22 December 2006

it's here.

slogged another 7 miles in the rain and mud last night, and i felt a little 'heavy' in the legs. but it felt good none the less. does that even make sense? i'm in a position to log 50ish miles this week, and i think i'm going to go for it. not because i need to, but because i want to. it will do wonders for my confidence, and it is making me think that my planned max during my build up to twin cities (60s) is well within reach.

oliver still loves the christmas tree. last night we decided to use the water sprayer trick. it did the job (to say the least). he is afraid to get anywhere near it...which also makes me think that he would actually be trainable for invisible fence.

so, this is christmas. the travels begin tomorrow, with our annual tour of wisconsin. robin's family for christmas eve/morning, then to eau claire for my dad's house. then christmas with my mom on tuesday. then possibly a trip to wausau for more family functions. yikes, that's a lot of frequent driving miles in a relatively short period of time. but i am finally getting a little excited. it'll be good to see everyone.

so this could be it for awhile. for my handful of readers, i hope you have a great holiday.

21 December 2006


i'm tired this morning. more than normal...

last night we put the finishing touches on my statement of purpose. robin and i are a pretty good team, with writing and in general. we balance each other out, and i need a lot of balancing.

7 miles last night and a lot of thinking. i was sad all day from that goofy book, so i did the logical thing and read the next chapter before my run. this made me feel a little better, and it sparked a lot of thoughts on my run. thoughts about the inevitability's of life, the fact that our finite time here is ever decreasing, so on and so forth.

this book has made me appreciate my meat headed dog a little more. i was really starting to resent the guy, but he is just being a dog. actually, we should probably model our lives a little more like his. he's excited when the people he loves come home, he likes to run (and run and run) and will do it at any opportunity regardless of how tired he may be, and he pursues his passions in life with wreck less abandon, regardless of the cost.

seems like a good way to live.

20 December 2006

fox in the...rain?

anyone want an adolescent airedale terrier? no reason.

my second trip to the post office was a lot smoother yesterday. less people, no good stories...so why am i writing about it?

i had no motivation to run last night...but i slogged it out anyway. 6.5 miles and some situps, pushups and curls to boot.

wednesday..."hump day" if you're annoying.

last night, i read the saddest chapter of 'marley and me.' the sad chapter is inevitable in a book about a dog's life, and i get a little misty just thinking about it now. it's weird, in marley i've been able to see oliver in a lot of ways (although, fortunately, ollie is about half the size). he drives us nuts, day and night, through most all of his waking hours. he ruins our things, he disrupts our relaxation, he makes sure we don't get a full nights sleep, yet, when i think about him in the context of the sad chapter i get really, really sad. why do humans do this to ourselves?

19 December 2006

i don't want to pay for this.

yesterday i went to the post office fully aware of the fact that it would be busy and annoying. while waiting in line to buy stamps, i overheard an interaction that got my attention.

'i would like to send this but i don't want to pay for it' in a broken english indian accent. the postie said that the way cod worked was that she would pay for it up front, the postal carrier would collect on delivery, and she would get her money back. the woman listened, nodding several times and the said, 'ok, but i would like to send this and i don't want to pay.' postie, 'ma'am, i'm afraid that is not how cod works....' and she went on to explain identically to the first time. meanwhile, the woman was fumbling with the postie's tape because she was going to send the box with just the flaps folded on itself (top and bottom). the postie insisted she tape it. when given the tape, she started taping the edges of the box to the postal worker's dismay. 'what if i don't pay for this box?' 'then we don't send it out.' i don't know how it ended, because i finally got my stamps.

so, later in the evening, i was in the garage for literally 20 seconds taking the garbage out. when i got back inside oliver had grabbed what was left of the stamps off the kitchen counter and had completely destroyed them. now i have to go back to the post office...i wonder what else i'll over hear?

8 miles last night, and although it wasn't any faster than normal it felt faster, smoother, better than normal.

robin helped me hash out ideas with my reasons for graduate study essay. i am still having a lot of trouble with this, but we made some headway last night...she is the best.

18 December 2006

mc andy

i refer to myself as a mc because all i did yesterday was (w)rap. i'm a gift wrapping machine (well, an inefficient machine) but it's mostly done. we also tackled crhistmas cards and some other holiday cheer production.

i'm very tired this morning...i could use a little daylight right this very instant.

15 December 2006

shiver me timbers

what does that even mean? what exactly is 'timbers' refering to? and why are said timbers shivering?

ran on the ice age trail last night and it felt good. it was remarkably soft and muddy, probably due to the fact that the air temp was 50 degrees when i started. although with wind it felt a lot cooler than that. anyway, i did as many situps, pushups and curls as oliver would allow me to, then i added onto my run chasing him around the house trying to get the stuff he kept stealing out of his mouth. i'll call it cross training because i had to dive and stuff.

it's friday. my group at work is heading to bw3s for our little holiday outing...we do it at 3 so everyone can have a beer. against my better judgment, i too will have a beer. beer beer beer duh duh la beer beer beer....

14 December 2006

day off.

i took last night off and while i feel better physically, mentally i wish that i hadn't. it's weird, i know that physiologically i really don't need to run every day to get where i want to get. however, when i'm in the thick of the race, and my legs are pleading with me to slow down, it's these workouts, months away from any big races, that i draw from in those difficult times. also, it will be that much tougher for me to reach my weekly volume goal taking days off willy nilly.

i'm having a hell of a time writing my 1 page statement of purpose for my grad school aplication. i'm alright at blubbering away in the blog or via emails but when the time comes to concisely sell myself i'm a boob. maybe it's because i hold myself to high standards in my pursuit of the end product...see, it's sentances like those that will keep me out of this program. why can't i write "i want to be a better scientist. i want to learn about the things you don't learn about working with a bunch of science minded clones, clones that are taught to follow directions...and everything else is strictly on a need to know basis. such as the business of things, the legal ramifications of things, the ethics of the biddyness. and god forbid anyone get any type of management training."
because that would be too real i suppose.

last night, while i was staring at the computer screen, writing a sentance and then deleting it, robin decorated the tree. oliver, so far, has left it alone. he just sofly walks around the tree, intentionlly bumping branches to watch the shiney balls bounce around (alright, so that sounds a little gross). but he hasn't grabbed anything off the tree (yet).

13 December 2006

low grade cold...

is what i think i might have. either that or a christmas tree allergy (i hope not). hopefully my high doses of zinc, echinacia, vitamin c and green tea will help me get over.

12 December 2006

tall...make that a grande!

ah yes, to the winner of this week's work football pool go the spoils of a champion (chumpion?). my winnings are yeilding me this hot dark goodness and i feel pretty happy about it. not that $14 dollars is that huge amount of money. but it means i clear a profit for the season (second win--and we didn't start doing it until week 6). and...i think i've got at least one more win in me.

i was still feeling really sore from saturdays effort when i started my run last night. i didn't have high expectations for the workout but i ended up pleasantly surprised. more and more, i'm finishing runs feeling like i could (and feeling like i want to) go further. 7.5 miles last night and i'm ready for more. although i'm still sore from saturday's race...

11 December 2006


vanity...here is a photo of me doing my favorite part of a triathlon...getting the hell out of the water.

pigman 1/2 ironman, 2005

i'm sore

my hamstrings are really tender from saturday's 10km tilt. i think that is a good thing, that maybe i'm starting to run like a runner again instead of the old cyclists/triathlete's shuffle run that you get when you've got developed quads and not much else.

on top of that, we partook in our 3rd annual hunt the christmas tree with the knutowskis which includes hiking up a huge hill, across a huge cornfield to a bunch of trees, finding a tree, and then dragging said tree back down the cornfield and hill. oliver thought it was fun but he will be sore/tired for the next couple of days (bonus). of course i had to accept the offered hot jim beam with a splash of cider, you know...it helps fashion a tie down to the top of civic.

when we got home, the tree was straight in all directions but one. and that's how it will be. mark's cat knocked over their tree...and i fear that we are destined for something similar with out bone headed dog. i hope not. minimally, he will make a game of pulling oranments off the tree and dancing around the house like a big doggie dork. oh well.

10 December 2006

what the heck

so i decided that i should lace them up and give it a go at the jingle bell run yesterday. my theory being that when base really starts, my racing will be nill (or near nill) for 3 or so months so why not race a little now, right? plus i wanted to...that's why.

anyway, the 10k course ran through the aboretum and around lake wingra...it's a good course and will be the one used for the 100km championships in april (10x). i went out too hard but managed to hold my goal pace exactly the rest of the way (6.05/mile) and hit a time about 10 seconds faster than my last 10km a couple weeks ago. this time i felt like shit so i guess it's a good result.

other than that, i cleaned the basement and the garage and worked a bit on grad school stuff. man, i had major writers block last night so i didn't get real far on the 'statement of purpose' but i've got most of the application done, and i still need to update (see rewrite) my resume.

08 December 2006


this morning i overslept by an hour, and if we didn't own a dog i still may be sleeping. i can't remember the last time that happened. it wasn't that long ago that the furry alarm clock woke me up at 5am. he's getting lazy...

not much else to write about. it was cold on my run last night. i might race tomorrow. robin is leaving her boys today to visit a friend. we're getting a christmas tree on sunday.

07 December 2006

light fuse, get away!

robin commented on how it seems i've had a short fuse lately, and i would have to agree. as for the cause of said short fuse, i have no idea. maybe i'm stressed about something...although i don't feel it conciously. maybe it's just that time of the year. whatever it is, i'm going to try to remain calm in the face of anger. it does nobody any good, including myself, to get angry. i'll just try to be my normal, annoyed self.

last night i decided to take oliver to the dog park after the sun had set. when we go and it's dark, i clip a running light on his collar so i can tell where he is. well, as we entered a dog walked up to ollie, took a long look at his collar, and then promptly grabbed the light and chewed it up. why are dogs so dumb? serenity now.

on my run last night, some old lady almost hit me. i was on the sidewalk, she was making a right hand turn. why would anyone ever check for pedestrians in that situation? she never had any idea that i was there. serenity now.

there is this little guy at work, a PhD, who acts like he knows it all. seriously, no matter what topic you are talking about, he speaks as if he has done extensive research on the topic. actuation force profiles for a novel nasal delivery device, marathoning, nudey bars...you name it, this guy is an expert. most of the time he turns out to be wrong, and nobody ever calls him on it. come to think of it, that is how all the PhDs are at this place. it really annoys me that they make twice as much as me for doing a more shabby job. why would it be logical to actually know what you are talking about? serenity now.

well, i've never been one to say i don't have issues.

has anyone heard the new lemonheads album? i have not, but i just heard about it. they were playing the twin cities a few nights ago i think. and by 'they' i mean evan dando and the people currently playing backup. anyway, it's a name i haven't heard in awhile...

06 December 2006

say we did...

last night, oliver ate our wishbone saved from our first hosted thanksgiving. silly, yes. but for some reason i'm really mad at him about it. then to add insult to injury, while i had my hands in his mouth to try to get any remnants back (bad idea), he tried to bite down and hit my hand that was in the way, giving me a finger puncture that smarted pretty good. he wasn't trying to bite me, but i got more mad at him.

so, i guess you could say my dog is in the dog house. huh, huh huh huh, he.

i ran the trails around my house last night. to say they are a network of trails would imply there is order to them...there is not. but what it lacks in fluidity it does have in length. i was able to log 50 minutes or so on the trails (no idea on distance) which includes an abundance of hills.

other than that, i wasted the night away again. i always have intentions, but once i eat dinner i get that 'good workout, full stomach lethargic feeling.' an hour of frontline later and it's 9 o'clock. oh well.

05 December 2006

someday, some morning...sometime.

i had a nice run last night. same loop as saturday night, but for some reason it felt different. 7.5-ish miles and i finished feeling like i could keep going. after that, i took the dog for a 40 minute walk...the walks seem to make my legs feel better the next day. imagine that, a cool down really does help!

this weekend will be the big push to complete my application materials for grad school. i'd like to be done with it sunday night so i can start talking to references on monday. i'd do it sooner but i need a little clearer picture of who i might want to do so. i'm still trying to think of how i will present it to my supervisors. it'll all work out.

pat sent me an email to tell me that the u.s. 100km road race championships will be held in madison in april. that's pretty cool.

04 December 2006

bcs can suck it.

seriously, the bcs should just drop the 'c' and be known as what it really is.

we had a nice, restful weekend. saturday we cleaned and did some shopping. yesterday we went to olbrich gardens, then ate lunch at the weary traveler, and then watched the uw women's basketball team dismantle kanasas. it was a fun day taking advantage of some of what madison has to offer.

it was a good weekend but now i'm dealing with the harsh reality of being back at work. yuck.

01 December 2006

trails of the ice age.

i ran on the ice age trail last night. while i don't feel faster than i was 10 weeks ago when i started running again, i really think i am getting faster. if not faster than for sure stronger, which is more important at this point in the game. assuming i hit my mileage goals for the next 3 days, i will be in the forties for weekly mileage for the first time since 1997. i'm still a long way from where i need to be, but for some reason 40 has a milestone feel to it (i'm celebrating with a starbucks coffee...wait...i do that most fridays).

it's snowing here, but we aren't going to be getting much more than a dusting. a 30 minute drive to the southeast gets you right into snow country though. poor suckers.

last night robin and i were listening to some of the music we are getting excited about lately. new bands (to us), old bands with new music. check them out if you get a chance: detholz, someone still loves you boris yeltsin, tokyo police club, the shins (new single 'phantom limb'), matt costa...ah yes, music can still get us excited, which i think is good.

"this is a foreign land, with spray on tans, and it all feels fine."