30 September 2007

new world record.

haile g ran 2:04.26 in the berlin marathon.

holy shit that is fast.

last minute jitters.

well, the final 'workout' is in the books. i opted for 10 miles with 4 miles at marathon pace. robin joined me on the bike, and no sooner had we started we found ourselves running into jim and cheryl schmitt. weird. anyway, we talked to schmitties for 10 or 15 minutes, then it was back to work.

it was a blustery hot day...hopefully opposite of how it will be on sunday...well, the hot part anyway. actually, i'd love an easterly wind. anyway, 5 miles out, took a gel and some water (to practice), then it was time to run @ mp. problem was, i was going what seemed like straight into the teeth of the 20mph wind gusts, uphill no less. it's my own fault, i've only run and biked on this stretch of trail a 100 times. anyway, mile 1 was 6:15, miles 2 and 3 were 6:28, and then i pulled the plug. the wind was costing me time, which normally wouldn't be a big deal but the sunday before the big race is no time for a confidence blow. easy run back to the car, mission mostly accomplished.

on the way home, we spectated a civil war reenactment...weird. seriously, those guys could learn a few things regarding guerrilla warfare.

anyway, time to get some homework done. i feel like i'm in a better place mentally then i was later in the week, and i'm even scheming a little towards my next marathon effort (always looking ahead).

i wonder how the blockhouse roll went? one of my favorites-jail time and all.

happy sunday.

28 September 2007

shut your eyes.

i got out for a short run last night, and then stretched for a bit. i'm trying to walk that fine line between inactivity and taper. at this point, sub 2:50 seems unattainable, but i think that goes with the territory. between the cold that i caught and the reduction of running i feel out of shape, well, that is what my brain is telling me anyway.

date night last night. i finally got this girl's number i've been chasing around the past 9 years or so, and she agreed to go to a dinner and movie with me. we saw '2 days in paris' and it was ok. i would say better than average...but not by much. how is that for a vague review? but, hanging out at hilldale and the sundance theater almost made us feel like we were on vacation.

while i haven't been riding the bike much, i've been watching the photos from interbike trickle in the it almost makes me want to ride a bike! in a little over a week, biking will be an objective while i let my body heal from the pounding i've given it over the past year or so (culminating on october 7th). man, i cannot believe it is almost here...

happy friday.

27 September 2007

that is what i get.

i'm not feeling too hot today, it could be allergies (i hope) but it really is feeling like a cold. oh well.

not much else going on.

happy thursday.

26 September 2007

no work work, just a lot of school work.

i'm out of the office today. but i'm still working. this would be a break.

i got out for a 75 minute run today and got a lot of thinking done. i realized that i did it again. i've gotten so caught up in training for this marathon that i've really forgotten why i started running again in the first place. hmmm, how to combat this? life is too short for 'playing' to not be fun...and that is what my athletic pursuits amount to.

maybe i need to stop racing. or rather, stop planning on racing. it seems like i pick events so far out that once they get here, i hate them before i even start racing. it doesn't have to be that way. does it? the other thing that has become clear to me is that specializing is overrated. so, for the forseeable future (after the marathon of course), i'm just going to play. if i feel like running, i'll run. if i feel like biking or skiing or playing basketball, i'm going to do it. i get so worried about what this will do to that, that i don't do things that i want to.

anyway, i ran at quarry ridge park in fitchburg and i will be back on two wheels post marathon. what it lacks in distance it makes up for in fun...and it must shed water pretty well because even after it rained yesterday i had really good footing.

sorry for the incoherent post. i need to get it out of my system so it doesn't rear its ugly head in my intellectual property analysis.

happy wednesday!

25 September 2007

omg, mkis.

the title is text for 'oh my god, my knee is swollen.'

i guess file this under what i would expect the last 2 weeks prior to a marathon. i took ollie to the dog park yesterday, and did some of my run there. i had intended on doing the whole run there but our dog has no endurance, purely a sprinter, so i had to bring him home and finish my run there. somewhere between the inital run and resuming it i've got a swollen left knee. no pain, just swollen. weird.

i iced last night but that didn't seem to help much. oh well, i guess monitor it but ultimately, it is what it is.

the thing is, last night was the best run i've had in months. you know the feeling, when a ho-hum run turns into the type of run where you think you can go forever. and that you can run fast. i remember having these runs periodically in the past, but this training cycle hasn't yielded many of them.

anyway, yesterday i was feeling a little down. today is looking up, but for no apparent reason.

happy tuesday.

24 September 2007


alright, i've said this before but...i think i'm going to stop drinking. it's never really that much fun, and regardless of quantities imbibed, i lose a day of my life the next day.

anyway, i made it through another round of classes. the work is starting to pile up a little, so much so that i'm considering a day off this week to try to keep it all manageable. we'll see.

we had breakfast with pat and katie yesterday...it was good food(even the corn beef hash!) and even better to see them...

well, less than 2 weeks until marathon sunday. yikes.

happy monday.

20 September 2007

maybe the sun will shine today...

i woke up. i felt like shit. i was very tired. i thought about how i'm going to be at work/in class until 9pm. i went back to sleep. now i feel like i've started my day with a failure.

anyway, class session 2 of 7 for the semester starts tonight. hopefully i've adequately prepared, there wasn't that much work...but that will change over the next two weeks. i have a 3-5 page paper to write on intellectual property and strategies to protect that property. i also need to start researching the market assesment of a tissue replacement technology that is being patented for the end of semester group project for my business of biotech class. i should probably start at least thinking about my end of semester bioethics paper as well, a solid 25-30 page effort.

anyway, i listed all that to make me feel a little better about opting out of my hobby for the day. mission accomplished.

anyway, happy thursday.

19 September 2007

in hindsite.

so, after another cup of coffee and reading a few blogs from other marathoners (i use that term like i'm a marathoner) far more talented than myself, it seems a lot of people are dealing with the 'september despairs' prior to the fall marathon.

we all have shit to do. nobody is forcing me to run.

runners are weird.

this run brought to you by...

...clap your hands and say yea. i don't usually do my morning runs with music, but i had no choice today. i woke up feeling very tired. the thought of starting another run in the dark with the sensation of knives in my knees was less than appealing. so i cranked up the music, and did it anyway. 6.5 miles, is this thing done yet?

i've been doing a little thinking about the last 10-12 months of training, and there are some things i'd do differently. what i got was a crash course in running fitness, which is what i needed to be sure. but, now that i have reestablished myself in running, my approach to subsequent efforts will be different. start with not running for 12 months with one major race in mind...it's too draining mentally. also, i'm thinking that now i shoot for general running fitness (ie run a few days during the week, 1 longish run on the weekend, supplement with the mtb) and then crank it up for 12 weeks prior to my next marathon...which just might be madcity. i had intended to follow pfitzinger's 24 week plan this time around, but fell off that wagon after a month or so...i wasn't ready for it. but, 3 months sounds a little more palatable.

anyway, sorry about all that. it's really becoming a drag to train, i'm sick of looking forward to the race. it'll come soon enough i suppose.

anyway, all my projects are being pulled back at work. the fda didn't want my client proceeding, which means the phase 3 study i've been supporting is effectively cancelled. i will get something else, but learning new projects is hard and i've already got a few things on my mind...so it goes i guess.

happy wednesday.

18 September 2007


mitt romney is a snake. i'm already sick of hearing him pander to the right while contradicting his own past as an elected official in massachusetts. now, i'm a bit more pragmatic than i used to be regarding politics. i can see some benefits of financial conservatism. i don't necessarily mind having a strong military (as long as we aren't using it to get revenge for daddy), and don't get me started with labor unions, but why do the republicans have such bad candidates (and why are they so bad at being conservatives)? and more importantly, why do the american people vote for them? i know, nobody comes here to read about my political thoughts.

i got out and ran this morning. man, my legs ache. i hope this passes before the big race.

other than that, not much going on. it's my week of 4-10 hr days into 14 hours of class...so it's a busy week. oh, and we paid tuition last night (yikes!).

happy tuesday.

17 September 2007


i woke up this morning feeling even worse than the past few days. on top of my normal cold symptoms, i had a dose of upset stomach. so, no run. i'm exhausted still, and trying to fight the urge of more coffee. unfortunately, i'm working 4-10 hour days this week so i can make it to school, so i'm starting behind.

enough complaining.

i had emailed the coach for the wisconsin track club last week to see what kind of groups they have. he got back to me this morning, and gave me some info. they race in DIII cross country races and track meets, and they have a group of 18 or so guys racing from the mid 25's to mid 31's. so it's a group i could fit into ability wise. but, i'm not sure i'd fit in terms of age...i think most are kids that are frosh/soph's... anyway, he recommended emailing the movin shoes team in town, they have a weekly track session and it is mostly post grads. so, we'll see.

anyway, it seems silly to talk about that right now. i've got a marathon to run. but before that, i need to get healthy again.

happy monday.

16 September 2007

study break.

well, i've found a good spot for sunday studies. coffee...check. free wifi...check. good music...check (but not loud or distracting). close to home...check. there you go.

anyway, i still feel a little under the weather. i was going to run this afternoon, but i'm wondering if a day off to recover is a better option. i guess it's the age old training question...is it better to train through being sick or rest through it? the answer (in my mind) is that it depends. i mean, doing a 6 mile run now isn't going to make or break my race. and i fought through yesterday...so off it is.

fat tire results are up. jesse lalonde won on a single speed. truly remarkable on that course (essentially a roadie course).

anyway, time to get back to work. happy sunday.

15 September 2007

i survived (that's good enough for now)

well, the run is done. 30km with 10 miles at marathon pace. all but mile 9 of the mp part was good, i ran into some badger saturday traffic (literally) which slowed me down to 6:50 for that mile, but i recovered with a 6:20. i was feeling my cold, every step of every mile reminded me that i've got some achy joints. but i made it through. training isn't about always feeling good, it's about preparing yourself to cope with feeling bad....so mission accomplished i guess (i hope anyway, because i really didn't enjoy this run).

we did some hiking at pelfrey's glen and went to ski-hi orchard as well this afternoon. great weather, great company and great scenery. but, that combined with my workout this morning combined with my little cold has left me feeling pretty beat. i guess that is what a good saturday is all about.

tomorrow i need to hit the books...hard.

happy saturday.

14 September 2007

oh yea...it's THAT weekend.

i forgot to talk about what weekend it is. fat tire weekend. this is the race that got me into racing the fatties. it's the race i looked forward to through all the circle riding at the wors races. it's THE race.

so, missing it makes me a little sad. even though i've ridden twice since this spring. even though i'm happy chasing a fast marathon. even though i don't have time to suitably train for bicycle racing. i'm still going to miss THE race.

someday, i will be back to chequamegon.

one way

well, just like i stated in yesterday's post...one of the certainties is that i will get a cold. check! it's no surprise, robin has had it for a week now. i opted to rest a little this morning, i'll run tonight. i am still planning on my 18 mile, marathon pace workout tomorrow morning, but with the forcasted a.m. temps (32) and how i felt this morning, i may move it to sunday.

we went to visit elijah joeseph knutowski last night. his toes are small...and the rest of him too. he was super chill, and his sister was pretty interested in smelling him. why do babies smell so good, anyway? all are doing well, and they will be home today.

other than that, i'm glad it's friday.

13 September 2007

i like this one.

solid state technology.

on my run this morning i noticed a lot of people had a frantic feel to their morning. i almost got hit by 4 cars blasting out of driveways/parking lots. good thing i have cat like reflexes. 6.5 miles in the dark, and it actually felt pretty good today.

i got new shoes a few days ago, same mizuno wave inspire 3's but with new colors. these will be the race shoes...and they feel pretty fast.

it's getting to be crunch time. 23 or so days until the marathon. there are a few inevitabilities to deal with over the next 3-ish weeks. i will get some sort of cold...robin has one now. i will get some phantom pain that i'm sure is an injury (at least i'm close enough now where it really wouldn't matter if i had to shut it down for a few days). and i will get really busy between school and work. but, unlike my last stab at the marathon, i've prepared myself mentally for these facts...

and 90% of running success is mental (the other half is physical--thanks yogi).

happy thursday.

12 September 2007

on a private beach.

wow, wilco puts on a great live show. this one was at overture, and the seats were first come first served. robin went on ticket day and got us balcony seats, left of the stage. primo. i'm always amazed at the ability of the boys to one minute play a very quiet tune, and then a few minutes later, seamlessly fill the room with noise. i wish i could see them every 3 months...

we were up a little later than i'm used to, so no run this morning. i'll get out tonight to enjoy the afternoon weather.

and now, back to work.

happy wednesday.

11 September 2007

jesus, etc.

wilco tonight. i'm very excited.

man, getting out the door this morning was rough. dark? yes! chilly? yes! tired? yes! but i went anyway, and had a pretty good run...after i woke up anyway. knees were still a little sore but they loosened up quickly.

did i mention how excited i am for wilco?

happy tuesday.

10 September 2007

sore knees (again).

the only major side effect of yesterday's effort are my sore knees, which have been sore since i started running again. just some tendinitis, a little r+r after lakefront should clear that up.

so the plan for this week is some low to medium runs until saturday, then i'll hit 3 laps on the arb loop, with 8 or 9 at marathon pace in the middle. should be telling of how i'm really going...

boy has it felt like fall today. september and october = primetime.

happy monday.

09 September 2007


21 miles today. my loop crossed the ironman bike loop a couple of times...those people are crazy. at least the weather is better this year. anyway, back to me. my goal for this run was to get through the loop feeling good (and hopefully increasing my confidence). mission accomplished.

after 14 hours of class and 4 hours of running since thursday night, a lazy sunday afternoon is/was much needed. the packers won. the brewers won. the badgers won last night. wisconsin is a great sports state (i never really thought i would ever ba able to say that and have the results to back it up).

oh yea, and the best ironman outside of hawaii is going on as i type. i hope george is getting it done.

happy sunday.

06 September 2007

oh yea...

so, i'm dying for some running partners. you know, a couple guys to run with once or twice a week. i emailed fleet feet (who sends me emails regarding group runs) asking if they had anyone running 6:30 - 7:00 pace or anywhere near it.

the answer was 'no.'

so if anyone knows anyone that wants to form a little training group, let me know. my next objective (after this marathon), is to improve on my high school pr in the 5k.

bag it.

after back to back night-morning runs, my knees have said "enough!" even with icing them last night. so, no run today and i could of used it. for some reason, i'm feeling jittery about the first day of school.

speaking of jittery, the founder of peet's coffee, alfred peet, died over the past week. i mention it only because he brews a mean cup of coffee, something near and dear to me. here is to peet's eclipsing starbucks over the next 20 years!

anyway, i better get back to work.

happy thursday.

05 September 2007

first assignment...check!

i just turned in my first assignment. many more where that came from, but it feels good to be underway. it kind of felt like the first pitch of the major league season...they've been playing for awhile in preseason, but now it's for real.

just under 7 miles tonight in elver park. the leaves are starting to turn on some of the hillsides, and the smells are great. i just might have to run in the afternoon a little more often in the fall.

i should be reading right now...so that is what i'm going to do!

happy wednesday.

04 September 2007

more running mumbo jumbo.

my current vdot is 58. looking at an online calculator, my predicted times are listed below based on this value (in parentheses is what i've run so far this year).

5km: 17:33 (17:35)
5mi: 29:02 (28:43)
10km: 36:24 (36:23)
10mi: 1:00.20 (59:35)
20km: 1:16.05 (1:15.50)
Marathon: 2:48.14 (?:??.??)

what does all this mean? well it seems that vdot is pretty accurate for predicted race times across a lot of distances. however, this sample size ends at less than 1/2 the marathon distance. hopefully my condition is suitable enough to hold a 6:25-6:30 pace for 26.2 miles. hopefully.

well, here i am.

man, i start school this week for real, and i really have to say...i'm freaking out a little. i was cooler than cool about orientation because it was just, well, orientation. this is for real, and i guess i'm worried that i'm not smart enough, and that people just won't like me (i need stuart smally or whatever al frankin's character's name was).

playoff teams don't find ways to lose, which is what the brewers did yesterday. i hate to say this, but they aren't a playoff team. that doesn't mean i'll stop cheering for them until the end. and hell, there have been several instances where teams that shouldn't be in the playoffs win the world series. my one and only question, and i do this with a little hesitation...why is greg aquino on the 30 man roster, and more importantly, why is he being used in tight situations in the midst of a pennant race when he couldn't throw strikes in april? i'm a big ned yost fan but come on...

more thoughts about the buckshot. upon further review, my time was in line with my vdot estimate for the distance based on previous performances at other distances. i guess that is a feather in the cap considering the last 2 miles felt like a death march. add my marathon in about a month to the list of things that are making me uber-nervous and jittery at the moment. 22 miles this sunday, 18 miles (with 8 miles at marathon pace) the following weekend, and then it's pretty much wait and see. holy crap.

happy tuesday.

03 September 2007


well, saturday's race unfolded a little differnetly than i had hoped. namely, i ran slower than i wanted overall and faster than i wanted over the first mile (28:43 and 5:06, respectively). man, it goes out hard downhill and finishes uphill, which makes parcelling your effort pretty important. plus, i was actually racing people for once and i think i got a little caught up in it. anyway, i had fun and got to see pat (who won the race-nice work).

the rest of the weekend brought a lot of r and r on lake altoona. oliver got to swim (a lot) and has been accordingly tired all day today. i spend 2.5-3 hours working on my first assignment this afternoon, and i'll spend a little more time on it tonight. i can say that i know (generally) what i want to write, i just need to find the words. hmmm, it's like i'm back in school or something.

anyway, it was a good race. it was a good weekend. and now, it's time to get to work...school starts thursday.

happy monday.