

maybe the sun will shine today.

so, school session 2 of semester 2 is in the books. my school weeks are such whirlwinds that, by the time they are done, i have a hard time remembering thursday. i'm learning a lot but i'm also becoming overwhelmed by the amount i need to learn and apply in my assignments. i guess that is the point.

i got out for a vigorous ski at pleasant view yesterday after class. man, if every day was like that during the winter then it wouldn't be so bad...full sun, upper twenties, low winds. but, alas, most are like today (rain to freezing rain to snow). this rain is pointing out the fact that we have some ice damning issues...which i can do nothing about in the freezing rain. here's to no roof damage (yikes).

after my ski, we made the jaunt up to wausau to celebrate my great grandmothers 100th birthday posthumously. it was fun and sad at the same time. everytime we go for a hoenisch gathering, we learn things that we should know. this time is no different...randy and kim are having twins (uncle randy is 53 years old). then we drove back to beat the weather.

whew, data dump. homework today is the plan. and maybe some trainer time.

happy sunday.

14 February 2008

made to

canker sores. something i deal with now and then, the one i'm currently dealing with is due to a giant dog head slamming into my mouth, causing a cut. hmmm, i wonder where a giant dog head would have come from? i have a swollen jaw lymph node to accompany it. fun.

anyway, one more detail you didn't need to know about me.

school session 2 starts tonight. and, surprisingly, we're supposed to get snow tonight. i never saw that one coming.

happy valentine's day.

13 February 2008

cut it off.

1:20 of skiing last night at pleasant view. the fresh powder kept getting in my boots but besides that it was a great night for a ski. i am in the midst of my best streak of training in a long time, and my body is starting to feel the effects. feeling the effects should not be confused with any sort of fitness...but i'm more hungry, i sleep better and i have a (slightly) improved outlook on life.

i finally ordered the chain tensioner i've been wanting for a while now, so hopefully i'll have the single speed winter bike all set up in time for winter to fade into spring. on a side note, madison officially broke it's all time seasonal snowfall total yesterday...something that was commemorated with a live feed on the abc national morning news. yippee. we're around 75 inches with another couple months left of the snow season.

happy wednesday.

12 February 2008

it's the nature of the experiment.

the next epo?

smells like up-dog in here.

trainer last night. i had all my clothes at work to get out and ski after work...except my jacket. in light of the 2 degree temp when i got out of work...i opted for basement training.

i'll try skiing again tonight (this time i have my jacket).

i got my grade back from my first assignment for biotechnology operations. some good things and some bad. i'll take the AB, whatever that means, i know i did the best i could. the work/school balance is going to be a struggle this semester, which i think is part of the point of the program.

we watched superbad last night. that's about all i have to say about that.

happy tuesday.

11 February 2008

this is how it works.

first off, how can feist be nominated for 'best new artist' grammy when i know we have a recording of hers from at least a couple years back. second, isn't amy winehouse sort of, like, a liar or something? if it were me, i would have avoided the whole rehab song. on a side note, based on how she looked, rehab didn't work.

so, as you can tell, we watched the grammies last night. we kept wishing that they would announce who was singing so we'd know. we are out of the loop.

i want a pair of kanye west's sunglasses for 24/9-mile.

happy monday.

10 February 2008


1.5 hrs of snowshoeing on the ice-age trail. it wasn't too bad out of the wind...but into the wind...yikes.

anyway, it was a good day.

happy sunday.

09 February 2008


after a couple of busy days at work, saturday morning came quickly. normally, this is a good thing. but i had some writing to do for class...and the paper was due at 2. starbucks (i'm off the wagon already) by 8:15 and library directly after. i submitted the paper at 1:47...just in the nick of time.

then, it was off to pleasant view for some skiing before the arrival of the next winter event...bitter cold temps (-45 windchills...for those of you reading in dk).

by the end, the squall that had kicked up had rendered my skis with no kick. every stride was a struggle, but i gave me a nice bout of endorphins when i was done...something i haven't felt very often lately. being outside, using my lungs and legs and heart to propel my body forward...this is one of the things i live for. here's to finding time to train...even if you don't have time.

happy saturday.

07 February 2008

a little too late.


now, there are areas to the southeast that got even more...but that is a pretty substantial number. i left work at 1:15 (they finally closed the office at 1:19), and i made it home, somehow getting lucky enough to not ever stop moving forward and losing momentum. then, i promptly got stuck in the driveway. status quo with the green civic.

the drifts in the back yard, in places, cover oliver with only his head showing. we played for a bit and he LOVED it.

i woke up this morning feeling excessively tired and overall not feeling well. needless to say, i missed my trainer workout. i feel like such a fucking slacker.

anyway, happy thursday.

06 February 2008

what you are now...we were once.

nada surf's new album came out yesterday...the track 'see these bones' is pretty catchy. i had been hearing it a lot on the satellite station we listen to from time to time, but i couldn't for the life of me find the track anywhere. well, it's because it hadn't come out yet.


did a little cross training this morning utilizing the ancient core exercise known as 'manual labor.' i wanted to hit the trainer but clearing the driveway was a little more essential. every school is closed (along with the technical schools and even some colleges).

i got some bike parts in the mail yesterday. now if only the homework gnomes would come and finish my paper for me...

"you were too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep."

happy wednesday.

05 February 2008


...i hate the dentist.

i check the phone.

more fun with the trainer this morning. i got the scoop on bobby knight retiring, how this past superbowl was the best in the history of superbowls (until the next) and that the clippers and the knicks really suck. yea, i watched espn.

so, the models are holding for a 10 inch snow event here in southern wisconsin. based on the temps, it will be a nice heavy snow. here is to getting the green civic stuck 14 times on the way to work tomorrow! maybe they'll close the facility (yea right).

happy tuesday.

04 February 2008

good one

great post at bummer life.

it's a start.

45 minutes of trainer time this morning. it's a start.

tea only this morning...no coffee. now that i know my 'problems' seem to be linked to reflux and, not surprisingly, that coffee exacerbates them...i'm going to try to reduce my coffee consumption. 'try' is the word of emphasis.

5-8 inches of snow tomorrow evening. here we go again.

happy monday.

03 February 2008

half time.

last night was my work holiday party...it was fun i guess. as we get a little older, the 'all you can drink' thing kind of gets...well, unappealing. throw in bunch of nerds thinking they know how to 'dress up' and you get an interesting evening. there was fake gambling and everything, and boy, if i play with fake money i'm a damn high roller. and robin hit big on the 6 in roulette...imagine that. the more chips you got, the more chances you got in the raffle. we did well 'gambling' but didn't win in the raffle.

oh well. tomorrow morning, before the sun comes up, i'm committed to riding the trainer. latching back on with big ring racing has done wonders for my excitement and eagerness to start training in earnest again.

happy sunday (and go giants).

02 February 2008


i'm back again for more in 2008.

1 down 6 to go

week 1 of class is in the books.

happy saturday.