28 February 2007

movies of my dreams.

last night's run was a bit of a struggle. i think the snow/ice is really challenging some of my stability muscles, and has rendered me more sore than normal. i hit my 8(ish) objective though, and if it doesn't kill me it'll make me stronger. we're supposedly getting a little snow, then a lot of rain, then some more snow starting this afternoon. great, nothing says shitty footing like rain with no place to go followed by 2-5 inches of snow on top.

i'm dreaming of a sunny, fifty degree day.

in other news, i'm still dealing with narcolepsy. after my run last night i thought i would teach my sleepy eyes a lesson and drink some diet coke in hopes of staying awake past 8:30. it didn't work but i think i know what the problem was this time...i was watching a documentary on milwaukee. i think i'm still dealing with influenza aftermath, and i am getting a little sick of it.

i turn 30 in less than a week. interesting.

happy wednesday.

27 February 2007

timing issues.

last week i got my schedule for this fall's classes. the big conflict is that i have class the same weekend as the twin cities marathon (which also means the chicago marathon and the lakefront marathon). why do they have them all on the same day, anyway? what this means? well, i may have to reconsider which marathon i attempt this fall. i really want to do tcm but the prospect of jumping in the car and driving 5ish hours after having class until noon on saturday isn't really that appealing. milwaukee makes the most sense...but it's milwaukee. and chicago i'd love to do but damn it's expensive. entry, hotel, parking, etc. so, i've got some decisions to make.

last night's run was a tour of just how bad the roads are around here. hopefully by the end of the week there will be some clear sidewalks so i don't have to run along busy streets.

with robin in chicago for some job training, things are pretty quiet around the house. periodically, oliver jumps up and searches the house for his favorite master. then, when he realizes that she is still missing, he gets a dejected look, groans and lays down. poor boy misses his mom.

and my narcolepsy continues...i fell asleep at 8:30 last night. woke up at 10 to talk to robin and then off to bed.

happy tuesday.

26 February 2007

not so much here...

i'm sore. madison got 14 inches or so spread over friday/saturday nights. it was a wet snow that i mostly moved by hand (although neighbor bob helped me finish both days with the snow blower).

saturday night was a great snow storm though, two words: thunder snow. it had a real 'end of the world' feel to it.

i didn't run yesterday, the roads/sidewalks were in such bad shape that i thought it would be best to bag it. i'll brave the roads tonight though...hopefully.

the badgers lost a tough one (in basketball). they made a good showing though, and if taylor hits his free throws it's a different story. i fear they have lost a #1 seat in the tournament, but if they win out who knows?

other than that, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. i still feel like i have narcolepsy. well, after 8:30 at night anyway.

24 February 2007


as with last night, i again managed to finish my run just as the white stuff began to fall. 6 inches last night and another 8-12 by the time we get through this wave. nice. just when the pavement was getting dry.

oh well. we've got movies, papa murphy's pizza and a fireplace for tonight.

23 February 2007

shelter from the storm.

another 'big one' is coming. we've all scrapped plans of travel for the weekend. i was going to head the eau claire for my mom's birthday. robin's family was coming here for wedding dress shopping and other celebrations of birth. our next winter storm put the kibash on that, and the weather douche is saying 18inches when the weekend expires. woaaa...nelly. and i was getting used to the dry pave for once.

our dog turns 1 year old today. or in dog to human conversion using the 'new' system he turns 12 today. he is a pre-teen by every estimation. a 'tween' if you will? at least we don't have to put braces on the pooch.

i ran for the first time last night. well, it felt like the first time. the first mile really hurt, then i went euphoric for the middle 2, then i cooled down for 1.5. short and easy. and i'm a tad sore this a.m. influenza be damned. what a wuss.

happy friday.

22 February 2007

graduate student.

i have been admitted to the class of 2009 for a master of biotechnology at the university of wisconsin-madison.

hell yes.

now i can stop writing about it (for a few days).

getting better.

after work last night oliver and i took a big walk. it was nice to be out in the faux spring time air, doing something besides sitting or laying down. while i won't say i'm over my ill completely, i will say i'm a lot better. although i still feel like i may have low grade narcolepsy...

i'm going to run tonight. nothing earth shattering, but a run no less.

nothing yet on the grad school front. i'm just trying to keep it in the back of my mind so that i'm not always actively thinking about it. i tend to drive myself nuts with this kind of thing.

looks to be a winter storm a-brewing for the weekend. snow, freezing rain, wind. perfect weather to drive up to see my mom for her birthday. slow and steady. i hope to make it back in time to spend time with my lovely wife, she is leaving for a week long training class. i'd also like to catch the badger/buckeye tilt in hd. redemption is needed.

i turn 30 in a week and a half. i have no point...kind of like this post.

21 February 2007

dog spectator sports...

medicine head.

back to work, take 2. i came in for about 40 minutes yesterday only to realize it wasn't going to work out. spent another day wasting away on the couch being hasseled by our airedale. i watched star wars and firewall. i played a video game (after which i was exhausted). i pretty much decided that no matter how sick i felt today i was going to tough it out.

and today i'm feeling a little better. better enough to think about how this will be my seventh day without training. maybe i'll go for a walk tonight. stupid influenza.

19 February 2007

i have the fever.

well, i HAD the fever. for around 36 hours. from about 3pm friday until sometime early sunday i hovered right around a 102 degree temp (maxing out at around 102.8). i had aches like i've never had before and the chills to match the aches. it was painful, but i got some really f**ked up dreams from it.

the fever has broken, but the malaise is still present. and i've got that sick spacey feeling in the head. the flu got me, and i will be getting a flu shot next year. i hope that is what saves robin from this...

anyway, this is the first i've felt like doing anything active (by active i mean typing). so i guess it's a sign of improvement. i'm going to go watch several more hours of horrible television. yesterday i watched 'good times,' countless infomercials and (gasp) the finale of the daytona 500. which, by the way, sucked. why do people get off on that crap? they race for a couple of minutes, someone takes the lead and then there is a crash, they go to yellow and everyone is back together. it would be like a basketball team going on a 10 point run, then someone gets hurt, then automatically tying the game back up and restarting. it seems to bring in some ethical concerns. like, if 1 teamate is close to winning but not quite winning, another teamate could crash in the field and cause a yellow, effectively restarting the race.

16 February 2007

here it comes.

the aches and chills have moved in. perfectly timed, the weather is about to break. it's the weekend. great.

i'd go home but i have a conference call at 1 and a meeting at 2. great.

i'm done complaining (for now)

in the books

the interview went as expected. i came strong but got a little winded at the end (like i run a 5k). i think i did alright. i hope i did anyway. i actually learned a few things in the interview, so i can only imagine how much i'll learn in the actual program...

they said i would find out in a week or so. i'm going to try not to think about it until next week.

so with the stress cloud lifted i finally was able to take a deep breath and relax. i went into the basement to execute a guilty pleasure (college football on ps2). i turned the space heater on and after 10 minutes or so i heard a horrible 'electocution' sound and then the heater lost power. i went into the unfinished part of the basement and smelled the smoke of an electrical fire. i freaked a little, hit the breaker to that line of outlets and disassembled the outlet that smelled bad. the wire casing had combusted and started the outlet on fire. this is the line of outlets that the former homeowner had installed himself, he is an idiot. luckily, nothing else combusted inside the wall.

now i feel like i am catching a cold. this is nothing new, a stressfull period of time usually ends in me getting sick when the stress is removed. so far just a little cough and some extra phlegm. i'm going to stay on it and try to keep it at bay.

it's friday. it has been a rough (and long) week for robin and i.

15 February 2007

big day.

last night's run was ok, but it reinforced my longing for a treadmill. i debuted a new pair of shoes, the mizuno wave inspire 3. these were one of the shoes recommended after getting a fit done at fleet feet. i tried on different models and decided i liked how these felt, they were very unrestraining in the upper and felt a lot lighter than my saucony trigons. the toe box must be different than i'm used to though because i'm a little sore at the toe joints this morning.

i've been really, really tired every evening this week. if i sit still my eyes get droopy...as if i have short term narcolepsy. i hope that improves after today.

happy thursday.

14 February 2007

sky blue sky

wilco's new album 'sky blue sky' is scheduled for release on 15-May.

nothing like a new wilco cd to lift the spirits.


last night's run was the worst this winter. the 20-30mph winds and 1.5 to 2 ft drifts slowed me wayyy down. i did just over 6 miles in 55 minutes. ouch. these are the days that treadmills are for. my right leg is a little sore from either slipping or highstepping through the drifts.

not much else to report except that i'm officially sick of winter. great timing, only 4-6 weeks more to go.

anyone watch frontline last night? i turned in a little early but what i saw was pretty interesting. it was about 'anonymous' sources planting stories (emphasis on story, not necessarily fact) to the press that will be later used as ammunition by the same source as reasons for policy. wmd's anyone? who can you even trust anymore? everyone is influenced in some way. everyone is biased. people quote books they don't read. people quote themselves. wtf?

13 February 2007

easy breezy

looks like another cold patch is impending. oh well, 20 degree highs were nice for awhile.

i got out and slogged 5 miles last night. people have started the annual 'i give up' ritual regarding snow removal. followed by a good stretch, core exercise and foam roller work.

i did some more interview prep work last night and after that, not much of anything. i got really, really tired around 8:30 most likely due to my mileage/effort spike over the weekend. nothing a good nights sleep and a jug of coffee won't fix.

happy tuesday.

12 February 2007

snow up in here.

10 miles in the arboretum yesterday and i'm feeling pretty good about my running again. the past month or so have been tough with a lot of small injuries along the way. but i think i'm on the right track, as long as i remain patient.

after spending a few hours preparing for my interview, i was totally wired. the kind of wired where you don't feel like doing anything but you can't sit still. i'm nervous and excited all at once. i really hope i get in.

11 February 2007

on track.

i decided to run a 5k race yesterday, and the result surprised me a little. last october, i ran an 18:12 in pretty favorable running conditions. yesterday, wearing at least twice the clothing and with EVERY corner on the course icey i somehow managed a 17:49 (on my watch) with an average heartrate of 167 for the effort. the heartrate doesn't mean much because it's not something i've monitored for months. but the time is encouraging, because the volume i've been able to hit lately has been a bit disappointing. so i'm making progress.

this will probably be my last race of any kind in my twenties. bigger things to come in my 30s.

we saw the symphony last night and it was really good. while i probably don't appreciate the elements of that music like some, i did find it enjoyable and relaxing.

i'm going to run in the arboretum today. then i'll catch the televised coverage of the us xc championships that were yesterday. i've also got some prep work for this thursday's interview. it's sunday, and i'm having a good weekend.

09 February 2007

speaking in languages i don't understand

there is a cold running around the office the past few weeks and i'm doing everything i can to avoid it. last night i started feeling some post nasal drip and this morning i feel dead tired. i hope it's just the culmination of a long week.

last night i spun my legs down for 15 minutes and then spent 20 minutes stretching and doing core strength exercises. i have a love/hate relationship with that foam roller. it's a great tool, especially if you stretch before using it...but it hurts like hell. anyway, it was a short workout night because i'm thinking i'll run both days this weekend.

i've been doing a lot of mental preparation for my interview next week. the more i think about it, the more i get nervous. i really want this and now it's mine for the taking.

happy weekend.

08 February 2007

1000 versions of yourself

last nights run was good. slow, but good and more importantly pain free. the past two days have been motivating but i probably should take it easy tonight. two on, one off until i know i'm right.

and i think i'm used to the cold. every day i leave the house with fewer layers. down to two layers on the bottom. no vest on top under the jacket. gore wind proof gloves instead of my lobster gloves. just the fleece hat rather than the double hat. one of these days i'll be down to shorts and a tshirt. i wish.

robin had to work all night. so i made the best of it and watched basketball. uw won easily after penn state ran out of steam. then watched the second half of duke-unc. that game is overhyped. the badgers could beat either team, as long as uw dictated the pace of the game and played good front court defense. i love what bo ryan is doing with the team, playing the bench 11 and 12 deep in big ten play but i wonder why steimsma didn't play at all last night?

07 February 2007

undeniably clear to me (i don't know why)

last nights run felt liberating...as much as a 7ish mile run can liberate someone i guess. yes, it is still cold but you know, once the face numbs out it is actually nice to be on the roads. i'm sore in the knees this morning, probably from sliding around the new layer of snow. but i'm not complaining, and even though today's wind chills are to be far worse than yesterday, i'm already relishing in the thought of getting out for a repeat of last night.

we treated ourselves last night with a little sushi. and damn it was good. also, robin made some homemade energy bars. they are delicious (although when looking at the ingredient list i had some doubts. two words: rice syrup).

our poor dog is getting stir crazy. when he is outside he wants in due to the cold on his paws. when he is inside he wants to go out because he is bored. then again, i would imagine most living creatures are getting a little stir crazy right about now. this sunday is forecasted at 22 degrees...balmy.

i'm at work but feel like doing nothing. another day in between projects. ho-hum.

06 February 2007


i rode the trainer again last night and i'm at my limit for indoor bike riding. while watching scrubs made the time go reasonably fast, it never feels like the physical gain matches the mental distress that a trainer provides. but i do think the sessions are slowly getting me healthy in the legs again. and my boredom inspired twist to the trainer adds to some upper body strength (weights while on the trainer). but i'm running tonight regardless of the temps.

it feels like my 50 mile week was so long ago. small steps towards regaining my running form i guess.

not much else going on. i got the invite to my sister's wedding, so it's official. that is exciting. i turn 30 in less than a month. that isn't as exciting.

the brewers signed billy hall for 4 years with a fifth year option. he is probably my favorite current brewer so i'm happy to hear this. feb 17 pitchers and catchers report...baseball is just a couple weeks away.

happy tuesday.

05 February 2007

like a blister in the cold.

well, all schools around here are closed due to cold. it wasn't long ago that this would be taken by me as a challenge to get outside and do something in it. like, training...whatever that means. the whole 'i'm outside training while maybe my competition is inside slurping hot chocolate' way of thinking. but, now i'm smarter. and not as fast...hmmmm.

anyway, i ran outside on saturday and, after having to thaw my eyes out after the run, decided to hit the trainer yesterday. i'm starting to have treadmill envy...almost enough that if we weren't going to dk in the spring and i wasn't maybe going the grad school i would have grabbed robin by the wrist and taken her to pick one out this weekend. but spending 2k on a treadmill isn't prudent right now.

the other weekend event...i learned a lot about what it is to have a 2 year old. it's a lot like having a 1 year old dog...except oliver doesn't throw tantrums or get crabby when he is tired...he just goes to sleep. they are equals when it comes to messing the house, leaving prints on glass, wrecking a leather couch and putting shit in their mouths. i still say oliver is slightly smarter but a two year old is gaining on him fast. oliver can go outside for more than 30 seconds in the cold. they both wake up way too early. it's nice that ollie doesn't have thumbs. there are a lot more but i'll end it with i'm glad we just have a puppy right now.

the superbowl. kind of a shit game. i liked the commercial with the car robot jumping off a bridge and the beard comb over.

i could use a long weekend in arizona.

02 February 2007

give the old dark side a try.

i didn't workout last night and i feel restless this morning. i had time to run but i was feeling a little ragged from the prior two days so i was going to hit the trainer. but robin didn't get home until late so i couldn't (i still haven't figured out what to do with oliver when i'm on the trainer...he sort of freaks out and tries to stick his snout in the spokes and then picks through the trash forcing me to get off my bike). i guess i could stick him in his crate but the howling can get distracting...

enough about my inablity to cope with my pet dog. i got word yesterday that i will interview on feb 15th at 2pm. it's only a half an hour interview but it's with the director and associate director of the program and a director for an outside organization. time to get my story straight. something to think about while running i suppose.

we'll have a two year old running around our house this weekend. that to go with our 1 year old dog. monday, she will be a rough one.

oh yea, and then there is the 'big game.' isn't it annoying that all the commercials refer to the superbowl as the 'big game' because of the nfl's trademarks? and what's with the roman numerals? XLI looks stupid. in 7 years when it is XLVIII they will have to reconsider because it will take too much space on the t-shirts they will be selling. what will the nfl do? (superbowl 88-if we make it that long-is even better: LXXXVIII). and really, do you think the typical nfl fan even knows how to use roman numerals? i guess at least the nfl has a true national champion.

i really should get to work. wait, i'm already at work.

happy friday.

01 February 2007

circa 1995

another nice run last night, but again i woke up with a sore creaky ankle. that foam roller hurts but it helps. anyway, 55 minutes...some situps, pushups and the foam thing afterwards. nice work me.

thanks pat for the info. ahhh, the hurraches. i do miss those shoes. they were like slippers. fast slippers. with that info in tow, i may go to fleet feet and have them do their custom fit they offer. measure the feet and arches, watch you run on the treadmill and make recommendations so that they fit perfectly as well.

other news: the badgers lost. i watched the game, and indiana just came out with more intensity. they didn't run away from the badgers, the boys fought until the bitter end. one issue i had...the fans stormed the floor. i mean, act like you've been there before. this wasn't central illinois beating uw, it was a top 25 team that is allegedly a storied powerhouse in the ncaa. i now hate indiana when before i was indifferent.

and finally, what is with this weather? you would think we lived in wisconsin and that it was february or something. that stupid rodent better not be scared tomorrow...