31 December 2007

the big chill.

this blog sucks. don't think i don't know that. not that it has ever been all that good, but since school started all i seem to produce is whiney posts about how busy i am. sort of starting with bad and kicking it up a notch. what the hell happened to me?

have i been busy? well, yes i have been. but i've got friends with children. actually, most of my friends have the little booger eaters now...and after having the knutowski family over for dinner last night, i was reminded of just how much energy those little humans consume (of adults that is). school has nothing on them...and i go to school with people with children. yikes!

so, i'm really going to try to stop complaining. unless i can somehow make said complaint funny. to me anyway.

well, happy monday. i'm going to try to do a year in review one of these days, mostly for my sake, maybe tomorrow if i don't have too many anchor steams tonight.

30 December 2007

finally...training again.





we're getting a lot of snow lately, and i've been trying to take full advantage of that fact (and the fact i've got no school work hanging over my head). today, ron, robin and i hit blue mounds to log some ski time...and it was a beautiful morning. i'm still learning my new camera, but i'm hoping to carry it with me on my training rides, runs, skis, etc. to capture what i see when i'm out. bear with me while i get my settings straight!

anyway, it's been a good weekend. happy sunday.

28 December 2007

night skiing.

i skied hard last night...that is the first time i've done anything hard since the marathon. all things considered, fitness wise anyway, i'm ok. i feel pretty weak in the legs though, and to be clear here, i am a complete hack on the skis.

i'm hitting pleasant view tonight with ronny boy. i hope he goes easy on me.

happy friday.

27 December 2007


i woke up looking forward to work this morning. huh? what did i just write?

man, you know it's been a rough spell when that goes through your head.

not rough in the 'i've got nothing to eat and no prospects' sort of way. more in the comfortable, 'i've got family who loves me and i actually had to spend time with them' way.

i am lucky.

but yet, i complain. so it is to be a human? i'll keep telling myself that.

don't get me wrong, i do love my family. by the end of christmas, though, one is ready to be home.

i'm going skiing tonight.

happy thursday.

26 December 2007


we're home. in 14 days we've been away all but 4...

more to come.

there is no place like home.

21 December 2007

early to rise.

i'm hoping to duck out early this afternoon to get some skiing in. nothing like picking the sloppiest day of the winter so far to get out on the boards. oh well...the wet stuff is when it's the most fun on wax-less skis.

i'm bringing the running shoes with me this holiday tour. i'm going to try to stick to an every other day model for a month or two...try to build some fitness while allowing the time i need for school.

power shopping last night. with said school and our trip to vegas, the month has expired rapidly and now we are scrambling a little to get everyone a little something for the holidays. tonight we will be power wrapping...ah yes, the joy of the season.

happy friday.

20 December 2007


just like oliver might do.

the brewers signed gabe kaplar and are rumored to be signing kenny lofton. both are very seasoned pros with a lot of big game, play-off experience. nice work doug melvin.


well, i got my grades yesterday. all things considered, i'm pretty happy. i like to think i hold myself to a high standard and i feel like i lived up to that standard. gpa = 3.94 (do they even do gpa's for grad school?). i'll take that. my 1 AB (AB? what happened to A-/B+?) was in ethics. i thought i did 'a' work although that was the most nebulous class in terms of grading. 1 large paper at the end is always a tough one in terms of expectations.

now i am done with 1st semester officially. time to start on semester 2 (we got an email over the weekend giving us some topics to research so we can 'hit the ground running' in sememster 2). yikes.

1 hour of snowshoeing last night followed by a few minutes of swiss ball/medicine ball work for the core. time to dig myself out of this.

happy thursday.

19 December 2007

through the years.

i am so out of shape. i haven't been so since i can remember. maybe college? i mean, it is getting ridiculous. i'm to the point now where i have time to train and i don't because i know i'm out of shape. vicious cycle. i have 6 months before i'm going to be doing any racing, but, it is starting to fell, um, urgent.


in las vegas there is a starbucks for every section of each casino. there were two in ours and the excalibur is fairly small (in terms of the actual betting floor). but, they brew the coffee different. it isn't as robust, and even though i was drinking it every morning it really never scratched my itch for good coffee. so i am certainly looking forward to drinking the cup in front of me.

18 December 2007

glad to be back.

while our time in las vegas was fun, i am really happy to be home. being in a city that openly embraces gambling, overindulgence, and prostitution can be fun (sort of) but by the end it sucks the life out of you.

and don't get me started on air travel. there are a lot of a-holes out there.

everyone, send some happy thoughts to josh...he could use them right now.

17 December 2007

and here we are...

las vegas airport. time to head home (via memphis). it's been a good trip (worthy of many posts to follow). i will say, i'm sick of people. especially people in las vegas. there are really neat things to see, but after a while, surrounded by the degenerates of the world, it starts to suck the life out of you. did i mention that we overlapped this trip with the rodeo championships (can you say cowboys as far as the eye can see?). anyway, time to board.

here is to a nwa coming through with on time flights...

12 December 2007

vegas vegas.

well, tomorrow we head to las vegas

i'm in a different place in my life than i was the last time i went to las vegas (i don't think that i will get kicked out of the rio this time around...unless i eat too much at the buffet maybe). i'm not much of a gambler, so we'll be casino hopping just to see the casinos. there are tentative plans for zion national park excursion and we're going to see cirque de sole. oh, and there is a wedding to attend as well (details). it'll be good to be out of here for a few days.

i'll try to post from the road.

happy wednesday.

11 December 2007

now the fun begins.

so how does one get back into shape after a long lay-off. i've mentioned this before, but the past 2 months have been pretty close to nill for exercise. i have a few events in mind for next season, in the late summer/early fall time period, so i have time to regain some fitness.

but how? the snow, ice, etc are on the ground and don't look to be going anywhere quick. i can ski, but the classic skiing is crap around here...and i don't really have the funds to buy a skate package. snowshoeing is fun, but not sustainable for every workout. the trainer is boring (and my dog poses an issue...he is still really naughty). and running...well...that is what i'd like to be doing but my knees hurt so much that it really isn't any fun. hmmm. i guess i'll just try to mix it up for the next month or so and try to establish a little base.

winter storm this morning again. all schools are closed in the area (except madison of course). this is a december to remember in terms of wintery precipitation...that is for sure.

there is no snow in las vegas.

happy tuesday.

10 December 2007

one to remember.

after turning in my final paper, it was time for the hunt. in what has become a hoenisch/knutowski family tradition, we headed out through the woods to find the perfect tree.

syd and i searching for a suitable tree:

the tree smelling dog found one:

a team effort to cut it down:

the long drag out (where cider spiked with jim beam waits):

after that, we had to head home to work on a very technical production here. we were exhausted after making that (it took 14 takes!!). oliver gets the best actor award.

anyway, it was a good weekend not having any school work hanging over my head. for the first time since september i felt fully relaxed.

and, i got out on my snowshoes last night!

happy monday.

09 December 2007

winter break.

i'm on winter break. how cool is that?

my last post indicated that the brewers didn't make much of a splash during the winter meetings. well, they are making up for that over the past few days. solomon torres was acquired from the pirates, and eric gagne was signed from free agency. mike maddux (the pitching coach) will have his hands full, because the brewers have some arms that have been good at some point but have struggled as of late (turnbow, torres, mota, gagne). the could be very good or very bad. i like there chances.

i'm pretty happy about being on break. i nailed my big presentation. i felt like i 'punted' a little on the second, but the instructor indicated that we were the best group there. somehow, i'm good at presentations (contrary to my personality) and i really do enjoy it...there is an adrenaline rush that you can only get by putting yourself out there and then executing.

happy sunday.

06 December 2007

a lot of rumors.

well, no trades during the winter meetings for the brewers. it's amazing the number of rumors that float around, especially when your team is talent laden. now that andruw jones signed with the dodgers, the brewers could send ben sheets out there (they inquired about him) and get a package of young players in return (some outfield help in matt kemp and/or andre ethier, maybe andy laroche or my personal favortie...chad billingsly). sheets only plays 2/3 of the season (if that) anyway, so it's not that big of a deal to trade him in his final year. i'd even throw in billy hall for the right package, and i really like him.

i guess that is why i'm no gm.

well, relative to my presentations, my fate is sealed. could i have done more? always. but i'm pretty confident in what i've put together. i've practiced to a very willing audience (when he wasn't licking his butt or trying to eat lint off of the stairs) in oliver. i'm going to read over my paper 1 final time and then turn it in. as of tomorrow night, i will be on winter break.

happy thursday.

05 December 2007

crunch crunch.

i woke up to 1.5 to 2 ft drifts along my garage door. man, if only i had time to snowshoe. it was light, so it wasn't nearly as difficult to clear as the weekend's event. actually, 4 ft of this snow is preferable to last weekend.

anyway, i finished my paper for bioethics. 26+ glorious pages.

now, it's just practice, practice, practice.

"we're sitting here talkin 'bout practice? i'm trying to win championships and we're talkin 'bout practice? not the game, not the game, not the game. practice?"

sorry, i have 2 or 3 favorite sound clips from various sports press conferences, and allen iverson's is one of them. dan hawkins is number 1 (IT'S DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!!!!) and, of course, the classic "playoffs?" from jim mora (the game face clip is equally as entertaining). you tube rules.

time to work. happy wednesday.

04 December 2007

more snow?

well, a fresh 4 inches on top of the ice should be fun. i'll have to strap on the snowshoes or cramp-ons every time i take the dog out.

a couple more nights of hardcore studying and then it's over for a spell.

and then...can you say, snowshoes, skis, trainer, tv, and viva las vegas?

happy tuesday.

03 December 2007


i practiced my presentations for 3 hours last night and i really have a low level of confidence. i hope this improves over the next 3 days...

i feel mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. but, i need to push through and see this to the end.

and if you are into clear roads 24 hours after a snowstorm...don't move to madison. a snowstorm in december doesn't seem too inordinate...however, based on the city's reaction you would think we got this in mid august. the city contracts out our neighborhood to a private company, and they feel they need to service their other contracts first. so, our street wasn't plowed until almost 24 hours after it finished snowing. brilliant.

anyway, happy monday.

02 December 2007

for good measure.

i just wanted to make sure i emphasized that shoveling this slop fucking sucks.

my back is begging for a snow blower. well, maybe it doesn't suck that much.

the dream

yesterday, i scrambled to get some christmas lights up before the shit hit the fan...and i was wrapping up on the roof as the snow began to fly. we decorated inside as well, because we only have a couple more weekends at home before the holiday...and we wanted to be able to enjoy it a little.

was it nasty yesterday or what? i went to the library to get some work done, and i don't know if it was the weather or what, but i had the most productive 3 hours i have since school started. my paper is done (sans conclusion). i'm done with powerpoint 1 of 2 (actually of 3 but i did the third prior to thanksgiving). it was a good day.

shoveling sucked. i mean, really sucked.

we watched sicko last night. while i don't necessarily like michael moore's agenda in his movies (like his 'anonymous' donation of $12,000 to his biggest detractor for his sick wife) i will say he makes a good case for socialized medicine. and, his examples of socialized entities in the US rang true (firefighters, police, postal service, and public education). will it ever happen? probably not...but it is interesting to think about.

and now, back to work.

happy sunday.

01 December 2007

tofurky bowl.

what about the turkeys?

i would classify this as a true 'madison moment.' i mean, how cruel...bowling with, or even (gasp, wrings hands), eating turkey?

the land of politically correct (as long as that means a liberal slant). i used to consider myself liberal...until i moved here. well, and started making more than 12 bucks an hour. now i like to think of myself as a moderate liberal (social issues) with conservative monetary ideals. or something like that.

and for the record, i eat turkey. and i would bowl a turkey too (as long as it is dead of course).

that got me thinking, is there such thing as tof-am? or tof-eef? you know, tofeef kind of sounds like a slang word for some bodily function. and i'm supposed to assess the ethical debate surrounding embryonic stem cell research and propose NIH funding policies. yikes.

happy saturday.