31 October 2007

long day.

the days get long when things at work don't work out. you know, when i'm not that busy i don't mind my place of employment. it's another story altogether when i'm busy. the office area is LOUD with perpetual socializing. and the 'management' are the biggest perpetrators.

there is a company in town that i am infatuated with. a company that is closely tied to my graduate program. there is a job opening there currently that really caught my interest, but i fear i'm too busy to get a coherent cv together. also, i really do need the flexability that i get here. decisions, decisions.

yea, like i'm not stressed out enough...starting a new job would make it that much worse. but you can't blame a guy for dreaming a little...

i know of other people who have pulled off similar ventures and seem better for it.

well, happy wednesday.

30 October 2007

wake, work, repeat.

it's that week. work from 7:40 to 6:30 (or so), eat dinner and start homework by 8 to be in bed by 11:30. sleep and repeat.

i did it to myself.

this morning (around 4:45) we were awoken by a pack of coyotes making quite a racket. it was so loud that it sounded like our windows were open. our trusty gaurd dog didn't wake up. his beauty sleep CANNOT be disrupted, i mean, he needs his energy to torment us by day.

i am obsessing about riding bikes. i haven't felt this way for a long time. it's mostly because i cannot methinks. but, i may have a date with my road bike after class on saturday.

happy tuesday.

29 October 2007

if i knew...

well, another weekend of not accomplishing much. it was for good reason, beth, morten and gang were in town and stayed with us saturday night. we had a good day yesterday, with breakfast, football (american) and a trip to parfrey's glen/devil's lake for some scenery.

i had to miss the last baseball game of 2007 so i could analyze the business potential of a bone grafting product. oh well, there is always the 'silly season' to follow. i wonder who the brewers will sign/trade this offseason?

i rode my bike on saturday. not much else to say about that.

and here we go again, school session #5 this week.

happy monday.

27 October 2007

if i finish this then...

what a beautiful autumn day. a great day to hunker down in the basement and write a scientific and commercial history paper on bone grafting products. i just made a promise with myself...if i finish this in the next 1.5 hours i'm allowed to go for a little bike romp...i better get back to work!

ps. i ran yesterday...the first time since my death march in milwaukee. i ran the ice age trail to the dog park to meet up with my family (around 35 undulating minutes). and, it didn't suck too much (although my knees hurt like i had run 20 miles the day before).

happy saturday.

26 October 2007

friday and i'm...

feeling better. yesterday was the numb day, where i don't feel bad but i don't feel good...does that make sense? probably not.

anyway, today i'm feeling good. maybe i'll do a little exercise tonight, and then get to work on my paper(s).

this weekend will be a work weekend, with a short ride mixed in. beth, morten, hovart, and emma will be staying with us saturday night (post 'freak fest') and visiting until sunday afternoon (built in study break). then i'll start the school week with homework every night through the weekend. but now i'm getting ahead of myself.

anyway, i'm beyond stressing out about the fact that i have done little to no school work since friday. maybe i'm learning how to roll with the punches? or maybe i'm already becoming 'ok' with procrastination regarding school. well, i know that i won't be hitting happy hour every day like undergrad, so i won't be able to revert completely. alright, now i'm babbling.

happy friday.

25 October 2007

back and better than ever.

well, i still feel sick but a lot better then yesterday. i didn't get much (read:any) homework done but i was able to rest (oliver allowed me that luxury...i'm not quite sure what i did to deserve it from his perspective).

i also did a little bit more thinking about training. i need to start doing something again, i'm getting into that phase where i can feel myself getting a little 'softer' around the edges. that led me into thinking that my knees are still sore which led me into thinking that i need to bike more which led me into thinking more about duathlon. and maybe doing the 4 du's associated with this:

midwest sports events

i think it's a great solution. i get to keep running. i get to bike more. i don't have to swim.

so the tentative objectives for 2009 are:
1) sub 17 minute 5 km
2) sub 35 minute 10 km
3) complete the 4 duathlons in the midwest series
4) ride ore2shore with robin

i still reserve the right to change my mind.

today is robin and my 4th year anniversary. she really does make my life happy, and i do not know what i would do without her.

happy thursday.

24 October 2007

mental health day.

well, i do have a cold. it's all in the head (and not in the chest) so i guess that is good. i stayed home from work today to try to get some sleep and get some homework done. so far, i've done a good job at the sleep and nothing on the homework. oh well.

happy wednesday.

23 October 2007

another new beginning.

i can feel it. there is a small flicker of a flame somewhere deep inside. i haven't done much the past few weeks in terms of training...mostly because i've wanted nothing to do with it. after spending the better part of a year trying to balance the training with life i think i'm just burnt out a little. but the voices are talking to me. what next?

immediately post marathon, my instinct was to do another marathon. maybe, but i'd also really like to ride the bikes again. so i'm thinking duathlon. there is a nice little 4 race series in the fox cities area that might be what the doc ordered. that would still allow me to try to get my 5k time below 17 and get on the bike some (leaving me at least sort of in bike shape so i can ride with my friends again).

weird, while i still want nothing to do with day to day training, i'm starting to plan my day to day training. to all that are like this...why are we like this?

i think i'm getting a cold. i'm surprised it has taken this long.

happy tuesday.

22 October 2007

that's a wrap.

well, it's monday morning and it actually feels like a relief to be at work. the weekend was great, but it was a whirlwind of sorts and this is the first time i've felt like i can sit and think. the wedding went off without a major hitch (there were a couple minor ones but we tried to minimize the impact on bride and groom), and before i knew it, it was sunday night.

i managed 45 minutes of trail time yesterday. i was limited by weather (cold rain) and by how i felt (too many leinies the night before). but it was fun...they really have something going with that trail system.

robin and i finally got to meet mathias. i'm glad we were able to, he is already so big...

so, this post is not doing the weekend justice. i'm exhausted mentally and physically so i guess that is my excuse.

happy monday.

18 October 2007

we can tear down all the borders

another busy weekend starts today...but it will end with some fun at beth and morten's domestic wedding reception. the danish invasion is complete, with all of morten's family and friends arriving yesterday. i wish i could be there to be a part of it all, but so it goes.

i'm going to bring the bike and lights up to E.C. and try to do a little riding at lowes creek on sunday, time permitting. this itch needs scratching.

happy thursday.

17 October 2007

hey a-holes...

...pass the budget already. you have had your opportunity for television time, you've been able to puff your chests out and take a stand for something. but, your job is to pass a budget on time. if i missed a deadline by 110 days or so, i'd be fired or i would take an 'f.'

now gov. doyle is racheting up the rhetoric by saying that if a budget isn't passed soon, he will be forced to close down the state universities for the beginning of second semester. i like governor doyle, but talk like this is only going to prolong this stupid ordeal. these state representives think quite highly of themselves (on both sides of the aisle)...they need to get over it.

sorry, but this budget thing is really starting to annoy me.

i feel like i'm in a spiral of sorts, that point in the school year where for everything you finish you feel like you've uncovered 3 more things to work on/research. it's the nature of the beast, i get that, but it's really becoming a challenge. on top of that, i haven't been active since the marathon, which has only been 10 days or so (it feels like a month), but that lack of physical stimulation is really starting to get me down. while i don't need to run a sub-3 hour marathon, i need to get out and play once in awhile.

i don't mean this to be complaining. it is just what is on my mind this morning.

happy wednesday.

16 October 2007

go with the 'flow'

as i exited work last night i was thinking to myself 'well, that wasn't so bad.' then i got into my car, turned it on to realize that the alcs was on the radio and i thought 'now it's getting better.' i drove about a 1/2 mile when my phone started ringing. i looked at the caller id and saw it was my wife and thought "man, it's getting even better."


r:We have MAJOR dog issues.


r:How long until you get here?

So, my nice evening was foiled by a code brown. our poor dog got sick in his crate, got so freaked out that he did it that he went on to consume said code brown, and then threw it up on his poor unsuspecting mom.

so, after cleaning the dog, the basement carpet, the crate, all of robin's clothes, and ourselves, our night was mostly over.

oh well, there is always today.

i really want to go for a mtb ride. does anyone have any spare time they could lend me? maybe next week (or next year?).

happy tuesday.

15 October 2007

lock it up.

well, after a weekend of homework, homework and, let's see here, what else did i do...oh yea, homework, i don't feel like i had a weekend at all. i'm not complaining, i got a ton of stuff done. well, not done, but started which is the toughest thing for me.

no riding or running. i wish i had but it wasn't meant to be. and, i probably won't be doing anything this week with my 10 hour work days into 2 hours of reading/homework everynight. hey, there is always next week.

at least i didn't have triple hernia surgery or something.

i wonder how beechwood went this weekend?

happy monday.

14 October 2007

with no connection.

it's amazing how much 'free' time one has when not training for a marathon. well, some of it is real (ie. i haven't run since sunday) and some perceived (not running has left me feeling less tired). while the latter is a short lived side effect to be certain (i get lethargic when i'm not active), the former really helps. i mean, if i gained 6 or 7 hours this week, and put 2/3 of that towards school, then i'm ahead of the game.

yesterday was a research day. hitting the literature to start accumulating data for a technology assessment for a bone replacement technology being patented through WARF. it's interesting, but slow because it has been awhile since i've had to hit the journals.

anyway, not that anyone really cares.

it's a rainy sunday. i had every intention of getting on a bike this weekend, but between school, the weather, and frankly, my motivation...it didn't happen. oh well, i should be resting a little.

happy sunday.

12 October 2007

the blaster.

josh just extended an invitation to ride in the beechwood blaster this weekend. man, if it was as close to home as blockhouse, i'd probably talk myself into it.

but, considering my bike fitness, the distance from home it is, and the amount of homework i have, i need to opt out.

it would be nice seeing everyone again, and hopping in the sport race wouldn't be that hard, would it? plenty hard.

happy friday.

11 October 2007

coming around.

each morning i feel incrementally better. i still feel soreness deep down within my quads but besides that i'm feeling pretty much normal. i mowed the lawn last night (including a lot of squatting to pick the flourishing weeds) and i made it through without too much trouble.

i almost feel like i'd like to go for a run. almost.

does anybody know how to calculate risk adjusted gross earnings? i do not and that is posing a problem with some problems i'm supposed to work through.

anyway, happy thoughts to pat as he recovers from surgery.

happy thursday.

10 October 2007

time for a cool change.

i wonder how fast i might have run in this weather?

alright, i've had my two days to walk around like a zombie...it's time to be productive, both at work and with school. it's wednesday, so now i feel like i'm behind on homework.

i'm still sore but getting better. i can go up the stairs quite easily now, but down is still a struggle. nothing the sideways technique can't handle.

happy wednesday.

09 October 2007

some pictures.

early on.

another one early on.

somebody shoot me.

the tribe.

oliver recreating what i did when we got home sunday night.

make it stop.

boy am i sore. the 10 min/mile shuffle at the end has rendered my quads uber sore. oh well, two days out is usually the crux for soreness. lets hope anyway.

back at work and i feel useless. i've spent the past 2 hours debriefing my colleagues on the race (whether they wanted to hear it or not).

that is all i've got.

happy tuesday.

08 October 2007

the details (caution, scary)

1: 6.21
2: 6.17
3: 6.43
4: 6.35
5: 6.24
6: 6.35
7: missed
8: 13.10 (6.35)
9: 6.38
10: 6.41
11: 6.42
12: 6.44
13: 7.00
13.1: 1:26.41
14: 6.55
15: 7.17
16: 7.15
17: 7.35
18: 7.40
19: 7.44
20: 7.41
21: 8.24 (game over)
22: 10.44
23: 9.59
24: 10.46
25: 10.40
26: 9.14
26.2: 3:19.39

i think i mentioned before that by mile 10 (and certainly half way-- my scalp and arms were tingling), i knew it wasn't my day. i tried to slow down a bit to still hit my sub 3 goal (and prevent meltdown) but as you can see, that didn't work. i will say this...the last 4-5 miles was probably the most difficult 45 minutes to an hour of athletics i've ever experienced. when the wheels came off (i couldn't breath, my stomach was locked up, and my legs were cramping), i wanted to quit. so i guess i'll take a moral victory on that one. over the last 5 miles of the race i kept reciting my cell phone number to myself so i could give it to the person that found my laying on the side of the road (robin had it). luckily that didn't happen. but there were some sad casualties in chicago.

it has taken me less than 24 hours to decide that i need to try again soon. maybe this spring, or in june at grandmas? tbd. but, i know i did something right in training, but i also know that there are something(s) i need to fix.

so, i guess i'll be resting for a few weeks. which is alright, because i have a lot of work to get done for school.

07 October 2007

clap you hands and say...


well, i made it. i ran 3:19 and some change. not exactly what i had hoped, but then again i think i'm pretty lucky to have finished in those conditions.

i knew at 10 miles that i was having an off day. combined with the heat, i could have had a more than off day. i went through the 1/2 at 2:51 pace, but was forced to walk a lot over the last 6 miles. nothing i could do.

oh well, i'm sure i'll post more (including splits) later, but i wanted to post that i made it.

if you called and left me a message, sorry i haven't gotten back to you yet. i'm pretty sore, tired and frankly, a little disappointed (but just a little). i guess that just means i'll have to try again...

btw, my wife is the best wife ever. just a little fyi.

happy sunday.

04 October 2007

so this is it.

i am ready for this marathon. with being busy with everything else, i really haven't been able to expend a whole lot of conscience mental energy on the race. that isn't to say that the prospect of 26.2 grinding miles isn't in my sub-conscience and dreams, it is, i've just got 'bigger fish to fry' in terms of priorities.

while it seems premature to evaluate my training prior to completion of the objective, i will say there is more i could have done. but, when isn't that the case? i feel like i've nailed my long runs, i've done a good job of racing but not over doing it, and i feel like i've accomplished this while retaining some balance in my life that i lost over the past few years with cycling/triathlon.

so anyway, with school tonight, tomorrow and saturday and then the race, this might be my last opportunity to post prior to race day. here is to a sub 3 hour marathon and putting one of my life's goals to bed.

happy thursday.

03 October 2007

a wreck.

man, this week has been rough on sleep. if i'm not dreaming about missed assignments, i'm dreaming about running marathons where they announce, last minute, that instead of running through air, the medium will be changed to water.

"but don't worry, we are still a boston qualifier!!"

now, i'm not much of a dreamer (while sleeping anyway). well, i most certainly dream but i usually don't remember them. so, now that i'm recalling some dreams and i'm dreaming about homework i wake up and it takes me a while to figure out it was just a dream.

how is that for incoherent?

easy 5 miles this morning. the body/head were tired but the legs felt really good. my knees even felt ok, so maybe this tapering thing is paying off. maybe.

happy wednesday.

02 October 2007

early in the morning.

so it is pitch black dark now in the morning when i run. it is actually kind of nice, because all the dog walkers have shifted their schedules and i have the sidewalks to myself.

4.5 miles this morning, nice and easy. if i feel up to it i'll do a little pace work tomorrow morning, nothing major.

i woke up this morning initially at 4am obsessing about an assignment i dreamt i forgot. then, for the next 1.5 hours i woke up every 10 minutes with the same feeling. the thing is, i have all of my homework done. i guess this week is stressing me out a little between class and the race. oh well, life isn't worth living if you don't push every so often, right?

well, back to work.

happy tuesday.

01 October 2007

looks like someone has a case of the mondays.

well, no more sundays until marathon day. right now, the forcast is looking ideal. but that will probably change.

anyway, not much to write about. although that hasn't stopped me in the past, it will this time.

happy monday.