31 August 2007

an angry hornet.

you know, sometimes you just can't help it. i'm mad as hell right now, and i'm not quite sure why.

i've done a pretty good job of not letting the annoying (see: stupid) people at work bother me, but there is one in particular that i've been training the past couple of days that i really could live without. my least favorite of all annoying work people. she has the same title as me. i'm training her on gas chromatography, but keep getting bogged down in the fact that she doesn't know basic things a senior scientist should. like, what is a seperatory funnel and how do you use it? now, if you don't know what that is...don't sweat it. but it's something one uses in your very first organic chemistry class in college. and if you weren't in organic 1, how is it you can be a senior scientist performing complex analytical methods? which points to the hiring practices and philosophy of this company. the philosophy being, teach them just what they need to know and nothing more, which is why i can barely pay for a laptop with my tuition reimbursment much less a sememster of classes in a masters degree program.

see, i told you i was angry. i apologize but i required an early morning vent to avoid doing it in inappropriate ways.

happy friday.

30 August 2007

i caught myself thinking....

6.5 last night. 6.5 this morning. man, i hope this is enough running...because it's all i have time for.

back to eau claire this weekend for the old buckshot run, should be a good time. i've been racing some but mostly these are just hard solo efforts. the buckshot will provide me an opportunity to RACE and not just run fast...hopefully. i'm not going in with any time in mind, i just really want to leave it on the course and race whomever i'm around and see what happens. i'm hoping it's relatively fast because it will act as my wave time for crazylegs next spring.

anyway, i've got work to do...so i better do it.

happy thursday.

29 August 2007


man i woke up feeling weird. i'm coming around now but i was exhausted and having stomach problems bad. no run this morning, i'll try to make it up tonight. i'm like 5-6 weeks away from this marathon, and i'm starting to get really nervous. so missing this workout doesn't make me feel any better.

i'm still working on family/work/school/hobby balance. last night i was reading for school and fell asleep. note to self: don't read while laying on the comfy couch.

this post sucks.

happy wednesday.

27 August 2007

autumn fires will return (i am so out of tune with you)

yesterday we received some news about the health of a loved one that we didn't really want. i'm not going to blab about someone else's health on my dumb little corner of the internet, except to say that we're hoping for a very speedy recovery.

everything else i was going to write about seems a little silly now. i was going to talk about mowing my lawn, about how i was sore enough not to run, about how i was having a hard time deciding if i need a new computer bag or not.

turns out, all i really needed was a little refocusing on what is important in life.

25 August 2007

long run.

since robin was busy this morning with her friends from out of town, i opted to do my scheduled long run on saturday instead of sunday.

sun, cool temps and nice breeze greated me as i set out around 11 this morning. from the word go i felt great. i was thrown a monkey wrench when i discovered the trail was closed (flooded) a little before half way, but i just turned around and made it an out and back with an add on. the 3 mile add on at the end hurt, but that was mostly mental because i hate adding on to something i've already planned in my head.

all in all, this was the best long run so far...and i think that is how it is supposed to work. i was worried, because i haven't been pushing the mileage very hard lately, but as of right now...i feel good.

20 miles over a very hilly course (relative to most marathon courses...especially milwaukee). buckshot next weekend and then 1 more long run before the big event...

happy saturday.

24 August 2007

i'm orientated...

phew, i'm beat. orientation was good, and it reaffirmed my decision to enter the program, but it also drove home the fact that i'm going to be busy...check that...BUSY. but i guess i expected that.

anyway, i ran both mornings. tomorrow i'm hoping to go long, 20+. wish me luck.

21 August 2007

hip the beat.

6.5 miles this morning. foggy, dark, cool, and calm...good running weather once i got moving. i wish i could have a cup of coffee prior to running but that would require either getting up earlier or planning ahead and setting the coffee maker.

anyway, that's all i've got this morning.

happy tuesday.

20 August 2007

when motivation disappears.

right now, i'm highly motivated to race but not motivated to train. why does this happen? until a few years ago, i could train endlessly and enjoy it. hmmmm.

we had a nice and relaxing (albeit wet) weekend. i wrapped up my pre-orientation reading assignment, got the laptop figured out (not that it is hard or anything), and spent some time chilling out and relaxing.

monday wasn't quite the sharp pill it usually is.

oh snap, i have my physical this morning.

well, there goes the tolerable monday pill...

18 August 2007

jerry's race.

a little rain, almost a chill in the air...perfect running weather. i saw one guy i recognized at the start, corey stelljas, so i knew i wasn't going to win this one. but, based on last year's results i had a good shot at the top 3.

at the start, corey took off not really to be seen again by me after about a mile. but, the same held true for the guy behind me and i cruised in for a second place finish. the best part was that i ran a 36:23, which is a pr. the third place guy pulled me aside after the race and said his garmin had the course 0.2 miles long, which, even if it only was aound 0.1 has me under 36 on a certified course. this course was nice and hilly, so this was a strong race for me.

there were no mile markers, and no one to run with, so i ran this one on feel...which is both encouraging and discouraging. i really think i could have gotten 20-30 seconds more out of the course but i started day dreaming a little in the middle. all in all, a fun race.

17 August 2007

i am looking forward.

dell is a no go. at least this guy called me back (from DELL-hi, get it?). anyway, this is my first post on the new toshiba.

wifi is like, cool or something.

i mean, i could post from, say, the toilet (plop!).

happier friday.

don't stop believing.

the saga continues, but i'll spare you the details. i'm on my sixth customer service representative, and this one gave me a little hope. but if i hear nothing today, the order gets cancelled.

4 easy miles this morning felt great. i love the day before races. the anticipation, the short workout...not to mention the great weather today.

it's a busy friday, but at least it's friday.

16 August 2007

dude, i'm not doing a dell.

last night, we purchased a toshiba laptop computer. it's not quite the computer i ordered from dell, but then again from my perspective, it's like buying a passat instead of an a-6. it wasn't easy, mind you. we ended up buying it from american of all places, but to be sure we were getting a good deal, we went to comp usa and promptly sat for 45 minutes waiting to talk to somebody. nice. then, we went back to american and made the purchase.

the thing that stands out most about purchasing this computer is that it's really hard to spend money on a computer. i mean, here we are trying to give a store over $1000 dollars for a computer and we got the impression that nobody wanted to take our money. i just don't get it.

when we were visiting robin's grandparents over the weekend, we talked about the days when you didn't have one stop shopping. but when you went into a store you talked to someone who knew what they were selling. whether it was a nice cut of meat or electronics or sporting goods, the person you were talking to were knowledgable about what they sold. i wish more stores were speciality. i'm sick of the super-duper-wal-mart mentality where you go into one store and you can purchase everything you want (that is, if you can find it). the store workers are there to help you find the physical location of your goods, but know nothing of their properties.

anyway, i woke up this morning feeling tired and sore (what's new?). thanks to robin i got out of the house for 6 miles that felt better than the past few runs. nice and easy tomorrow and then i'll try to shave a few seconds off of my 10k time. hopefully.

the brewers need some help. they (and the cubs) let a team that can close the deal back into the race for the central. come on guys, we NEED a win.

15 August 2007


i received a funny email this morning. it was a customer satisfaction survey from dell. well, needless to say they got poor marks. i've seen a few blogs with a ton of scathing remarks regarding dell. i second that. in fact, if i don't hear otherwise by this evening we are going out to a physical store and buying a toshiba. words cannot express my dissatisfaction with dell (i put that phrase in the comments section of the survey).

this morning on the way in to work i heard a story about the teacher/astronaut presenting to kids in idaho from outter space. a kid was asked what could be cooler than talking to an astronaut from outter space. after some time reflecting, the kid replied "talking to a dinosaur." i thought that was pretty cool.

7 miles last night. 7 miles this morning. all is good in madison. it's a dark, rainy morning and all i want to do is crawl back into bed.

happy wednesday.

14 August 2007

big storms last night...

...meant it being too hard to get up this morning. i'll have to do my run after work, in the hot hot heat. oh well.

this saturday is supposed to be wet with a high of 69 degrees...perfect timing for this.

well, i better get ready for my conference call.

happy tuesday.

13 August 2007

one divine hammer.

i spoke with my third indian this morning at dell, this time with an online chat function. i got nowhere, and in fact, feel like i know even less than i did last week. i did get my shipping upgraded for free to overnight and the production of my pc expedited (whatever that means in the big scheme), but that will prove useless if this thing doesn't ship before 20 or 21 of august.

i am frustrated but trying to stay positive. the problem is, what i got for the price is unbeatable from other companies (from what i've seen), at least with the timeframe i'm dealing with. so, they've got me by the you know what.

this weekend was a klopke (in-laws in gresham) and smith (maternal grandparents in iron mountain) weekend. it was a nice visit, and i even got some good running in. it's dry up north, really dry. i bet ore to shore was FAST.

the brewers took 2 of 3 over the weekend...that is what they need to do from here to the end to win this pennant. go brewers.

10 August 2007

i'd like to buy a bowel.

so yea, i've been having some problems lately. around 6 miles, regardless of when i'm running, i have to walk it off. yuck...i hope it stops soon.

it's just one more thing to add to the list of 'why i haven't been hitting my mileage objectives.' nice.

my laptop i ordered from dell was supposed to ship on the 8th. on the 8th, i got an automated message from dell telling me my adjusted ship date is the 28th...i need it by the 24th. fuck. so i decided to utilize the 'great' customer service they advertise. the first attempt lead me to a dead end on the voice activated menu trail. great. the second attempt i outsmarted it and was able to (after sitting on hold for 10 minutes) to speak to a nice young lady in calcutta (sorry, kolkata), or bombay (sorry, mumbai), or some other place several thousand miles away. she told me it had been back ordered due to the lcd screen. i asked if i changing my screen size would help get it through faster. she said no, all lcd screens are back ordered. after that, she couldn't read the canned messages off of her pc fast enough, so i let it go.

i decided to try calling again later in the day. same deal, this time a nice young man in new dehli or hyderabad put me on hold for a while. he came back on and said he contacted the manufacturer directly and that it was my specific screen that was backordered, that they would be getting more on friday (today) and it should ship on monday or tuesday. that's more like it. he said he'd call today to verify that information. i hope it works out, but i am skeptical about the whole thing. i almost called again but what's the use? i'll just continue to get different answers everytime i call.

anyway, why can't spending over a $1000 for a computer be an easy and fun experience?

oh well. happy friday.

08 August 2007

it's over.

barry bonds broke hank's homerun record last night. yippee. a lot of people seem to think the homerun record is the most important record in major league history...i disagree. if anyone is able to accrue more hits than pete rose...now we're talking. or how about joe d's 56 game hitting streak? but that's just, like, my opinion or something.

8 miles last night followed by 8.5 this morning in the soup. we are definitely in the dog days of summer. the allergies, the humidity, the restless sleep...they all make me feel like my running is going badly. i guess i just need to keep my head down, fight through it and have the confidence in my training that come race day i'll be where i want to be.

easier said than done.

happy wednesday.

07 August 2007

i'm a loser, baby.

no run this morning. rain and lightning. i WILL run tonight.

with the rain our yard looks a lot like our neighbor's...and he single handly lowered the level of the city wells throughout the summer. nice work, bob.

brewers and cubs lost last night. that is good and bad, it would be nice to have a slightly larger cushion but at least there is a cushion.

alright, i've got a conference call.

happy tuesday.

06 August 2007

in the middle of the night...

golf on friday: i played the worst 9 holes of golf, possibly of my life, on the front 9. i could not hit a wood-unless it was into the middle of a water hazard. seriously, i was over par before i got on the green on most holes. the good thing was that my short game was spot on, and my putting as well. without that, i may have been in the 70's....for 9 holes (yikes).

saturday was much better. the brewer game was great, i think my dad really enjoyed the scene, meeting the television announcers brian anderson and rock, getting out on the field to replicate cory hart's game saving catch (pictures to follow) and just having a good old time. it was a great night...

i could not sleep saturday night, i felt like i had inhaled a bunch of water and could not breath. needless to say, my run the next day was equally bad. i had to cut it way short. i thought i would run today (normally my rest day) but i was catatonic at 5:15 when the alarm went off...i don't know, i'm definitely in a funk. and i'm starting to sweat the fact that i've got a marathon to run in right around 2 months. hopefully this allergy thing leaves me alone soon.

anway, it's monday and i need to get busy.

03 August 2007


yo, yo, yo. i have issues.

7 miserable miles this morning. i wanted to do more but a) it was no fun, b) i couldn't breath, and c) it was no fun. oh well, at least i got out there.

i'm golfing tonight, we're going to try to hit 18...we'll see about that. saturday, my dad is coming to town so we can head to the brewer game. i'm excited to see where our tickets are for this one...

so, several weeks ago, towards the beginning of summer, i was having a lot of issues with how i felt. i actually went to see a doc about it and she said that it sounded a lot like acid reflux (regarding what caused my symptoms). the symptoms themselves weren't classic reflux, but i started taking medication and it really has made my life a lot better. why am i writing about this? well, the game will be the first time i've had a few drinks since starting prilosec. all i want is to be able to have 1 or 2 beers without feeling like death the next day. because, between working 45-50 hours per week and school, i think i'm going to need it from time to time.

anyway, it's friday and i'm outta herrrrrrre.

happy friday.

02 August 2007


holy shit. we went to bed early last night, kind of out of the loop. we woke up to this mess . my first thought, of course, was that i hoped all my friends that call msp home are ok. i've got a few lines out, and odds are that they are ok.

after doing some reading about the whole thing, my next thought was, of all things, the minnesota twins. they've posponed the official ground breaking for their new stadium originally scheduled for today, to a date to be determined. that stadium is destined for trouble...

man, i cannot imagine the gridlock this will cause. for the next several YEARS.

no run this morning. i woke up uber tired and with some pain in my left achilles. it was a recovery day anyway, so it is no big whoop to take a zero.

happy thursday.

01 August 2007


9-10 miles this morning...i call it 9.5. the sprinkler was in a different place then where i had left it when i got back. probably one of the neighbors 'helping' me. thanks. anyway, the air was thick this morn, and the day will be an ugly one. oh well, it's august.

my cell phone is back and running. right now it seems like i still have my old number (there was a period of time that i thought i'd have to get a different one, but it all worked out in the end). so, if for some reason you needed to call me my phone works again.

i feel uninspired this morning. how is that any different than normal you may be asking...i have no response.

ok, i'm pulling the plug before i have any more hypothetical conversations....

happy wednesday.